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Persons leaving forever get 3 months NHI coverage

Head of the NHI, Roy Barry

The management of the National Health Insurance (NHI) said persons who have relocated permanently from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) following the recent hurricanes have three months coverage before their insurance is cancelled.

It however stated that persons temporarily stationed overseas will continue to receive their benefits. The companies to which such persons are employed should continue to make the necessary payments to the NHI.

The NHI wants to know the identities of beneficiaries who have left the BVI.

“We understand there are some persons who may have left the [British] Virgin Islands under special circumstances. Some have permanently relocated because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, while others have been temporarily relocated by their companies. We are kindly asking anyone who has left the BVI to inform NHI soonest,” said Roy Barry, deputy director of the Social Security Board responsible for the NHI .

The NHI, in a media release today, further said: “Persons who have left the BVI permanently should send an email to to inform NHI of their relocation. Those persons will have three months coverage before their insurance is cancelled.”

The NHI also found it necessary to note that it is honouring claims.

“We want to reassure beneficiaries that claims will still be honoured if they have left the territory. The standard procedure remain,” Barry further said.

The NHI advised that individual claims must be submitted within 90 days, adding that they are processed between 30 and 60 days.

“For services that received pre-approval, NHI pays 20 percent. But, if services were not approved, NHI pays 60 percent. The dollar amount is based on NHI’s fee schedule.”

The NHI was designed to provide every resident of the British Virgin Islands with more affordable access to health services.

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