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St Vincent approved to export medical marijuana as UK delays BVI

As the BVI continues to be locked in dialogue with the United Kingdom for the assent of its long-delayed Cannabis Licensing Act, St Vincent and the Grenadines has been granted permission to export medical marijuana.

With this approval, St Vincent becomes the first member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to be granted permission to export its marijuana product for medicinal purposes.

The Vincentian government announced that the country would export its first shipment of medicinal cannabis to Europe. This became possible after the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany issued an export certificate for marijuana products to legally enter that country.

The certificate was granted to St Vincent’s Caribbean Cannabis Company trading under the name, Medicinal.

The company already has several products marketed locally and has worked with traditional cultivators in building out their supply chain.

Other OECS members states invited to participate

According to St Vincent’s Agriculture Minister, Saboto Caesar, the jurisdiction has worked over the last three years with international agencies, friendly governments, and local public and private sector stakeholders, to make this a reality. 

“St Vincent and the Grenadines is ready for global business in the Medicinal Wellness Industry Space. We invite the world to participate! SVG has opened a significant global opportunity for collaboration among member states of the OECS wishing to participate in the international medical cannabis industry,” Caesar said.

“I, therefore, invite all member states of the OECS with the established medicinal cannabis policy frameworks to join forces for the sustainable development of what can become a world competitive sub-regional medicinal wellness ecosystem,” the agriculture minister added.

The Vincentian government has also announced that it is also working to establish a diversified medicinal wellness platform that will include traditional medicines, and the emerging psychedelics doctor-assisted treatment initiative.

Over in the BVI, Premier Andrew Fahie said in his budget address last month that he was optimistic the BVI would be able to receive the governor’s assent for its cannabis legislation which has passed through the House of Assembly (HOA) months ago.

The BVI’s immediate past governor, Augustus Jaspert, declined to offer assent to the Act in 2020. He cited concerns about the absence of a marijuana licensing body. Jaspert then passed the bill to the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO).

At the time, Fahie complained that the governor should have objected to the bill before it was passed. He further said that much work had been done to put the legislation together.

He noted that legal and regulated marijuana industries have already been proven to have provided economic benefits and stimulation to several jurisdictions. The Premier also stated that the global medical marijuana industry is projected to grow from its current value of $9.2 billion to $57 billion by 2027.


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  1. Legalize it says:

    I’m moving vincy

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  2. smh says:

    Kinda comical that a plant that god make can be made illegal and declared that nobody allowed to use it. Is there still a decent argument in 2022 for why it still illegal?

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    • @smh says:

      Although I agree that the legalisation of marijuana would be a good thing, your argument that because something is natural, it inherently doesn’t need controlling is nonsense. I’m also curious as to where genetically modified marijuana fits into your argument

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      • @smh says:

        It needs to be regulated because it is mind altering and yall weak new age kids can’t deal….. ppl who get high always think they can do more than they actually can while sober. Majority of the weed smokers say it’s for medicinal use but the thc is not where the medicinal value is…..

  3. LOL says:

    Do you really want to compare BVI to SVG in terms of quality of land/soil, capacity etc. especially when it comes to marijuana? They have the capability to plant for large scale, BVI does not. Let’s snap into reality and continue to improve on the income generators that are currently working for us.

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  4. 1st district original says:

    BVI don’t have good water supply and conducive atmosphere for farmers daily, how will good marijuana grow?

  5. talk that says:

    Obviously St.Vincent don’t appear to be corrupt like the BVI

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    • @ talk that says:

      did you say that? we all know how they are sex offenders everywhere especially when it comes to minors. they love to lay with children.

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  6. NoNonsense says:

    As with everything BVI homegrown, i suspect the Mary Jane would be sub-par, shoddy and over-priced with a hint of corruption (not sure what that tastes like).

    Better off with the Vincy offering.

    • Mary Jane farmer says:

      Never have I heard any overseas visitor to this country complaining about our crop quality. But if we must discuss what Mary Jane might taste like according to country its produced in then the Vincy product reeks of gramazone suicide and child molesters. I much prefer the taste of big money corruption if you ask me than the taste of demented head acts of violence against self and Sexual offense against innocent children

  7. Independent says:

    St. Vincent is an independent country having gained independence in 1979. The BVI is not. Stop comparing apples and oranges.

  8. Alcohol Poisoning says:

    Fruits can be fermented to make wine, by which too much alcohol can kill you. I don’t see anyone criminalizing fruits.

  9. facts says:

    its all about the money. when poor people were getting arrested no one cared except them or those who need it for medicine. Now Germany Canada Australia want to import… politicians -> $.$

    No one fights for freedom for the sake of freedom itself. Shameful in a place where our ancestors were enslaved to produce sugar. Now a days its all about enslaving ourselves to the dollar. real talk.

  10. Prophet says:

    For an island that has to import more then 90% of its food, put the focus on building factories that can produce food products and invest more in food production, Marijuana can’t feed kids

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