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Mixed results | New kiosks reveal generally satisfied travellers at airport

Inside the TB Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

The new customer service kiosks placed at the TB Lettsome International Airport and at the Road Town Ferry Terminal depicts that while travellers are generally satisfied in the service they received at the airport, a number of them were not.

This is according to data collected between November 30 and December 30 2019; a government-commissioned media release has indicated.

The kiosk requested customers to rate their experiences with front line officers such as Immigration officers, Customs officers and fund-collection officers. The machines are expected to be at every port of entry territory-wide, Business Change Manager for Improved Customer Kedimone Rubaine said.

She said the feedback provided is uploaded in real-time to a central online dashboard for analysis.

And according to the aforesaid media release. “customers received the prompt ‘How did I serve you today?’ and then selected a corresponding colour that measured their emotions at the end of the experience. The Road Town Jetty had 204 responses with 113 customers or 55 percent of the responders being extremely satisfied with their experience; 23 customers or 11 percent of responders being fairly satisfied; nine customers or four percent of responders being neutral; eight customers or four percent of responders being fairly unsatisfied, and 51 customers, or 25 percent of responders being extremely unsatisfied.”

It continued: “The TB Lettsome International Airport had 144 responses with 100 customers, or 69 percent of the responders being extremely satisfied with their experience; eight customers or six percent of responders being fairly satisfied; 10 customers or seven percent of responders being neutral; three customers or two percent of responders being fairly unsatisfied; and 23 customers, or 16 per cent of responders being extremely unsatisfied.”

In the meantime, Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr said the data would then be used to improve and enhance the areas of weakness in these front line workers.

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  1. Like to know says:

    I would love to know the actual number of passengers that actually participated versus the numbers published. In other words, how many times did the employees walk by and push the satisfied button. Not saying anyone did this but you have a reputation.

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  2. look trouble says:

    It was the blacks that were not satisfied

  3. Hmmm says:

    Help this airport: from looing at the picture there is only about 7 people in the terminal. Is this normal for an airport?

  4. Tell me smg says:

    The BVI is so crazy about bigger planes to bring in hundreds of ppl from Miami etc but I want to ask this question since we seem to have lots of mad ppl in this country….WHERE WILL THESE PPL SIT WHEN A FLIGHT WITH 250 PEOPLE IS SCHEDULED FOR DEPARTURE….The airport barely has seats for Cape air Passengers muchless….Yall crazy to even entertain the BS

  5. Yo says:

    This is way off for a whole month and only 144 pax for airport that’s not even a days load .. makes no sense at all plus having the device “choke” in the corner doesn’t help either .. waste of time !

  6. Former visitor says:

    My only question, why is the airport called an international airport. International airports have food courts/restaurants and gift shops. I know the BVI is against fast food but a Subways, Mc.Donalds and a nice coffee shop would be nice for incoming and outgoing passengers.

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    • International Tomato says:

      An “international airport” means it hosts international flights. That’s it. Having a Subway or McDonalds is irrelevant.

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  7. Ausar says:

    “Former Visitor”, fast food companies are not needed to convey international reference!

    If great food is lacking, surely,there are enough eateries-local eateries-, that are eagerly awaiting these types of governmental, contractual arrangements!

    Great way to go, Premier Fahie, on this matter!

  8. BVI girl says:

    Let me tell ayo something these officers, always like someone mess with them there face always push (especially the new young ones). You say good afternoon no answer, i said it a second time not even an acknowledgement or did she respond. Just see her hand stretch for our passports. My daughter said good afternoon thats when she look up but still no reply. Planes land people walk up stand in lines the coming crawling out the offices. Way to much customer service course for ayo to be acting unmannerly. Like u all fed up of dislike ayo jobs.. ayo need to do better. Remeber we are tourist attraction.

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