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Public appeal for quarantine security officers as 498 persons now registered to return

At the TB Lettsome International Airport on Wednesday, June 3. (BVI News photos)

Nearly 500 nationals and permanent residents have now registered to gain re-entry into the British Virgin Islands and government is making a public appeal in search persons interested in working as security officers.

Those hired will be required to monitor and provide 24/7 security to the returnees; all of whom must go under immediate quarantine for at least two weeks.

A government-commissioned media release issue said on Friday said “the Office of the Deputy Governor is inviting Belongers and valid work permit holders with no criminal record who are interested in working as security officers to contact the office for immediate engagement”.

When BVI News made subsequent inquiries as to whether persons will be required to have experience to as serve as a government-sanctioned security officer, the Deputy Governor’s Office said “preference” will be given to applicants with some level of training in security services.

Applicants will also be subject local vetting as well, BVI News was further told. Interested persons are asked to contact 284-468-3000 or e-mail for further details.

Over 100 registered for home quarantine

As government rallies security officers, Health Minister Carvin Malone said in the House of Assembly that 498 persons have registered for re-entry as at Friday, June 5.

He said 118 of that number have been approved for home quarantine.

“Twenty-seven persons returned on the 4th of June, 14 persons expected today (Friday), 12 on Saturday, 15 on Sunday — all subject to clearance from Public Health,” Malone stated.

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  1. Pandora's Box says:


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  2. Hmmm says:

    Imagine if expats have to guard locals….I can imagine the hate that will be spewed

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    • Earl says:

      Yeah .. need the work but that would be rough..

    • Local says:

      I’m not surprised by your comment exp have been doing security work guarding ours banks, airport and the list go on so what’s your point. You just want to stir up confusion we get it

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    • Anonymous says:

      @ hmmm I truly had thought that all the tools and foolish was destroyed by Irma

    • Shame says:

      Hmmm that’s the dumbest crap I ever heard and it speaks to the level of wickedness in your own mind to even speak that. If it was just to incite conversation, you are immature.

  3. Concern says:

    Are we sure about this move? We better be very careful with the spreading of Covid 19.

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  4. Boy says:

    What local and empats have to do with this every thing local. Empats if u want a compitition see who can Cook an clean better .them expats will surly win . Shot your a** an get a life.

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  5. What? says:

    So these guys had 8 weeks to plan for this and are NOW looking for guards?

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  6. Jokes, says:

    So several hundred security officers will be needed?
    At what cost? Paid for by Whom?
    For 24 hour coverage at least 2 officers per returnee, probably 3, eight hour shifts.
    Seems ridiculous, surely a better solution can be found?

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  7. Mendomon says:

    Ankle bracelets with gps tracking maybe?

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  8. captain obvious says:

    Maybe we should have hired the guards before we start letting people back in

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  9. Patsy says:

    Looking forward to lockdown #2 plus rooms in hotels.

  10. Tfm says:

    People that just arrived are already not quarantining.. where is their “security”? It would be cheaper to put them in a hotel and guard the hotel. Where are they getting the money to pay all these additional security guards??

  11. Plonk says:

    Would of been easier to put them all in Scrub island for 2 weeks when they arrive.

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  12. What!!! says:

    Didn’t you all think about making sure you had enough guards before letting people back??? Not very smart .

    • Lawyer says:

      The amount of returning persons could only have been known after registration. The question is why they only started this process of registrations so late? That’s alot of persons who got locked out of the country . I imagine most are students.

  13. Hmmm says:

    How come soo much persons got locked out???

    • Shorty says:

      The truth is quiet a number of persons who are returning were not locked out but locals living abroad coming home for regular summer vacation. Those who are students and other residents who were legitimately locked out are also returning but there are still in the minority at this point. It is pure ridiculousness. Look at the numbers after to see those leaving again. It makes no sense. I know a family of three and a few others who reside in the US as locals but returned not because they were locked out but because they are coming home for a break/vacation.

  14. BVI says:

    The Government sure do know how to waste tax payers money. Some of the returnees are upstanding citizens in the Community and I am sure that these person will have no reason to break the government imposed quarantine. In some cases it’s a waste of my tax money to post security outside these people home 27/7. Another question. What right or powers does government have to put security guards on the private property of these returnees? Grateful if someone can assist in answering that question.

  15. .. says:

    Why don’t they use a hotel for that

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