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Police Commissioner under quarantine after travel through US

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews. (Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson)

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews is currently under a two-week quarantine at his home in East End on Tortola.

Matthews placed himself under self-quarantine after travelling through the United States, which has surpassed China as the country with the single most confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

“As far as I know, I haven’t got the virus. But my wife and I came back — we had to cut short our vacation last week. We travelled through Mexico and the United States and we listened straight away to the advice of the Ministry of Health,” the commissioner said during a radio interview on Friday, March 27.

Though in quarantine, Matthews said it has not prevented him from carrying out his duties as Police Commissioner.

And while describing his decision to self-quarantine as a ‘sensible move’, Commissioner Matthews appealed to other persons who have travelled recently to be socially responsible.

“If you travelled recently, stay indoors … Get somebody else to go and do [shopping] for you. We have brilliant neighbours here up in the East End who have been delivering shopping and leaving them at the back gate so my wife and I can live a reasonably healthy lifestyle whilst still self-quarantining”.

Just this week, Health Minister Carvin Malone announced that 117 persons are in self-quarantined across the British Virgin Islands.

This includes the two patients who have been confirmed as having the coronavirus. Nine other persons suspected of having the virus in the BVI are awaiting test results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad.

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  1. Wait, what? says:

    So why do we keep letting ANYONE back into the BVI after they have been out? If they get COVID19, then they will put a huge trama on our medical system..

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  2. Travelled recently says:

    …i thought the borders were closed?

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    • :) says:

      He did not confirm when he travelled. The border closure for everybody happened about a week ago. Before that just about everybody except visitors were allowed to travel in and out.

  3. Thanks says:

    Thanks for going public sir. The thing here is that everything is a secret so nobody knows if they have been in contact with a suspected case. Hope you, your wife and others in quarantine test result come back negative

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    • @Thanks says:

      I believe him and his wife and everyone in quarantine is going to be ok and I wish them all the best. I also want to say Thank you sir for informing the public.

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  4. Lol says:

    BS! Just another game. Premier’s kids away so when your kids can’t home you can’t say nothing. Police chief quarantined himself so is you come you have no excuse. These are their scapegoats. Meanwhile their positions levee them in luxury. Kids probably living good in huge homes with food and great internet. But your kids in a lil 15×15 apartment or dormitory with limited supplies. Commissioner if Police and his wife quarantined in a huge house with supplies being delivered to them and their dog and their kids playing in the pool. Mendelssohn your quarantine is a 12×12 bedroom in a lil apartment you share with 2 other people. #wearenotthesame

    • Be happy says:

      STFU you whinny bitch. Be happy your not in quarantine 6 feet under. This is not forever. Trust me the Belongers and their offspring wherever they are quarantined are living the high life. Plenty government money to see them through.

  5. Hmmm says:

    I agree it is a breath of fresh air to let us know that he travelled and then for him to self quarantine. It is not so responsible though to those persons who you came in contact with upon your return after taking vacation in this crazy time. Sometimes we just have to make decisions for the good of others. That is why I see it as “oh, I went on vacation, my wife and I, and now we are back and won’t make any of you sick. I will stay home.” But, sir, you probably already did. Hope you enjoyed that nice rest that you had to have away from home. You see, I am not as optimistic as others. I think all this travelling at this crucial time is the cause of the Cov19 being spread all over the world. Me, you can’t pay me to get in an airplane until this is all over, which won’t be soon because of selfishness.

  6. Inside! says:

    I do not get it!
    What in the world this man was thinking about going on vacation to anywhere at this juncture.
    Really? Self Q? He shouldnt have been let in.
    His bad judgement has put all o we in higher risk.
    Was he sleeping the entire month of February and March?
    Stiff British upper lip nonsense!
    Get with the programme Mr.

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