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My church is available for shelter if needed, says bishop

The New Life Baptist Church in Duffs Bottom, Tortola. (Photo provided)

As residents await the Department of Disaster Management’s (DDM) full list of marine and land-based emergency shelters for the 2018 hurricane season, Bishop John Cline has said the doors of the newly-renovated New Life Baptist Church in Duffs Bottom would be open to the public in the event of a ‘crisis’.

The chapel had received more than half-a-million worth damage during the 2017 hurricane season.

But, with funds from insurance, and donations from close to five hundred church members and friends, the facility was successfully repaired. A little more than $400,000 was spent on renovations.

Meanwhile, the Save the Seed Energy Centre, which the church owns and which is located on the same property, is also available to be used as a hurricane shelter, Bishop Cline said.

“The Save the Seed Centre that withstood Irma can be designated as a storm shelter. It has proven its strength versus the church that was badly damaged in the storm,” he told BVI News today, June 12, when asked about using the property as an emergency shelter this year.

“But in the time of crisis, and if the need arises, the church certainly can be used.”

While responding to subsequent questions from BVI News, DDM Director Sharlene DaBreo said the Environmental Health and Public Works departments would have to inspect the structures before they could be declared as shelters.

DaBreo said emergency shelter standards include ensuring the structure has proper sleeping areas, secure bathrooms, among other things.

“We will have to reach out to the bishop and get the church inspected to see if it meets the standards,” she said.

“We don’t normally use the sanctuary. We usually use the hall, so the interest will be in the hall,” the DDM Director added.

The DDM last week released a list of ‘interim’ land-based emergency shelters in the territory.

The list comprises 19 named shelters and will be valid up till July 31.

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  1. Not the School says:

    Church…. ok but the Day Care and School NO! In times of Crisis there needs to be a way for children to go back to school ASAP. Just my thought.

  2. A brighter day says:

    Read again @ not the school, some people I could tell you!

  3. Sayisnotso says:

    Your church? As I been saying, I’m not supporting any church which belongs to one person.

    • Listen says:

      So what if he said “my church”? I call it my church too and so what. Stop acting like you don’t understand what he meant. Hate is a serious thing

  4. Political. Obsever (PO) says:

    Good social responsibility offer by the Bishop’s church (New Life Baptist Church). What are the members interest, if any, in the church other than a place of worship. That said, what is the maximum designed wind load of the building? It is a false sense of security to put people in a building that we know cannot resist the wind load of the approaching storm.

  5. SMH says:

    Anytime John Cline opens his mouth people have all kinds of things to say. If he is offering the building for a shelter just say thank you. You don’t have to go there to shelter if you don’t want too. I am fed up of negativity towards Mr. John Cline. And yes he is my pastor. He is a doer not a waste of time talker.

  6. Nick says:

    a shelter at sea level!

  7. Concern citizen says:

    Did he say my church or the reporters put their twist on the heading?

  8. Sea Cow Duff says:

    —- Bishop… All the money going to the poor? Me ——- think so

  9. Enough says:

    Does the Bishop own the building and lease it to the church?

  10. Hmmmmm says:

    Its the house of the lord …it not your church.
    How do you call yourself a Pastor?

  11. Reader says:

    Lol Welsa. Ayo is something else who is without sin cast the first stone. At the end of this life we all have to give an account to God almighty. Some much a y’all have lands and house and ideas and sit with it ain’t doing nothing but as a positive comes about negativity as to try makes it’s appearance. Since y’all living perfectly see all the bishop done and doing and nothing y’all did and continue to do. Pray for us in Jesus name amen

  12. The watcher says:

    To political observer many members are active in alot of activities that not only the church put on but are part of groups that help the community as well. And you sound kind of bitter take a chill pill. Since the church is not good enough for you whybdont you offer something?

  13. Brad Boynes says:

    So what if he says “My Church”….
    How many of you refer to your country as “my country”. You man or woman as “my man” “my woman” when you have have none at heart?. Good grief around here with the simplicity n chicken s**t.

  14. Rubber Duck says:

    How much is he charging?

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