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Opposition disassociates from Premier’s ‘derogative’ letter to UK

File photo of Opposition members Marlon Penn (left) and Julian Fraser.

By Kamal Haynes, BVI News Staff

Members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition have publicly disassociated themselves from the recently leaked letter which Premier Andrew Fahie sent to the UK Minister for the Overseas Territories, Baroness Elizabeth Sugg.

Speaking at an Opposition media briefing on Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition Marlon Penn said the letter carried a very aggressive, confrontational, and derogative tone that only further strains the relationship between the BVI and the United Kingdom government.

He said: “We are now here to the people of this territory first and foremost, disassociating ourselves from the tenor — the tone in which he is speaking to Baroness Sugg — and the suggestiveness that he is speaking on behalf of the territory.”

“He’s also copied us on this correspondence to Baroness Sugg. It is very interesting that he chose to copy us on this correspondence. He didn’t copy us on the letter concerning beneficial ownership as to suggest that somehow the Opposition had conversation surrounding the context of this letter; which is not the case,” Penn added.

Premier playing games/BVI not a dictatorship

The Opposition leader also said he believes the Premier continues to play political games, which he said was seen in Fahie’s suggestion in the letter that the people of territory shared similar sentiments to his view on Governor Augustus Jaspert’s decision.

“The BVI is a democracy. The BVI is not an authoritarian regime. We are not a dictatorship. It is important for us, especially when you’re speaking about situations that impact our relationships with other countries, that the Premier does not write in a way that suggests that he has the support of the people without having a conversation with the people,” Penn argued.

Premier’s letter lacked facts

Senior Opposition legislator Julian Fraser shared similar sentiments to Penn and said he believes the letter from the Premier was unnecessary.

He said: “I find it to be uncalled-for because the facts are not there. The facts doesn’t hold up. The governor is responsible for national security and internal security, so it is uncalled-for to call him out on what he is doing.”

“You are admitting that there were incidents of illegal entry in the territory and then you are making reference to the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) — another problem where are these people coming from?” Fraser questioned.

Governor’s stance should not surprise persons

Fraser said that the illegal smuggling of persons from the USVI into the territory has been occurring for far too long. He said it was only a matter of time before the governor took a stance to diminish the problem.

“You can’t be surprised that the governor is about to take measures and the governor should have done this. It is his responsibility. I don’t know why he allowed it to get to this point … He shouldn’t be asking the Premier and waiting for the Premier to agree to develop a border protection,” he stated.

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  1. wow says:

    Well said members of the opposition. Well said

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  2. stimulus money says:

    Only the action man will follow the premier on this because we all know why

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  3. vg resident says:

    The current BVI government is killing the BVI with the ridiculous political posturing. You need to open the borders ASAP. Otherwise you can kiss the current tourist season goodbye.

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    • @Virgin Gorda says:

      The tourist season is CLOSED even before it has began. You know, I have been hearing on the down low from a lot of people who is saying the should have never voted NDP OUT OF OFFICE. FOY fooled a lot of people with his promises and people believed it. Let’s see what he is going to Campaign on when he is up for RE-ELECTION. I don’t trust this Premier.

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    • White says:


  4. Disappointed says:

    I agree with what was said. At this point the premier has gone too far.

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  5. britian says:


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  6. fromafar says:

    this is time to stand together for one purpose for the overall good of the virgin islands the opposition lacks backbone , and objects for reasons that supports division and personal interest. We as a country should always support each other when it comes to relations with England this is the opening and opportunity they look for when dealing with Overseas Countries we will never advance and obtain status if there is not consensus among us. If and when we apply for our independence , is this going to also be the position of the opposition , you all acting like stooges get some spine look at the needs of this country as a whole, you are doing opposition, just what the UK wants .Solidarity in our UK relations is needed.

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  7. Guidelines? says:

    A Minister in today’s HOA informed the new AG to get used to late hours until after midnight.

    Where are the guidelines on HOA protocol?

  8. Mr. Premier says:

    You simply went to far. I 100% agree with the OPPOSITION. Your ADVISOR NEEDS TO HAVE A SERIOUS TALK

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  9. Scary says:

    The letter was very distasteful. As was his attempt to justify his recent behavior in the HOA. He comes off racist. You want to work toward independence you say but your people have no faith in your leadership. If y’all decide to go that route I hope the UK asks for a referendum as I am certain that your aim is not in alignment with that of the majority of Virgin Islanders. You and your government need to go. We made a big mistake. 2 and a half more years of this is a scary prospect.

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  10. Okay says:

    All the NDP supporters out blogging but this will not work. Keep moving forward Premier and your Government.

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  11. YOUTH says:

    Don’t mind the noise. There are more of us with the Premier on the ground than those who are here blogging more than once

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    • Barry Say You'll Hear! says:

      Keep telling yourself that story to feel good. We are feed up with the incompetence of this Government. Time will soon tell.

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    • @Youth says:

      You are very correct, and yes stay positive, many of these bloggers are white people. They are afraid to lose their properties and status if we go independent. These are different times in the world, and change must come. They were shocked to find that their UK did little to sustain us throughout the years. They thought that it was the white man’s wisdom and handouts that help us… after their people stole what they could from the world to make themselves wealthy.

      • I can't even... says:

        Everyone here seems to forget that being a born and bred Tortolian doesn’t mean that your skin has to be black. Such a muddled and uneducated response, borderline racist too if you ask me.

        The UK were there to help us after Irma, many of us seem to forget that too. Independence is not what this region needs right now.

        Please people think before you post here, because you’re lucky what you post doesn’t have to be associated with your real name.

  12. Wow says:

    Where is the Action Man in all of this . Has he abandon the party . Leader of the opposition you go. That is why you are there . You have shown maturity and you are fulfilling your role Don’t worry with your critics . They would always be there

  13. lol says:

    First the Governor lied then the Government really did ask for the Ship? Is this primary school and we telling tales to teacher?

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  14. Patrotic bvi. says:

    Bvislanders we need to wake up.our government is trying everything it take to push for independence.first,they are picking fight with the governor.then they are using black life matter,and finally slavery reparation.they are using every tatics to escalating conflict with the Uk so they can let us go.they wanna go on their own so they can do what they want.guys,I know that there racial injustist,I know about slavery.but guys,is picking these fights gonna help us?.pastot Claude Skelton Cline is just trying everything vit take to create these problems.Is that’s what the government is paying him to do?we don’t need these troblemakes guys.the Bvi is in no position for independence anytime we need to stop letting this government with help of pastor Claude Cline to brainwash us in going independenct.we are not ready for that.

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  15. Dave Henry says:

    Look,they secretly change the national holiday for next year this democracy?.they secretly doing things behind the people back.

  16. Bla bla bla says:

    Andrew I agree with you. Sometimes these little boys can’t see the bigger picture. Marlon is truly a joke. Playing politics in these times.

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  17. Quiet Warrior says:

    Government versus Opposition is an adverbial process. Both typically have different approaches to addressing the same governing issues. The Opposition wants to get its hands on the levers of government so rarely will it embrace what government does. It is often in campaign mode planting the seeds of doubt and dissatisfaction with what government is doing. It searches diligently for the dark lining in every cloud and some time opposes for the sake opposing, picking at minutiae. True, the Opposition role is to keep the Government on its toes but must do do with skill and credibility. Nonetheless, the Opposition members are human and may have power withdrawal symptoms. Some may have regrets at missing the opportunity to being in power and may be showing a tinge of jealousy. Those people need to man up.

    Moreover, all of the 13 elected are of African descent and their foreparents were Slaves. They all need to gaze straight into the mirror and pay heed to the reflection and be proud of whom they are. Several weeks ago, Governor Jaspert in an interview with 284 Media made some disrespectful, dismissive, and disparaging comments on the UK’s position on reparation for Slaves descendants in the VI.

    The Governor’s stated in essence that reparation was not on UK’s agenda. Many people are advocating that in his comments that he was stating the UK’s position and he is not responsible for his comment. That is bull s…t. That is leaky basket and is not holding water. Is not Governor Jaspert the UK’s representative in the V.I.? Yes. Nuff said. In this case, the Guv and UK are one and same, 6 of 1 and 1/2 dozen of the same. Additionally, the governor further commented that local landmarks named after the likes of Francis Drakes should be retained. Since when do murderers, thieves……etc get things name after them? Well, if you are White and feel you are the superior race.

    However, the V.I. should be highly disappointed and the 13 elected members should be ashamed of their church mouse silence thus far on the Governor’s dastardly comment. Are they ashamed of their foreparents? Are they going along to get along, acting in self-interest? Are they still acting subservient to Massa? The silence of some legislators are especially surprising. Are they pretenders and users?

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    • Rock Stone says:

      “ Some may have regrets at missing the opportunity to being in power and may be showing a tinge of jealousy.” There are 3 opposition parties in the HOA so I wonder who you flinging rock stones at? When you fling rock stones in the bush, the dog that get hit hollows.

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    • Tired says:

      Of the back and forth. You all are
      Still mentally enslaved sadly.

      The Governor spoke the truth
      Nothing more nothing less
      It is not the intent of England
      To pay raparations. Ok
      Did you want him to lie?
      Are you all crazy

      Looks so from where I am
      Standing. Move on. You all
      Are insulting your ancestors
      And their efforts by focusing
      On BS. They fought for freedom
      But alas, they did not really
      Accomplish that as their
      Descendants are still very
      Much mentally entangled in
      the chains of secrecy, self-hate
      Discrimination of other
      Caribbean people, prejudice and
      The list continues..

      Governor Augustus Jaspert, we the
      People do not wish for you to
      Leave, lie or stop what it is you
      Are doing to protect this territory
      In fact increase security by
      Having them patrol our lands too
      Dig them out
      Expose them
      The time is now

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