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PM Boris Johnson says UK is ‘absolutely committed’ to OTs

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Despite warning BVI and other OTs that giving money in times of crises will be a last resort, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has signalled that the UK is absolutely committed to Overseas Territories (OTs).

Johnson who addressed OT leaders at the recently concluded Joint Ministerial Council meeting, said: “The UK is absolutely committed to you, to your futures and to our partnership. As we go forward and recover from this pandemic, we want to make sure that we build back greener and that we look after island economies that are so vulnerable to climate change.”

Johnson said the UK will be seeking to strengthen its partnership with OTs despite the current challenging times.

“In spite of everything, of the difficulties we are going through, we remember that we are united by deep ties of kinship and friendship and history and values. We in the UK government are going to make sure we continue to intensify that partnership.”

The UK has committed to securing COVID-19 vaccines for OTs once they become available and the BVI is expected to benefit from this.

They’ve also provided border security resources and navy ship HMS Medway to prevent illegal entry and illegal activities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the BVI.

However back in June, Premier Andrew Fahie indicated that the United Kingdom denied the territory grants to assist with its battle against COVID-19.

He said this was not the first time the UK had refused to give the BVI grants during a time of crisis.


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  1. Montserrat says:

    In Montserrat the UK does alot of the infrastructural developments and even in covid they give handsome grants to those out of work. The hospital there is a different case though. I am not trying to be controversial but what’s the difference between the assistance that Montserrat get compared to what they do for the BVI? I don’t know if its because of the volcano situation. You people can by touchy so note that I am just trying to get some education as they are both British Overseas Territories and I figured what they do for one they do for all.

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    • @Montserrat says:

      The UK looks at the GDP of the OTs and the BVI has a very healthy GDP, which would normally preclude it from receiving grants, except in times of disaster (like after hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017). Covid-19 is a pandemic, not a disaster, therefore BVI is expected to look after it’s own residents in the current circumstances.

      • @ @Montserrat says:

        Please, stop covering for the UK, the UK has always taken this approach against African ruled nations. Throughout the years during times of poverty, the UK have done minimal for these Virgin Islands. They would sooner see us dead than to assist in our development. The U.K. is systematically a racist nation.

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    • Observer says:


      The answer is easy lol.

      Read through the comments on BVI news sites and you will know why help is limited in the BVI.


  2. Emerald Isle says:

    Please leave Montserratians out of all you island people bashing. We little but we tallawah, take uour mouth off sh Montserrat and it’s people.

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  3. Chosen says:

    Emerald isle i canta agree with you more because they refer to all the other islands as down island people like the BVI is such a big continent always looking down at others and cant do without others

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  4. F*** says:

    Fahie is a f***. He want to cut ties and be ungrateful. We need the vaccine. We need the navy. It’s a big world for a small island.

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  5. MP says:

    The UK House of Commons considers Montserrat, Anguilla and BVI as just one OT and will someday have their own MP in Westminster. Time to get used to the ‘new’ UK.

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    • @MP says:

      I hope the UK get their act together, they are not much better than their ancestors. A generational cursed nation for all their bad deeds towards humanity. Sad set!

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  6. Joseph says:

    Everybody knows the UK neglects its colonies. The British are known to be very cheap. Limeys.

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