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Scoping over! Police launch full investigation into ESHS wall

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

An investigation has been officially launched into the controversial, Myron Walwyn-led Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall project.

Following a special Auditor General’s report stating that the education ministry did not comply with the government’s Public Finance Regulations — laws that govern such projects, police conducted a preliminary ‘scoping exercise‘ to ascertain whether a full-blown criminal investigation was warranted.

While answering follow-up questions from BVI News on Thursday, Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said: “We have scoped the issues raised in the Auditor General’s report and we are now in the early stages of an investigation.”

“I cannot comment further on the nature, scale, or timeframe from such a matter going forward,” added the top cop who said commenting further could potentially prejudice the investigation.

Police was first prompted to look into the near-million dollar wall project after Governor Augustus Jaspert handed them the Auditor General’s report months ago.

Coupled with the accusation that the education ministry did not comply with Public Finance Regulations, Auditor General Sonia Webster also accused the ministry of producing ‘false’ information to the government’s treasury department in relation to the project.

But, while maintaining that there was no dishonesty involved in the project, former education minister Walwyn, accused the Auditor General of producing an unbalanced and lacking report.

Walwyn no longer serves in pubic office because he was not re-elected during the 2019 General Elections which concluded on February 25.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some people are still in fear of mentally strong, intelligent Black men.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Mentally strong people live their truth publicly and privately.

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      • HRMPH says:

        We need an investigation into the Overspend at the Pier Port – $40 million – more than 5 times the value of the combined investments into the ESHS wall and BVI Airways

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    • ok says:

      mentally strong, intelligent Black men…SHOULD NOT STEEL THIEF OR MISUSE PUBLIC FUNDS. knowingly or unknowingly

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      • Sick people says:

        So you saw someone steal money? You people are sick.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Dem ah haters of smart Black men and people.

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          • virgin says:

            Black men ARE people. Some of us are smart,some not so much. Smart people don’t steal. No matter the color of their skin. It’s irrelevant.

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        • Really says:

          Not sick people. Just disgusted people
          The wall is enough evidence and plus it was tax payers money. Remember tax payers have not gotten an increment in three years . Did I said disgusted I meant to say angry.

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        • Onlooker says:

          I hear a lot of people, including women, turn contractor and got money without doing any work. If this is true, it is called stealing.

    • Call Me Ismael says:

      Walwyn and Vanterpool are not strong men. They took advantage of us and are now facing the consequences of strong and intelligent black and white men AND women!

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      • Call You S-**t Head says:

        Where did you read Myron took advantage of anyone? Are you manufacturing your own facts?

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        • Call Me Ismael says:

          If he broke the law then he took advantage of all men, women and children!

          Elected officials should serve the people and not themselves. Our public treasury is not his personal piggy bank.

          There are laws that he swore to uphold. Did he dishonor us?

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          • Call You S**t Head says:

            Well judging from your post you have already concluded the outcome of the investigation. How did you arrive that he dishonored us if the investigation has just begun. Don’t let your personal feelings get the best of you Bobo.

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      • Is true. says:

        @call me Ishmael,You speaking the truth.

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    • Tooth&Claw says:

      What does being black have to do with any of this? Stop race-bating and grow the heck up.

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    • hers says:

      you talking nonsence

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  2. Okay now says:

    The thing start. NDP make me shame.

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  3. SMDH says:

    The NDP really disgrace this place. They were too greedy and for themselves alone.

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  4. My my my says:

    The whole of that ministry where bald head was needs investigating.

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    • My My says:

      VIP Didn’t SHAME and DISGRACE this palce?? The righteous is ruling now. Let churches say AMEN! But there is a God.

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      • foot soilder says:

        Tortola people only like you when you when they can use you.Every dog has his day.let them go on.the mud will soon hit the fan it will not be long.

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  5. Please says:

    Please investigate the ministry of communications and works during the ndp tenure. Corruption beyond imagination.

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  6. wize up says:

    look a joke: now homeboy out of political office an investigation will move ahead: no wonder # 4 desperately seeking to get back in the assembly(safe zone)

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  7. Hmmmm says:

    Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

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  8. waylox says:

    Well it’s about time. NB, he is no longer there in ministry to cause interference

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  9. Anonymous says:

    By Tola logic and the comments made by the guy who recently spoke about temporarily residing in the gutter A criminal is anybody that was investigated. Keep the same energy.

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  10. Xaveryna says:

    Ayo better keep off of Myron. Go ask Potter about the POs. Not Myron

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  11. Bullshit says:

    You all talking about school wall the men out of politics why BVI people do not talk about the ———- of the House with jail for National Bank money hmmmmm y u all don’t about the 9 District r—————- have a matter in court all now all of you need to just shut your Ms talk that now

  12. MBGA Man says:

    Another NDP success!

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  13. KhalidMuhammed says:

    Nobody calling for an investigation into the $7.2 million.
    Nobody calling for an investigation into the airport study for $10.0 million
    Nobody calling for an investigation into the $40 plus million
    But somebody calling for an investigation into a $1 million dollar wall, where there is something on the ground?
    This investigation is nothing but a “smoke screen” against one of the most brilliant minds in politics in the Virgin Islands, Hon. Myron Walwyn.
    Be careful, those who are behind this. The day shall come when we need this leader.
    Be careful, those who seeking to destroy our leaders.

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    • Blah says:

      So basically you think that Dr. Smith and Mark should be investigated as well. Those guys stood shoulder to shoulder with Myron. Myron endorsed those guys. Myron said on the campaign trail that he would hire Dr Smith as an adviser if he was elected. Myron wanted Mark to run despite Mark not confirming his intent to run by the deadline that Myron imposed. If Dr Smith and Mark did anything that is worthy of an investigation for example the “$7.2 million”, the “$10 million Airport study” or $40 million plus” Myron was one of their biggest enablers. He was a member of cabinet. He played a huge part in those controversial decisions. I dont think Myron broke the law directly but somebody that was involved with the wall did.

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      • the block says:

        that man from from west is shameful.remember you have family and you need to be investigating too.

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      • @Blah says:

        What p**s are you talking about, so where are Ronnie, Mitch, Archie and all the other members of then NDP Government????

    • Justice says:

      Hope they can tackle some unsolved murder cases next….

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    • @KhalidMuhammed says:

      I was taught from childhood,when one set out to destroy,Will be be destroyed thripple. I am not taking sides but this looks like a modern day witch hunt. Someone is trying to destroy Myron real bad. The man have children,you destroy him, is that fair to do to his children? Others in Government have done worse why are they not under the Gun.Oh,I forgot, if your parents were born here, you can do and get away with anything you want.

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      • Real Bad says:

        Tortola people is some of the most ugliest people inside and out. They are always out to destroy. If you have a pair of shoes that they feel is better than theirs,they will destroy you for that. The world need to Isolate Tortola and cut them off from everything IE.. the American dollar, ban their travel to the US and ban Tourist.

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        • Really says:

          Speaking like a jealous expat. You need to get the h**l out of dodge while you can but you wouldn’t because you want that US dollars. You are nothing but a worthless parasite.

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          • yes! says:

            totally agree, speaking like a g*damn expat parasite ! smh. If we’re so ugly then all y’all expats need to remove yourself from here !! period.

          • FACTS BE TOLD says:

            All the rant she is ranting, her backside too afraid to go back to her country bc somebody in her country will kill her for that same pair of shoes she bought to one day carry back home. So she should know about such things.

      • Hush says:

        This is simple. Each day investigations are ongoing in respect of crime relating to the ordinary man who also has children. If that ordinary man is found to have done a crime he is arrested whether he has a family or not. Nothing different to the man or woman who happened to be a Government Minister. The law applies to all. You people need to let the process run it’s course. You all seem to suffer from the same mentality that the politicians do – the mentality that they are untouchable, should not be investigated and their wrongs if criminal should be swept under the rug. If this is allowed to continue here lawlessness will be our downfall.

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    • I would says:

      Yes they will be begging Myron for help soon. Me, I would tell them to F***ING kick rocks. Those crab foot and hangers they have about they are Government is a joke.

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  14. Didinterested says:

    The RVIPF should call ball and strikes as they are pitched regardless of what inning it is. It should be non-partisan with no dog in the fight. Good strategy of staying out local politics, timing investigation until after the election. How long has the RVIPF been scoping this project? Is it the RVIPF policy to delay controversial issues just before an election? The Governor referred this item to the RVIPF so there is no doubt that an investigation was going to be conducted. It was clear as mud, was it not?

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  15. Sobriety says:

    I read this report over two weekends and I have not seen nothing criminal in it. Also I found striking that there was nothing there about falsifying documents so it would be good to know where that came from and whether the officials at the ministry of education were asked about it.
    Something doesn’t right with me on this. Also we have a wall project for under a million dollars that we can see was built. Where is the plane audit? Where is the Brandywine Bay audit? Where is the audit for 10M at the airport ? This smacks of a witch hunt to me.
    How many of you blogging read that report?

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    • Anonymous says:

      Lemme guess, you voted for Trefor, Sandy, Henry and Myron.

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      • Seen this before says:

        My heart goes out to you local folks. You have no clue what is going on in the country. No clue. Just trained to eat each other. Hopefully you locals will figure it out before it’s too late.

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        • Smh says:

          What’s with you all always trying to knock down the locals . You people are jackas*es. Coming in another man’s country and behaving so. Immigration needs to start doing a thorough job about letting in all sorts of snakes in this place. My thing is if we are such terrible people why are you here. It is something that baffles me all the time. Just guessing is it the US dollars you want send home to build your big houses. Dirty worthless snakes in a grass.

    • Observer says:

      That’s speaks volumes about your IQ

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    • Guest says:

      Yep you are an imbecile most of your rebuttal centers around other issues not being investigated and your inability to analyze a report. None of which refuted an investigation but rather highlights your level of ignorance and lack of analytical skills.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      @Sobriety, the wall, like they like to say, is a low hanging fruit. Perhaps the low hanging fruit will lead to the higher hanging fruit. Just reasoning.

  16. Ok says:

    Check out the pier park now.

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    • Hulda says:

      The wall, inspite of everything said or assumed is nevertheless very tangible.

      It seems like we should indeed investigate just how the Detroit-trained influence was brought to bear on our pier park – where pastor, are the unaccounted funds? Please RVIPF, do investigate….

      Say one say two.

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  17. Guest says:

    Go look at the pier park next only if you can potentially deal with national embarrassment

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  18. Ratchet voter says:

    That wall is smack of racketeering. Mob style racketeerring. 70 contracts for a wall a little over a thousand feet long and ten feet high in some places? Go figure.

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    • Haha says:

      Not even the Pier Park,Government Administration Building or Hospital which has been in progress for almost 10 years used 70 contractors.

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      • Ludicrous says:

        so your argument is giving 70 men the opportunity to make money is a bad thing? Once there was no money mismanagement i see equity in the 70 men getting work.

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    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve always been hearing that only the big contractors like J**esy and Cr***e getting all the contracts and the “lil man” aint getting no eat!

      Myron split up a contract between 70 men who employed more men and you call that racketeering? The streets must eat too! GTFOH

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  19. SPOKEN WORD says:

    God don’t like ugly. People be very careful. Today may be my troubles but be sure yours will be right around the corner. When you dig one hole, dig two cause yours will be waiting. We are all God’s creation. Be careful. I say no more.

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  20. HRMPH says:

    We need an investigation into the Overspend at the Pier Port – $40 million – more than 5 times the value of the combined investments into the ESHS wall and BVI Airways

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  21. pumpkin says:

    oh boy fresh meat ah soon come up to balo

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  22. Dah says:

    They will not find a thing….Like Top Cop dont have any unsolved murders to solve..

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  23. Stop this says:

    All of you sound so hateful and bitter. Myron has nothing to lose by this investigation. In fact it would clear the air once and for all/ It is so sad for a country which boasts of more churches than supermarket can be so bitter with such hate and venom for ONE black man who has contributed so much of his young life to this country. It reminds me of the women caught in adultery . Who is without guilt cast the first stone. Remember those who dart the heaviest boulder, when d you lift. there is maggot under your stone. The West man name was called in wrong things too. Who would investigate him. Every one of you have tarnished record. Somebody hiding a secret or two of government dealings. Myron is too advanced and smart . You notice is the men always on his back. Pure jealousy.

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    • @stop this says:

      Agreed 100%. They might have their degrees but they are dumb as heck. They will never be as advanced and smart like Myron is. LOL, my granny said a bunch of ignorant bush men in ill fitting suits running Country.

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    • Stop what!? says:

      That is wonderful. If Myrun has not done anything wrong then he has nothing to worry about and he will be vindicated. If there was no investigation, people would question it. Now there is an investigation and guess what some people still doing – well atleast the Myrun supporters anyway. Whatever peeps. Thanks to the poe poe for doing their job.

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  24. Biggie Boi says:

    Did Vanty Poo
    Have Someting To Do
    With our $7.2?

  25. From Afar says:

    The only thing the people of Tortola knows how to do is be stupid, no common sense no nothing. The only thing they are good for is destroying each other. I wonder when they are going to start cooking and eating each other.bunch of worthless savages walking around like they are lost.

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    • Really says:

      @ from afar people are entitled to their opinion. To labelled them as savages for doing just that says plenty about who the real savage is. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see looking back at you. Yes the biggest savage to walk this earth.

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    • Go afar!! says:

      I guess you the biggest savage to recognize all the other savages, bc it takes one to know one. You @$$ need to go back home bc there is where you will get kill and cooked tender. Some of you all frightened like h**l to catch the next flight back. Remember, we read news from “afar” too. Go afar, you moron.

  26. Rude Awakening says:

    Dont worry. Myron, the investigation would come to a closure one day. See who they would be on then. All the good work you started in Education would go down the tube. Some persons at ESHS power hungry. One hypocritical…. always calling down God Using God as a cloak… hiding in meeting with the Minister and a few selected …. to backstab the other principals. Dog eating dogs. If the Minister has street and common sense he would see through such an individual. Silence on blatant behaviour in a society is not stupidity. Power Struggle is on. No matter how we hide something comes out. Shame on you who call yourself a child of God.

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  27. From Afar says:

    @Really, unlike you, I don’t have to P***y Pop or depend on OMMP/Old Man Monthly Pension to make my coins.The same way people is entitled to their opinion,B**ch, I am entitled to mine.See,I keep S**t real.Yes there are a lot of F**ked up savages in Tortola that is always starting S**t and tearing each other down.

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    • @ an afar @$$ says:

      You sound like you they soon need to take you down OUR Peebles Hospital for a chill pill. When they done stick you SAVAGE backside, they need to send you home.

      I believe that you s**t and p**s your pants after the election. I hope you comment on BVI News Online so they could know who to send home “afar”. Smh.

      • From Afar says:

        F*** you savage. I live afar but I was born in Tortola stupid savage.where are they going to send me back to? West End? You nonfactor savage. Go marinate on that.

    • Yes and yes says:

      @From Afar, I believe in keeping s**t real also. Heck yeah, there is a lot of dirty Savages walking around here.They start from the top on down. When payback strike, they all will be exposed. They thought those two storms were bad? To many evil spiteful people walking around this place. The higher power is going to take care of them all. They here trying to destroy a man because of the hatred they have for him and a wall but they are willing to allow killers who have destroyed families walk free. You people are going to roast in the pits of h**l. Go ahead people, keep showing how dirty you are. Every dog has his day. Long run from a marger horse people.

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  28. But check this says:

    Most of the people who want Myron lock up knows people who have committed robberies and murders in this same Tortola and is keeping their mouths shut. Yes, you all are a bunch of slime ball hypocritical savages. What is worse? A wall or knowing someone who murder someone and you keep your mouth shut. Think about that savages.

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  29. DDP says:

    All yall need to shut the h**l up!!!!!

  30. Papa God. says:

    The hatred and venom coming from these so called men of cloth is unbelievable. The gallows you build to hang/destroy a next human being it well might be for you. God sits high and look low and vengeance is his mine said the Lord.

    • Exactly says:

      Those so call men of the cloth is going to be the first ones to get strike down when the time comes. They use the pulpit to do the dirty things that they are doing. Sleeping with other men wives,lying,covering up wrong and the list goes on. The innocent always pay for the guilty in Tortola.There A**es will all be washed out to Sea when the Tsunami hit the BVI. This BVI is soiled in evilness. Oh, and by the way, no matter how many leaders you have, Tortola is going to take yearsssss to get back together. You all are to damn evil and badminded to have any good follow your A**es.

  31. Mr. Green says:

    I hear and read about it all the time. “Wasting the Tax Payers Money” Lets get real– how much pure tax money is paid into the National Treasury? There is no sales tax, property and payroll taxes are extremely low. Do you call the monies received from the Trust Groups a tax? Thats 63% of the National Income, what about the cruise ship passengers? Other taxes that I am aware of are funds collected for specific efforts, environment, litter, rehab, etc. The Government is not spending “your” tax money!

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