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Over 6% of BVI’s population vaccinated so far

Health Minister Carvin Malone receiving his vaccination.

A total of 2,050 persons have been vaccinated in the British Virgin Islands as at Tuesday, February 23.

Based on estimates from the World Bank’s data catalogue which places the territory’s population at 30,030, the number of people vaccinated so far represents a little more than six per cent of the BVI populace.

Of the total 2,050 persons vaccinated, Health Minister Carvin Malone said 1,560 of them are from the main island of Tortola. He said 396 persons have been vaccinated on Virgin Gorda while 60 are from Anegada. The remaining 34 are from Jost Van Dyke.

At this rate, the BVI might be able to inoculate at least 10 per cent of its population by the end of this week.

The Health Ministry had suspended its online registration for vaccinations a week ago but Malone said the online portal went live 10 am today, February 24.

“Due to space constraints and clinical operations, vaccinations will be administered at the Theresa Blyden/Capoons Bay Clinic on a very limited, (appointment only) basis on Wednesday the 24th. Details of the opening of a more spacious and approved vaccination site in Carrot Bay will be announced shortly,” Malone said in his latest vaccination update.

“Plans for the opening of sites in Cane Garden Bay and North Sound, VG are being finalised and would be announced. Contract details and approvals for private medical facilities to offer free vaccination services are being finalised and will be announced,” he added. 

In the meantime, approved and operational vaccination sites are as follows:  

• Jost Van Dyke Clinic
• Capoons Bay Clinic (limited services)
• R & R Malone Complex
• Road Town Catholic Church Centre
• East End / Long Look Seven-day Adventist
• Nurse Iris O’Neal Medical Complex
• Romalia Smith Clinic (Anegada) 

Persons can contact the Ministry of Health by email at or by calling (284) 468-2286 or (284) 468-2287 for more information.


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  1. Alfred says:

    What a shame. After all this time we should be telling the rest of the world that the BVI is mostly vaccinated.

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  2. Good start says:

    … but how are we going to get the anti vaxxers to get it! Maybe private business owners need to say that nobody can come into their premises without proof of vaccination.

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    • No Jab No Job says:

      Only way to do this..get everyone on board and open the borders by 1st of June 2021!

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    • Tom says:

      You don’t need to.

      you start opening things up the moment that anyone who wants to get vaccinated got his/hers vaccination.

      from that point on, its personal choice and people can’t force the rest of the country into lockdown just because they simply don’t believe.

      You die, you die anyway most of them say “its in gods hands” …

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  3. Over-hype says:

    People seem to think by advertising that they got their vaccine and saying they don’t feel sick from it after a day or two after that the rest of the population would hightail to get a shot as well.

    In case you don’t understand, we are not going to be lab rats for a vaccine that is still being tested and not yet approved by the FDA. Even so, your not feeling ill a few days after DOES NOT guarantee adverse effects not transpiring in the long run.

    Do you and STOP TELLING PEOPLE HURRY TO GET VACCINATED….everybody is not the same. You all are ridiculous now.

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    • It HAS been tested AND Approved says:

      You need to grow up and do some research. The AstraZeneca / Oxford COVID19 vaccine has been studied, tested and approved for all of the groups and ages for which it is being offered. FDA Approval is for the United States, which has it’s own approved versions and manufacturers. Your ignorance and predudices, publicly espoused are placing people at risk and inciting unreasonable fear. Grow up and do some research.i

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      • Seriously says:

        It has Temporary Authorisation under UK Regulation 174.

        AstraZeneca say ‘it is a viral vector vaccine which uses a weakened adenovirus as carrier to deliver the genetic sequence for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The adenovirus has been modified so that it cannot replicate in human cells and therefore cannot cause any disease. Once it has delivered the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein genetic code, the adenovirus is destroyed by the body.

        The genes that encode for the spike protein on the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been inserted into the adenovirus’s genetic code to make the vaccine. When the vaccine is injected, the modified adenovirus binds to the surface of human cells and delivers the
        genetic code (mRNA) for the spike protein. The cells then process the mRNA and manufacture the spike protein. This then stimulates the immune system which reacts by producing antibodies and memory cells to the SARS-CoV-2 virus without causing disease. If the SARS-CoV-2 virus is later encountered, the immune system should be able to respond rapidly’.

        Note is says ‘should’. What could go wrong? A lot but you will not find that out by doing research on google. You need to talk with Molecular Geneticist, Biochemist (Bioinformatics), someone with extensive experience in high content protein arrays and their biomedical applications. Realistically this technology should be tested for ten years before market authorisation. At this stage, if something should go wrong the ramifications will be dire.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Ignorant Luddite. More than 10 million have been vaccinated with the Oxford vaccine in the UK. No ill effects.

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    • Sadly says:

      UK Data: 73,883 Serious Reactions, 150 Dead from AstraZeneca.

      A senior scientist at Oxford University has warned the global rollout of Covid-19 vaccines will prompt the virus to mutate, driven by “immunological selection” rather than the adaptations we have seen so far.

      Speaking to the UK Commons Science and Technology Committee on Wednesday 17th February, Professor Sir John Bell, Oxford’s regius professor of medicine, said that the Covid-19 mutations observed so far are a result of the virus adapting to be more effective in its new hosts, humans.

      “Most of the variants we have seen so far represent that kind of adaptation to a new species; it’s a bit like moving into a new apartment, you are shuffling the sofa around and making sure the TV is in the right place,” Bell told colleagues and lawmakers.

      “What we will see between now and the end of the year is a number of variants which are driven by immunological selection, largely by the vaccines, and that will add another layer of complexity.”

      Bell added that a number of variants that currently exist have already demonstrated some “quite profound resistance” to existing immunity, either from previous Covid-19 infection or vaccines, citing people who have been reinfected by the Brazilian and South African strains.

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  4. Please says:

    Let’s have a better campaign to show the need to get vaccinated. Sad to see it’s mostly white people standing in line. This affects everyone. The whole population needs to be vaccinated.

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    • Reality Check says:

      Most of the people I was vaccinated with are older, well educated, locals, who understand that life won’t become even remotely normal until enough of the population is vaccinated. This group included doctors, lawyers, company managers, and property developers. People who have separated superstition and conspiracy theories from real data and have made informed decisions to be vaccinated. I want to be able to travel in the future, which is likely to require a Vaccination Passport.

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  5. @Good start says:

    No, that is stone cold dictatorship thinking.

    There is got to be a better way. You cnnot and should not force people to put anything inside their bodies they do not want to.

    To suggest otherwise is dictatorial and inhuman.

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  6. dr kitch says:

    Cant believe that the speaker fraid d small needle alone LOL

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  7. BVi population says:

    30,000 seems a bit high. Hopefully the delayed 2020 census will provide a more accurate BVI population.

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  8. YOUTH says:

    The Government must be commended.

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  9. WTF says:

    Not acceptable. Look at the percentages in the other OTs.

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    • Reasonable Man says:

      You have seen what happens to people who catch Covid. If they are older or have medical conditions they get very ill. Many in that group will die. It is impossible to operate a normal economy, particularly a tourist economy while this disease runs wild.

      The only solution is a vaccine. It is very hard to find any credible example of serious illness from taking a vaccine. It is very easy to find examples of those who becomes seriously ill or died because they caught Covid.

      Are you happy with the way things are or would you like to move on? If you want your old life back, take the vaccine.

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  10. Open goal says:

    Surely we should have majority vaccination by now, as well as a completely rebuilt infrastructure and all the trash disposed of, and be advertising we are fully open for Easter tourism ahead of everyone else?

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  11. really says:

    well 60 vaccinated on Anegada with a population available for vaccine at roughly 240 that means 25% on Anegada in 1 day

  12. Tom says:

    I think the numbers should be checked again.

    if not mistaken, and if like Pizer vaccination, you need to dozes to be called vaccinated.

    In most countries, the way they are tracking the vaccination is by # of people who got first doze, and number of people who got second doze.

    I suspect the 2000 number is for first doze as there is two weeks break between one vs the other.

    that is why the number of vaccination given to the BVI is far too small … 8K is 4K people. 12K are supposed to come “in the future” which will be another 6K folks. making it 20% of all population.
    Of course, its not really 30K as children under the age of 18 wont be getting it so maybe it will be closer to 40%…. assuming everyone who can , get its it.

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  13. Statistics says:

    It is strange how the BVI Government includes us non-belonging expats when it suits them. The statistics for belongers would paint a very different picture.

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  14. 2cents says:

    Another excuse for delaying the ferry until 4/15. They should stop the slow drip. Say we never plan to open tourism to any extent. The gov keeps moving the goal post.

  15. FEO Gomez says:

    Good job shee–I mean people. We need that herd immunization.

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