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Man held with cocaine fined $6K, drug supply charge dismissed

The Magistrate’s Court building in John’s Hole Tortola.

A Sophie Bay resident was slapped with a $6,000 fine in the Magistrate’s Court for cocaine possession.

Shaunlee Fahie was sentenced this month after pleading guilty to 7.8 grams of the drug.

Magistrate Shawn Innocent ordered the offender to pay the fine in 30 days or spend six months in prison.

Fahie had also been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to supply to another. He pleaded not guilty but that matter was dismissed for want of prosecution.

The said matter had several adjournments and was down for its final one earlier this month.

When the matter was finally called for the trial to begin, the Crown still had not provided a critical drug analysis certificate that was required to indicate that the substance in question was in fact cocaine.

The no-nonsense Magistrate Innocent did not accept the Crown’s statement that they were still not ready to proceed with the trial so he ordered that the matter be dismissed.

What happened

The court heard that Fahie was found with the drugs during a traffic stop on January 21.

He was reportedly driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle with an unassigned number plate.

He was fined $500 for the offence of driving an unlicensed vehicle. He was given one month to pay the sum or in default, he will spend three months in prison.

For the other traffic offences, he was fined a combined sum of $250, which he was ordered to pay forthwith. A total default sentence of four months imprisonment was attached to that $250 fine.

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  1. Hmmmmm says:

    They built this nice building for the courts and west end can’t get one for the dock?

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  2. DumbtionOfficial says:

    Hey I’m DumptionOfficial, I’m a uneducated looking retard n I like to highlight these bad guys flaws. But won’t say it to their face. Get these guys off the street!

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    • lol says:

      Nice! Lol you beat me to it! CLOWN SHOW

    • Gumption.official says:

      @Dumptionofficial lol I really needed the laughter this Friday morning. Ps don’t forget to wear you’re pink T-shirt to support woman brest cancer month.

    • Smell a hater says:

      @DO ever thought just maybe Mr G.O doesn’t spent his time around drug dealers? Or people who carry illegal guns? But spent his time around people who’s passionate about life and change? God be with people like you.

  3. Hy-po-crisy? says:

    How is it that a high in demand product, consumed by every level of society, bar none, is considered an “illegal activity” by the bourjoursie,” given the supplying of that substance generates a gross sum larger than a country’s GNP?

    Further,if the punishment resolves solely into a monetary fine, of which the amounts are peanuts within the “business,” it should therefore be concluded that the collector of said fines are as culperable as the distributor in the “illegal activity” in collecting such fines.

    Such are the hypocritical neusances of “democracy.”

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  4. Richgdgy says:

    Your LIB government at work.And you guys are worried about crime.The crimes are being commited by your courts!

  5. Them says:

    All —– children have a fault

  6. Brad Boynes says:

    “the Crown still had not provided a critical drug analysis certificate that was required to indicate that the substance in question was in fact cocaine.”
    So what did this man plead guilty for? Did he had counsel? Was it really cocaine? Why was he sentenced? Is this just about money going into the government coffers? These are things that make you go Hmmmm.

  7. Lucy says:

    wow so good
    let’s all watch [img]×642.png[/img]

  8. ? says:

    What this suppose to mean??

  9. Wow says:

    Whether you want to believe that it was cocaine or not this man was found with 7.8 grams of an illegal drug, while driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle, and the punishment for that is a fine?? So what does that discourage really?

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