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Premier withholding documents from us, Penn claims

Premier Andrew Fahie is being accused of withholding documentation on the UK’s reported conditions of its loan guarantee from Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, despite promises to share the information.

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn made that claim during a recent public meeting to discuss current critical issues affecting the territory.

“We asked him (the Premier) just prior to him leaving to make the documentation available to us so that we can then elucidate and make the public clearer on what is really happening in terms of the dialogue between the UK and our Premier. We have not gotten that. He refused to give us,” Penn stated.

“It’s a dangerous thing to get your people rallied up, get them to start or join a fight and they don’t know what they are fighting for. There’s this argument going around that the UK has decided to take over our finances … and there is no documentation me or my colleagues have seen that suggests that,” Penn added.

Penn argued that it is important that the Premier shares such documents with the legislative arm of the BVI.

In late August the Premier had said that the United Kingdom wants his government to relinquish control of the territory’s financial portfolio in exchange for the £300 million loan guarantee it had promised to the British Virgin Islands.

Governor Augustus Japert and the UK’S Director of Overseas Territories, Ben Merrick have since denied those claims.

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  1. Local says:

    Ndp do it for 8 yrs u ant question them.

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    • fed up says:

      I am really really sick and tired of the blumming blame game. NDP do this and VIP do that while the blasted territory sinking. Get off ah ayo political fence and use ayo brain meson. How this country spinning is bigger than who came before and digged the holes and those who here now and digging it deeper. Wise up people. The place about to shut down and all the political cronies going see

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  2. Gandalf says:

    This NDP cat seriously complaining about withholding information and documents? C’mon man, you’re party did it best!

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  3. Oh my says:

    Marlon just come out from under a rock? He was part of an NDP that hide the $7mill plane from us, hide the $40mill over priced dock from us, hide the details of this same loan guarentee from us, and I will stop there. The VIP has been informing the public from day 1.

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  4. 100% VIP says:

    Marlon what happen to document for the sewage in 8th and 7th, 7.2ml, overrun 83+ ml pier park, loan for roads lot more to add to the list marlon stop misleading the people and for god in heaven sake go sit down sore loser you help bring this country where it is on it knees

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    • shoot man says:

      Smurf stop playing brand new, you fully well know what the bloody documents say because your government had it right up to the election/

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  5. Wow says:

    All these comments talking about how NDP did it for years. I guess two wrongs do make a right for you people.

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  6. Tata says:

    The sad thing is we cannot take smuf seriously him and the ndp are a set of jokers

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    • Real Jokers says:

      The real jokers are the people of this territory, who are being conned and hoodwinked by the ultimate con man and his band of merry men. I’m sitting back and watch this house of cards go up in flames!

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      • @Real jokers says:

        The people of this territory is going to have to learn the hard way. That House of Cards is going to go up in flames soon. As quiet as it is kept, there is a lot of tension going on up in the House of Cards.Keep telling you all, it is going to take a Woman leader to get this Country going in the direction that it should.

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  7. Kitchen Table Group Panel says:

    Marlon, keep up the foolish bantering like D2 Rep and you will be joining him at the end of the curb come next election. Why is it that you two is always on some type of B**ch Fest.

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  8. Ignorance is a BLISS says:

    While everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The Premiere defends his position on being transparent. Yet, the opposition is now saying that documents are being with held from them.

  9. UK Here says:

    OK don’t worry about it , leave it there then im sure you can raise money somewhere else. Oh and the want independents , No problem despite our home grown issues we still paid for the electrical supply, water to be reinstated after Irma and sent our troops with aid and police to restore order for you But no problem it will save us money so go ahead. PS will the last financial service company to leave BVI please put the lights out !!! one final thing and we are not questioning your belief in god but more your churches, may be ask them for some of the money they have received from all the poor people on BVI year after year, I don’t see them spending much of it on BVI people unless you count swanky cars for the pastors so I assume its just sitting around waiting to help the community out.

    Finally the RDA we wanted you to have transparency and stop the Gov stealing your money but I guess you like being lie too and robbed so looks like we mis judged you. but keep the £10 mil we gave you to pay for it that more than covers the 4 years running cost, lets call it a good bye gift.

    Bye y all !

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  10. REAL says:

    It our Premier that said that he would be transparent with everything he. Marlon is just reminding the Premier about his action.

    We get so short cited

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  11. Hello says:

    Why are these people voted in, in the first place. Basically they can take any decision,all they do is holding district meetings and trading blames, seeking cheap popularity.??

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    • @Hello says:

      People is voting people in because they like the person and will defend the person even if the person is wrong. That I like you S**t need to go out the window.I am not voting for you just because I like you or I know your family.

  12. Blah says:

    I have never ever heard Marlon ask for information from his friend and former Premier Dr. Smith. We still waiting on so many documents.
    Is he for the people or just against the government? I’m sure if he was a part of government he would be assisting his Premier in hiding information. All the people you thought would be good for the territory just end up bad politicians. It’s all a game. Same issue two different opinions based on which side brings it up.

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  13. CW says:

    Do you know how to tell if a politician is lying to you?

    They’re speaking lol

  14. Doing his job says:

    HY’all better allow Marlon to do his job of keeping the Premier and this government accountable because all of us tv watching news (barely) reading sheep will not have a chance to do so for another 4 years.

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  15. Mr Penn says:

    You are loosing your credibility, please don’t lose all!

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