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Malone doubles down on claims that Unity Gov’t formation is a coup

Opposition legislator, Carvin Malone. 

Months after being rebuked for claiming that the Government of National Unity took office after a coup, Territorial At-Large Representative Carvin Malone has repeated that allegation.

It was following the arrest of former Premier Andrew Fahie earlier this year, that Malone was removed as Health Minister before opting to cross the political aisle to become an Opposition member in the House of Assembly (HOA).

Following that turn of events, Malone alleged in an interview that the government came into being after what he termed as a coup.

The former Cabinet member was then chastised for his claims by Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who insisted that no such thing had occurred, and that the claims were “highly irresponsible”, especially coming from an elected official. 

“I was highly disappointed recently to hear persons on the airwaves just last week saying that the current reform process is the product of a coup here in the Virgin Islands that brought the Government of National Unity to power. This is blatantly false and spreading such a falsehood is completely irresponsible and self-serving,” the Premier stated at the time.

But while appearing in a recent JTV News interview, Malone argued that the Commission of Inquiry [COI] recommendations framework agreement was a rushed process orchestrated by the Governor’s Office and suggested the government was formed outside of the constitutional process. 

“This one is where, on the 28th [April], the event (Premier Fahie’s arrest), on the 29th [April], the [COI] recommendations, and by 5th May, a new government [formed] outside of the constitutional process,” Malone said. “I may add, a coup I may say – but at the end of the day we are here, we are here, and they have an un-codified constitution or un-codified set of laws in the British system.” 

Premier Wheatley previously contended that following the arrest of former Premier Andrew Fahie – the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) met and elected him (Dr Wheatley) as Chairman of the party. Dr Wheatley said elected officials then confirmed in writing that they supported him leading as a Premier of the Government of National Unity. 


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  1. Lol says:

    Dr Wheatley said elected officials then confirmed in writing that they supported him leading as a Premier of the Government of National Unity.

    Question is did the people of the BVI support him leading as Premier? Not 11 other politicians but rather the 15k of us who vote.

    If we the people didn’t core wth the understanding that he would be Premier, then….

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  2. ralf says:

    A coup d tat

  3. BBC says:

    Malone need to go sit down and relize this is his country and stop being so negative towards the future of his country

    Carvin try bring some positive ideas to the table because the year about to come to an end and play the tape you have been speaking the same foolishness for months

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  4. WTF says:

    Could a family member please come and collect this old man? He seems to be lost and confused.

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  5. Malone fights Alone says:

    There are in fact many questions lingering surrounding the events of April 28 and the COI speedily assent. Even while excluding the house of assembly from conducting debates or independent review on the matter.

    The people gave VIP a mandate, and the COI was used to destabilize and remove the party head. Now we all know that VIP government still had the numbers to carry on to election.

    Yet they took a decision to go against the people while they had other choices available to them. VIP should have kept the government until election was called.

    Thank you for coming out and speaking out, we need more leaders like Hon Malone !

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  6. MISSED D POWER says:


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  7. Why not? says:

    Okay… Sure, it was a coup.
    Regardless of how you want to describe it, “out with the old” and “in with the new” was required after the Hon. Fahie dishonoured his country.

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  8. Let pigeon says:

    Mouth go sit down

  9. Ccc says:

    Carvin is correct

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  10. Sour Grapes says:

    He wanted to be Premier and the members DID NOT want him

  11. Please says:

    This man good in hos head? Getting embarassing now

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  12. BVIbaby says:

    This is so funny, I haven’t had a good laugh in a while. Hon Malone has no moral authority to question anything EVER. He sad there and was very much a part of the sealing of of 40 million dollars now chatting pure piddle. This is a distraction tactic, mark my words. He only talking out so that he can say that his “talking out” was the reason why they charged him, if he is charged criminally eventually.

    People this is a tactic we refer to as muddying the waters, so that when you are found guilty people have a reason to doubt the charges.

  13. Technically right. says:

    Carvin has a point, being elected as Chairman of the VIP party is not equal to forming a new unelected party and acting as Premier. HOWEVER in the absence of the Premier the Deputy would step up, we had a number of Ministers circulating in this position so I agree that constitutionally its grey as mud.

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  14. Nothing ever changes says:

    I get the impression Natalio and Kye are carving up tings between them. Same s**t different day

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  15. Truth says:

    You do understand that the Unity Government move was the only thing that stopped the UK takeover? Have we forgotten already? I’m not part of the Natalio Fanclub but ill give him credit for that move.

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  16. Crystal says:

    Bozos, this is called party politics, the membership of the party in power has the right to choose whomever they want at the helm as long as the person is legally elected.

  17. U RNT Ready says:

    Do what Mama says or get your own house. {INDEPENDENCE} After almost 200 years your navel string still tie to your Mama, so you got to take what has been shoveled to you.

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  18. Well Well says:

    I think that this is a very simple question. If and only if it was a coup. why didn`t the premier at the time say or did something to argue the point of a Coup? Why is Malone calling the BVI an aggressive state?

  19. ... says:

    Financial services or someone should take a look at him and his businesses with a fine tooth comb.

  20. @lol says:

    Tell me when did any of the other 15K EVER had a say on who would be Premier? Your reasoning is quite flawed, and seems to just be a repetition of the the continued misinformation being spread.

    I get it that you are not pleased with Sowande. But what you must not do, is go down the line with the warped thinking of Carvin, who in one breath says the Unity Government did what was necessary to stop the suspension of the constitution, and then in the same, said the government is a coup.

  21. disgust says:

    Calvin annoying like h**l. So glad I no longer have to hear his annoying voice as a minister of health

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