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OPINION: Why don’t we trust our elected reps?

I often hear our politicians in the House of Assembly purporting that Virgin Islanders prefer the leadership of the governor and the UK over that of elected leaders. Premier Fahie even described some as having “shackles on our minds” when trying to illustrate that the public doesn’t believe our own people can lead with excellence.

This is the line I hear them arguing along and I would just like to correct the flaw in this reasoning.

You see, we the people know that Virgin Islanders are bright, intelligent people who have been blazing a trail of excellence, taking up their rightful place in this territory and all over the world. It ain’t about your intellectual capacity. What it is about is the way our people have been burned by local politicians over the years. I don’t need to rehash the numerous scandals that have plagued our two major political parties. I’m not saying they were all true, but scandals have the ability to undermine the people’s confidence and that’s what happens each time one comes out.

Our elected leaders are not very transparent. They don’t seem to want to be questioned by anyone– not by the poor journalists, not by the civil servants, UK officials, and certainly not the rest of the electorate. I hear the words they use to describe the ‘bloggers’ and people who comment on local politics. It’s a shame, to be honest.

I must say the present Fahie-led administration seems to be more forthcoming with information than the last NDP administration, I’ll give them that. But even then, a lot of their revelations are reactive. A lot of the time, information is published by the government after the blogs write a story or after the Governor makes a statement. It shouldn’t be this way. Transparency means sharing information “just because” we should know. This way you can build trust.

With that said, the Governor’s Office is seen as an objective arm of government. Governors are not locals, they are not as entrenched in the local melee and spats that our elected leaders are prone to. Because of this, people see that office as the bulwark against the actions of elected leaders. That’s all it is. It’s not that people are looking to the “white man” to be our saviour. When elected leaders say that, it makes us seem backward and ‘un-emancipated’.

I see the Premier pushing to have the Governor’s Office evaluated under the proposed Integrity In Public Life Act. I don’t disagree with this move. Everyone should be held accountable. But until we find lack of transparency, victimisation and evidence that the Governor’s Office has misused public funds, we will always be harder on our elected leaders. The best thing for elected leaders to do is to own up to what has happened in the past and commit to moving forward in a transparent manner. It’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, the government isn’t handling this pandemic badly at all. I commend them.


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  1. You blind says:

    Thanks for your opinion. My opinion is that you’re a supporter of the party in disguise and by the way the government is not doing a good job at handling the pandemic. Don’t you see what is happening to the economy of the country and people’s quality of living because of poor planning?

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    • Yup says:

      There is no confidence in the leadership because the leadership is c****pt. Each and every politician in the BVI has his own agenda with that being his own wealth. Nothing is ever done unless their hands are in it and they get a piece. As an example, cost overruns at the magnitude the BVI sees in construction projects is unheard of anywhere else. Other governments would hold the contractors to the contract but not in the BVI. Why? Because the politicians get k**kb**ks and must approve any and all cost overruns. Simple as that. The Governor has no skin in the game and would be subject to prison time in the UK if caught. Thus he has called out the corruption of the BVI. In the BVI corruption and racism goes unchecked because the politicians and cronies protect each other and the people are herded by them like sheep.

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    • sorry says:

      I actually meant thumps up…

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      One encouraging thing that has come out of all of this is that the average BVIslander is too smart, too sophisticated and too experienced in life to fall for the politics of hate that this government practices.

      It’s a very old political trick to invent an enemy and blame everything bad that happens, or that you make up, on him.
      Hitler did it with the Jews, Stalin with the Capitalists, Nixon with Communists and now Fahie is trying it with the UK and by extension the whites.

      It isn’t going to work sir, your electorate is not that dumb.

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  2. Thoughts... says:

    Personally, I don’t trust this government because they spend too much time acting like children, making catty remarks about the governor, and investing too much in the hate spewed out by a certain radio host/pastor. Too many lies, too many kindergarten actions.

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  3. YOUTH says:

    I want to know why do we have a governor post in the 21st century that is not accountable to anyone but the entire system holds only elected officials accountable which is good but the same must hold through for the Governor.

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  4. LB says:

    You have barely scratched the surface and muddled the waters by adding any commentary on the Governor.

    Just look at our elected officials on their own merit. We don’t trust them because they are more loyal to political parties and politics than they are to the People and progress. It is that simple.. They turn a blind eye to the cr**kedness and self-serving decisions their political party leaders make. Afraid to speak up or stand out on behalf of the people and the country. A set of cronies.

    We are seeing it right now with this administration. None of them willing to speak up against premier. They sit and atch him appoint these Board’s with clueless, uneducated, inexperienced people that he premier can control. They watch him v****mize our own people who aren’t yes women and yes men. They don’t object to his constant unnecessary fight with the UK. We watch unnecessary contracts being given out to one family from East with no bids. They watch a bunch of high paying but non productive consultancy contracts being given out. They watch the Board’s all raise their stipend 600%. They watch the prmier give high money security contract to his crony to … None says a thing.

    Then they all go to church together and post the same picture and the same words on their social media. Cumbaya my Lord. A bunch of sheep being led by a w**f.

    This is why we don’t trust our elected officials.

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  5. Okay says:

    I perked up to read this article but the writer got dry really fast. The people mistrust them for a lot of reasons! The VIP is about show and sending up smokescreens. Their M.O. remains the same. Help themselves and their cronies. I dare all of them to be transparent in their dealings!

    The NDP appeared too smart for their own good, and did not do a good job of communicating with the Public. This current government takes advantage of the previous government’s lack of communication. However they communicate more nonsense and if you have an ounce of sense you will realize they are just trying to distract us from their incompetence. Utter nonsense we as a people have to put up with around here but the power is with the people so maybe it is us who needs to be transparent with what we expect and demand it. Otherwise our politicians will always appear to be untrustworthy beings.

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    • WHO TO TRUST says:

      The NDP is even worse with is fake leaders and fake politics – so who do we turn to? This country has a leadership with zero vision and going nowhere- really sad

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  6. Reasonable Man says:

    PT has done an excellent assessment.

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  7. SMI says:

    @YOUTH the governor is accountable to the UK.

  8. Disorganized says:

    “On the other hand, the government isn’t handling this pandemic badly at all.”
    I believe this is true… Up until June, 2020.
    After that, not so much.

    The re-opening to tourism on 1 December, 2020, was nothing less that completely disorganised. It’s as if there has been zero inter-departmental coordination from the top at all – Every department scattering and going their own direction with none speaking with each other. Then the Premier appointed what sounded like a “re-opening czar” and a steering committee- Great – Only to find out the steering committee had zero power and figuratively, their steering wheel never was installed.

    The government has at their disposal many, many professionals in our tourism programme, people with years of experience. Their advice and opinions were sought out, and then seemingly promptly and completely ignored.

    It rivals the last government in their post Irma administration.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    This is purely politics and have nothing to do with trust. The same people that loved NDP when they started love them the same despite BVI Airways, Pier Park and any other controversial matter. Thousands of people voted against VIP they ain’t gon just start singing happy songs because they are now the ruling government. The BVI is a 2 party system similarly to the US. People are very loyal to their party and will defend them through good and bad.

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    • And Therein says:

      Lies the problem. We are two hooked on parties instead of demanding accountability from these politicians. Because we are blinded with party loyalty never mind a set of jack donkeys are on the ballot. Thus government us a prime example of love for party. That’s our problem and we will always be taken for a ride. Elect the most competent and trustworthy and hold their feet to the fire!

  10. What!!! says:

    “Why don’t we trust our elected reps.” Simply because trust must be earned and it has not been.

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  11. informed says:

    We need to see a clear opening plan once the vaccine is administered. Documented for all to see. Take the vaccine and we will reopen on this date with / without restrictions. I needs to be in place now and needs to be communicated.
    We can not go through another failed attempt at starting the tourism sector with lack of planning.
    This we will hold you accountable for in the next election.

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