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Pickering confirms candidacy | Duty to retiring premier now dissolved with HOA?

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Representative of the Seventh Electoral District Dr Kedrick Pickering has confirmed that he will be seeking another term in political office.

Dr Pickering gave that confirmation just minutes ahead of Premier Dr D Orlando Smith’s announcement of the February 25 election date in the House of Assembly on Wednesday evening.

“I just want to thank the people from my community who has continually put their trust in me to stand in here and represent them. I am not going to give any political speech here about achievements or non-achievements. There is a time for that and I will take care of that in due time. [But] I am running for election,” Dr Pickering said.

The government legislator gave no further information about his candidacy and declined to answer any questions from members of the media following the dissolution of the House that said evening.

Considering that Dr Pickering is clearly not aligning with the National Democratic Party which Myron Walwyn now leads, voters are wondering what political banner Dr Pickering will march under if any at all.

Notably, the Ronnie Skelton-led Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) is yet to secure a candidate for the Seventh District seat. The Julian Fraser-led Progressives United is also without a Seventh District contender.

Be that as it may, previous statements from PVIM leader Skelton are that he welcomes Dr Pickering to join the movement.

Dr Pickering has always declared his undying loyalty to Premier Smith but now that the premier is retiring and House has dissolved, the Seventh District representative is free to make new political alliances, if he so pleases.

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  1. Let down says:

    He is another big political let down. After so many years in the game, he still has very few accomplishments. It is clear he is just in it for his pay cheque.

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    • He aint nohand to mouth says:

      Dr. Pickering is a trained professional in every sense of the word. A well known and respected medical doctor! How come you form your mouth to utter such rubbish about a pay check! Your jealousy/dislike is showing.

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      • Ok then says:

        My sentiments exactly. Thank you doctor Pickering for remaining true to the leader of this country in your capacity as his Deputy. Notably honourable Sir.

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      • Let down says:

        Nobody said anything about his professional training. Am talking about his political accomplishments. What has he achieved there after being given so many years worth of chances? \Let us talk about that only!

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        • He aint no hand to mouth says:

          I addressed your claim that he only wants a pay check which was unwarranted. Lets address the facts as you say.

    • Winds of Change are Blowing says:

      These guys, members of the NSP were said to be the most educated ever in BVI politics; yet in a tiny size and population of a mere 40,000, (now less since the hurricanes), smaller than some companies in other countries be in such a weak and seemingly helpless state; with a separate government…and keener oversight from the UK? Take hurricane Irma and Maria out of the equation.
      Perhaps the Brilliant Benito Wheatley can chime in and shed some light. It is worth so to speak, getting to the bottom of what happened; so it wouldn’t happen again. That’s how leading countries, especially the US handles situations; getting to the cause.
      No one is questioning Hon Pico’s medical qualifications or brilliance. He was, still is, deputy premier. His own district in a dilapidated state. Currently it is asserted that in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, the owners of YCCS yacht Club a recent investor in a marine-land base operation there are having a huge challenge getting their floating dock marina operating back in operation, (and would already have); but because of challenges involving water-rights which was granted to David Johnson it’s still closed and workers out of jobs because of the situation. Fishermen, again in North Sound, because of water-rights granted to Richard Branson, are forbidden, (illegal) to fish on the shallow bar and area around Mosquito Islands. Meanwhile it is believe that sharks are being drawn to the area because of regular meats and fish food used to attract the sharks. Is it any wonder why its illegal to catch sharks?
      These and other issues are not related to Hon. Pico’s education and training; like apples and oranges; really. However It is said that when wind blows fowls rare ends are clearly visible. Perhaps With election within view voters will have a better view. Thanks to Hurricane Irma and Maria.

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      • Virgin Gordian says:

        There are corrupt politicians in the BVI like anywhere else. The sad thing about it is that it’s unlikely they will face justice. I want to see who will dare stop me if I go to mosquito Island sandbar to fish. I welcome anyone who will want to come and stop me. This is our birthplace and birthright. I urge any one from Virgin Gordian to fish around Mosquito island. We need to stand up and fight for our rights.

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  2. musa says:

    he and the bass save the bvi from black list many time

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  3. Voter says:

    Dr Pickering will you agree to support the whistleblower law? Yes or no?

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  4. Dissappointed youth says:

    Picko I respect you , a person I admire but I just cannot vote for you. I hate person that behave like snakes. This is going to be your downfall. How in heaven can you go with a government until the end and declare candidacy. I don’t want to hear anything from you.
    My God please take control of the bvi because it is about me, n myself and I.-

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    • K says:

      Dr. Pickering was the one that kept the Gov’t in place until it was ready to dissolve. If he had declared his candidacy earlier Gov’t would have had to dissolve much earlier because they would have been in the minority.

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      • I agree says:

        And had he cross the floor would the government be able to meet the EU deadline or else the BVI would be blacklisted. I am in agreement with him. Finish one journey before you start the next. That is young people’s problem these day. Look at the bigger picture..

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        • Never about the BVI says:

          It was not about saving the Government where he was concerned. It was about himself all along, because he was not with the Government. Don’t you see they put someone else to run in his district. They would have left District 7 open until now to accommodate him. He is playing the same card as Dancia. Hoping to be the great negotiator (to be Premier) in the event either side gets equal numbers and need a 7th one to form the Government.

          By the way, I am not voting for NDP1, NDP2, PU nor VIP.

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  5. Hmm says:

    Dr.Pickering you is one out of the bunch just about yourself, and your rich white friends.

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  6. Bgz says:

    Mr. Pickering is the most experience of them all who can represent the BVI in a international level.

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  7. Bgz says:

    Dr. Pickering is the most capable and experience person of them all who can represent the BVI in a international level. You can continue being negative but you all need to open you all eyes

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  8. LOL says:


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    • @LOL says:

      Nobody days are over they have the power and will to do great things for their communit. Either of the two can do great things, for sure I know where my vote going and thats to that man name DIEGO he gots the knowledge this man knows a lot about our history its in this blood he grew up in the heart of long look with his loving mother may god bless her soul for she made him grew up to be the man that he is you will be surprise by the knowledge and wisdom he have he is a man of his words that will look out for his PEOPLE and not the RICH PEOPLE that your So call want to vote back in people becareful our island is being sold to the highest bidder lets give our votes to someone who dear to care for us in long look I’m a senior in the long look area and I know of some of my friends who is willing to see a change in our community with DIEGO Vote for him young people see the change and be the change for the bettermemt of the future generations to come Diego if your reading this some of the seniors got your back and I hope the rest may join and also to the young people make your vote count and see the change.

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  9. to Dr Pickering says:

    I like you. I believe you are a man of God and God Himself will elevate you in time. but deal with your achilles heal. put away the ‘honest Iagos’ around you.

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  10. Long Look Voter says:

    Hope you are listening this time. Repeat after me “Dr. Pickering is only looking out for his rich white friends”.

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    • Yes says:

      Long Look Voter I agree with you. Pity we are not rich white people with planes and the works we might have gotten better roads because of our votes. Better education because of our votes. Better sewage system because of our votes. Better health care and so on. What a pity we are just the voters who votes do not count for us but for others. He and his party has no love for the people of this country. They just there to full their pockets and to continue sell out the BVI

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  11. Poor Black Friend says:

    We voting for Picko. He is honest, caring and knows how to represent his people. He is definitely not in it for himself, but for the goodwill of the country.

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  12. Political Intelligence says:

    The worst performing minister. The handling of Labour complaints did not improve under your watch. You always travelling to some unnecessary conference on tax payers dime. You spat in the faces of long residing expats, by making it harder for them attain Immigration status.


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  13. Diaspora says:

    This is a binary choice for Dr. Hon Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering, long-serving D-8 rep; his two choices are either running with a party (PVIM or PU. earth shattering if roll with either VIP or NDP) or run independent. Who will he roll with? Are D-7 voters satisfied with the bacon he brought home/district the last 20 years?

  14. Long Look we come from says:

    I swear if my fellow 7th Disrict people people foolish enough vote for Dr. Pickering again they deserve all the future district neglect they bring upon themselves!

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    • @ Long Look we come from says:

      And you know they will. I hope if they do they will shut their mouths when trying to avoid pot holes or squinting their eyes from the lack of lighting. I was giving someone a ride who isn’t from here and they said they thought the roads on this end of the island would be in a prime state because it’s the first stretch from the airport. Now if somebody who is visiting is making that observation I say no more. The district looks TERRIBLE. If he has done something for the district that I am not aware of please tell me so I can acknowledge it and give jack his jacket. If you ask me most of the eastern end heading up to the airport is atrocious, say what you want it’s the truth. The place needs brightening up, needs to look clean with well paved roads. It’s a community so it needs a decent library/resource centre for the children. I can go on and on but the place needs improvement. If he is voted back in (which seems to happen each and everytime) then I hope he listens but I say that without holding my breathe. It’s y’all votes do what you want with them.

  15. Look good says:

    I see him in the line-up for the Premier seat. Run independent for the 7th. Your people believes in you and will surely vote you in and you will end up the deciding factor.

    Work smart not hard.

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  16. WTF says:

    @ Poor Black Friend
    Vote for Picko. You will always be poor, don’t know about the friend part. LMAO.

  17. Long look says:

    This time he will loose . 20 years and nothing to show ..long look people wake up , what do we have to loose..only could get better. VIP ALL THE WAY

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  18. what a ting says:

    Dr. Pichering thinks his learning has made him smarter than the Long Look people.if dey so stupid to vote him again. He is a haughty, man who cares nothing for the common man. Who he fooling. Sure not my X

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  19. limit says:

    indeed yes but will sell us out
    doc cant be trusted its proven
    many ar times

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