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Out of the woodwork | Skelton, Turnbull vie for top 2 NDP posts

Campaign posters for government legislators, Ronnie Skelton and Melvin Turnbull who are vying for top posts in the NDP.

By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

Another internal campaign video has emerged in the public domain – this time of first-term legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull throwing his hat in the ring for Vice President of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Ordinarily, an elected legislator who sits as Vice President of the NDP would be the territory’s Deputy Premier, once the NDP is the governing party.

While soliciting votes from party delegates, Turnbull described himself as a “team player” and a “new generation of leadership”.

“Being a team player does not necessarily mean that I will always be popular. It doesn’t mean I will always go with the decision that is made. It means challenging the decisions, it means looking out for the best interest of our country and our people,” said Turnbull in the 80-second video clip.

He added: “My integrity allows me to stand on principle, to make the decisions that are in the best interest of this country, and our forefathers.”

Skelton confirmed as presidential candidate

Meanwhile, Health Minister Ronnie Skelton has also come out of the proverbial woodwork as a candidate for party president.

And by the seemingly coordinated releases of their campaign posters – which are similar in design and colour schematics – it appears Skelton and Turnbull are running mates for the internal NDP elections slated for June 23.

The health minister is basing his campaign for leadership on the grounds of ‘integrity’ and ‘accountability’ – two characteristics current party president and premier, Dr D Orlando Smith has been accused of lacking.

Just last week, a video was released of Education Minister Myron Walwyn announcing his campaign for President of the NDP.

It is yet to be confirmed whether Premier Smith will vie for re-election as party president. It is also yet to be seen whether Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering will join the presidential race or whether he will seek to be re-elected as NDP vice president.

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  1. Dee says:

    Ant the thing start

  2. hmmm says:

    Skelton is who start the NHI crap, now he wants housing program so he can sell concrete. YOU GETTING VOTED OUT MY FRIEND

    • Liddy says:

      It is obvious that we like hand out because we are complaining that the government is not doing enough to help citizens yet we complain about things like NHI and housing projects. Do you know how many individuals were without insurance and can now get medical attention for cheap because of NHI. Also, we complaining about high rent and someone is willing to assist citizens to get cheap mortgages and we complain. what the kind of assistance are we looking for? Government cannot afford to hand some people $50,000 cheques and not others, but it seems like that is the kind of assistance we want.

      • WAKE UP says:

        You’re not speaking to idiots here for this NHI insurance scheme should not have been mandatory for those who ALREADY HAD PREMIUM HEALTH CARE!

  3. NDP no good for we says:


  4. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Both VIP and NDP have demonstrated poor succession planning in regards to party leadership. When former Premier the Hon RT Oneal exited stage left, there was a free for all for leadership of the VIP. Now, the same thing is happening with the NDP, assuming that Dr. Hon Premier D.Orlando Smith, AL, MoF is exiting stage right.

    If the Premier is not at this point exiting stage right, dis is another tory altogether; something is rotten in the state of Denmark. In any event, the Premier needs to state now whether he is in or out and stop all the speculation. Clear the air and clear it now. The electorate needs the air clear now.

    • To Political Observer says:

      Correction, the VIP had a clear path through their constitution how the new leader is selected and it was followed. The NDP making up as they go which is exactly how they are running the BVI.

    • Really? says:

      This is a party election and party business, Dr Smith doesn’t owe you shyte. He is the Premier until next election is over. Premier and party leader are two completely different roles, don’t get it twisted.

      • vip says:

        No the governor will intervene

      • @Really says:

        @Really, really. Same coin with different sides. Does not the party leader needs members support to be elected President or whatever name and utilmately Premier if party commands the support of at least 7 elected members. Of course, the Premier owe the electorate a timely decision to prevent all the speculation and confusion. ???? out.

  5. good thing ! says:

    2 full-breed bvislanders

  6. SMDH says:

    The NDP is Fighting for power while neglecting the people.

  7. Okay says:

    Mitch started good but now he’s an o——————.

    • Albion says:

      I love that Mitch claims to be a “team player”. A team of one, maybe…

      • Sam the man says:

        Very true Albion — didn’t even start well – just all talk no action – v disappointed as i kinda expected much more but — now makes V——— credible — that weak…but what has — achieved ? Exactly F…k àll apart from repainting some derelict houses in CGB or was that — uncle ?

  8. Clearly says:

    Clearly Ronnie poster throwing words at bald head.

  9. Now we see says:

    So we finally see the skeleton and Cline alliance come to light. If you wait long enough for something it will reveal itself to you. So it tells me as well that Skelton may have very well endorsed Mitch’s behaviour when he publicly embarrassed Dr. Smith and told him to give finance to Skelton.

  10. What a ting says:

    Only when win blow you see fowl bottom…The NDP doing everything in their power to stop bald head from being their new leader. Now we are seeing how they truly feel about each other.

    • Luvz says:

      I too paying close attention. If they showing us how they feel about their party member what that tells you how they feel about us the citizen of this country. Stay woke; all their true colours showing up.

    • THANOS “I hope they remember you” says:

      You see….key words…too much FOUL BUTTom…..activities
      We not ready for that can of “ISM” to be rampant similar to TRUMPISM. Have several seats kool out.

    • Hu says:

      what a ting, your statement is quite interesting. Why is this not the other way around? Is “bald head” more entitled than anyone else? I really would like to know more about the remarks.

  11. ah ha says:

    Lorna still wants to be first lady

  12. Open your eyes says:

    I listened to “Honestly Speaking” today and the host had nothing to say whatsoever about his uncle and his first cousin running together. Last week this time — was frothing at the mouth about Myron saying that he is running. Dr. Smith hasn’t said whether he running or not yet the Skelton Cline alliance came out together. No word from the host but — raked Myron over the coals for the same thing last week. There are three families that are all one that are hungry for —— and want to —- —- this country. They use God and now they’re using politics. Watch what’s happening people!

  13. Playing smart says:

    The Skelton-Cline-Turnbull take over is in full effect. I can follow the story line better now. Give Ronnie finance they were all singing. Then Mitch called out his boss etc. look at the collusion.

    • Integrity says:

      A vote for Ronnie is a vote for John, Ayana, Claude and the rest of the club. I rather take my chances with Myron.

      • @Integrity says:

        And a vote for Myron is a vote for Doctor Smith, Lorna and Mark…Pick your p—– then. SMDH. I am not sure about Claude’s situation but I’m sure both John and Ayana are fine no matter who is in power and might be better off with Myron actually if you truly knew who Ronnie was you would know that no one can control him.

        • Integrity says:

          If John and Ayana were fine we would not have been hearing from them every time you turn around. And you are right Claude too will be fine as he collects a —– c—-. Ting to talk!

  14. iTal Man says:

    R—– is one a them J———–‘s w—- s—— dude…vi people we —– want our money coming out the cookie jar anymore!

  15. Uncle Sam says:

    Mitch needs some more experience under his belt before he can aptly fulfil that role effectively. Ronnie can’t handle all that associated stress that comes with that position considering his health.

  16. M/T says:

    Disciplined??? Boy get from here, you are a —– cannon, a —– bullet that operates based on ——-. You need to mature first.

  17. I waiting says:

    Let me see how his cuz will deal with this, he had a lot to say about MVW the other day. We will see if you have any fairness and how genuine you are I hope it’s the last time we will hear you air mouth…poisoning my ears!

  18. LOL says:


  19. Jesus Jesus Jesus says:

    Ndp equals bad bad business.

  20. Gary Hodge says:

    Wha integrity and accountability? R—- they talking bout mehn? This man mi ain’t hear nothing out he when they were giving away $7.2 mil to BVI airways, when M— went while at pier park spending over $30 million dallars, when Myron went wild with a $1.6 mil wall, when the people ask for 6 years of financial statements. Listen man &@-:;&& strupes the facts remain the same. This man was IS the process. All you just need resign.

  21. Short memories says:

    A vote for Ronnie is definitely a vote for Cl—, J—-, A—- and the rest of the crew. One of them have been telling people that they will be back in power soon. They are trying to get power through u—-. The same u—– who was the minister of ——— from 2003-2007 and made the party lose election and — also lost — seat. How quickly do we forget!

  22. Inquiring minds want to know says:

    The choice of Mitch raises some serious concerns for me about the judgement of Hon. Skelton. Mitch has only been in government for three years. He is neither a Minister or a junior Minister and to my knowledge he doesn’t have an major managent experience and is vying for Deputy Premier of our country at its most critical time. He lacks d——- and is a w—- c— as was displayed on numerous occasions in the HOA including publicly telling his leader that he is terrible at finance and he should give the portfolio to Ronnie. Who does that?
    Now Hon. Skelton picks him up as his second….hmmm
    Why? Is it because they are all part of the same clan- Skelton, Cline and Turnbull? Is it because Skelton was behind Mitch and all the others encouraging them to tell Dr. Smith to give finance to him and this is somehow a reward the one who said it publicly? Is this maybe to appease J— and C—–? What is it?
    This union looks like a McCain/Palin ticket to me.

  23. DOA says:

    The NDP needs fresh leadership. I don’t see fresh leadership coming from Ronnie Skelton. These guys are set in their ways and —- bring nothing new. You hardly see this — except around election time. — don’t communicate nothing to the public. We had a fire down coxheath and you ain’t hear nothing from him all the while we who live to the west choking from the smoke. I don’t even think I heard him say anything about what’s going on with his subjects since the hurricane. All I hear him doing is cussing the queen in the L—. These — don’t love people. NDP dead on arrival with S———.

  24. vi says:

    Don’t mix up my cousin Ronnie with —–. Ronnie is a good man.

  25. The ting mash up says:

    Is Ms. P or Ronnie running for leader? Ms. P is the one making all the phone calls and she reminding us where Myron parents from and where Ronnie parents from. Lawd send help!

    • @ The ting mash up says:


      Remember it was just the other day dem same people were all calling for everybody to March wid dem because we all live here. So what if Myron parents not from here. He from here. If he good enough to MARCH for your country, then he good enough to run the Country.

      The ting REALLY Mash-up lol. lol

      • HYPOCRITES says:

        Amazes me how many of the same people children born USA and run send their children their after Irma! They taking advantage of their US rights but want to put down someone for where their parents are from…you people are HYPOCRITES

  26. Where is MARLON? says:

    Look…I see and hear all of you all…but if any man in the NDP has integrity it is MARLON PENN…there’s something about this young man that reminds me so much of H. L. Stoutt…I’m not seeing or hearing from him…but if anybody is to replace Dr. Smith or Dr. Pickering…let it be MARLON PENN. I surmises that he not only has the integrity to run this country but also the humility and decisiveness to do so. Where is MARLON?

    • 6th District Delegate says:

      We voting for Myron and Marlon to lead NDP. We need young and steady leadership to move the Territory forward. We cannot continue saying we want the young people to lead and then keep these old horses on the track. We respect the service of these persons but there comes a time to pass the baton and there’s no time like now. Myron and Marlon as a team should do a very good job.

    • New Cookie Monster says:

      This blog about Marlon penn is pure rubbish The only integrity this man has is in the —– house and & —-.

      People people people listen we talking bout premiership. Not — — c——- m——–r shite.

      Not today. Take a seat.

    • Clueless says:

      ——- is clueless.

  27. What ah shame says:

    Dem say Ronnie say that he don’t know nothing bout he running. Has —— gone crazy sending out things without approval from Ronnie? smh

  28. unkown says:

    I going with Myron and Marlon. Myron as the head and Marlon as the deputy premier.

    • @unknown says:

      Each of them are running on their own and the leader will pick a deputy. I am sure if Myron runs he will select Marlon but I’m not sure Ronnie will select Mitch. Mitch will be in for a rude awakening if Ronnie wins.

  29. Ronnie says:

    Ronnie will choose Marlon if he wins and not Mitch

  30. You all don’t stop says:

    So now the group is switching up again to suit themselves. First it was Ronnie and Mitch. Now —— making a muck to save Ronnie now it’s Ronnie and Marlon. Anything to keep —- in the Cline, Skelton and Turnbull clan.

  31. Rubber Duck says:

    A leader needs to be a man of his word Mr Skelton.

  32. 1+1=2 says:

    A vote for Ronnie is a vote for the Clines. That all I know.

  33. Foot Soilder says:

    Born Here -third or second generation- make shallow promises , not hardworking , shown disloyalty, ill health, very aggressive, unapproachable, leans towards social status when dealing with people , FIRST Generation Born Here : Hardworking, does not promise what cannot be fulfilled, very approachable, sees no social status , stands up for one’s beliefs , loyal to party leadership ,does not air dirty launders in the public , —- So should the term “Born Here”’be the criterion for putting a person into leadership position . As people in the twenty first century- We need to get rid of our thinking pattern and be people of substance . It makes our mind scope shallow and silky

  34. The whole truth says:

    I am an NDP supporter and I will continue to be one. But I want to see the party do an about turn from what is there now. A new outlook for party. I do not believe that ——– is the person who can do this for our group because he is part of the ——- and has been for many years. He acts like he is not a—————- and a———– to no one especially the voters. He can be very — and d—————- to people and the use of ———- ———– is common place. Even Hon. Omar Hodge I understand on the receiving end of those ——- words when he came to Minister Skelton to complain about the problem at coxheath. If I remember well Ronnie was the main ——- — NDP ——- in 2007 because of his ———– and how consumed he was with —– of being Minister of health and ———. He also lost his seat. What could make my party think that at how angry the people are with us now that someone like ——- could make us get re-elected? If we want to keep the status quo then yes but if we want a new outlook for the party and a third term in office absolutely not! I spoke the whole truth and nothing but truth and people who know know it’s the truth.

  35. Disgraceful says:

    This first, second and third generation talk is going to be the downfall of this country. When I listen to the level of the discussions that some are having about whether to vote for Ronnie or Myron it’s disturbing. When you talk with most of them about who is best suited to lead you hear them saying Myron but then the prejudice talk about where his parents from cloud their thinking. My mother is from Grenada and my father is from here . To me when they talk about Myron like that they are also talking about me. If this is criteria for leading a country we have a big problem. I don’t care who from where, I would choose Myron ten times over Ronnie.

  36. Sickening says:

    It has been three days now and Claude Cline has said nothing about his uncle and his first cousin running even though Dr. Smith has said nothing about whether he will run or not. His cousin who been elected for three years with no ministry is extremely qualified to be the deputy Premier. I am soo fed up of this family. They want —– and —— so they could — — country through them. A vote for R——— is a vote for that family. They too —— hungry. Watch their actions – S——, C— and t——-

  37. Sam the man says:

    Politics in the BVI is down right ruthless,dirty and back stabbing which is why I question why apparent christians such as —- are so intent of thriving in this environment of greed and selfish power? maybe — is not all we think? after all what has — “actually done” – forget the talk that is cheap and — is talked forever but nothing tangible has been achieved by — in my opinion apart from insulting and disrespecting — leader….”team player” my arse!!!

  38. Definition of Team-player says:

    Team-player: “a person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group.” I am sorry, if you was on my team I would of had you removed..

  39. Who is the boss the people or government we woo find out .eues open. says:

    Who is the boss the people or the government I cannot never forget when when they was begging f votes.

  40. No wonder they call it politics says:

    No wonder they call it politics.

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