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New 14-day curfew to take effect on Thursday

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Effective 6:01 am on Thursday, April 2, the British Virgin Islands will be placed under a new curfew that will last another 14 days.

Making the announcement during a live pubic broadcast on Tuesday evening, March 31, Governor Augustus Jaspert said there will be changes to this new, extended curfew that was implemented to manage the spread of the coronavirus locally.

Under this new curfew regime, the governor said there will be an “absolute curfew” from 6 pm to 6 am (overnight) daily, then a “limited and managed” curfew from 6 am to 6 pm (daytime) daily.  

Governor Jaspert said this new curfew regime will facilitate residents to access limited and basic services at the pharmacies, supermarkets, banks, gas stations, and private medical facilities.

The full plan for the upcoming curfew will be rolled out on Wednesday, he said.

In the meantime, Governor Jaspert said the approved list of businesses and services that would be allowed to operate will also be mandated to follow rules to maintain social distancing and implement sanitization measures.

“They will be encouraged to offer online shopping, curbside and home deliveries,” he said.

Essential workers are still exempted from the curfew when they are on duty or coming off duty.

Updates to follow.


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  1. Love it says:

    I love my isolation. Will definitely utilize online shopping.

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  2. Forbes BVI says:

    Mr governor…..we are not prisoners 14 days ok but we need a day or two inbetween
    Plž and thank you we appreciate your concern and respect your decision but…. 14 str8 days is suicidal.

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    • Visionist says:

      Yessi bb

    • Suicidal says:

      Your a dumba**. Being suicidal is allowing people back out to spread the virus. You rather die then stay in your home for 2 weeks? Really. What kind of moron are you. Isolation stems the flow of the virus. Shut up and sit on your a**.

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    • Covid 19 negative says:

      You sound so ignorant. This whole protocol is to be met to prevent the spread of this virus. Just so u could know, this island is small. And if our government didn’t establish this protocol that is designed to provide us the RIGHT TO LIVE, about 2/3 of our population would’ve been contracted to this virus in a matter of weeks, hence contribute to the global covid-19 death toll.

      So stop your complaining. We are facing the same crisis just like everybody else. If you want to be so foolish and selfish and oppose to this protocol, feel free to leave this house while you still can, get locked up and spend a whole YEAR inside a cell.

      This is why nobody can’t do nothing with VI people. Ahu does smell up your p**s too much. Smh.

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      • Island son says:

        So right. I grew up on Tortola and am now living in the USA. We are currently in a 30 day Quarantine and it might be longer. Do whats best for those around you and stay put. From the outside looking in the BVI government and Governor are doing a very good job.

    • wow says:

      You rather catch corona and dead ?!

    • Suicide Hotline says:

      Seriously, if you are in need of Support, please call the 24-HR Family Support Network Crisis Hotline
      1 (284) 499-0999

  3. Bb says:

    “Some of the medical staff at our local hospital thinks the reason our entire county and two cities still don’t have a single case of coronavirus is because it came through here in January. They had a dramatic spike in respiratory illnesses and lost several patients, but we weren’t testing then and the tests now don’t reveal if you had it and recovered. Medical chatter indicates some other pockets around the country went through the same thing.”

    Remember the flu we all had a couple months ago? I believe that was it. It would explain why there are so few cases here. Its over.

    “Dr. Eran Bendavid and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professors at Stanford: “Fear of Covid-19 is based on its high estimated case fatality rate–2% to 4% of people with confirmed Covid-19 have died, according to the World Health Organization and others. So if 100 million Americans ultimately get the disease, two million to four million could die. We believe that estimate is deeply flawed. The true fatality rate is the portion of those infected who die, not the deaths from identified positive cases.” Their data indicates the number should be more like .06–levels of magnitude less. The reason is all sorts of flaws in testing.”

    In reality, the only true defense against any virus is a strong immune system. The anxiety and isolation the lockdown is causing is probably more dangerous than the virus itself.

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    • Visionist says:

      Whoever u r u no what u saying

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    • @Bb says:

      What utter crap!

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    • wow says:

      Just because you ‘believe’ that something is the case doesn’t guarantee that it’s valid until concrete evidence and proper testing is put forward. The tests now don’t reveal that you had it months ago and recovered because those tests simply are not designed to do so. Another test is needed for that.

      A lot of people don’t remember the flu ‘we all had a couple months ago’ because we all didn’t have the flu months ago. It may have just been you and your little circle of friends and family, and that’s an extremely normal thing to happen. This current virus is not the same as the influenza virus. Similar symptoms yes, but the common cold also causes respiratory illness and fever, and influenza also causes death (in chronic cases).

      .06-levels of magnitude less is somewhat negligible to say the least. If, based on your example given, 100 million Americans were infected, “the proportion of those infected who die” would still be close to 1-2 million.

      It’s not over, because whether or not they had the virus, we know for CERTAIN that there are 3 individuals who currently have the virus and may have potentially spread it to 150 more people, and we don’t even know who those 150 people may have spread it to. It would be more sensible to base our response on what we currently know than to go off of a superficial gut feeling or assumption that a random comment had on a BVI news site.

      “In reality, the only true defensive against any virus is a strong immune system”, but that does not guarantee that your strong immune system would prevent you from catching the virus or even from developing the worst of symptoms should you contract it. Most elderly persons do not have a strong immune system. Many more suffer from illnesses like cancer, asthma, diabetes, sickle cell anaemia, cystic fibrosis, etc. who are all at risk of catching the virus and potentially losing their life.

      “The anxiety and isolation the lockdown is causing is probably more dangerous than the virus itself” is a very ignorant and selfish point to make. Anxiety and isolation is better because it allows us to be more cautious in containing this virus. If anxiety and isolation had been ignored, roughly 2.2 million Americans would have been killed within the last month alone. Imagine what kind of number that could have been globally if the world hadn’t started taking this thing seriously.

  4. Word of advice says:

    To all of you scooter riders and every one else who are going to defy the law, take heed. Pick your poison, would you prefer to stay off the streets during curfew or sit in a jail cell with others where your chances of catching the virus is greater. Pick your poison hard heads.

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    • Rebels and ignoramuses says:

      The scooter riders DON’T CARE,trust me. As a matter of fact a lot of people dont care about the curfew cause they HATE authority and feel they can do as they please. A few ignorant people were on the community boards telling people to mind their own business when they posted that people are still on the road. I mean if you live in a community and you’re just voicing your concern ….is that such a big problem?

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      • I know says:

        The scooter riders and who else have streetitis, let them rock and continue to take the virus home to their family. Who don’t take heed will surely learn the hard way. Those hard headed ones is going to be the first ones crying about please don’t let them die if they catch the virus.

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  5. Wise up says:

    This doesn’t make sense or Either I don’t understand.Can we have access to supermarket on Thursday and lock back the entire island until the 14 days.As a matter of fact just continues the lock down with out opening.

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    • True says:

      I agree, cause with this time frame ppl are still free to roam and be by friends houses. Who to say they will abide with social distancing while out, continue with the full lock down as this helps everyone to be in their houses and not others causing a risk of spreading.

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    • @wise up says:

      You and others don’t understand cause you were too busy typing jokes during the announcement. Y’all take nothing serious.

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    • @Wise up says:

      The problem is your just stupid. During the day you will be allowed to go to the supermarket Read what the man said. Oh sorry I guess you didn’t learn that in school. Too worried about lunch time

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  6. Liberty says:

    we want to hear from the government what will happen with the rent payment, some homeowners are demanding the monthly payment

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    • Tortolian, State Side says:

      Some landlords here still want their rents and some will make arrangements with their tenants to pay half of the rent and pay the other half in installments. All electric bills are sealed until April 30th meaning the electricity company cannot disconnect your services even if you have a turn of notice.

    • Want rent says:

      I’m not so stupid. My money is to buy food and water. Do you all know when you will be able to work again? No rent payments for me and I can’t be put out. I don’t know when my next pay cheque will be. I don’t work with the government or a large company. Small business I work with.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Are we allowed to go out on Thursday to refill our fridge and also pick up medication?

  8. Please help me out says:

    Is this saying that for the next 14 days after the old curfew we can be out 6am – 6pm daily and lockdown from 6pm – 6am daily.

    Someone please clarify thanks in advance

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    • Clarification says:

      It says that for the next fourteen days you can go out between the hours 6am – 6pm for groceries and other essential needs like medical ONLY.

      Otherwise you should stay at home. The curfew is still on.

      The government is to tell us how they are going to manage our restricted access sometime today.

  9. Electric Shock! says:

    After this next 14 day lock up. Do no more. We can’t continue on like this. Lock up only the suspected people with Covid 19 in designated and guarded locations. I want the little life I had back.

    Keep the ports on lock down for at least 3 months instead.

    THE ECONOMIC FALL OUT Will be the bigger trouble the world over, not corona.

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  10. Please help me out says:

    Is it saying that after the old curfew we can be out 6am – 6pm daily and lockdown from 6pm – 6am daily.

    Please clarify

  11. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    Although i fully understand the need to continue the lockdown as it has scientific support and reasoning in terms of it preventing the spread of the virus, what i really need to know how this is going to be managed and when are we going to create some balance with some form of immediate stimulus for this hemorrhaging economy.

    601am- 6pm is the managed curfew so how will this be managed? Now if Banks, Supermarkets and Gas Stations will are now on the essential services list that means that people should be allowed to patronize their services during the day. I would suggest that the opening hours for Supermarkets and Gas stations be allowed to open from 601a – 5p and the Banks from 9a-3p. Of course social distancing protocols will be put in place at all of these establishments. What about immigration and labor for persons whose times or work permits are in need for renewal?

    Now again I reiterate the need for some balance as there are many out of work or whose hours have been severely reduced. I am sure they have bills to pay, obligations to keep how do we manage that? What kind of stimulus package is being offered to assist them in their time of need. Small and medium sized businesses are basically crippled due to this lockdown and partial closure of the borders what is being done for them? You cannot ask people to lock down their business without a plan on how to take care of their obligations like rent, loans, salaries etc.

    14 days of lockdown without any stimulus package to mitigate the losses is a recipe for disaster.

    I done talk.

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  12. What!!! says:

    Everyone is not getting locked in for 14 days. Tomorrow govt. will anounce a schedule as to who can leave home for shopping and banking on what days from 6am to 6 pm.

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  13. @Wise up says:

    Read my dear. It will not be a total lockdown moving forward.

  14. BVI Hunger Games says:

    It’s about to begin……

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  15. Jvd wisdom says:

    while the people buying into the government coronavirus scheme, they are planning the down fall of us all
    This thing is much much bigger than coronavirus. That is just a scape goat for their real plan. My people you need to wake up and smell the coffee. The governor knows much more than he is telling us.1..5G…
    2 agenda 21.
    30. Wake up and do your research.

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  16. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    I would like to see how that schedule is going to be made in how are they going to categorize people? Age? Gender? District? Does not make any sense.

    The businesses that can open are already restricted to Supermarkets, Banks and Gas stations. All these establishments should already have social distancing protocols in place. Close up everything by 5p or even 4p. If we restrict the business that are open we restrict the reasons why persons will be on the road. No loitering should be allowed!

    That should be it. I see no reason why they should complicate this further.

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  17. Visionist says:

    Yessi bb u kno the vibes god has given u a gift of knowledge

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  18. Visionist says:

    Respect to bb

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  19. Visionist says:

    F*** dat s**t

  20. Read People..... says:

    Governor Jaspert said, when the present curfew ends on Thursday at 6 am, a new curfew will come into effect at 6.01 am and last till April 16.


    The Governor said there will be two types of curfew. One he described as an ‘absolute curfew’, where residents are expected to remain indoors during the hours of 6 pm to 6 am daily.

    From 6 am to 6 pm, residents will be under what he called a ‘limited and managed’ curfew where they will be allowed to access basic services.

  21. Mercy says:

    I’m not even worried about been locked in for 14 days or more all over the world people are been locked in for months lets adopt to it pls stay at home saves lives simple

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  22. Only says:

    So I guess those days of been able to go out gonna be some crazy hustling what’s sad I bet allot of these supermarkets that are restocking their shelves the prices gonna go up in less than a week,Their not even trying to help out society and seeing what’s going on like hold a sale reduce prices on all items etc

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  23. why says:

    Why does he always look so confused in photos

  24. Truth Sayer says:

    Please let us not add anymore stress to our lives. Let us wait until the Governor or Government gives us the schedule. All the speculation will not help.

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  25. Focuspeople says:

    This is a herd immunity strategy being invoked here. They have been herding us together under time constraints (curfews) and in “essential service providers” (supermarkets, banks, etc) for weeks now to spread the virus and get rid of the weak. Sorry about the harsh reality but it is a diabolical approach which the UK deploys to control population under perceived security threats.

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  26. Eagle eye says:

    There is no reason to extend this curfew because there is no corona virus here.they are all acting.the one whiteman they say had it he is in good health and strength.this is a international NWO agenda we are facing and corona is just a front to implement it.think think think people.

  27. real peoplo says:

    Your government is instructed by the Governor…has any1 with a brain thought about who is advising the Governor….???? That is the answer there is a global elitist plan to destroy $$$$! While we all sit at home little will we see of their plans especially without international research. The Governor is not being advised from any1 in the Caribbean SURELY!

  28. Asking for a friend! says:

    For our mental and physical healthy, can we go outside for a walk or run??

  29. Message to Governer, Premier VIP says:

    Are their any concerns about opportunistic price gouging because of the current emergency?

    What measures are being put in place to stop businesses from gouging customers?

    Most are not even working or taking home a salary.How will they fear under the unregulated greed and immoal business tactics of the business community?

    Will/does the VIP care about the average person beyond getting their vote next cycle?

    Price gouging, lkie death, is a gaurantee. Law makers can’t avert death, but they can control excessive thievery and profits.

  30. Purple says:

    14 days closed in the house must be done .. There are countries that have been in isolation for 3 weeks the important thing is that people are not evicted, that they are given the salary of the hours worked in March and that they do not use boats as homes

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