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Public consultations on Consumer Protection bill this month

Marlon Penn

Several months have elapsed since any news of progress on the Consumer Protection Bill. But, the junior minister for trade, Marlon Penn has said a draft of the legislation is now expected to go out for public consultation this month.

He said consultations will begin around mid-November.

While speaking in the House of Assembly in October, Penn explained that residents will be able to give feedback on the legislation through online consultations and public meetings.

“[These consultations will] give persons the opportunity to comment on the draft legislation so that you could have a final draft that represents the people of this territory and the will of the people of this territory. So, we are much closer [to implementing the law],” the junior minister said.

“Once that process is done — and we anticipate that it will be done before the end of November — we will be correlating all the responses and comments from persons so that we could have that legislation to the House of Assembly.”

Penn said his team has been working on the draft of the long-awaited legislation for approximately a year.

He, however, maintains that the Office of the Attorney General is to be blamed for the delay in the implementation of the legislation.

“The team waited for about six to eight months to get that legislation where it is today — a draft.”

But, according to Attorney General Baba Aziz, a yet-to-be-established Trade Commission Corporation is the real reason behind the delay of the Consumer Protection Bill.

The bill will establish the rights of both consumers and businesses in an effort to create a ‘free-priced market economy’.

Price gouging, particularly after the recent hurricanes, was a major issue in the territory.

It is anticipated that the bill will have that, and other unscrupulous business practices addressed.

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  1. Bull says:

    You all just leading people on a string. Just do it do it. Create a floor and a ceiling for prices. And if you buy a product take it home and its no good they need to give you back your money and not a credit if you so desire once it comes back within a certain time frame. The people are just tired of this Government.

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  2. What a joke! says:

    This is a joke. Six months in AG’s Chamber (that’s pretty damn quick for them). This bill should be much further. Now with elections quickly approaching this Bill will die another slow death. Beautifully timed Marlon, you know full well this will never make it through and who the heck knows who will be elected next! Probably a coalition of unwanted that will continue to do the same things keeping the BVI down with their foolishness. No refreshing choices for leadership whatsoever.

    Oh, and where’s the Pier Park audit we were promised? Explanation on our airline? Keep stalling those too!

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  3. ndp heckler says:

    First let us publish who all have concessions on the beef island beach.

    • Propaganda Machine says:

      You people aren’t tired always trying to insinuate nonsense. There’s a process to operate on the beach as persons from both 7th & 8th district we’re given an opportunity to operate up there. Not a soul stop them from operating. Please find some other silliness to spread, everyone in east knows that’s the best of ahyou.

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  4. committee to elect fahie in the 8th says:

    I wonder who is responsible for the delaying the other candidate from constructing his headquarters?

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    • Propaganda Machine says:

      Best of ahyou is spreading propaganda. You really believe this how ahyou going to beat Smurf in the 8th. You tried when Dancia was there and now the same playbook. Try some something like some ideas… Ooops I forgot you guys are fresh out of those.

      Time longer than twine.

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    • Oh Please says:

      You V!P cronies really believe anyone studying ahyou and dean? Please get a life with your pettiness.

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  5. Reply says:

    If memory serves me right, the creation of a Consumer Protection Bill was part of the NDP’s last manifesto.

    Here we are going on the end of their current term with a new election on the horizon, and they are only now speaking of a draft of the legislation and public consultations after all these years?

    IMO, this shows this was just nothing more than an empty campaign promise that was not of high priority.

    With the evident ever high prices of consumer goods and rental properties, one has to really ask why this government did not see it fit to address this matter much earlier in their term?

    I do not buy their making the attorney general their scapegoat for the delay.

    I would venture to guess that perhaps this legislation was perhaps not in some members financial interest.

  6. 9 Votes says:

    That man is a c—–. He know better not to come look vote from me and my family.

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    • Really now says:

      Pure silliness, I guess you control the votes of all your family members. You people will go at any lengths. Desperate much?

    • Silent Majority says:

      Please don’t speak for all the people in the 8th district. We’ve seen the work that has been done in our district since this young man has taken office. Not all of us have short memories or convinant amnesia.

      What is his alleged opponent plans for the district? What his he done for the community all these years? Hearing his plans is fish frys and cook outs. So your smoke and Mirrors won’t blog him to victory.

      We’re past this 1960 politics the BVI need more than these visionless want to be politicians. We wil not sell our souls for 40 pieces of silver. We will prove it at the polls as well.

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  7. Sam the man says:

    If the No Direction Party went any slower with things they’d completely stop. What about the many yearly financial accounts that the Dr as Finance minister has continued to fail to produce? We won’t forget how totally inept this government has been come voting day…..

  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Consumer protection is a vital policy and piece of legislation for consumers. Most other locales have a Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) or some other similar type office/agency. However, consumer protection in the BVI is moving with deliberate speed, as slow as molasses on a freezing, hawk blowing, winter day in the Artic Circle…….etc. Such a vital piece of legislation that protect consumers should be much further along than it is. Something should have been in place in 1958 (well you get the point); now, it is 2018 ((60 yeas later ) and nada. Thus, the BIG question is what is causing the delay? Are legislators conflicted? Do they have a personal/self interest in the delay!

    Well, consumers have been waiting way too long for this vital piece of legislation to come to fruition. They need to peacefully agitate to make it happen and soon. If it is to happen soon, it is up to consumers; consumers need to get engage and all put 12 legislators on notice, on the hot seat. Of course, the engagement must be legal and peaceful; hurting their feelings without guilt is peaceful action. Consumers must set some serious demands and hold legislators accountable. It is consumers lack of action(s) in holding legislators accountable is what put us in this almost untenable position. The long suffering, poor and defenseless consumers need some relief from the abuse and exploitation.

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  9. 8th District says:

    This man has let us down.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    The blogger (REALLY?)sums up in detail why the NDP or no other could not and will not realise any substantial consumer Protection.

    Business does not want legislation that will protect their customers from their greed.

    Let’s for the right leadership and fairness legislation to prevail on this critical human legislative issue.

  11. Huh says:

    Every one knows he’s c******* .

  12. Yaaay says:

    i pooped today

  13. Mervin Flaherty says:

    Hope that poo didn’t land in his face.

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