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Premier takes COVID-19 vaccine!

Premier Fahie getting vaccinated for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Premier Andrew Fahie has now made good on his promise to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

He was jabbed with the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Capoon’s Bay Clinic in his constituency Wednesday morning, February 24.

The Premier did so in the presence of Health Minister Carvin Malone and Deputy Speaker Neville Smith who also got vaccinated today.

Members of the Premier’s staff such as his Private Secretary as well as the Financial Secretary also turned up to get vaccinated.

Fahie previously said he delayed getting vaccinated to allow as many frontline workers the opportunity to be inoculated first.

His vaccination comes moments after the Health Ministry launched its new online registration portal. It also comes at a time when seven of the territory’s 16 vaccination centres become operational.

Minister Malone said the BVI can vaccinate 10,000 persons in the first instance.

“The United Kingdom has pledged to donate all of the vaccines required for the British Virgin Islands … The first shipment has been 8,000 units. The second one is going to be 12,000 units and there on. Based on how fast we get it out, they will have all the units ready for us in the British Virgin Islands so we implore you, [the public], to come through to get your vaccinations,” in a live Facebook broadcast this morning.

The BVI has vaccinated more than six per cent of its population so far.

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    Ok Cool I am in.

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  2. Great says:

    Am still not taking it.

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  3. Reply says:

    As indicated in a post last week relative to the Premier taking the vaccine, I said then that I was taking him at his word that he would take it. He has proven me to be correct.

    I saw nothing in that report that he would do otherwise. As such, I am happy he took the vaccine.

    There is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering occurring on this site’s blogsphere and others much of it by some antivaxxers who are hell bent on discouraging others from taking the vaccine. It’s unfortunate.

    It’s one thing if a person decides for themselves not to take the vaccine; it’s a different thing to go out of ones way to discourage others. That in my view needs some balance.

    I think all media could do a tremendous public service by first publishing the truth about covid and the vaccines.

    In doing so getting medical opinions of those knowledgeable of covid and these vaccines is critical to clearing up many of the rightful questions/misgivings some people may have about becoming vaccinated.

    The topic is far too important to ignore as our collective health and financial futures is tied to this population reaching heard immunity.

    At any rate, kudos to the Premier for doing his part to protect himself, his family, and the community he serves, but also doing so by being an example although it may be viewed by some as late in coming.

    IMO, it’s better to be late than never in getting vaccinated.

    I encourage everyone who has not signed up to get their vaccine to do so in order than we as a country can begin the process of getting our lives back to some semblance of normal and restoring our economy.

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      Happy to see some attempt at a balanced post but it seems to me that generally there is more a push to bully people to take the vaccine than the other way around.

      Here you have CSC who is a paid consultant of the Government who is advocating for frontline workers to be mandated to take the vaccine. Where was your voice then? I would not be surprised if some places of employment try to mandate it.

      Again this is a matter of freedom of choice. There is bullying going on from both sides. The more dangerous one is those who are advocating mandates which are undemocratic and bordering on unconstitutional and to force people to take a drug that has not been tested over time.

      In regards to the Astrazenneca vaccine itself this is what the WHO has said:

      “Does it prevent infection and transmission?
      We do not know whether the vaccine will prevent infection and protect against onward transmission. Immunity persists for several months, but the full duration is not yet known. These important questions are being studied.

      In the meantime, we must maintain public health measures that work: masking, physical distancing, handwashing, respiratory and cough hygiene, avoiding crowds, and ensuring good ventilation”.

      No conclusive evidence that it would prevent infection or transmission. Key being transmission. Then the immunity exists for several months so that means that you will have to take another dose within a year’s time.

      Then here this is very important and why vaccines should be assessed over longer terms:

      “Longer-term safety assessment involves continued follow up of clinical trial participants, as well as specific studies and continued surveillance of secondary effects or adverse events of those being vaccinated in the roll out”.

      Let me try to continue to live a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, exercise, rest and peace of mind so if god forbid I should get it my natural immune system can do the work God designed it for me. I am not dissuading anyone from taking any vaccine.

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      • Reply says:

        @Tongue Fu. Appreciate your thoughts. Here is my response:

        “Where was your voice then?”

        I have been here opining on covid, these vaccines and matters associated with them on most articles published on that topic in the past. I am going to assume you missed some of my earlier posts on that matter.

        What I said back then is that it will be very difficult for front line workers to continue working in an environment whereby the risk of exposure and transmission of covid among other infectious agents is greater without immunization.

        The risk of their being exposed to covid by patients they encounter, and the risk of they themselves infected patients specifically.

        Both scenarios poses a significant legal liability to the institution should they occur that no hospital or healthcare facility will knowingly or readily assume. The risk management department of such facilities will ensure of this.

        Working in a healthcare facility comes with real risk, and practically all such facilities require workers to have immunizations against various infectious disease to protect not only the patients they serve but themselves.

        Thus in my view I do not see how any frontline workers who does not wish to get vaccinated can continue working in such a high risk environment with direct patient care as if we are living in otherwise normal times.

        It’s simply too dangerous health wise both ways, and poses an unacceptable
        medicolegal risk to the institution.

        Bottom line for me: The institution should strongly recommend that front line workers consider taking the vaccine or mandate by policy that unvaccinated front line workers cannot continue working in direct patient care.

        If they remain unvaccinated, they have to be reassigned away from direct patient care and be required to undergo strict and routine covid testing.

        Since you speak of choice, choices we make always have consequences good for bad. A person may be free to not take the vaccine, but they should not be free to work in a high risk environment whereby they can potentially be exposed to the virus or infect the people they care for as an asymptomatic carrier.

        These are lawsuits in the waiting.

        Now, I noticed you took some direct quotes from the WHO’s website on the Astrazenneca vaccine. What you failed to quote most importantly is that WHO noted that the vaccine has undergone review by the EMA (European Medicine Agency) and consequently meets WHO criteria for SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts) on immunization consideration.

        While on the WHO site it states “No conclusive evidence that it would prevent infection or transmission”, that does not mean that it will not subsequently be shown to do so on both fronts.

        The truth is this is an emerging science. These vaccines have been approved for emergent use to save lives and empirical evidence is coming out almost weekly it seems indicating that not only are they preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death, they are decreasing transmissions as well.

        As more studies are coming out, it is becoming apparent that these vaccines are doing a great job even against the various strains from London, South Africa, and Brazil.

        Look, I get it. You are one of those people who does not wish to take the vaccine, and that’s ok. If you feel you want to wait and see, that’s ok too. You are not alone in that regard.

        I would urge you to keep an open ear, and not close the door to the possibility of your getting the vaccine at a future date.

        You are right, you can expect being vaccinated will be required for some types of employment, and travel in the future. It’s just a matter of time.

        As for your reliance on your healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and rest to combat covid should God forbid you became infected, let me say this to you: There were a lot of people who considered themselves to be healthy prior to covid who are now dead.

        I respect your choice. I wish you well, and trust that you remain safe. God Bless.

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        • Tongue Fu says:

          “I have been here opining on covid, these vaccines and matters associated with them on most articles published on that topic in the past. I am going to assume you missed some of my earlier posts on that matter”.

          Yes I missed those opinions as I hardly have time these days. Still there was a recent article with CSC and I cannot recall seeing your contribution.

          “What I said back then is that it will be very difficult for front line workers to continue
          working in an environment whereby the risk of exposure and transmission of covid among other infectious agents is greater without immunization”.
          That is why they use PPE, sanitization techniques, masks, screens to mitigate that risk. Yes of course there can be medicolegal issues should one contract but they can also be medicolegal issues if someone decides to sue because they are being forced to take a vaccine that has not been tested over time and that may infringe on their religious beliefs or personal freedom of choice. Especially when they are other means to mitigate the risk. Then there could also be a case where healthcare workers opt not to work then what? You have a shortage of essential specialized workers. We have to be careful with this mandate idea as it may well backfire.

          “As for your reliance on your healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and rest to combat covid should God forbid you became infected, let me say this to you: There were a lot of people who considered themselves to be healthy prior to covid who are now dead”.

          Never said that because you live a healthy lifestyle that you cannot die from COVID. However it does increase your chances of surviving it or any other sickness. In the USA the CDC stated that 94% of the people who died from covid had pre-existing conditions. Yes but Medicine is a business that rarely focuses on pro-active and preventative approaches.

          I respect your choice too and pray for your safety. Blessings.

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          • Reply says:

            Again..I respect your choice not to take the covid vaccine currently being offered.

            Again from my view no unvaccinated front line worker at this time should have direct patient contact regardless of the use of PPE.

            Many health care workers using PPE have become infected and died despite using PPE which depending on the particular type and use may not be as protective as they should in preventing infection from covid.

            A front line worker who exercise their right to not take the vaccine, cannot then turn around and insist on remaining in a working environment where the risk of their transmitting covid to patients or they themselves becoming infected is high.

            For me it comes down to individual right vs institutional rights. The institutional policies should be clear on this and may not be in line with individual rights.

            Persons affected would have to decide what they want to do.

            It’s clear that you do not wish to take the vaccine. You have that right, but bear in mind the institution where you may work may have another position on this that may not be in line with your thinking.

            Take care. All the best. Stay safe.

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      • Nope says:

        Thanks for the fake news

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    • Smallpox Anyone? says:

      Do we need to say more?

      And for those wary about the speed and science utilised to create the vaccine…just have a thought back to how big and bulky your phones, TV’S etc used to be. Oh ya, antennas on the rooftops. So ya’ll love to use that technology to blast the only safe way, yes this for our elderly as well, to bring the world as we knew it back .

      Keep you heads in the sand.

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  4. Listen says:

    I know a lot of you is going to have a lot of things to say today. I AM NOT A FAN OF THE PREMIER HOWEVER, GIVE THE MAN A BREAK TODAY.

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  5. Band wagoner says:



    破壊 破壊 破壊 破壊 破壊

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  6. Buck Cluck says:


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  7. First District Lady says:

    Thanks for taking the vaccine with us. That’s why we love our Rep & Premier.

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  8. Is anyone else staggered by what is going on? says:

    If there is a priority system and we are currently at priority group 2 right now. How is it that walk ins are acceptable? Not suggesting that we should slow things down but we are saying one thing and doing the opposite. Selfish people jumping the queue? Not really – it’s just concerned people doing whatever they can because the roll out is so confused. I keep hearing “ yes but this is the BVI”. When will our people expect something better than this? The fact that we just accept mediocrity means that those in the know get preferential treatment. We must demand more from our elected officials. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to explain this process.

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  9. The Nation says:

    Hon Premier…dem had your back against the wall on this one!

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  10. critic says:

    Ayo sure it wasn’t insulin that he took? That guy cant be trusted

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  11. The Cosmic Juggernaut says:

    How come the Health Minister, Commission of police, and Wade Smith’s photos were clear as day while the premier’s photo was blurry on VI News.

    You are all fools if you think Mr Andy Fahie really took the Jab.

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  12. Have to say this says:


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  13. Styles. says:

    Hey Foi

    You took the shot. Great.

    Can you now please work on your h****h.

  14. Question Everything says:

    Video — Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

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