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No assent! Disaster Management Act ‘infringes’ my duties — Gov

Governor John Rankin

More than four months after being passed in the House of Assembly, Governor John Rankin revealed that he has not yet assented the Disaster Management Act 2020; parts of which he said undermines his constitutional responsibilities. 

The Act has been with the Governor’s Office since the tenure of Rankin’s immediate predecessor, Augustus Jaspert who also didn’t assent the last two bills before him — the Cannabis Licensing Bill and the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act 2020.

According to Governor Rankin, the Disaster Management Act 2020 was among documents that came to Cabinet for its consideration “with insufficient consultation”.

“I understand the previous Governor was not consulted and to which to date I have not assented given its impingement on the responsibilities of the Governor and the proposed transfer of control over disaster preparedness and management from the governor to ministers,” Rankin said.

He recently gave that statement to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) which, among other things, asked him to write to them stating his position on good governance and how it is being applied in the BVI.

Governor Rankin also made other damning revelations relating to the standards of governance in the BVI. A critical revelation was Rankin accusing Cabinet of waiving the tender process for multiple government contracts when the circumstances were not justifiable to do so.


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  1. lol, lol says:

    I am loving it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely….

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  2. Wigs R us says:

    The other site must be foaming like a rabid dog now

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  3. KH11 says:

    No surprise here.

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  4. Thank you says:

    We appreciate the “adult in the room”..

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  5. KH11 says:

    Not surprised!

  6. wow says:

    Now i see why the governor is hesitant

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  7. now then says:

    this is the guy who sorted Bermuda out …..

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  8. 1EYE says:

    No surprise at all. Esp during a COI.

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  9. EYES says:

    Another one that need to look into is that one with the send off package , this 2 years salary , ETC-ETC.

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  10. Thanks says:

    That’s right, Guv. Hold their feet to the fire. Too much wrongdoings for far too long.

    Happy that those guys are being given a much needed purgative to rid them of all the evils that dwell within.

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  11. PT9 says:


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  12. ReX FeRaL says:

    Two wrongs DO NOT make a RIGHT

  13. Your Excellency says:

    Stop supporting their victimization moving people all over the place including people who acting. We want to know why they removed the acting accountant general after 6 years. That is criminal.

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  14. Rubber Duck says:

    Imagine there was no one to reign in these would be dictators.

    We, the people, would pay the price.

    • Facts says:

      True. That’s why every new government picks a fight with the Governor of the day. They hate that being held accountable. They want the people to feel that the Governor isn’t needed so that they can do what they want.

  15. ! says:

    Love to see it. This is long overdue!

  16. Good says:

    Well done Governor! Now apply the same energy towards the bill where Andrew wants 1 term ministers to get 3 yr salary.

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