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‘Skelton Cline worked for his money’, says Premier

Claude Skelton Cline

Premier Andrew Fahie has staunchly defended hiring consultant Claude Skelton Cline, claiming that he worked for the money that he was paid.

Appearing before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) recently, Premier Fahie said Skelton Cline ‘gets things done’ wherever he goes.

“There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the man has produced and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that … [he helped] produce a lovely Tortola Pier Park,” the Premier stated. “He gets things done wherever he goes.”

“We named some of the areas [that Mr Skelton Cline worked on], and we could go into them one by one. The man worked,” Fahie added.

Wasn’t Premier apprehensive about CSC any at all?

Questions were raised by the COI about whether the Premier had any apprehension giving Skelton Cline contracts that had no real ‘reporting’ component so that deliverables and work progress could be properly monitored and assessed. The question was asked against the backdrop of Skelton Cline’s controversial Neighbourhood Partnership Project that happened nearly a decade earlier.

“Did your own experience of what had happened in the Neighborhood Partnership Project factor in?” COI attorney Bilal Rawat asked.

He continued: You [Premier Fahie] entered into a situation where you are prepared to give $100,000 to an individual without requiring him to make any kind of report to you at all during the currency of the contract. So, what you decided to do was [say] ‘I’ll give him a six-month trial run. If at the end of the six months I don’t like his report, he can keep his $100,000 or his $97,980’.

Stewardship of public funds

Rawat further stated that it came down to a matter of stewardship of public funds and whether the Premier should have been asking for reports during the currency of the contract.

But Premier Fahie countered by saying reporting tasks were not Skelton Cline’s only job within the duration of his contract.

The Premier previously told the COI that his intention had always been to have Skelton Cline serve as a Ministerial Political Advisor, despite something different being in his contract.

Fahie explained that any disparity between Skelton Cline’s contractual requirements and the duties he actually performed was largely because the technical staff inside the Premier’s Office were unable to source a suitable contract template for what he (Fahie) actually wanted Skelton Cline to do.


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  1. Resident says:

    If he did then where are the reports, the public has a right to know what he did to earn such a large salary

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  2. captain obvious says:


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  3. Tony Montana says:

    lock him uppppp

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  4. 2 Tongue? says:

    Foy: “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the man has produced and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that … [he helped] produce a lovely Tortola Pier Park,” the Premier stated. “He gets things done wherever he goes.”

    Weren’t you one of them in the opposition up and down about the pier park overrun costs. Now today, I guess as long as he gets it done no matter the cost.

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  5. Looking from far says:

    I need to come live on this island and get some free money! The requirement..Just need to be a wolf in sheep clothing!This government has no vetting process..unaccounted monies flying out the back door and given too big name fishes..this is unreal..the current Premier is soo disrespectful..lack Integrity no wisdom..this is embarrassing!

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    • Scarface says:

      As Scarface said Miami is one big coochie waiting to be effed

    • Rubber Duck says:

      I suggest we use giant nuclear powered seaplanes to solve the airport crisis and make artificial coke and build a bigger and better Las Vegas on George Dog.

      Can I have my $200,000 please Albert?

      • Ducky Fuzz says:

        Why not get an Aircraft carrier, Which covers the airport expansion, Put and casino on board, and a Cannibis Plantation below, Tick Tick Tick can I have my $16000 for my month pay please.

        • Rubber Duck says:

          Brilliant. And we can put the penguin farm in the engine room.

          I’m afraid that’s another $196,000 ( plus 5% tax free bonus because no one in your office can read a contract ) Albert.

      • WELL SA says:

        😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 lol lol lol lol expensive suggestions, in university they need to put in the curriculum the area for suggestions, seems like it is a new empowered field now, brings in a big income. Also, weed wracking should be considered, real expensive areas to consider. vell, vell, vell; I could tell yah 😀

  6. Smh says:

    What kind of work could he have done for 16k per month? That is more than any civil servant makes including the elected representatives. There is nothing that can be shown that was done for that money. It was nothing more than political rewarding for his support in the elections. He also used his talk show to tear down the NDP and that comes at a price. Andrew believe his brains big.

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  7. What!!!! says:

    “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the man has produced and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that … [he helped] produce a lovely Tortola Pier Park,” the Premier stated. “He gets things done wherever he goes.”

    “no doubt in anyone’s mind” ???? A lot of of doubt in my mind and I think other people as well.

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  8. Reason says:

    L**s and more l**s this cr**ks c**upt pastor have a lot to answer to the most high

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  9. Wow. says:

    100,000 for a trial run. Somebody PLEASE tell me where to get in line for a trial run. Wow. Just wow. The Pastor even had a Turks ex-minister describe a COI and it’s result on his show this week. Stuff in this particular COI interview sounded just like what was described that Misick did. Hope you all were listening to the result description. Nothing more than wow.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    In soccer you call it a back kick in politics you call it a ki****ck.

  11. Shaaaaaammmmmeeeeee says:

    Hanging his head – no wonder he was frothing at the mouth some months earlier – all this would have come out.

    But, when a person plays with the Devil, DISGRACE is the outcome.

  12. Freemasons says:

    Make the money brother. Let’s continue to bull one another at the back of the church.

  13. EXPRESSION says:

    well the one on h number
    s face is saying our people are so stupid 🙄 I did a number on them and just show them one of my charming smile 😊 and they swallowed hook line and sinker

  14. heckler says:

    Was he sharing that money?

  15. Someone says:

    “ There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the man has produced”

    I am someone and I HAVE MANY DOUBTS! In fact, I ONLY have doubts.

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  16. Stop it. Please. says:

    How Did you know.?..U didnt receive any reports…Hon Frazer didnt think so..This CSC cause VIP to lose 2015 election. Its going to be this same CSC that bring u all down again..How stupid can one party get.

  17. @ BISHOP says:


  18. Morris says:

    I hope our current Premier will cease to be our Premier after this CoI.

  19. Irma Chisit says:

    When are we going to stand up as a proud citizen and revolt against this blatent corruption?
    I spend most of my life working 10 hrs a day with more skill than these morons just to to eat mutton in my later years. Enough! Balsum ghut is past GO.

  20. Concerned says:

    Premier, if you believe he worked for his money, then you truly don’t know what hard work is!!

  21. Work says:

    Yes he did work but not the work under the contract…school children say de wuk he get paid for is from de campaign. Andrew best drop this man like a hot cake cos he going be your downfall if you don’t…dat man and his kin cut from a different cloth.

  22. smh says:

    REALLY, They can write a suitable contract without a template? What was their job requirements and job description! Are not these supposed to be educated people of GOOD CHARACTER that work and hold positions in the GOVERNMENT?
    Pretty much the same as them creating alternative criteria for the fish and farm stimulus. They make it all up as they go!

  23. Sniffn says:

    God bless the rev.—– Please pass the cash.or coc**ne!!!!!!

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