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Man, woman held at airport with $80K, cash found in vagina

Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News

Local law enforcement has reportedly held a woman attempting to depart the territory with a large quantity of cash strapped to her body and in her vagina.

The woman along with a male travelling-companion was reportedly held at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Tuesday carrying nearly $80,000 cash, BVI News understands.

They were reportedly attempting to board a flight bound for the Dominican Republic when they were apprehended.

The duo, who are believed to be natives of Venezuela, is now in custody at the Road Town Police Station.

It is not yet clear whether they have been charged.

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  1. Hmm says:

    How them get in her vagina? I tired hearing bout these people and money and i am here struggling

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  2. Snatch says:

    Whattttt??? Dayummmm sis you hiding money up in there??? WOW! That’s kitty abuse

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  3. vi says:

    It not cash cow anymore. It’s kitty cash.

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  4. Wow says:

    Can’t say she didn’t make use of the Hairy Bank!!!! lolz

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  5. Makes says:

    the middle to low income wage earner wonder if labouring honestly is worth the effort.

    He knows he is underpaid and his labour exploited, but he pushes on for self, family and in the spirit of earning an honest dollar.

    How can some leave a poor condition, go to another country and accumulate such huge amounts of wealth in rapid speed? while a thousands others work for forty years plus and can’t manage to save $8,000.

    Life is intriguingly amazing!

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    • fast life says:

      It all depends what kind of business you are into and what is the value of a clear conscience to you. Those kind of people have to be always looking over their shoulders and engaging in all kinds of hanky pankies.

      Am sure you don’t envy them now!

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      • Easy says:

        I don’t know the people involved here but let’s be real! There are lots of expats here who are carpenters, boat builders, skilled trade men etc. who hustle hard and make real money. Some may work extra jobs and demand to be paid in cash to keep it under the radar. Is it still not an honest living when they work their a**es off for their money but don’t bank it because they don’t want to? Not sure what happened in this case but let’s stop acting like the only way you can save big money is to do illegal things. Too many locals are just too proud and want to sit in an office all day making petty change but want to live $200K a year lives and envy people.

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    • Realists says:

      Sex sells lady.
      Did you see the BVI couple on porn hun?ooh
      Kay den.. I’m
      Sure they are eating lobster now.
      It’s a big business ..

  6. El Chapo says:

    Seems like the BVI has an underground banking facility! For those cases that are caught how many more evade the border security with their ill-gotten gains? A DR/BVI connection appears to have formed for the door trade and the cops here know the players but are letting things go until the alphabet soup boys come again. Now you see how some of them new tings are being paid for!! Where is FIA and the forensic financial people to get a clear picture of why the BVI has been deemed a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area….hmmm….

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    • VICKIE says:

      Something serious is going on in this place they always trying to leave with a large amount of money .The commissioner please look into this before it get out of hand because we all know what it will cause in this place.

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    • Ah Laugh! says:

      When 1 get catch, 10 passing. Study it!

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  7. Horse Man says:

    A money trap! How much was in the vagina?

  8. Wild Kingdom says:

    That’s not a vagina anymore, that’s a kangaroo pouch lol

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  9. Hodgie says:

    Must be an extra large hole

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  10. Doctor says:

    Why are we amazed at what the pouch was used for? If it is big enough for a baby then it can hold 20 grand easily. So don’t ever feel you can abuse what god has created. It will stand the test every time.

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    • Dr. Pete says:

      Yes, it has stretching tendencies, but in pregnancy it naturally enlarges during the later stage to accommodate the delivery of the baby.

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  11. The Real World says:

    There are many, many well respected folk on all levels of society, and always have been, who are enriching themselves daily from the drugs business,and if exposed will shock the living to death and dead to life if all currently involved were exposed!

    After all, there is a billion dollar demand, thus a billion dollar business. So, not casting down on anyone.

    What is bothersome, however, is the hypocrisy that is practiced by the peddlers of substance addiction, while in total denial of their own addiction to money and materialism.

    Hypocrisy practiced anywhere is hypocrisy every where.

  12. Mr. Hodge says:

    First of all… the writer of this headline is so wrong! Anatomically it is impossible to have $80k in the hairy bank but thank you for the well placed comma. What has caused this upsurge in moneys being smuggled out of the BVI? The construction boom? Insurance fraud? People somewhere are capitalizing on our misfortune! An influx of people came into the BVI post Irmaria to “help” and they are helping themselves to cash that is springing somewhere. These confiscated monies need to be robinhoodly distributed to those in need and not just simply put into the treasury. I’m sure it’s gain came at the expense of those who needed it most

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    • @!Hodge says:

      You are wrong! The story clearly said the cash was strapped to her ALONG with some in her sendmancrazy cavity.

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      • Nick Friday says:

        Throw back b@77y – check see if dem derrière have compartments too…lol…maybe dats whey deh loot n tings stash…throw back…throw back????

  13. The Boss says:

    Hairy bank for real. What’s the interest rate?

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  14. POORSAH says:

    Where all the money gone? In the hairy bank

  15. VG says:

    Maybe this could be the answer to VG’s Banking problem?
    Bertie needs to be talking to VagBank

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  16. Answer says:

    A woman’s kitty is stretch to fit. You give birth, your kitty stretch like a rubber band and it goes right back to size. Sooooo, when you men start talking about women kitty is loose,Nooooo, Mr.Charlie, is simply small.

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  17. dutty money says:

    Now thats what you call “dirty money” and I really hope none of it will end up in my wallet, because as you all know money has a way of passing from hand to hand

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  18. Right Sed Fred says:

    What size bills?

  19. Hnm says:

    Go wrap up money the size of a dildo in $100. and u will have an idea how much pr little the vigina can carry to to fit the bill. lol

  20. Mr. SCOTT says:

    Never would have been in that situation if they had all large bills..Preferably all 100s..

  21. Ausar says:

    What is so wrong with persons traveling with their own hard earned money?

    I didnt read about any robberies lately that involved any of them!

    Stop hating and start building wealth the old fashion way- saving, saving, and more saving!

  22. Rodent says:

    I would love to see a picture of this Vault!

  23. Money launderer says:

    We got a lot more to send where that came from

  24. Frequent banker. says:

    Them boy who come to the island to build back the place bank them money at kitty bank .

  25. Curious says:

    So… Does the BVI customs finger-bang people to look for cash? ????

  26. What!! says:

    Seems like a lot of bloggers here do not understand punctuation marks. Because there is a comma after $80k it means that the cash that was found in her vagina was not the whole $80k amount.

  27. Western says:

    You ever stand in line in the bank behind someone who can’t explain to the teller where they got the money from?
    Mr. Police Commissioner there is a lot of questionable money floating around. Go check before people get hurt. Check within and outside. If you make 25,000 a year you should not have 100,000 saved in one year.

  28. Precious says:

    She probably won the lottery and taking her money back to her country 🙂

  29. Chump change says:

    I heard it was 80k in quarters.

  30. Go figure says:

    Stop making it seem like only women smuggle things in their cavities in and out of BVI airport. You would be surprise how many men smuggle drugs in and out of BVI airport in their behind.Take them to the exam room in the airport and ask them to drop their underware, squat and cough. You will be surprised.

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  31. Anonymous says:

    If you think the money is dirty/nasty let her clean the county.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Don’t grudge the woman, she saved her money lol

  33. Cc says:

    My question is how did they find out!! Was she walking funny? Did some drop out?

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  34. Here's what to do says:

    Every one that is leaving the BVI with large amounts of money is not shady.when you have a large amount of money, break it down and buy money orders and mail the money orders to where you are going. When I travel and I have more cash than is allowed,I buy money orders and cash them when I get to my desternation.

  35. Yep says:

    That’s what happens when you bring workers from third world countries.

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  36. In need says:

    All I need is 1000 seriously

  37. No nonsense says:

    The facility and camera person who took that pic of the accused woman with the money need to go before the law. It is inappropriate and illegal to expose so much information publicly. If it was in any way attached to me, i would seek legal advice

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    • Cheekyboy says:

      I was just about to post about this, i was amazed how graffic that video was ,Now i understand they filmed it as evidence cause it might not be believed at the hearing, but that customs employee i presume it was a woman unless they got everyone in to take a vid of it should be sacked and jailed for that , that was a crime releasing a vid of that womans coochie online without her knowledge

  38. unbelievable! says:

    Well it must be our hard earn tax money, and all the children who was left hungry, because of those sorry losers as Fathers, who perfer to give away all they money that they work so hard for, to these JEZEBELS, for a few minutes of sin, Lunatics and Losers, these men in the BVI are, people are living and working so hard for donkey years and can’t even make that kind of money, and these JEZEBELS, can come here, for a short time, and go back to they countries and build big condos.

  39. Firefly says:

    Good job, Catch all the h-‘s, lock them up and throw away the keys.

  40. Pnut says:

    wow people. You can’t blame the woman. If she started off with $100 in her vagina and had it there for years. Obviously interest rate is high & going build up on that.

  41. Anonymous says:

    She worked had for it its hers
    Leave her alone

  42. gwen says:

    she could have wired the money to her bank in her country.
    she could have bought a cashier’s check.
    It must have been darn uncomfortable with all that money in her private parts.

    People are stupid to think they can get away with this stupidity.
    I was reading the other day where someone from the Dominican Republic sewed drugs in the stomach of puppies coming to the USA. WE don’t play in the USA. If you are stupid enough to try it, we have big brother watching your every move.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Iget a la
    ugh out of these comments

  44. $ex fas yuh muda comin says:

    We must respect other people ways of life!! Lef deh wa and tek deh wah!? It all coming!!????

  45. $$ says:

    We must respect other people ways of life!! Lef deh wa and tek deh wah!? It all coming!!????

  46. Well sah says:

    Good job BVIAA staff.

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