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Police launch ‘Clean The Streets’ operation to stem firearm crimes

Officers of the Armed Response Unit in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF.)

In the wake of four deaths — some of which have been linked to the use of firearms in the BVI — the police say they last week launched a ‘Clean the Streets’ operation to reassure the community and quell the recent rise in firearm-related incidents.

A press release said four teams of officers from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force were deployed on a Roll-and-Search as well as on mobile and foot patrols early last week.

They covered commercial centres and primarily cash-based entities during business hours. According to the police, the law enforcement teams are providing the needed reassurance to businesses and are giving intelligence support to cops who work behind the scenes.  

Although traffic and drug offenders are the only arrests that have been made so far, the Joint Task Force — which consists of police, Customs and Immigration officers — will also join the operation in the coming weeks to quell the recent rise in firearm-related incidences.

BVI experiencing a sporadic spell

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Jacqueline Vanterpool said while the BVI generally enjoy months where there are no serious incidents, the community sometimes experiences sporadic spells.

“Fortunately we have long periods where gun-related violence is virtually non-existent. Then we have a brief spell where persons, feeling confident and bold after having acquired a firearm, commit robberies for short-term gain. Frequently, the individuals are either caught or simply stop because there is very little long-term profit in such activities,” she explained

She warned residents that firearms become more dangerous when they fall into the hands of the few who are volatile and unstable which likely played a factor in the recent gun-related deaths.

“There are individuals with hot-tempers and impulses in any number of households within our community. A firearm in that mix is a dangerous thing. The sad thing is, the household knows when there is a weapon in the mix and remains silent. If this mindset does not change, we will continue to have these outbreaks. We have to treat firearms like we would any deadly virus. Get it out of the house and out of circulation as soon as possible,” she said.

Public participation invited

Acting DCP Vanterpool is inviting the public to join in the RVIPF ‘Clean the Streets’ Operation to rid the territory of illegal firearms.

“We are asking the public to help us to bring an end to this violence. If you know anyone who has or is carrying an illegal firearm or where one is being hidden, help by calling and pointing us in the right direction. We will do the rest,” she said.

Persons with information of persons carrying illegal weapons can call the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.

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  1. awa says:

    It’s about time and don’t let go of your countrymen or friends because of last names.

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  2. SMH says:

    While at it, clean House also. Cops with illegal firearms and ammunition needs to be fired and punished just as the ordinary Citizen. Officers need to stop covering up for Co-Workers, Friends and Families. If We must clean up, let’s clean thoroughly.

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  3. Sporadic spell? says:

    Seems that the police is absolutely clueless about the number of guns in the territory..

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  4. Doh says:

    This just means they will have to get off their a$$3s and out of their cars and do their job. The horror. A cop actually working…

    Carry on.

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  5. Gins says:

    The more there take the more demand will increase for guns and the flow of gun business rise …there is more serious attention to look at for this whole situation. The dam problem is the curupt ones wat we keep depending on solving the mess there them self the hell u put them police charge with that amount of drugs on bail …ridiculous but here we are again with them and our trust …we the people will always be played for fools ..the curuption is so powerful in the force not even international affair cant eradicate must less feeble jacky lord there go got she one way yet everyway hmmmmm. Jacky as commissioner is like a sprat in the most deepest ocean

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  6. Really BVI NEWS? says:

    This should be a covert operation….this is not something that should be reported in the news…how are we putting the criminals on notice that the police are coming after their guns

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  7. Lia says:

    Good Idea! I wonder if it should have been announced though.

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  8. LG says:

    keep the searches going , not only for a week
    stop the cars and search them you will find all kinds of things, BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK

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    • YES @LG says:


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  9. ONLY IN BVI says:

    Is a COVERT Police Operation PUBLICLY stupid can you be?

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    • @onlyinbvi says:

      To be honest, the RVIPF releases to much information. Sometimes I wonder if they are releasing the news for a criminal-friendly environment. Whilst some of the officers junior position shouldn’t know certain things, I think some people in higher ranks should not either. A lot of these police have diarrhea mouth…thats why hardly anyone wants to come forward most times.

    • Film @ 11 says:

      Tell loose lip so, the internals can identity who is, playing politics in the RVIPF and hasn’t an iota of qualification to assist in the propelling of that upward career mobility…

      Film @ 11

  10. For real says:

    I am definitely seeing the Pow pow more often on the roads now. I did not know they own so much vehicles. Keep up the good works. Now for more strategic stop and search now and you will get hold of more of these little punks.

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  11. Reality check says:

    The only way out of this mess is to support your police. If you are worried about confidentiality call the Crime Stoppers line. They pick up in Miami.

  12. Anonymous says:

    They need to start with the segregated homes of the EU, Arab and other homes.

    Frankly, they are the ones who are making the money off of illegal gun sales and the subsequent deaths in our community.

    Truth be told.

  13. Tom says:

    Does anyone know?

    What is the jail capacity of the BVI i.e how many prisoners/inmate/arrested folks can the BVI hold? What happens if they run out of room?

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