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People committing crimes due to their circumstances

Vincent Wheatley

While condemning the murders that have taken place in recent months, Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley has stated his belief that people are committing crimes because of “circumstances”.

“When the economy becomes stronger, we can hire more persons because persons who are out there robbing, are not robbing because they want to — and I condemn those things. But it’s through a stronger economy we can employ persons. I think people want to be decent. I don’t think anybody wants to be a robber.”

“I taught for many years and I’ve never heard a single child say, ‘when I grow up, I want to be a robber’. So it’s circumstances that bring people into this kind of situations,” Wheatley said during the April 22 sitting of the House of Assembly.

During that same sitting of the House, the Ninth District Representative pointed out that seven pieces of legislation went through second and third readings while two went through first readings.

He said the slew of legislation the government is trying to pass is part of efforts to build a stronger economy so persons can be gainfully employed without compromising their integrity or turning to crime and violence.

Recently, former Commissioner Michael Matthews indicated that some of the crimes in the territory over the last year were committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens who’ve been financially impacted by the pandemic and are now desperate to support themselves.

He said the territory could see a reduction in crime if the local economy got better.

Leaders have linked economic recovery to the inoculation of a majority of persons in the community but still, a large number of residents have decided not to take the available COVID vaccines.


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  1. legislation? says:

    Does this slew of legislation include measures to fully open the country??? Not the way it is “opened” now, but where persons in the twin pillar of tourism and the stakeholders who do business with them, can survive???

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    • Wheatley says:

      Hello I am an ID10T.

      Business opportunities, especially $10 per hour jobs, do not dissuade crime you f00l. You and the rest of the incompetent leaders of the BVI drove the economy into the ground and then into the grave.

      Still no plan to come out and we all suffer for your delays, ignorance and lack,of compassion. Time for you to go.

  2. Dry Crix says:

    Goodness gracious! Is EVERY member of this government inept? Please keep your mouths shut lest you open them and confirm your stupidity. Wait, too late.

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  3. Rizzo says:

    All this fluff talk. We need to see plans being implemented bro.

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    Well I hope that is true, but I have to wonder because if I couldn’t provide for myself, I would beg before I would steal. And while children may not say they want to grow up to be a robber, the fact is there are people who choose to rob to get money fast than to work a crappy job. The lesson: children should be encouraged to gain the education needed for the job they want, there is too much emphasis on degrees, why not make it easier for them to take up a trade? There’s good money in plumbing, electrical, etc….In addition, pay a fair wage, all people deserve to be able to work and provide for themselves.

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  5. Reality check says:

    Circumstances created more by your government’s mismanagement of the economy than covid itself. That is the reality!

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  6. Bull shit says:

    The world biggest conspiracy ever known to mankind….just a next form of genocide

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  7. ok says:

    No they just bad and don’t want to work!

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  8. SMH says:

    People committing Crimes because it’s their Choice! There are great quantity of folks who are in utter despair, don’t know where the next meal coming from or where the next $ coming from. They are not out there stealing and killing folks. So, blame the Individual Choices and not their Situatuons.

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  9. lil child says:

    I want to be a VIP consultant when i grow up…Easy money

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  10. do your job says:

    Why this dude don’t go to oil nut and represent the unvaccinated who voted him into office?

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  11. Without excuse says:

    Man stop making excuses for criminals. Our Creator said that man is without excuse. You commit the sin of Cain or robbery you PAY. God warned Cain before he killed his brother. He told him sin is at your door. Warn dem little boys that sin is at their door. Stop and think. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

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  12. the watcher says:

    “people are committing crimes because of “circumstances”.”….oh well, that’s ok then. We thought it was just criminals doing what criminals do….If it was circumstances then I guess we just suck it up….

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  13. itstime says:

    Mr.Vincent Wheatley, I think that this is something you need to look into. Employee’s pay was cut last year when there was not much going on except for a little maintenance and for other reasons. I have a few friends that work for charter companies one of them told me that his hours are still cut even though the company has 10 to 20 boats going out weekly, another one told me that they are getting paid for 15 hours a week but they are working 40 hours a week and don’t get paid extra and they have boats going out every week. These employers are getting away with this and it needs to be looked into.

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  14. You Sure?Minister says:

    And are now desperate to support their bad habits….

  15. Lily ann says:

    so we can all conclude that Govt is to blame for the rising crimes, since they have the key to the country and putting off opening up !!!!!! Lots of blood and tears on VIP shoulders

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  16. Image says:

    Mr. Wheatley your comments and opinions in this article are damaging your image to the public. Please sit down!

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  17. Cost of living says:

    Many people circunstances is also being affected by the wicked rise in prices world wide even right here in the BVI.The economy was crushed all over and now prices increasing. Ports, supermarkets etc.This kind of thing sometimes lead to drastic measures.
    Why is SALARIES not rising to?

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  18. Big cop out says:

    My circumstances were bad for me and my mother. What I did was get a Eduction so I could get myself and my mother out of the circumstances that we were facing.

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  19. What!!!! says:

    Yet another senseless remark from our leaders, people thief because they are thiefs not because of circumstances. Plenty people on hard times but choose not to steal its called being honest.&

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  20. WEW says:

    What’s the government’s excuse?

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  21. What a Ting says:

    We making excuses for criminals now I see. Every last minister in this government is a waste. Lord help us.

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  22. Push back says:

    Let me clear things up for you over zealous critics and bloggers.

    It’s not a black or white world or issue! Infact the issue of crime directly correlates with economic conditions! The statement made by the honorable minister is intellectual and academic in its posture.

    Listen it has nothing to do with justifying crime or excusing the behavior! Rather the statement is about solving a difficult problem using all resources available, while having a holistic approach/

    that is to say implement macroeconomics policy of growth, while on the social end recognition for those parts of society in distress!

    Economic growth will involve many points mention by others such as

    Minimum wage increase
    Full time work / the same in wages
    Education and training
    Counselor mental health
    Community programs eg MEN org,

    Now it doesn’t end here, we all must help in part! Best of days to those reading this! Sometimes all I have are these blogs 😉

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  23. Crooks Bandwagon says:

    The government does have robbers through embezzlement, so now we seeing pity for the people who steal too. Them really looking friend.

    You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. It’s their consciousness starting to itch here and there huh.

  24. Taxpayer says:

    Who put you in there! Every criminal will have a reason to commit crime! So why you need police and law! Just abolish the system! And you can commit your crimes comfortably and explain a reason! You will be minister again

  25. SMH says:

    Regardless of the circumstances and explanations, committing a crime remains against the law. The consequences are there. and if anyone’s circumstances require them to break the law, then they must face them rather than come up with excuses. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

  26. Hmm says:

    Oh, yeah? They are in dire straits so they go out and steal? The same young men who on Face Book sporting expensive chains and clothes? We know how much is spent to purchase their jewellry of choice. We are also aware what the problem is why they are stealing. They need a J-O-B, a 9 to 5 where they get their lazy behinds out of bed every morning and go off to work like every other decent human being does. Their parents are responsible for the mess these young men are in. They taught them how to sport name brand clothes but do not see to it that they look for a job and are properly educated for that eventuality. Parents comfortably go to bed at night knowing their sons are out driving rentals, sporting expensive jewellry, wearing the latest gears and have no job. Moral compasses, we need to imbed those in our children from very young. Do not take or touch what is not yours. Love your fellow men. Follow God’s words. “By the sweat of your brow you shall eat.”

  27. Sick and tired says:

    Mr. Wheatley you make me s**t with shame. I CANNOT believe that you utter that foolishness. Can’t you see that you are making yourself And your VIP adminstration look really stupid?

  28. Concerned says:

    . Is this rationalization? Certainly it is.
    Had time doesn’t warrant murder in addition to robbery.

  29. Oh says:

    This man never disappoints. You think to yourself, “He couldn’t possibly say anything stupider than that”. Bam, next week he says something that made last weeks idiocy seem almost sensible in comparison.
    He is a wonder.

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