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PVIM will strengthen the labour code, Smith claims


Residents are being told to expect a bolstered labour code under a Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) government.

PVIM Territorial At-Large candidate Shaina Smith made that pledge while giving remarks at a Women’s Townhall event in Fish Bay on Wednesday night.

“The labour code needs to be strengthened as it relates to workplace and safety,” Smith argued. “This is something that I take very seriously. That is a priority that needs to be addressed … So, going forward, for all of the government’s workplaces, we need to make that a priority.”

Smith was at the time responding to questions by members of the audience as it relates to mould infestation at government buildings

Mouldy government-run offices became prevalent following the 2017 weather events that affected the British Virgin Islands.

Delinquency on child support will also be addressed

Residents are also being told to expect a PVIM government that will be proactive in addressing negligent parenting, Smith added.

“In the research that I did in the lower income bracket for homes, there is legislation that is in place that speaks to being able to garnish wages of a parent because it could be both mothers and fathers that are being delinquent.”

She continued: “We have to have a system where there is a centralization so that if anybody is working anywhere within the country, the government is able to know that they have a salary, and the magistrate would know you are supposed to give X amount of dollars to the caregiving parent.”

She said while legislation in that regard is necessary, supporting mechanisms will be needed.

“That is one of the things that we would have to look at further and come up with what the processes need to be because you have mandated child support right now. But, everything is done through the court. So, it is kind of dependent on the person coming, and that’s where you have issues of delinquencies,” Smith reasoned.

Smith pointed out that delinquent parents would eventually wind up at Her Majesty’s Prison and the children would still suffer as they would be unable to receive the monetary support.

The PVIM, headed by former Health and Social Development minister Ronnie Skelton is hoping to unseat the National Democratic Party that he was once a part of.

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  1. VG Voter says:

    I like the blouse but was this at the Women’s empowerment….may be seen as seductive for the setting.

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  2. pvim heckler says:

    First she have to get in and i don’t see that being possible this time around. Unfortunately changing party every 4 years wont do the trick

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  3. @pvim heckler says:

    You and others like you are what is wrong with this country. It should not be about party affiliation but about competence. Not loyalty to party but loyalty to country! Check yourself!

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  4. Nonsense says:

    Shaina knows better especially as a project manager on buildings around the Territory. This has nothing to do with the labor code but rather our general don’t give a s**t attitude when it comes to anything. Who is ensuring that the materials used in these buildings are up to standard? As a technical professional she should be championing a proper building/oversight authority that will not just have power on paper but also have man power. When people tell you they from here and they building their building on their land and call a Minister to get the authorities off their backs. Every year when they go to renew their trade licenses or pay their land taxes, all commercial buildings should have to undergo MANDATORY inspections for air quality and any issues that may pose a threat to general health. Enough lip service, time to pull up this lawless place by its collar!

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    • @Nonsense says:

      Lets put this in perspective. I rent a space in a building. It was fine when I rented it. Then it started to gather mold. I know there is mold but yet i want my staff to work in that environment. How does that not be apart of the labor code. Yes building inspections need to happen but there also needs to be protection for employees working in hazardous conditions. You people like to call down things without looking at the picture as whole. This can only be a comment from someone who does not support that party. Like it or not she has a point

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      • No says:

        She has no point! If measures are put in place like the previous poster has said, there would be no need for labor code to have that in. The current labor code already speaks to ensuring a safe environment for staff etc. but without enforcement on the building authority side how can labor enforce anything? On what basis?

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      • Yikes says:

        To add my 0ne cent. two sol station without roof since Irma. no protection from the wind, sun, rain and fuel for them. the authorities pass there everyday and nobody is addressing this awful and ugly situation. Should this be put on facebook and youtube the person who exposed this cruel and inhumane condition will called all sorts of names. But who is responsible to ensure workers does not have to leave their homes to work under such conditions. Where was the voice of Ms. Smiyh and her party? Absent as usual oh no it’s election and here they come with brite ideas.

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  5. Consultant says:

    Without a doubt, H&S at work is indeed important. There have been rules in effect for quite sometime. The issue is motivating the necessary behavioral modifications to effect meaningful change, particularly in an environment where it is difficult enough to get people to change how they do things to increase efficiency/productivity and or to comply with more recent building practices.

  6. Reply says:

    I have made it known before that I support Ms. Smith’s efforts in this election. Regardless of party, I believe she is a very capable woman.

    I realize there are some who wish to dismiss her simply because she has moved from other political parties.

    I’m not concerned by this. It’s politics. You go where you think your chances of success are best.

    And by the way, not to be sexist, I do like her outfit too, but I like her ideas more. She is all wrapped up in a bow signed, sealed, and ready to deliver if give the chance to serve.

    At least hear her out as she makes her case; give her that much the same as you would do for any other candidate. No one contesting election is free of some baggage.

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  7. Really says:

    soon there will be more politician than citizen.

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  8. It's time says:

    People need proper benefits on jobs today. Governments need to look at their people socially, everything is not buildings and education. You all cannot move a country without the people.

  9. Ausar says:

    Not an appropriate manner of dress for such an occassion!

    Political office should require tasteful attire at all times, even while campaigning.

    Such an inappropriate look renders her spineless, weak, and unfit for office.

    Leave the frills for the bedroom, not the boardroom!

    • Hi says:

      What a chauvanistic pig you are!! It’s what is in her brain that counts. And I bet you can’t walk in her footsteps. How about we talk about the issues affecting us and bring forward real solutions. I commend her for being bold enough to have this forum to encourage us women. Shaina you go girl, you got the brains and the looks to move and shake!

  10. @BVI says:

    I applaud Shaina for not giving up on country! It’s not easy to be in the political area, especially as a young woman.

    People try to make a thing out of her changing parties. Well people its the people that make the party and not the party!!! So get it together and stop trying to find fault when there isn’t any. She is a bright, well educated young woman. And its high time we push young people forward and stop voting for the same ole farts all the time.

    The point of the labour code needing to be strengthen as it relates to health and saftey would force employers to take the condition of their workplace environments more seriously. The only thing I would add is that further regulation needs to be placed on building owners inclusive of the government.

  11. Hmmmm says:

    Nothing is wrong with that top. I see people wearing leggings to work in law firms and trust companies these days. LoL

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