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‘On standby’ | Fahie announces Hodge-Smith for uncertain by-election

“I pledge to never quit and to say I’m coming back. I will always be there” — Luce Hodge-Smith. (VIP photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie has announced Luce Hodge-Smith as the candidate the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) will be fielding if a by-election is to happen for the Fourth Electoral District.

There have been clashing views about whether the Fourth District seat is vacant since the elected representative Mark Vanterpool publicly resigned then changed his mind a week later.

While the legality of the matter is being assessed, Premier and VIP chairman Andrew Fahie has given strong indications that he supports a by-election.

While using the analogy of air travel to back the by-election and to back Hodge-Smith for the seat, Fahie said: “The plane ticket is already booked. But she is on standby because we expect her seat to become vacant on the plane. And she is number-one on the standby list.”

“They already have all her travel documents, she is already in the system. We just need the seat to become vacant so that she can get on the plane, fasten her seatbelt, and join team Virgin Islands Party,” the Premier added while speaking at a VIP celebratory event at the weekend.

Hodge-Smith: God will resolve this injustice, I will not flip-flop

Hodge-Smith said she remains ready for a by-election to be called in the meantime.

While impliedly stating that Vanterpool’s flip-flopping was an injustice to Fourth District constituents, Hodge-Smith said she is very hopeful a by-election will occur.

“While we await the outcome of this unfortunate situation, I ask the people of the Fourth District and the greater Virgin Islands to be steadfast in your belief that God will reslove all injustices.”

“If we have this by-election coming up, I just want you to rest assured that I remain steadfast in my desire to represent and serve you, the people of the fourth … I pledge to never quit and to say I’m coming back. I will always be there.”

The territory’s governor is constitutionally the only person with the authority to call a by-election. But, Governor Augustus Jaspert said he will only issue a writ for a by-election if he is formally notified that the seat is vacant.

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  1. On Looker says:

    What makes her think if a by-election happens she will win?

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    • The Hooded Claw says:

      Did Luce book with BVI Airways? Keep standing by cause there won’t be a flight!

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      • Call Me Ismael says:

        BVI Airways was result of Vanterpool not conducting due diligence prior to making a decision to spend $7.2m of our money. The $900,000.00 road consulting contract that he signed with the firm from St Lucia was also conducted with our due diligence.

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    • @On Looker says:

      Luce will get my vote this time. I have no time with Mark and his foolishness.

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  2. SMH says:

    With negativity…we will never progress! Don’t why some people can’t keep it to themselves!

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  3. Rayn says:

    She will certainly win because she is reliable and in the right party.

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    • bull junks says:

      She cant beat myron nor ronnie….NOT SHE! and besides we need more experience in the house of assembly….TOO MANY GREEN HANDS IN THERE RIGHT NOW

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      • Good afternoon says:

        We all were green hands once right and we gain experience how can someone gain experience without a chance we have to give someone a chance to get where the others have gotten

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        • @Good afternoon says:

          Nothing wrong with giving a chance but not with the issues BVI are facing. We need experience in the house.

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          • Just the right experience says:

            Though I agree with your point of view on the lack of experience as political leaders of most of the current ministers of government, I must point out that many of them are also experienced Public Officers who held senior positions. Holding the types of positions they did positions them to not only advance policy at the HoA level but they come with an understanding of the systems and processes involved in producing policy and legislation actually system that produces it.

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          • To @Good afternoon says:

            The experience of the same so called experienced one is what has mess up the BVI. Mark over spend the ports project by $40 mill and now talking piddle.

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        • Wrong says:

          There was always mixture of green and ripe. Check

      • @bull junks says:

        You are probably too green to know that when NDP one for the first time none of them had experience.

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      • @ bull j*CK*ss says:

        Myron can’t run for the 4th moomoo

  4. vip heckler says:

    Qh so that’s why the victory party was held in long bush? Ain’t everybody stupid alike

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  5. Don't be so sure... says:

    You did not handle Culture at all, what are your chances of you handling more responsibility?

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    • strups says:

      because as usual myron wanted things his way or the hyway. he never use to lissen to a ting anybody said in terms of culture. dont pretend like we dont know him. he wanted all the glory to fall on his baldassshinyhead and if that didnt happen he make people life a living hell. ask her why she left if not for the same myRUN. strups

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    • @Don't be so sure says:

      So why you don’t say that Myron did not fund the Culture Department. Go get the facts.

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      • The Hooded Claw says:

        Ms H—– was a saboteur in Culture, i remember the carnival opening where she took it upon herself to slate opposition leader Fahie to speak. Now we see why! Pay the piper Fahie!

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  6. Shooting Star Myron says:

    Myron was a shooting star that flared too soon- the people will never have him in the Premier position
    Mark gets his advice from certain bars in town and that is why this latest foolishness
    Luce is the best person for the seat not these opportunists

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    • Mr Speaker says:

      Please go tell Tanty Merl GO SID DOWN! ?????????????????

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      • Outofname says:

        You see who was the biggest “Tantie Merle” at the First Sitting, eh? “Madam Speaker, I wish to — sorry, Mr. Speaker, pardon me for calling you Tontie Merle cousin.

        Take that in your skin. Stop calling people out their name.

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      • Political Inteligence says:

        You are undeserving of the post.

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  7. Lol says:

    They gave the ‘blow up doll” her position and now fooling her that she could beat Mark. Never.

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  8. Rip the dogup says:

    The thing aunt done what a thing to tell the King

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  9. NDP SUPPORTER says:

    What Mark has done again is disrespectful. I will not vote for him or any NDP candidate in district 4 again.

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  10. Mr Jones says:

    He gotta pay to play this time. These elections be expensive. He quit the first one causing us to have second election. If he now wants to un quit he gotta pay everyone for the first election.

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  11. Fine Him says:

    Think he deserves a fine, time is money and he wasted alot of ppl time doing this incorrectly.. just saying if you hand in a paper later its your fault you got the F…

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