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Mass testing ahead! Gov’t heightens restrictions amid rise in cases

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

The government is planning to roll out a mass testing exercise amid news that the number of active COVID-19 cases in the territory has climbed to 13.

“This figure continues to slowly climb as the hard-working Public Health team conduct their contact tracing exercises. While no drastic actions are required at this time, it is prudent to allow the mass testings scheduled for the 6th through the 8th of April to be completed and avoid any inadvertent spread of the virus,” Health Minister Carvin Malone said in a statement on Thursday.

Cabinet has also decided to reduce the maximum allowed size of all gatherings — specifically for faith-based services, graduations, weddings, and funerals — from 175 persons to 100 persons.

Malone said the government has also received “very strong advice” to consider the cancellation of this weekend’s group or crowd activities.

However, Malone did not expressly state whether government will act on that advice.

“Our sea borders are on schedule to reopen on Thursday 15th April and all efforts are aimed at maintaining as safe a territory as possible. I am in contact with Health agencies and Health Ministers throughout the region and the common theme is VIGILANCE. Remember DO NOT PROCRASTINATE— VACCINATE,” Malone stated.

‘Internal review’ launched amid reports of COVID test hiccup


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  1. Mass testing says:

    This because of malone negligence

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  2. Earl says:

    So the question is…. is there community spread of Covid in the BVI ?

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  3. SMH says:

    Please! People have to take partial blame for the Actions despite the breakdown in Communication between Minister of Health, The Chief Medical Officer, The BVIHSA and the Public. Too many Chiefs and no collaboration.

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  4. Bvi news says:

    If it one vip member this news site love is malone…the only time there accept u is if u one that destroy your own …check it out

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  5. So that mean says:

    We cant march in numerous numbers for our rigth if we have to …oppps..hmmmm

  6. @ SMH says:


  7. Compassion says:

    1. Malone and Fahie attended the funeral
    2. The funeral was streamed LIVE
    3. If there was really a concern, they would have been alerted since the person was in plain sight being a family member of the departed lady
    4. Could it be a case of allowing the person to attend to grieve their loss?
    5. Did they not want to make a scene by removing the person from the funeral?
    6. If it was your parent, you received a negative test result to be told after it was positive, you’re already trying to mentally prepare yourself for the sad occasion, what would you have done?
    7. I am not saying it was right but many who are attacking the person’s decision, did you stop for a moment and think of what you would have been feeling in that situation and what you may have done? Do you really even know?

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    • @compassion says:

      The negative test certificate is a fake. The question is, who will pay the price for issuing a fake certificate.

  8. Obvious says:

    The family is at fault for not planning travel arrangements to facilitate the four days quarantine and it is obvious that if he got a certificate of release then some one bow to pressure and offer that release before the final results was available. This clearly needs investigation and someone should be held accountable for putting the country’s health to tatters. Just remember that the final count is not in yet, wait for after the mass screening. We cannot continue to curry favor people because of their connections. look at the consequence.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    We f***

  10. O'Reilly says:

    The demons on the loose. We had way more cases than this last year at once when they claimed it had community spread and illegal entry. There was no mass testing. This is all an effort to ramp up cases through the testing, just like the individual who got the all clear and still a positive. When your tests come back positive for those that attended,then what? We are not sick, but guess what a close call. Let me go and take the jab. Wake up people. This Government is heartless. Why don’t they start administering the second dose? Is it because it will become clear
    and l that Astrazeneca is causing all kind of health issues including death? And don’t say it is a small percentage because 1 percent will mean so much more to you if you are that 1 percent or a family ir friend that dies or gets a blood clot. After the second dose maybe the government won’t have to beg and stoop to such lows to entice ill informed persons to be vaccinated. Please note I am not anti vaccine. This is not a vaccine. It is a therapeutic drug. Israel and other parts of the world that where leading the charge and the first to voice their acceptance of vaccine passports now have their prime Minister saying they will need millions more vaccine because the vaccine has to be administered every 6 months. Clearly not a vaccine in the traditional sense of the word

  11. Testing says:

    Where will this mass testing be conducted on Tortola on 6-8 April next week? The vaccinated and unvaccinated public do not want to be anywhere near this mass testing location during those 3 days.

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    • @ Testing says:

      You’re likely already through people who attended the funeral since not all are isolating and out and about

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  12. kim jong un says:

    We all need to isolate so that way the gvmt can test people SAFELY and quarantine with the others who test positive. Also, restrict travel and make the travelers get a COVID test at home, and one when they get to BVI. If they have COVID, send em back

  13. Hmm says:

    Where did the four licals get it from? Is there a community spread?

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