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No clear path! VIP may lose majority at upcoming elections

Claude Skelton Cline

Political commentator Claude Skelton Cline has suggested that the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government may struggle to retain its current majority in the House of Assembly (HOA) at the next general elections.

Looking at the numbers ahead of the upcoming general elections, the political pundit said a coalition government may have to be formed given the lack of support that he has been seeing.

With the loss of former Premier, Andrew Fahie, to the US justice system, the VIP currently holds a tenuous seven-seat majority in the 13-member legislature.

The party has also suffered an additional setback ahead of the upcoming polls, with one member springing a surprise defection to the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) recently, after contending that her views no longer align with the party.

“I don’t see a clear path with what has been presented to us, thus far, with neither the Virgin Islands Party, the National Democratic Party, nor the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement. I don’t see where any of them have any clear path to a minimum of seven at the moment,” Skelton Cline said on his Honestly Speaking radio show.

According to Skelton Cline, if the goal is to be victorious in an election, parties have to know the numbers they are working with.

“So, unless there’s going to be some alliance and/or some agreement in principle where the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement and the National Democratic Party is going to work in tandem, then I don’t see how you overcome the numbers just in fair play or at the base. I don’t see how you get to victory,” he argued.

But Skelton Cline also said any coalition government being formed could be fraught with challenges if issues are not properly worked out and settled ahead of the elections.

“Well, you see the whole notion — and I don’t too much like the coalition because when you wait until after, you don’t end up so much with a coalition. You end up with a collision,” he stated.

Skelton Cline argued that candidates should put aside their personal ambitions, pride and egos as the territory’s future hangs in the balance.

Skelton Cline has been a part of the major scandals that have rocked the party in the last four years.


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  1. Hmmm says:

    Now that he has finished using the VIP he has turned on them to put in a new government to use.

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  2. SMH says:

    After CSC done sabotage VIP and get money for NOTHING he could shamelessly open his mouth to keep sprewing rubbish. What he needs to do is pay back the tax payers money and go and seek redemption. Why he and his counterpart don’t just shut up. Whether their views are good or bad, their character has demonstrated that they are out of Self and not for the betterment of the Territory.

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  3. Ijit says:

    Biggest problem for CSC is he don’t know who to back, need a contract or 10 from the winners.

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  4. 1st district original says:

    And we tired ah ALL AH THEM!!

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  5. CSC should stand for election as an at large candidate … says:

    … and give the whole Territory the opportunity not to vote for him.

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  6. WELL SA!!! says:

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol 😀

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  7. cyclops says:

    So you staying neutral this time Mr. Slime, don’t know which Chuckwaggon to hitch a ride on? you are no longer recyclable, I suggest you go strait to jail or crawl back under the rock from which you came.

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  8. Smithy says:

    VIP has a clearer path than any of the others whether you like them or not. NDP and PVIM will split their support again and the VIP wins. I don’t know why that is so hard to understand.

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  9. The TRUTH says:

    Claude knows as much about politics as after school programmes.

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  10. Concern says:

    Please vote VIP they’re the most settled. The former Premier spoiled everything. Give the premier a chance. The leaches ready to suck again.

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  11. Really says:

    What clearer path? It’s like the blind leading the blind. A path to corruption??? Please think about your vote extensively.

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  12. To says:

    Myron is charged for corruption

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  13. @smithy says:

    Wishful thinking! LOL

  14. Me says:

    No one should vote for any VIP who was associated with the last 4 years of this bulls**t.Andrew and crew send us beyond the so what next.Claude you to need go jail

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  15. Disagree says:

    Sowande may well lose to Perline. Smith I doubt very much can win back a seat. The only person I see as a clear winner is Kye. I may be wrong but I call it as I see it.

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  16. VIslander says:

    he was charged with breach of trust…not corruption. still DPP could not present a case.

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  17. WHAT CSC NEEDS says:


  18. @Disagree says:

    Sowande losing to Perline will say a lot about he people in the 7th and the BVI on a whole. She couldn’t get water on for years, the biggest issue plaguing the BVI and we will reward her with a nice pension and a seat in the HOA. We deserve to be treated like s**t when we vote like s**t.

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  19. Rubber Duck says:

    This guy still walking around free?

  20. Sowande again. says:

    VIP 5…..NDP 4…PVIM 3. Others 1…Most seats determined the Premier.. “Sowande again”.

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  21. What says:

    Who say so? If your predictions are correct, who knows PVIM might just form a coalition just to keep VIP out.

  22. HE SAY says:

    Bruce Lee ain’t gah nothing on him ,so if even he had to take a vacation at pumpkin’S guess house , ain’t go be any pRoBLeM ? ?

  23. Not a VIP Supporter says:

    I have to disagree with Claude. ViP has the clearest path to victory: Districts-1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 plus 2 at large. And with this victory, the UK suspends our constitution??‍♂️

  24. @HE SAY says:

    It will be a terrible day and a further downward spiral for BVI politics and the future of these islands if those who stated bodly that they are “going in to do what others did before, which is to pillage and rip off the people’s coffers.” Who know, know. Sadly, our people are still very politiaclly elemetal, gullible, unanalytical and politically ignorant.

    Look, read, see, deduce and learn.

  25. Guess What? says:

    The only minus I have seen with VIP is Andrew Fahie’s brush with the Law in the US. Secondly, the last 6 years has been the most challenging in the History of BVI. It will be deliberate evil to judgethe performance of VIP without factoring the exceptional circumstances of the Hurricane, Covid and Commission of Inquiry

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  26. Anonymous says:

    No, the current VIP is the manifestation of a political party that has lost its way, purpose, focus, love of country and people. It has become a polotcal demon of self enrichment at every and all cost.

    Think it needs a new group of members. The current ones, except for the lady from VG, are now corrupt to the core.

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  27. rastarite says:

    How do white envelopes or new driveways ensure a vote?

  28. Foh says:

    Whoever wins they need to make sure you don’t get another clear path to our tax money.

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  29. Really says:

    Why this piece of S@@t don’t shut the front door. He has no shame!!!

  30. says who says:

    VIP is winner all the way

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  31. AGREE 100% says:

    For the first time this false prophet got it right. How can a blind man see? He need to get some eye salve to anoint his eyes. The path is too clear for him to see, he cannot get any contract for a path that is already well established, so obviously he cannot see.

    People of this beautiful and blessed Virgin Islands, please follow your heart and the leading of God. These young men and women who were able to steer the ship after all the challenges including that of our past premier should be reason to vote the VIP and give them a fighting chance to prove their worth. VIP did not commit a crime, but one man supposedly did and he is being held responsible for his action. Please let us go to the polls in our usual numbers and vote VIP All The Way, no splitting of Votes, they deserve it. The Unity government scraped through, but we need more than scraping through, we need real reality and the slate as of last night is an indication that VIP is ready to prove themselves with young and new leadership. Dont let the nay sayers and blind Bartimaeus and false prophet make you think otherwise. God is in the midst of us and we shall make it. VIP ALL THE WAY, Bam, Bam, Bam!!!!

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  32. Big Richard says:

    Just leave. Go join Kawame in Atlanta

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