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Quarantine escapee still on the run, public’s help needed


Immigration Minister Vincent Wheatley has announced that the traveller who recently escaped quarantine in the BVI is yet to be captured by the authorities.

The man — a citizen of Dominican Republic — was reportedly refused entry at the airport on December 20 and placed under quarantine at Lambert Beach. 

Transportation was arranged for him to be taken to the airport and leave the territory on December 21.

However, the authorities did not see him when they checked his room.

According to a statement from Minister Wheatley, the Immigration Department and the assistance of the Joint Task Force are undergoing extensive operations to locate the gentleman.

“It is also my hope that you the public will assist in sharing any information you may have pertaining to the whereabouts of the individual, or anyone that you think has information or is harbouring him,” Wheatley’s statement said.

Necessary tests done

According to the minister, the incident has brought a level of unrest and fear to the public, especially considering the possibility that COVID-19 could be transmitted to members of the community. 

But Wheatley said BVI authorities carried out routine tests when the escapee arrived at the airport.

“I would like to reduce those fears by informing you that upon arrival, the passenger did undergo the on-arrival PCR testing which I can report was a negative result. While this negative test result may bring some level of relief, the fact that he has broken the law and remains at large is still of great concern for us as a government as it should be for you as a people,” Wheatley said.

Persons with information are being urged to call 468-4705, or 468-9601 immediately.

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  1. Just asking says:

    Total foolishness. Shouldn’t this man’s room at the hotel been under watch 24/7 ?

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  2. i mean says:

    most likely he will go to an area that has his native language so without a doubt he is hiding there

  3. West Side says:


  4. Some say...... says:

    The streets say he is hiding out somewhere down Sea Cows Bay. Due to someone stupidity he manage to escape. The man is a health risk to anyone he comes in contact with.

  5. Hellllll to the no says:

    You all mess up and now you all want the public to assist in your mess up? The man should have been sitting in a jail cell and escorted to the airport and make sure the plane was in the air heading to DR.

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  6. MK says:

    If the government had done their job in the first place you won’t be asking for help. How can you put someone in quarantine at Lambert Beach without a guard?

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  7. Not I says:

    I am not assisting with anything you dummies allow to happen. MAN YOU PEOPLE IS BACKWARDS. The man should have been placed in lock up quarantine until deportation date, escorted to the airport and placed on the plane. What is so hard about that. Let the Government or whoever is responsible set up a task force to find the runner. I see him, I AM NOT SAYING OR DOING S**T. IT IS NOT MY JOB, MY JOB IS TO MAKE SURE MY FAMILY AND FOUR CORNERS IS SAFE.

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  8. embarrassment says:

    In little Tortola they can’t find one man. This sound so embarrassing and a national disgrace. A speed boat pull up in Lambert and went with him then, but even that way he should have gotten caught because we suppose to have excellent surveillance out there. Only one road in and out Lambert and nobody ain’t pass him? Come on, let’s stop putting ourselves to shame

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    • Jacki says:

      For it to be a national disgrace two things would need to change.
      1. We’d need to be a nation. We are not.
      2. We’d need people outside BVi to care about this issue . They do not.

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  9. step down says:

    BVI is the only place those in authority do not take responsibility and always blaming somebody else. How this happen? You and Penn need to step down and resign over this. People here don’t know how to apply pressure. Ohh come on chatting all kind of crap but never once apologize to the community for not being vigilant enough. Ohh, that is somebody else fault.

    Ayo giving people tracking device that don’t track. Nobody say nothing and we can’t here how the public purse will be refunded and compensated for this b.s
    Do better than this

  10. Lol says:

    I saw him at the club last night fanning benjamins. Girls luvin on him.

    He sure was sweating a lot…

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