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Rhodni Skelton appointed Acting Director of Tourist Board


The BVI Tourist Board has appointed Rhodni Skelton as the new Acting Director of Tourism.

The Tourist Board said Skelton’s temporary appointment is due to the absence of Director Sharon Flax-Brutus who is on vacation leave.

“In keeping with organizational procedures, Mr Skelton has been appointed to act in the position while the Director is on leave,” Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission, Mrs Kenisha Boynes-Sprauve stated in a media release on Wednesday.

Skelton, who has been the Deputy Director of the BVI Tourist Board and Film Commission since 2017, will now be responsible for the daily management of the operations of the organisation, including its overseas offices and marketing agencies.

He holds Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree from Northwood University in Business Management, and Marketing respectively. He also has an MBA from Wright State University in Human Resource Management and Finance, and a Master of Science Degree in Tourism and Project Management from the University of the West Indies.

Skelton is also a certified International Film Commissioner since receiving the accolade from the Association of Film Commissioners International back in 2008.

He will be the acting Director until the latter half of February 2020, which is when Director Flax-Brutus is expected to return to office.

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  1. woi says:

    Here comes bo rat to mind the cheese

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  2. just saying says:

    hope he stays s**a

  3. Bad Decision says:

    I’m against this appointment. The guy promote STX more than the BVI. In his mind, STX does everything better than the BVI.

    How can he be Director or even on our Tourist Board when he promote another country more than Tola ?

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    • Please says:

      What is there in St.croix to promote and if that’s the case why is he not living there? But I do agree I don’t know if he is ready. The tourist board need some new creative ideas.

      Its should not just be a vacation to travel. Too many immature people holding big positions in the BVI and it pass allegedly. He needs to put down his foot and fist

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  4. Jimmy says:

    Who the f…. cares.

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  5. Divajs says:

    He is fully qualified to handle the position and has been so doing from the backend all the time.

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  6. SMH says:

    Give our folks a break! Dam if you do and shamif you don’t. We need more harmony and unity amongst ourselves in order to demonstrate love,peace and togetherness. Some of you’ll folks just to darn miserable and full of negativity so nothing good is ever good for you all.

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  7. Patty says:

    Let’s hope he does better than when he was the head of the Film Commission

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  8. Ausar says:

    Congratulations on your appointment,albeit temporary, Oh Most Worshipful Master!

  9. Shorty says:

    Isn’t that the purpose of the Deputy Director to Act as Director when they are on leave or on travel or whatever. What is the big deal he is doing his job that he is getting paid to do as the Deputy Director, fill in the event of absence. No? Slow news day

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  10. ??? says:

    How could Flax-Brutus be a junior government minister and the tourism director at the same time?

  11. CW says:


    This is for a vacation. This is not a big deal like you maKe everything out to be. GROW UP OR LET THE GROWN FOLKS TALK CHILDREN. you have no ideas, no plans, and no effort to make a positive change so you cry online about EVERYTHING. What have you done to help the BVI? Crying online doesn’t count, STRUPES

  12. @ Ausar says:

    There is ONE MASTER and that is Abba Father.

    Society learn for yourselves and stop jumping on every trend or new age foolishness because it seems hip.

    Search Freemasonry exposed and you will understand. Don’t worry about offending your friends and family who are in it. The only one we have to please is the Lord God Almighty. As for this third eye mess that people are promoting it is of the devil.

    Look up this information for yourselves.

  13. Know your people says:

    Those are two different people. Read

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