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Governor overrides Premier, invites British Navy to patrol BVI waters

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has overridden the Premier to invite the British Royal Naval vessel HMS Medway, to help the local forces secure the territory’s borders.

“As your governor, it is my constitutional responsibility to protect the people of BVI and ensure the security of these islands,” Governor Jaspert said in a statement to the territory on September 25, 2020.

Governor Jaspert said: “HMS Medway will shortly return to our waters to offer additional support with surveillance and act as a deterrent.”

HMS Medway is designed for counter-piracy, anti-smuggling, fishery protection, and border patrol. 

The vessel will stay in the BVI until the end of October and work alongside the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and other members of the local Joint Task Force to support patrols and temporary radar arrangements in place.

The governor made it clear that the naval support will be fully funded by the UK government. He assured the BVI that, “the crew will not come on to land and will not meet Joint Task Force officers face-to-face in order to avoid any risks of transmitting the virus.”

Matter of urgency

In a statement Friday evening, Governor Jaspert said he decided to invite UK assistance because border security is now more important than ever. He said he has remained in close contact with the National Security Council and the Joint Task Force who are finding it challenging to secure the borders with the limited resources they have.

“In March, we took decisive action to close the borders in response to COVID-19 and set up the Joint Task Force – made up of officers from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, the Immigration Department, and Her Majesty’s Customs. Officers have worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with limited resources and under intense pressure,” the governor said.

He continued by explaining that as the BVI relaxes internal restrictions, it needs “to ensure we are not hampering the progress we make by letting COVID-19 slip in illegally through the back door”.

Disappointed UK help was refused

In August, Governor Jaspert informed the territory that when COVID-19 started to spread in the BVI, he offered to invite the UK to help bolster the territory’s border security. 

Premier Fahie has refused this help, saying accepting military assistance from the United Kingdom will be a last resort for the BVI.

In his latest statement to the territory, Governor Jaspert said he was disappointed that the offer was refused.

“I was disappointed that the offer of security support was not accepted at the time, as I felt it was a missed opportunity to enhance our local capability and protect our community from external risks. I have continually pressed this as a priority with colleagues. Now, in light of recent events and subsequent consequences, I feel I must do all in my power to protect the people of the British Virgin Islands and to support our dedicated law enforcement teams,” the Governor said at the time.

More offers coming

Governor Jaspert said his office is currently preparing another offer of UK support to assist the BVI in curbing illegal smuggling.

“I know that people want BVI to be able to take care of its own affairs as much as possible. I understand and fully support this. Therefore, I am working to develop a package of support that will enhance our local capabilities and put in place more permanent surveillance systems to improve security and curb illegal smuggling. I will withhold from disclosing the full details, out of respect for National Security Council members, until plans are discussed and agreed.”

He continued: “What I will say for now, is that we need to send a clear message to those involved in illegal activities and smuggling across our borders that it will not be tolerated. For every illegal landing on our shore, the risk of COVID-19 re-infecting our community returns. As long as our borders are porous, lives are in danger. I am not prepared to take that risk. Only those who benefit from illegal entries and illegal activities stand to gain from porous borders.”

When Premier Fahie refused the governor’s offer of UK assistance earlier this year, he had said he didn’t not want to make the same error as other territories or countries by signing off on a decision disguised as an act of assistance.

“Every time we have been pressured to accept military presence in the territory, we have been required to consider the social, historical and cultural aspects of this decision. And part of that includes our march towards self-reliance and self-determination,” Premier Fahie had said.


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  1. local business says:

    Not before time. The Premier has failed in his basic duty of protecting the people. If he does not accept this help he is continuing to gamble with our safety and jobs for a private vendetta with UK FCO.
    He already sabotaged the re-opening of tourism, and will be responsible for increase in unemployment, evictions, crime.
    Fahie is was “playing” with Covid, and still is.
    He has violated commitment to defend the BVI to the best of his ability, and is making decisions patently not in the best interests of the BVI.
    Show me his Oath of Office.

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    • @local business says:

      Stop looking mileage on Gus weakness. He the one make the mistake. He the one in charge of national security. The premier cannot tell him what to do. The constitution give him the power to protect the borders without the premier consent. This governor is a troublemaker and unfortunately those who hate them own brother man and sisters will look brownie points out of this Governor ineptitude. His time is up. I personally do not need Gus help. I need him to GTFOOH on the next plane!

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      • Jonah says:

        Gus is our Jonah – once he leaves things might start to get better.

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      • @ local business says:

        Plenty of naysayers attacking your comment but I’m not here to debate that …at the end of the day our borders need added reinforcement and this could have been done without having to pay an arm and a leg to try to stop smuggling.


        We’re thankful they are returning. End of discussion.

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      • Stupid says:

        Stupid he has the power and he is doing whats best for the bvi . Thank you mr governor you keep you are so smart the rest of bvi needs your protection even if some of them dont. It should be 6 months

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        • @ Stupid says:

          Here comes Government with their tit for tat video about border patrol smh

          No-one is saying we are not trying to protect our borders but we need advanced help.

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        • Black Nationalist says:

          LOLOLOLOLOL pray for his soul I bet nothing happens. HA! If you find his soul I will pay you double.

      • Ungrateful says:

        How quickly we have forgotten that this Governor rolled his sleeves up and did everything possible to assist everyone in out time of need after 2017 hurricanes. He could have jetted back to the UK and leave us to fend for ourselves. He arranged for the Navy to come in (among other things) and restore order. Our local policemen couldn’t cope and had no choice but to allow the looting! This is the main reason that we can NEVER seek independence. We only need to look at the other Caribbean islands that sort independence to see how they are doing. Poverty, Government corruption, high taxes, crime etc.
        We are not equipped to deal with another disaster (earthquake god forbid) like it or not, we need the UK so let’s start showing our gratitude a little here!

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      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t be ungrateful! The best Governor this island has seen in years! He was a hero after the 2017 hurricanes!

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      • SB says:

        You aint never lied.

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      • Know your people says:

        (2) The Governor shall not be obliged to consult with the Cabinet or the Premier if, in his or her
        (a) Her Majesty’s service would sustain material prejudice;
        (b) the matter is not materially significant so as to require consultation; or
        (c) the urgency of the matter requires the Governor to act before he or she can consult the
        Cabinet or the Premier,
        but in any case falling within paragraph (c) the Governor shall, as soon as practicable,
        communicate to the Cabinet the measures which he or she has adopted and the reasons for them.
        (3) In any case in which the Governor is required under this section to consult the Cabinet, the
        Governor shall act in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet unless in his or her opinion such
        advice would affect a matter for which he or she is responsible under section 60.
        (4) Where the Governor is directed by this Constitution to exercise any function after
        consultation with any person or authority other than the Cabinet, he or she shall not be obliged to
        exercise that function in accordance with the advice of that person or authority.

    • @local business says:

      Try go sit down from speaking piddle. The Premier and his team has done a pretty good job handling this CoronaVirus for sure far better than what the UK is doing. People like you will never give credit where credit is due.

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    • fromafar says:

      you sound so sick, it seems like your head is buried in the sand , COVID 19 is real stop looking at everything as dollars and cents. Apply common sense and value life. The actions of the Governor, is just a show, the drugs, COVID 19, smuggling, etc, needed the Governor’s attention for some time, so why the override now out of concern of the people of the BVI.

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      • @framafar says:

        Good point. Only now Gus want to patrol borders. He never saw the need before and he never do nothing! Here comes the tantalizing knee jerk against the neck.. just before GIs leave he must show that BVI people are still under colonial control. Extremely sad!!!!!!

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        • Think! says:

          It was a British ship that snatched us from our homeland in the first place and if I never see another British ship we will be okay cause they did not help in the first place.

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          • Richard S says:

            Would you prefer for a British ship to take you back to your true homeland, see how you get on, you ungrateful p.o.s

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          • @Think says:

            You were snatched you moron? Your Black brethren delivered your ancestors to the ships. Never want to see another Black either. STFU and sit down.

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          • Chip says:

            That’s a big chip on your shoulder, it’s time to let go of it!

          • Mirror mirror says:

            The West African tribes sold our forefathers. If we never see another tribal West African we will be okay cause they did not help in the first place.

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          • ok says:

            It was your own people that sold you to whomever that would give them money…. Your freakin CHIEFS did it. I get SOOO tired of this crap! Doesn’t matter what happened, you are NOT a slave now. Take care of yourself and family and STOP the slave talk!

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          • X says:

            Don’t lose focus. At first, tribal leaders did sell prisoners or war from other tribes. Later, the slave traders cut out the middlemen and took/stole the black people themselves. The majority of slaves brought across the Atlantic were NOT sold by tribal leaders.

            The common “smoke screen” is to make us believe that African chiefs and tribal leaders are the ones sorely responsible for us being here. That is not true. The majority of slaves were stolen from Africa.

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          • BuzzBvi says:

            Are you sure it was you? What homeland was this and what was the name of the ship that brought you? I have not heard of people being “snatched” or being purchased in another country and being brought to the VI since the days of slavery. (This does still happen in some places so it would be interesting to know what happened to you.) In the olden days after the wretched days of slavery, British Ships were some of the first to ensure that the slave trade did not continue, even though the days of slavery were to continue on the land for many more years.

        • Rubbish says:

          What complete rubbish!

    • To local business says:

      The funny thing is what the governor did was actually a good thing. I just wish the place was secured from the beginning when the virus just came into play. People will not like what the governor did because of HIS SKIN COLOR….people in the BVI are always quick to say they’re the victims of racism , when they themselves ARE RACIST to the core.

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    • Should says:

      Thanks Gov. Should have been done months ago. The Foy doesn’t have a c**w. Couldn’t keep a classroom full of kids in order. How does anyone think he can manage a Territory.

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    • Bwahaha says:

      Override dem bloodc/@t LOL LOL

    • FEO Gomez says:

      Somebady need buy yuh a ticket to go fly unda yuh modda.

    • Know the Constitution says:

      Read the constitution. The Governor IS responsible for the security of the borders

    • Hmmm says:

      60.—(1) The Governor shall be responsible for the conduct (subject to this Constitution and any
      other law) of any business of the Government of the Virgin Islands, including the administration
      of any department of government, with respect to the following matters—
      (a) external affairs, subject to subsection (4);
      (b) defence, including the armed forces;
      (c) internal security, including the Police Force, without prejudice to section 57;
      (d) the terms and conditions of service of persons holding or acting in public offices, without
      prejudice to section 92; and
      (e) the administration of the courts;
      and the Governor shall keep the Premier fully informed concerning the general conduct of these
      matters, and the Premier may request information in respect of any particular matter.

  2. Sense says:

    Makes sense to me. I do not want to get ill and the UK is helping us for free.

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    • To sense says:

      In the 21st century I cannot believe that anyone still thinks that there’s anything free. Please stop talking such ignorance. Everything has a cost.

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  3. Peter says:

    Everyone can see the Governor’s action is a retaliation to certain members of the public calling him out for his racist comment on raparation. John Duncan flexed his muscles the same way with Dr Smith Administration before he left. This governor too busy playing politics. If you people don’t understand these European folks mentality then we will forever be doormats. I have not an ounce of respect for this Governor.

    By the show of hand. How many Governors check back on the BVI when them leave. I didn’t think so. Gus is not doing anything to protect the people. It is all about his ego. Stop being fooled people. Colonization and oppression real.

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    • Much too late.. says:

      This Government knows that the Hog pen was not secured and wait until the Hog them excaped to say they securing the Hog pen. The Governor already foresee this and ask for help. So its the failure of this government that have us in this situaton..thats the reality, thats common sense thinking, thats neglegence,.

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      • The Way I See It. says:

        Here’s an Exercise that can be helpful. Imagine all For almost a year we have been locked down, under curfew; while many are not even ready for the hurricane season.. We all know that the government’s once deep pockets are now getting shallower by the day. Social Security Free Money is what’s keeping us from folding. Several houses are still unrepaired and government seems to be f little or no help. Financial Services is struggling to deliver to the the millions they once delivered. By the time we reopen we will have lost a year, in the hundreds of millions. We have never had this much crimes, robberies, people being discovered dead in their homes (possibly Stress related).
        Securing our borders is protection for all of us, born here or born wherever; black, brown or whatever. What the governor did is in his Job description. He could have done what he did before, but he didn’t and allowed the Fahie government to show leadership. What have we gotten? Several new cases of Covid19, more curfew, more struggling for businesses…and delayed Reopening of our borders. Meanwhile government is spending SS Grant Money; Money that can help with hurricane preparedness. Securing our borders is not about over ruling the government or making Fahie look bad. Nonsense. It is not Smart thinking to think that way. The governor has lived among us for the past few years and knows our struggles, has seen our poverty and is in a position to help. Its just a Job he is doing. Finally, the governor cannot promise us Reparation; it is the UK government and its tax payers to decide,
        The discussion about Reparation has been going on for several years with leaders such as Sir Hilary Beckles, Gonzalez, Timothy Harris and other at the helm. What has been our leaders response? wait and ask the governor.

    • Care says:

      Umgfatefullness dont pay if it was’nt fof the guvernor what wuold have become of us durong the hurricanes 2017 lest we forget .a new one coming but old people say dont ball for who going ball for coming who you dont know .

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      • wtf says:

        Who ever was at the helm had a job to do and this one is no exception. Now his tue colors showing since his behind heading out early.

        He is one unhappy camper so let him haul his behind to nowhere.

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        • @wtf says:

          This governor aint heading out early, he actually asked to extend his time to try to help. Not his fault that misplaced nationalism means his efforts haven’t worked.

    • Muscles says:

      Neither Gus or Duncan have any muscle – both mid level administrators with no leadership skills who were promoted behind their ability.

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    • Delusional says:

      Complete distortion of the facts!!

    • Black Nationalist says:

      You lost me at “RAPARATION” I’m out here fighting my brother. Please educate yourself and live kingly.

    • Lodger says:

      Frank Savage for one.

    • @Peter says:

      you UNGREATFUL piece of Something youuu!!

  4. local business says:

    Furthermore – characterising UK Navy as some sort of military occupation is beneath contempt, and is disrespect to Governor Jaspert, as anyone who was here during Irma will attest. This territory needs all the help it can get. Inventing a fight with the UK at this time is not only ill-advised, similar to shooting at a lifeboat. The Premier should consider his true responsibilities to the people, lest his position be removed through dereliction of duty to the people of the BVI.

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  5. Thank you says:

    I do not know how or why smugglers got in before and made people ill. It had a bad impact on us all. Thank you for the ship to protect us in October. What will happen when it goes? I do not want smugglers to get in again.

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  6. navy says:

    Guss mehson play with he lol

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  7. British says:

    Thanks to the governor. Where’s there no vision the ppl would parish with the premier.

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  8. Thank you says:

    Thank you Mr. Govenor.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Well done Gus. The motives for the governments refusal to accept free assistance in a time of crisis should be closely examined.

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  10. Waiting says:

    Waiting to see the outcome for the next “natural” disaster. Last time they were around, it was strange floods, then category 5 storms. I predict earthquake with complete devastation of buildings and infrastructure next, not because of the earthquake impact but because of the sonic attacks that took place before. It wont stop until it’s gone. Bvi and USVI combined forces were working quite well, no? But there is strength in unity so this is the fear. Even before threat to border security was a question, the force was being forced on the territory so protection from threat to border security does not seem to be the cause, it is the excuse. And the narrative to completely down play the successful bvi/usvi efforts is another insult. God save the BVI! O Beautiful Virgin Islands…singing while waiting.

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    • Oh says:

      Move along you boastful false prophet… Get lost… God will wipe these islands and all the others of their wicked people and their false prophets soon.

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  11. dash says:

    I very much doubt that Governor Jaspert said he decided to invite UK assistance because border security is now more imminent than ever.
    His command of English is much better than that.
    It is more likely that whomever wrote this piece does not know that security in this context cannot be more or less imminent.

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  12. YOUTH says:

    Something doesn’t add up with this Governor

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    • Ungrateful says:

      You are right, he’s certainly not like past Governors. He actually cares and worked very hard for us since he arrived in the BVI!

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  13. As dey reach says:

    Get rid of this curfew so people can work and enjoy their lives thank you.

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    • Y'all going learn the hard way says:

      Uk has been a full lock down as they reach let our numbers have to increase whether it’s because of them or not they’ll force our a$ses on full lockdown to and they won’t care who’s break and hungry

  14. People says:

    I find this Governor to be interfering in the local politics too much.

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  15. My take says:

    This man was leaving in August 2021 but now the UK pulled him out earlier to leave December 2020. Now I see why.

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  16. Governor for the people says:

    This why we the people like this Governor because he is for the best interest of the people. Unlike members of our government and their side pieces like Claude Skeleton who only concerned with themselves and their friends.

    This Governor continues to lead when our government failed. Leader after Irma now leader during Covid.

    Thank you Gus.

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    • Oh please stop it says:

      The Governor is for himself and the UK and not the BVI and its people. The Governor is now creating a diversion from not apologizing for his racist statements about our auntcestors. He is about his own image and will do anything to look good in the eyes of the public. I am so disappointed in him.

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    • Yawn says:

      Best interest of who people. Why doesn’t he secure some funds for education, agriculture, develop new industry to supplement tourism and financial services while things are down. The UK can do a lot more than offer security. Why do we need to get devastated from a hurricane or go through a pandemic just to receive some assistance. How is that our best interest. The UK Navy did not prevent the UK Prime Minister from getting Covid19. The US territories get federal aid in times of need and don’t need to pay back a dime but the UK offers us loans with more red tape than the worst banks.

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      • @Yawn says:

        Do you pay taxes to the UK? You, just like all blacks around the world are a burden on every society they are associated with. All their desire is free money and no work. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Pay is reparations. For what? Thanks to your ancestors you now live a charmed life. Look how those in Africa are living. You can’t even wipe your own arses or spawn offspring without help. The Belonger society is a dying concern and thus the UK must be prepared to keep order among the savages as the time nears.

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        • @Yawn says:

          White person here: proud to have had all three of my kids here at Peebles Hospital. Every single member of medical staff was a person of colour. Each of them a brilliantly skilled and caring profession. So I guess I needed their help to ‘spawn’ my babies.

          I hate you racists which ‘spawn’ this hate and division. Please love thy neighbor.

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  17. VG says:

    Good going Gov.with the schedule reopening the criminals alredy has their plans so it’s the right thingto do as well as timing.

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  18. Perspective says:

    What is clear to me about this latest episode among others involving the governor is that it is not being done correct unless the UK is doing it and that is a slippery slope towards dictatorship.

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  19. Education says:

    Something doesn’t add up with what the governor is saying because he is insinuating that nothing is being done which is not the truth. There has to be more to this story than what he is here trying to make us believe.

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  20. Oooops says:

    Gus is not as popular with Covid-19 as he was allowed to be during Irma and he’s trying to play catch up.

  21. Wait a minute says:

    The governor is speaking as if our borders are unprotected as we speak which is not the case so if he is bringing a ship to further assist then why release a statement to try to down play what our local law enforcement officers are doing. It just shows that he doesn’t like our people but pretends to.

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  22. Observation says:

    We have not heard from the Premier so I will reserve my conclusion on this matter until such time. However what have me annoyed is why the Governor came to the public about this matter as national security is suppose to be handled secretly even if he is doing what he said he is doing or going to do. This is why I know that something is not right with this move by the Governor.

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    • Protecting our borders and people says:

      its no secret that the Governor’s number one responsibility is that of keeping our people safe…and is accomplished through the police and Border Protection. There’s no Secret about that…and the governor is reminding us of it. The governor is a member of the National Security Council which includes the Premier and others. So its not as if the Governor made the decision in secret and is sneaking out to embarrass the premier or anyone else.
      Being responsible for our security, the British Government is making the tools and equipment available to him. Our government as much as they talk about moving towards Self Determination and Independence is not equipped with the tools to protect us. The moneys we had for such projects was given to BVI Airways, and spent on many overrun projects like the $40-million dollars overrun TPP. Our neighbors on the US Virgin Islands side are patrolled and protected by the US Coast Guard and we don’t hear of any disputes and friction between the local government and the US Customs and Border Protection. Smooth as ice. Why do we have to pretend that we are Independent and can handle the job ourselves

  23. Musa says:

    Great decision that is the difference between a boy & a man.

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  24. Asking for a friend says:

    Did he apologized yet for his racist statement?

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    • Apologize for says:

      I dont think any apology needed from the governor. The bvi is one of few islands and defendant territory that the local population owns the lands.lands that was given to them by the British . This bvi was never British in the first place. So count yourself lucky that you get land for free. And dont tell all the last names that have all these acres upon acres of land they bought them. That to me is compensating. We locals sold quite a lot of this said land to the same Europeans that a few on talk shows trying to put us against. So we didn’t expect them to live amongst us and occupied the land that they bought?? Do we so foolish to think that they were going to buy these lands and leave it for us to squat?? Many other Caribbean islands the government is who control most of the lands not private citizens. The the other Caribbean islands are the ones to seek reparations not the bvi when we were already compensated by lands. What more are we expecting?? Some talk show hosts think they are the brightest but one thing i would also say is that these same people help kill the NDPand they would surely kill the VIP. Because when they can’t get what they want all hell broke loose. Wait and see. What such a small island do with independence?? An island that depends on every single thing from outside even the labour force. They not part of carricom to even share some of the benefits. We the people don’t want much to do with the other islands that we labeled down island. We want to be associated with the US. Nothing wrong but when we need help lets asked the US ok. If for the last 45 to 50 yrs the bvi was on top of its game and couldn’t get the cookie jar full because the people responsible always find a way to empty it . Imagine getting independence well we wouldn’t have any cookie jar at all. We would have to get to the authorities pockets.

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  25. Gus out his @ss says:

    Thank you??!!. Them thanks going turn tears soon. He’s the reason people got in in the 1st place. With his trust people to be honest bulls**t…. Y’all done bawling about not having money buh who you think going to have to pay to house and feed them.

    Either y’all some clown a** ni*gets or y’all just white people talking ish.

    Dislike 13
  26. Reply says:

    The Fahie’s administration decision to refuse the assistance of that ship to begin made no sense to me.

    The Premier’s justification for refusing the assistance, imo, amounts to nothing more than unreasonable suspicion of the U.K intent and paranoia.

    What the hell does accepting the assistance of that ship have to do with independence of the county? Refusing the assistance would not have brought the BVI an inch closer to independence.

    One could argue that if that ship was in place, that man who reportedly was smuggled into the country from St.Thomas could have been intercepted.

    As we all know, based on news report, that man brought covid with him, apparently contaminated others, endangered the lives of many, caused even more panic and prolongation of the curfew, and cost the government unnecessary spending when they had to test everyone he came in contact with.

    While the original decision to refuse the ship makes no sense to me, I believer I know what is going on here.

    First there is the usual old and tired fight the local government always seems to pick with U.K. governors regardless of who they are. Governor Jaspert is just the latest. The incoming Governor will likewise be fought with.

    Then, perhaps more importantly, there are certain mouth pieces who frequent the radio and has the Premier’s ears.

    No one elected them yet they seem to have undue influence on this government and it’s decision making.

    IMO, they have cozied up to the Premier for they own benefit, and have been feeding him a steady diet of talk about the governors racism, need for reparation, and how insulted they were by the governor’s response to a question of reparation from the U.K. for slavery.

    IMO, the Premier own previous articulations about the U.K. are in line with the radio mouth pieces’, so its a natural fit for both of them to hold the same hand.

    Any way, this entire decision making is stupid in my view. Want independence? Go about it the right way. Picking a fight over a ship to demonstrate your independence is just ridiculous.

    Now, the governor clearly is in his constitutional right to override the Premier as he has. It’s unfortunate that he had to point in explaining how he came to his decision.

    I cannot help but think that the governor being aware of all the negative talk recently against him is now flexing his own muscle and perhaps sticking it the Premier to show him who is boss as he head out the door.

    IMO, the Premier needs to stop listening to people who no one elected and is having undue influence on him to the detriment of this country.

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    • @Reply says:

      Well said. If I might add that this is the worse government in the history of the BVI. Andrew fought to be Premier, we gave him that opportunity and he and his team is just a big disappointment.

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  27. UK says:

    Can we please have fahie investigated? ASAP

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  28. Frig Up says:

    What is wrong with the premier?? The British offering free help to secure the BVI from all the criminal activity and likely more virus cases.

    So who is getting the big bucks for the inefficient protections to date. There needs to be an investigation.

    If the people of the BVI want independence all they have to do is vote for it in a referendum. The UK would be happy to get the monkey off its back.

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  29. Ask Fahie says:

    About the $100 million budget hole he is trying to fill! He has run out of money and this will soon collapse the government!

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  30. Wow says:

    This gov ain’t playing.very bold move but necessary. He said it is free. So why didn’t we take the offer in the first place? I love our premiere and all that he have done with the pandemic but I think not accepting the offer In the first was a mis-step. This one UK vessel will do a much better job than 3 . Best thing is .. it is free!

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  31. BVI says:

    I am glad that the Governor made this decision. Mr. Fahie the rest of the government are doing good, but their are some others in the mix that are up to no good to protect their own interest…let them take that…nothing is wrong with stimulating the local economy but that money could be better spent getting our own cutters for our own coastguards…i’m sure the UK would contribute towards that instead of asking for money.There are still People doing foolishness around the place despite having the platforms out there..theses platforms are just that…they don’t even move around and shift positions.only out there anchored in one spot while those guys speed boats come in from the south.

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  32. Taxpayer says:

    May be he got some intelligence report !

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  33. ReX FeRaL says:

    I Agree with the Governor.

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  34. Good work says:

    Thank you, Governor!

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  35. Just my 2 cents says:

    Many will praise the action taken by the Governor notwithstanding its lateness, in the best interest of border protection. Many others will condemn his action citing at best, self determination and the need or will for the BVI elected officials to direct and lead the territory.

    Such a decision as made by the Governor in my humble opinion is not a decision solely of the Governor but one that received its blessings from the UK beforehand. To me, the Governor acted on his constitutional power based on directives received.

    Let’s see the outcome. Now we know in whose hands the power of the beast lies…

  36. Wellsaw says:

    He wait until they pull he out to find the courage to do what he has to do. This should have been done for the beginning along with stoping some of the appointees to the boards.

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  37. Belonger says:

    Could be that there is a set of people resisting this help because of ulterior motives?
    Could it be that the drugs and gun runnings are going to be seriously impacted?
    Just asking for a friend.

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  38. We need to Think says:

    Why are they conspiring to get the governor out of here. Simple, the Governor don’t trust them, the Governor knows things we don’t know…

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  39. E. Leonard says:

    Undoubtedly, job 1 of any government is to protect the public (public health and safety). This protection includes health, environmental, economic, public safety(fire, police), physical security, national security……etc. Nonetheless, the person(s) on the ground and closest and up close to the action(s) may be in a better decision making position. Premier Andrew Fahie stated, “Premier Fahie has refused this help, saying accepting military assistance from the United Kingdom will be a last resort for the BVI..” From this statement, it appeared that Premier Fahie believed he had the tools to control the situation and was holding UK military assistance offer in abeyance.

    From many vantage points, Premier Fahie as the leader of government was complimented for his action in managing Covid-19. For an extended period perhaps from March 20 through late August 20, the numbers plateaued at 8 cases with death. Recently the numbers spiked to approx 71 but appears to be stabilizing.

    Moreover, Gov AJU Jaspert said, “I was disappointed that the offer of security support was not accepted at the time, as I felt it was a missed opportunity to enhance our local capability and protect our community from external risks. I have continually pressed this as a priority with colleagues.” However, in addition to security protection, residents of the VI also needed/need to live and eat. Covid-19 resulted in significant layoff and the VI government requested help from the UK with the unemployment assistance. Nonetheless, the territory is still awaiting that assistance. The territory was apprised that it had a consolidated fund balance and a robust social security trust fund and that the UK has its own problems. I’m reminded of Queen Marie Antoinette of France supposedly telling her subjects to eat cake, lacking for bread. VI residents are disappointed that they didn’t get the unemployment assistance during a difficult, challenging and needy time.

    Moreover, politicians never missed an opportunity to distract, defer, divert…….etc away from adverse trending issue. Several weeks ago, Governor AJU Jaspert showed a lack of awareness, sensitivity, disrespect…..etc on the UK’s position on reparation for Slave descendants, along with keeping the name of pirates, buccaneers, slave traders, murderers…….etc on local landmarks. He was tone deaf. Governor Jaspert was asked to apologized for his in artful comments. He is a diplomat and should be skilled at effectively communicating even a negative message. He was asked by a cross section of the community to apologize for his tone deaf comment. To date and in further disrespect to Slaves and their descends, he has not done so and neither has the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Further, Guv AJU Jaspert said, “In a statement Friday evening, Governor Jaspert said he decided to invite UK assistance because border security is now more important than ever.” Here is a news flash. Border security has always urgent and critical. It was in January as it is now. Could this action be a distraction to the reparation issue? Don’t p….s on us tell us it is raining.

    In a crisis, unity is essential in effectively managing it. Regrettably, during this deadly pandemic, there appears to be a competition and lack of unity between the power sharing agencies——-Guv office and Government. The losers are VI residents. The extent of Guv Reserve Power must be an item on much needed constitutional review. This is the second time in recent years both Premier Smith and Fahie have been pi..p slapped. Be well, stay safe and be safe.

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    • Disinterested says:

      @E. Leonard, strong case laid out for a vociferous and heated debate. The timing makes it look like a distraction and another shiny object to occupy our attention. Trumpian move. The pros and cons of government deferring military assistance is still an open debate. The VIP administration and the Governor’s Office seem to be like oil and water. Seem as if there is a competition as to where the center of power lies. The squabbling is not good. In the end, it must be a win-win for the VI people.

      That said, Gov Augustus J. U. Jaspert must apologize for his despicable and disrespectful comment on reparation and naming of local landmarks. It does not mean a hill of beans whose position it is regarding reparation, for it is despicable, disparaging and disrespectful. The continued silence show the disrespect and distasteful behaviour and attitude towards the brutalizing, dehumanizing, demeaning, exploiting and terrorizing of slaves. Clearly, they don’t give a rat’s ass about slaves nor their descendants, for their tortured condition and lives don’t matter.

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    • Eagle and Buffalo says:

      @ E. Leonard, good and interesting read. It looks like event(s) begets action. The despicable comments on reparation debate raging, the UK is offering all kind of services for free. Interesting. True to form the UK is quick to offer up services to control its supposed subjects, eg, building penal institutions. What was the last major special project that the UK was willing to fully fund, ie, Her Majesty’s Prison at Balsum Ghut. However, it is slower to offer services/projects that promote the personal and national growth and development of people, eg, literacy, education, technology., economy …….etc. Slavery, colonialism, plantations, police actions…….etc have always been about control.

      This ship deployment snubbing the Premier’s desire for a delayed deployment is a distracting red herring. What issue has inflamed the territory for the last two week, ie, the Governor’s comment on reparation and local landmarks that he is stubbornly refusing to apologize for, furthering and deepening the already gaping hole disrespect wound created by the grotesque and inhumane treatment of slaves.

      As Disinterested noted, it is a distractive shiny object exercise away perhaps from the reparation comment. It is a common tool tried by many politicians in trouble. It is a key Trumpian move. This was coordinated move between the Governor and the UK to embarrass the LOCAL Premier. Let’s not be fooled by the smile. That is a mirage.

      Is reinforcing border protection a good strategy and tactic? Yes. However, it is the timing and mode that cause many to speculate on the move. Is the reparation comment driving this sudden unilateral action? Further, in recent times, Governors have used reserve powers to thwart the will of the people’s duly elected government. First, local government budget ( local government responsible for finance and is self supporting) authorized and appropriated, Governor Duncan override the will of the duly elected government and increased the funding for the RVIPF. It is important to note that RVIPF falls under the purview of the Governor but is locally funded. Now, Governor Jaspert is employing similar action thwarting the will of the people’s duly elected government. Both actions clearly demonstrated who has the JUICE, the true POWER, embarrassing the local government leader.

      [Let’s lead as eagles, not careen off the cliff as Buffaloes]

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      • Understanding is King says:

        Sir Hilary, Vice Chancellor of the University has been, since the past few years head of the Reparation Commission of the Caribbean; and is doing a heck of a great job at it. He has been making level headed, thoughtful presentations at such reputable scholarly venues as Harvard Law, US (a beneficiary of the Slave trade) and also at Oxford University, Uk. Sir Hilary through his command of history and his brilliance is attracting other sympathetic persons in beneficial posotions joining the movement, Search on youtube to become familiar with the progress being made. Currently the insurance giant, Lloyds of London has already apologised for having participated and benefitted from the slave trade and is receptive to making amends by contributing to the development of various projects in the region, Like Lloyds of London, the Church of England was also heavily involved in the slave trade and owned slaves. They to are also ashamed of their ugly past and are following in Lloyds of London’s footstep. Again, the BVI should be aligning ourselves with the Reparation Commission instead of the governor. The problem is that BVI in its hay day was benefitting so heavily from Financial Services especially and tourism, we were not interested. We had moved beyond begging for something that we were entitled to and perhaps better left for our more economically challenged Caribbean neighbors. We had arrived. Our position on the world stage was to good to be true and was thought would continue ad infinitum. As the expression goes, We were blessed and highly favored. I am reminded of a certain politician, who publicly said that the people from the other Caribbean island had only seen a $100 bill since coming to BVI. With the same high roller attitude, BVI politicians timidly joined CARICOM and other regional associations with lack luster interest. May God continue to Bless our islands.

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    • FAMU Rattler Nation says:

      This should make for an awkward working relationship. This is at its core is a distraction. It is not a stretch to think that the Governor is doubling on his reparation comment and this is just a the latest shiny object to distract us from the downright dastardly behaviour and attitude. about reparation. Thanks for being Rattler strong. Rattlers don’t cower. As the Rattler. Chant goes:

      When the dark clouds gather on the horizon,
      When thunder and lightning pierce the skies,
      When fate is but a glare in the eye of a fallen Rattler,
      and hope….a lost friend,
      When the sinew of the chest grows weary from those hard charging linebackers,
      And the muscles in the legs grow tired from those hard charging runningback,
      You must always remember….the Rattlers will

      Premier Fahie, stay Rattler strong.

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  40. GTFOH says:

    Is this retaliation for choosing not to sing “God save our Queen” anymore or Is this retaliation for the uproar at his despicable remarks about reparations? Don’t pat yourself on the back as you get no moral victory. While we don’t want or need the UK Navy it doesn’t add or subtract from us so we don’t care about your silly pettiness.

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  41. Pure nonsense says:

    We should look at actions over a period of time to judge what’s going on and not just take things lying down because of who doing it.

    This Governor full of nonsense. He vex and trying to throw jabs before he leaves. Smuggling been an issue for the BVI for years. Did he offer this help to NDP? Why this help couldn’t come 2017, 2018, 2019?

    And is it really help? Give us 12-24 months of patrolling by this ship. What is a few weeks really going to do? Who will help from November onwards – it will be us.

    What I see here is a Governor who for his entire time here not having a clue about national security issues of the BVI for years and not having a plan for an area that was his responsibility. . Now our Premier must take a lil few weeks of help here and there so the Governor can look good or play politics

    Thank God a lot of us can think for ourselves and have common sense to see what’s going on. Even England has s seen this Governor as an issue and decided to remove him earlier. That is not to be taken lightly.

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  42. fromafar says:

    you sound so sick, it seems like your head is buried in the sand , COVID 19 is real stop looking at everything as dollars and cents. Apply common sense and value life. The actions of the Governor, is just a show, the drugs, COVID 19, smuggling, etc, needed the Governor’s attention for some time, so why the override now out of concern of the people of the BVI.

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  43. bee says:

    Thanks to the governor I said it all along the Premier was wrong in turning down the offer in August instead he spent thousands of dollars on Barges with Rader to patrol the border, what a joke.
    No police or customs have the knowledge it takes to patrol borders like the Navy that’s what they are trained to do, so for whatever reason the governor decided to make the call I think he has a lot of people vote on that. Whoever don’t like this you can’t see no further than your elbow

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  44. Tesha Miller says:

    Maaaan how the flipping flip I suppose to make my deposits!

  45. Forward ever Backward never says:

    We could have had this assistance long before, but the Premier listening to CSK won’t accept the offer. This place going to hell like pig in a blanket for lack of Leadership. Thank you Governor Gus. I could say more but I will leave it there, because the people blinders on and plug in their ears already made up their minds. God help us.

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  46. Rastarite says:

    People want to make this a reparations issue… It isn’t! It’s about border control, illegal immigration and smuggling. The BVI authorities failed and cases rose. Now we can FINALLY bring in free help. Fahie not making it easy. Thank you Governor for finally making the right move

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  47. missed says:

    Everyone seems to of missed the other part of his statement even the NEWS sites, the UK are paying for border security , the UK are now going to pay for Radar systems to be set up in the BVI at no cost to the government , no need to to pay for 3 barges at close to $1/2million a month.

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  48. Uh oh says:

    That ship is also bringing a detachment of Royal Marines. They are in play to make sure the BVI toes the line for the commonwealth. If not, in they go.

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  49. Best thing says:

    Just think where we would be if the UK wasn’t here. Bring them on !

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  50. Real talk says:

    Thanks you governor from the first electorial district.

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  51. What a drama says:

    , the politicians in the BVI must educate themselves and stop fooling the public . Why is it SUCH a problem to ease the coffers of govt by using the U.K. service to patrol the borders . This is suspicious…. mind boggling . So many depending stimulus package and cannot get… . You don’t want free help .. obligations of the U.K. towards its OT . Something in the mortar .. Governor de man Mek he self look small .

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  52. vip heckler says:

    AH GLAD !!!!!

  53. Think says:

    Let’s really sit an think about what is really going on…..why don’t the Premier accept the help of the UK government…….Our borders need protecting the Premier knows this and we know it… why not ask the UK to help us….right sounds simple… why is the Premier not accepting the help……it have to be something more that the governor is not telling us…..think about it…..

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    • Hmmmmmmm says:

      @ Think.

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      Firstly, I think the VIP Government wanted something in return for the navy coming and was denied so that is why they said no Navy but I guess we will never know.

      Secondly, and to clear the record the Governor always had the power to override the Government but never did. Say what you want about Gus he was trying to be diplomatic but his strings are now being pulled and its concert time in the BVI.

      For those that don’t know, as a dependent Territory, the security of the country belongs to the mother country that’s why the police report to the Governor. From the marine side of things, the BVI extends to the exclusive economic zone which is roughly 200 nm, but this depends on the distance from your neighbors. The BVI is sandwiched between PR and the USVI AND Anguilla. As a dependent Territory, the government has no jurisdiction over Territorial waters or the EEZ. It is the mother country. Who is the representative of the mother country? Ding ….ding…ding….The Governor. He could have pulled the plug but didn’t. Clearly something is in the mortar beside the pestle. Both sides are not telling the whole truth.

      I do agree with the Navy coming though because those other ships at the reported cost is not value for money and there is some reason the government don’t want them here.

      In any event the cat has sung. The Navy is on its way and they will do their thing. This Government wanted Gus gone. You got your wish. You know what you have but you don’t know what is coming. Careful what you ask for.

      Gus. Many of us in the BVI have not forgotten what you did after the hurricanes of 2017 after just taking office and the rude administration that wouldn’t allow you to be properly signed in. Oh yeah. My people have a short memory. Some even have selective memory. But thats life here. On behalf of the thankful crew….we wish you and your family all the best and thanks again.

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  54. Evil Rifle says:

    ayo muddas blogging like if this will win you the next election but I got news for NDP bloggers.


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  55. WOW says:

    The same man blogging all the time for himself from the White House.

  56. Quiet Warrior says:

    The UK once a Caribbean colonist power and now a declining advanced country is reflexing its power. Colonial countries were pawns on the UK chess board that generated huge profits for Great Britain through slave labour. Now the UK is failing to meet its moral and ethical obligations to make slave descendants whole reparative justice. The foray into the Atlantic trade made the UK prosperous. Britannia rule the waves and the sun never set over the empire so the sayings goes. Perhaps the sun never set over empire because the UK behaviour and actions were horrible in the sunshine so imagine what it will be in the dark. True to form, the governor and UK are acting as if the territories are still but lice on Her Majesty’s blanket. How insulting.

    Several weeks ago the governor’s comment on reparation insulted the egregious human suffering endured by slaves for centuries and continues with their descendants. Instead of apologizing as requested, he is doubling down by using his power to embarrass Premier Fahie and his government. It is as clear as mud that the governor’s latest salvo is targeted distraction away from the reparation comment that is not even worthy of a simple apology. Others have waxed about border security so I will go there other than to say it is being weaponized to distract from the reparation comment.

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  57. Dman says:

    Don’t be stupid. Take the savings and clean up the garbage.

  58. Quiet Rebel says:

    Governor Augustus J. U. Jaspert is a media w***e. He is know getting the attention he craves at the expense of VI residents and the human suffering of their foreparents. .

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  59. Race card says:

    The typical argument for some, pull the race card. Where and how in the hell protecting our borders from illicit activities came to be a topic of race and colonizing ? Look at the ratio to white nationals to blacks in the Civil service. The land the slaves our forefathers got for some sort of reparation persona turn around and sell it to who the same white people they making noise about. They didn’t come and take it, you sold the damn land. I watched the interview, it was a bit rough around the edges with the reply but I didn’t see anything racist in there. I think some of you people Tuned in to the Hype happening allover the world now. Im not happy with what’s happening to blacks but we can’t just start jumping on every white person calling them racist. I’m from BVI AND we say more discriminating things to one another. We do soo much wicked to one another and we despise to see some of our own people accomplishments. Dammed if you do dammed if you don’t, You pple with all with your opinions, some are very clueless or naive to the fact of what’s going on while you are watching Netflix or viral YouTube videos.
    Crime doesn’t sleep and the more I read some of the responses for what the Governor did sounds very silly to use the race card. Our borders are porous from east to west illegal activities and this behavior have been condoned by all ruling parties. Family ties and they get their fair share indirectly. Lies after lies day after day, they come on air talking about God this and that and doing ungodly things, what a mockery.
    All the lies about the money from SSB, small businesses etc, persons are already talking from the inside word of mouth and behind the scenes of the BS these thats taking place with the moneys.
    Have a plan they say for opening, lies again why the big secret premier, is or was the private sector involved in the planning? Where is Cluade Skelton Clines officer? Where does he conduct business? Can we see or can he make his consultant papers public? Tax payers have a right to know how our money is being spent. All these consultants etc and no break down to what they exactly do.
    I think it’s time for the Auditors todo their job and every dime spent needs to be published and proved that money was spent on what they say. I’m no genius but I have street sense and common sense to somethings don’t seem right….. anyhow peace to everyone, stock up on some food items, do some planting, stay informed and don’t be fooled ….w.h.o…..c..d…..c…

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  60. To Whom it May Concern says:

    Most today, who are exposed to facts and truths, know them well.

    Therefore,they do not expect truth from people that despises truth.

  61. To the stupid ones says:

    All the government has been trying to do is preach independence even at our own risk The first thing you’d say is “govenor wan rule the place, uk wan take over”, this man gave you the chance to do better vs snatch shit and get rocks….gov mess up wan talk bout your government as if they didnt win because parties split up while riding on da young woman coat tail .. if they had study there govenor all that money wouldn’t be wasted only to have man sneaking in causing a big spike in cases… why wait till borders open to reach lockdown number 4

  62. British says:

    racism is clear and sharp. Study each comment and its thumb up thumb down response to it. A keen analysis would indicate that that statement, minus historical content, is factually true.

  63. Anonymous says:

    This statement is directed directly and solely to the African descent of these territories and those overseas who have commented on this thread, and whose knowledge and current world view is still on the slave plantation.

    If a person is born ignorant, to parents that are ignorant, in a society that is ignorant, lives a life of ignorance, then ignorance becomes the norm.

    Thus, indoctrination can be called education, tyrants can be called heroes, and lies can be called truths.

    Because this person never knew the truth-therefore his mind was never his own. This is the hidden reality that presently confronts African descendants people in the BVI, the diaspora and globally, that have been stripped of their many truths and indoctrinated with European lies.

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