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Pickering ducks question about seeking re-election under NDP

“I have been loyal to the Premier in all the years and I ain’t going to stop being loyal to him” — Pickering

Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering has ducked questions in relation to the future of his relationship with the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Dr Pickering announced on public radio Tuesday evening that, at this point, he plans to contest the upcoming general elections. He, however, did not specify whether he will be seeking re-election as the representative of the Seventh Electoral District or whether he will be targeting another seat.

And when asked whether he will be contesting the elections under the Myron Walwyn-led NDP, Dr Pickering opted not to give a direct response.

“We will discuss that another time,” the NDP stalwart said when questioned by ‘Honestly Speaking’ radio talk show host, Claude Skelton Cline.

I ain’t going to stop being loyal to Premier

Dr Pickering did not suggest any animosity between him and NDP chairman-elect, Walwyn.

He, however, made it clear that he continues to remain loyal to the current NDP government leader, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

“My role in this country at this point in time is to support the honourable Premier in his work as leader of this country … I believe loyalty matters, I believe it goes a long way in anything we do, and I have been loyal to the Premier in all the years and I ain’t going to stop being loyal to him at this point in time, despite what the political scene might be,” Dr Pickering asserted.

In the meantime, his decision to not immediately say whether he will contest the polls as an NDP candidate comes amid reports that the party is undergoing a ‘ratification’ process to decide the candidates it will put forward for general elections.

These next elections are constitutionally due in the summer of 2019, which is also around the time Premier Smith is expected to step down as government leader.

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  1. Good bye Sir says:

    It’s time for you to retire Sir. I am from Long Look and I cannot point my fingers on any thing substantial that you have done over the last 7 years and over your near 20 years representing us. I am being very honest. I have also looked at your performance as a Minister and the results are the same. The labour department is a mess and people who need help with labour issues cannot depend on you to defend them. Locals cannot get land to help to build a home. The beaches are all still without bathroom and other amenities to help locals to make a dollar. The airport fiasco that cost the government millions in research and nothing to show. Brandy wine which is another expensive project with mediocre results. The green houses rottened under your watch until Irma blew them away. The farmers do not ever see you or get assistance from you. They have been asking for water up paraquita bay for years now and still none. Many farmers lost their farm animals and crops as a result of the hurricane and you haven’t shown up yet. What is most disheartening for me and our district is that you are the Minister for labour and our district has the highest rate of unemployment in the country except now maybe for VG because the hotels were destroyed over there. So Sir,answer one thing for me, exactly why are you running again? Is it power? Is it the prestige of the job? Is it the travel? Is it your feeling of entitlement to be Premier or is it because you want to keep your rich, white friendships? From all account based on your actions or lack thereof rather, it cannot be that you are running to help us. Do the honourable thing Hon. Pickering, the people of the country deserves more than you have given and more than I believe you can or care to give.

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    • All nice and all says:

      But can we please stop making every discussion a racist one.

      It does not matter what color people have. People are people.

      Stop the racism.

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      • @all nice and all says:

        Where is the racism in the blog? Dr. Pickering said people are jealous of his rich, white friends. He said it. To make reference to it cannot be racism. Please look up the meaning of racism before you blog stuff. To mention an ethnic group in a discussion cannot by itself be racism.

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        • What Time Is It? says:

          I to CONCUR,
          I am not from the 7th or 8th District; but I was living in the 7th during the last election. I couldn’t believe my ears when he made that statement about people being Jealous of him because of his rich white friends.
          Not only that, he also talked about having a piece of land somewhere in the 8 district and promised to build several houses for the people in the district.
          Maybe we need to fly a Drone over the district to look for the land and New homes.

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        • Too blind to see says:

          You are just too blind to see that mentioning ethnic groups all the time adds to the division between people even though we are all one.

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          • Africans says:

            Stop discriminate against your Caribbean brother and sister. Treat them as one. Just try it.

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    • 7th District Resident says:

      I CONCUR!!!!

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    • VT says:

      Gosh I couldn’t have said it better. I sincerely hope that he reads this particular comment, reflects upon it and makes the right decision. We do not need ineffective leadership in this very CRITICAL stage of the BVI’s development. We need leaders with a clear vision and with the intent to actually do, for the good of the country – not just there to take up space and draw a salary – and secure a pension. The days for tolerating such nonsense are long over.

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    • Politics says:

      Am not a NDP supporter however I have noticed that there are some good ideas on both sides. There are also some talented and skilled people on both sides.

      When it comes to being articulate, and knowledgeable I think this man is ahead of his colleagues. He is really the best to represent the VI on the world stage. Perhaps nationally and locally he has not done as much as was needed.

      But as far as being a diplomat or ambassador this is our guy. He is one of the most profound speaker you can listen to. I see him as an international representative more than doing local politics. Infact I would not mind if he wins in the 7th again. He got what it takes.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Myron Sir.,please give the Pr@##ship to one of the son of THEIR soil pI##@ING please and let the hating stop……

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  3. quote says:

    “I am loyal to dr smith not myrun”

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  4. district 7 says:


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  5. LOL says:

    Doc lead Doc over the cliff

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  6. joke of the day says:


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    • What Time Is It? says:

      @Joje of the day,
      Very good observation. Those thrushies that flew away and those still to fly are realizing what time it is. All the noise he makes, all the motorbike he rides up and down through and around town cannot wash away the memory of the damage he and his party Inflicted upon our beloved BVIs. Nor can they cause scales to grow over our eyes and memories that will paralyze US to do what we ave to do; Fleece them out.

      It is simply Amazing and mind boggling; that all the damage the NDP inflicted upon us, there are those still around them, talking BS and standing ready to Support them; when ALL the Gravy has already dried up.

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      • @driedupgravy says:

        And who are you getting behind this election season? Not the first, famous, long-ranking heavy train VIP? Talking about scales over eyes, that would prove us all blind like bats.

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      • LOL says:

        What damage? We went through 2 Cat 5 storms and a major flood and not one government person was laid off and not one tax or fee has increased. Try your best.

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  7. take that to the bank says:

    Is this is the minister for oil nut, necker and mosquito? All them doing is racking up frequent flyer miles and trying to give everything the white boyz ask for

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  8. Woww says:

    Look how Myron caused a destruction upon the NDP team, everyone moving away from them especially there supporters.

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    • mvw says:

      Why don’t you go and blog on your own site?

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    • #6VOTER says:


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  9. Lol says:

    If you want vip win thumbs up

    If you want ndp win thumbs down

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  10. who kill them says:

    labour dead fishing dead farming dead

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  11. ONE THING FOR SURE says:


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    • Truth says:

      No you mean —– gave — money to do projects to spite D—– , V—– and others who he would not release money too so he could have saved —— political career.

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  12. Ivon says:

    NDP is dead without the Doc. Mark my words. Doc bowing out is one of the best thing that could have happened for the VIP.

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  13. Ausar says:

    “Good Bye Sir”, thank you for your candor in this matter

    I am heartened that he’s a loyalist to the Premier, butvery disheartened to see how he’s been so unloyal to his constituents and the community at large.

    Labour and the issues of Belongers and employment has been abysmal.Whites and foreign employers and employees getting the upperhand over our people with a feeble response from this minister.

    Perhaps, now is the time for the good docter to save whatever is left of his reputation and retire for good!

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  14. Useless says:

    The man looks good for n——- a totally ——- leader- if he was a woman he would be called a B——!

  15. waylox says:

    I agree with you Doc Pic ONE LEADER AT A TIME

  16. Senõr Doritos Face... says:

    Couldn’t have said it better himself! His loyalty (blind) is to his business partner and not necessarily the constituents whom placed him there for 20 years to serve them. Agriculture, Fisheries, beaches, airport, Labour are amongst a few general areas under Senōr Doritos that have been ab—-l f—–s. His l——-r performance and responses to these areas has shown where his head space is!

    Senõr Doritos has endorsed ALL of the pet/pork projects his ‘team’ has mis——- in the hopes his GRAND LEGACY project (renamed to — ——- International Airport) would have been given the resounding green light to b——- us further for his friends private helicopters and jets.

    The taste of he HIGH LIFE with private jet setting, champagne and 5 star service has long e—– the sense of morals and values that these ‘politicians’ had growing up. The sad reality is that this is the NEW NORM. One can see from all the wood-slaves coming out from their slumbers to change — course that SS BVI Cruise ship is on which is the same path as the ill-fated Titanic. The icebergs are nearer than ever before and the political elites are scrambling hard to secure the dregs left over from the current PIRATES. Sorry to say it’s all about the prestige, power, influence and back door deals than ever before for those entering politics locally.

    Even the clergy have fallen prey to these ills as they espouse weekly their views in attempts to sway the electorate to their familial political reps. The game being played is sordid and will leave many with egg on their faces after the dust settles.

    Do the right thing Senõr Doritos – throw in the towel as ALL in the BVi can see hat you’ve not done what you were supposed to have done. Adios!

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  17. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The NDP was nearly arrested in June 2015 for its merciless 11-2 beat down of the VIP. Thus, what is bewildering is how far the NDP has slide in such a short time. Was the 11-2 lopsided result of the last election a contributing factor in the slide? If the score was either 7-6 or 8-5, would the territory be in better shape? Would a coalition government yield better outcome?

    Anyway, Dr. Hon Deputy Premier (D-7), MNRL, has been an elected represented for a long time so what is his delay in deciding if he is going to contest the next general election as an independent or with NDP, PU, UP, ABC, XYZ, LMO…….etc party.

    This indecisiveness would be expected from a new comer, a newbie, not from a seasoned veteran. His constituents in D-7 needs to know and now. He needs to demonstrate strength, boldness, courage, decisiveness, confidence …….etc. It is time for Doc to put up or sh….t up.

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    • @PO says:

      @PO, “The NDP was nearly arrested in June 2015 for its merciless 11-2 beat down of the VIP,” you are funny yet sober. A good laugh in these difficult time is good for the psyche. Lolp

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  18. PUP says:


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  19. D7 says:

    Look how we wasted 19 years supporting this arrogant man. Doc, please retire.

    What would we not give to have someone like TB Lettsome again?

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  20. Please retire says:

    Dear Doc

    you and the ndp have utterly failed. Do us all a favour and retire.


    7th district voter

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  21. LCS says:

    Hopefully he is a better doctor than politician.

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