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Territorial song to replace nat’l anthem at Olympic events

The territorial song of the British Virgin Islands will now be played at all future events organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), including the 2021 Olympic Games.

The BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) confirmed in a media release dated Thursday, May 28 that the IOC had approved their request to have ‘Oh, Beautiful Virgin Islands’ played instead of the National Anthem, ‘God Save the Queen’.

The song will be played whenever a local athletes wins gold in their respective disciplines and on all occasions where the National Anthem would have been played, including opening and closing ceremonies, flag raising events etc. and not just when an athlete wins a gold medal.

President of the BVIOC Ephraim Penn said his committee was extremely proud of this achievement for all athletes, coaches, parents, supporters and persons from the British Virgin Islands.

“The motivation and emotion that is tied up in representing your country at a major competition can’t be underestimated. Hearing your national song playing as you enter an arena or when you stand on the podium enhances the sense of achievement and pride and underscores all the sacrifices, time and effort that athletes, teams and their support base put in to qualify and compete,” Penn stated.

Process started in 2018

Penn began the process of seeking approval for the territorial song in 2018 after former Sports Minister Myron Walwyn made the appeal following the historic gold medal performance by Kyron McMaster at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

After the February 2019 General Elections in the BVI, the current Minister for Sports Dr Natalio Wheatley encouraged and followed the initiative closely and ensured that the BVIOC secured the support required from government to initiate the official request to have the BVIOC authorised to use the territorial song.

Huge achievement for the BVI

Speaking to our media centre following the announcement, Dr Wheatley said the achievement was a huge one for the BVI.

“It speaks to our pride as a people, our individual identity. Previously, ‘God Save the Queen’ would play when we won a medal at international meets. Now, the Territorial song will play, which contributes to our national pride.”

Steps in BVI’s development as an autonomous group

The Sports Minister further said that having the territorial song played is a huge step in the BVI’s development as an autonomous group.

“In the Virgin Islands we have constantly been seeking greater autonomy. This year makes 70 years since the legislature was restored. Since that point, we have made incremental steps towards self-determination, and this continues until this day,” Dr Wheatley added.

The Minister thanked Alton Bertie for his arrangement and production of the 80-second, orchestral version of the territorial song which will be played at all future IOC events.

The territorial song was originally composed in 2012 by siblings Ayana Hull and Kareem Nelson-Hull and arranged by Howard John.


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  1. Really says:

    But its so terrible. Up to now i dont know the words. Rushed sections, jumbled sections and words jammed into fitting the beat. Its just terrible.

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    • It says:

      I went into an ugly, jumbled jammed gatred for the VI mind, thus the uglines of that mind came out in such a statement.

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  2. Fingers says:

    Next is we calling for INDIPENDCEN according to CSC by 2027, got to start working on our New Flag.

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    • Harrigan says:

      Next we should call for better education so we can spell “independence”. How did you manage to make so many mistakes in one sentence?

  3. Now get that gold says:

    So we can hear that territorial song!

    Let’s go!

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  4. Ausar says:

    Thank you, Premier Fahie, for recognizing the artform of our native son and daughter duo- Ms. Ayanna Hull and Kareem Hull- in their rendition of this, our national territorial song!

    Indeed, BVIslanders will be proud, everytime this song plays internatinally, to recognize the athletic accomplishments of our own!

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  5. Gangstar says:

    @ Ausar NOT – our Premier did not vote on our ..anthem…. “go and play the TAPE.

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    • Ausar says:

      Thank you, “Gangstar”, for your updates!

      Yes, he did not vote for the song, however, it is under his leadership that the plans were finalized for inclusion!

      Remember, Honourable Wheatley, too, like others of the past, could have scrapped a work of previous administrations!

      HE DID NOT!

      Therefore, the current administratuon MUST be given credit!

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  6. Jokes says:

    What a non-story. You do realize national anthems are only ever played at Olympic medal ceremonies when a represented country wins a gold medal? They are not played when a country/territory enter the stadium or before matches/contests etc. The BVI has won ZERO gold medals, ZERO silver medals and ZERO bronze medals in its history competing at the Olympic Games. That’s absolutely NO, NADA, ZERO, ZIPPO MEDALS. So the chances of ever hearing this so-called BVI Territorial Song at an Olympic Games is pretty much ZERO. At least every time you now hear ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’ being played at a medal ceremony you’ll know for sure it’s being played for TEAM GB and not an athlete from the BVI.

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    • Voter says:

      Oh ye of little faith!! At one point we did not have a CAC , Pan Am or Commonwealth gold medal. Have faith my friend.. Stay focus on the prize!!!

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  7. ME 2 says:

    That’s right Fahie run around this song. Talk all kind of crap…. there were others that did likewise .

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  8. The Nation says:

    WOW!..BVI going independent? hmmm wah de queen gon seh about dat?

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  9. Nooo says:

    Such an ugly song.

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    • It says:

      went into an ugly mind, thus the uglines of that mind came out in such a statement.

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    • even the territorial dress says:

      The territorial dress is even worse! Might as well used the heritage dancers dress. Embarrassing compared to the other Caribbean countries.

  10. good work says:

    Thank you Myron Walwyn for this. For both ensuring that we have a territorial song and for the being the one to push for the territorial song to be played at world events. This is the work of the former minister for education.

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  11. Tongue Fu says:

    I like the song has a very good melody, well performed but the lyrics at the chorus appear too boastful and materialistic:

    Oh how radiant are your daughters!
    And how wealthy are your sons!
    Your beaches boast your beauty!
    And your success is second to none!

    How radiant are our daughters and how wealthy are our sons? Virgin Islands pride what about some humility? Better than them mentality.Do not like those lines.

    Take out those lines please.

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    • @Tongue Fu says:

      I have always thought of the radiance referred to as more than physical beauty and the wealth as more than material things. I must admit though, that now that I’ve paid attention to the four lines together, you have made me think.

    • Transcript says:

      Oh how jealous are your daughters!
      And how entitled are your sons!
      Your beaches boast your sewage!
      And your greed is second to none!

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  12. Dave Henry says:

    No we don’t want independent. We are to small for this.

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    • sd says:

      Smallness of the country isn’t the problem. Smallness of the mind is, though. Along with the corruption and greed of our local politicians.

  13. Dave Henry says:

    Mr.fahie please we don’t need independence at this moment.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    No masser, no independence fo we, we love being slaves. I love being your slave masser. All i know is to love my masser, and i love masser.

    We can’t go out and forge a life for we masser, we won’t make it without you masser.

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  15. Independence when says:

    Independence is a good word. Independence for who and when could be a bad thing. What is it going to do for you as opposed to what’s happening now? We must study this very carefully. It sounds good to rally for independence but when the s**t hits the fan it will be a different story . Think!!!

  16. Dave Henry says:

    I agree with you my bro.

  17. Dave Henry says:

    This anynomus person sounds like an he would say that.

  18. Dave Henry says:

    No Caribbean island is truly independent. Politically independent not financial. They still depends on foreign aid.and they are still migrating tp the same counties that they are trying to pull away what is the true difination of independence?.ypu need yourown currency,your own millitary to fight who?.none of the islands have a strong ecomy.they need visas to travel everywhere. So what independent did?carry steps backward.

  19. Rubber Duck says:

    It’s dreadful. Sounds like some minor European country’s entry to the song contest. No relevance to our music. Why no Caribbean beat? Let the Lashing Dogs have a go.

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