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The Pope is wrong — Bishop John Cline

“The Pope is still a man and … it is my belief, in this instance, that the Pope is wrong” —Bishop John Cline

At least one local pastor has denounced the actions of Pope Francis — the chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church who is now trending worldwide because of his endorsement of civil unions for same-sex couples.

Civil unions provide same-sex couples with a legal framework equivalent to the marriage of heterosexual couples. Countries that make civil unions legal say it protects LBGTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) persons without destroying the sanctity of marriage as Christians know it.

BVI News asked Bishop John Cline, leader of the New Life Baptist Church, to state his position on the Pope’s endorsement. He said the Pope’s position may seem right from a human rights standpoint, but is wrong in the eyes of God.

“The Pope is still a man and as long as we are human, we have room for error and we always have room to go against God. It is my belief, in this instance, that the Pope is wrong. So he can endorse it from a humanistic standpoint and a human rights standpoint. But from a theological standpoint, I don’t see the grounds,” Bishop Cline said.

He added that as a minister of the gospel, he cannot endorse civil unions simply because God doesn’t approve of homosexuality.

“My position is what I understand God’s position to be. As far as I can tell from the Bible, marriage was designed to be a relationship between a man and a woman. And as far as I can tell, there is no Biblical or theological basis for same-sex marriages. If God is against it, then I don’t have the right to for it,” Bishop Cline said.

‘Homosexuals have a right to be in a family’

The Pope made the endorsement in a new documentary about his life and work. And in the film titled ‘Francesco’, he said, “homosexual people have a right to be in a family”.

“What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered,” the Pope said.

According to the BBC, the film also shows Pope Francis encouraging two gay men to raise their children in a parish church.

The Pope’s comments in the film are a departure from his usual stance on LGBTQ rights. In the past, he has said every person needs a male father and a female mother that can help them shape their identity.

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the world and the BVI is home to at least three Catholic churches.


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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm says:

    “Civil unions provide same-sex couples with a legal framework equivalent to the marriage of heterosexual couples.”

    Civil unions provide adulterous couples with a legal framework equivalent to the divine marriage set by Jehovah God and endorsed by His son Christ Jesus.

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    • funny says:

      Adultury happens everyday every hour in the BVI but your okay with that as its between man and woman?

      Its a book written by white guys to subgegate the population and control them through fear.

      centuries later Leopold II introduced it forcefully to the Congo where most of Caribbean slaves came from and still you believe.

      The BIBLE states SLAVERY IS OK BUT BEING A HOMOSEXUAL. is not so you cannot have it both ways Pastor which is it????????

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      • Tool says:

        Pretty sure it was not written by ‘white people’.

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      • Well sa says:

        It is not the Pastor’s way of how he wants it. it is the word of God. All sin is sin but the sin of whoremonging he has no patience and time for. He has destroyed cities because of it. It is against nature it self which He the Creator has created, thus He hates it with a passion. All creation shows how God intends it to be. The trees, birds, and fishes; the cattles on the hills: all make life by male and female through nature. Everything is done in His book desently and in order.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        The myths and misplaced beliefs of ignorant wandering shepherds in the Middle East 2-3000 years ago are totally irrelevant to the modern world.

        What either of these two parasitic ju ju men say means nothing.

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        • @Rubber Duck says:

          You sound like you lack understanding because you don’t read for yourself. An educated mind is nearly impossible to enslave…

      • @ Funny says:

        LBGTQ and all that it entails is an Abomination. There is no production of new life in them and their beliefs. You need to ask for understanding.

  2. To Bishop says:

    God and His Bible does not approve of adulterous marriages. Do you endorse these types of marriages, Bishop? I refer you to Matthew 5: 32 from the Sermon on the Mount. I also refer you to Matthew 19: 9.

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    • Get Understanding says:

      Matthew 5:32 Jesus is fixing a loop hole that the male Jews were taking advantage of the Divorce Law Deut 24. A legal divorce entailed
      1) Have a problem with their wife
      2) Written Certificate of Divorce
      3) Send her out his house

      But Jesus is saying you can only Divorce if the woman is found guilty of Sexual Immorality and not for any other reason. If not she is still married to the man in God’s eyes…Get understanding of the scriptures

  3. Update needed. says:

    The bible is thousands of years old. If your iphone is a week old you need an update but you still read a book of thousands years old litteraly.

    when that book was written little was known about the human mind. It is now proven that being gay is not a choice, you are born that way. How can you be a sinner if you simply are what you are.

    The bible needs an update with modern knowledge.

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    • nah nah says:

      Aint nothing new under the sun as it concerns the human mind. By birth does not mean you must act upon it.

      We shall see the result of this line of brainwashing down the line as more & more sexual orientations become non taboo.

      Logically man and woman are meant to be and reproduce. Whether it is accepted or not any other orientation is quite frankly a perversion of nature.

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      • Gods creation says:

        You have absolutely no understanding of the human mind.

        “If you are born a way you don’t have to act on it”

        Educate yourself before talking such nonsense.

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      • @nah nah says:

        Again, it can’t be a perversion of nature if it happens naturally in the animal kingdom too. This is just life, some are born with an attraction to the same sex and to not act upon it is like asking you not to act upon your sexual desires- why is that fair?

    • Well sa says:

      Tell that to God who does not change, He wakes you up every morning, He didn’t change His mind on you. You sure you want Him to change the Bible?

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    • To Lost says:

      Please come to the realization that “The Word is God.” How can human update an uncangeable, all-knowing, all-powerful, everlasting God that has no reference? We cannot. This is not your grade 10 math book that has a 1st 2nd or 3rd edition. No. I pray you are found before it is too late. Jesus Christ loves you.

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      • Not lost just up to date says:

        Everything that is good gets updates. Everything that is stagnant is backwards.

        Standing still is moving in the wrong direction.

        That you believe god is almighty I can understand. But that you believe a book (that was written by humans and is some sort of interpretation of the devine) that was never updated is the one and only truth is laughable.

        You are probably the guy in the office that answers to the question “why are you doing it this way”



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      • He loves me? says:

        Jesus Christ loves me? He gay?

  4. Hahahaha says:


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  5. Mad Max says:

    So … the bigots can raise their ugly heads. Christian you say?

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  6. Hello says:

    Blasphemy that all I would say.

  7. yo says:

    So if the pope is a man, and a man can be wrong even if he is the pope. What makes you think you are right Cline? God thinks you are wrong

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    • Well sa says:

      The Bishop is right because He is stateing What The Bible says. Good destroyed cities for these sins. We are lucky to be living in these day because to say Good loves these sins would be blasphemy (lying against the holy spirit) and that He use to kill people for

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  8. Father Time says:

    Don’t you all think God would want ALL his children to be happy? All of them including the Gays that y’all hate so much.

    Sin is sin regardless. I don’t see y’all feeling this strongly about the men touching little girls in the church, Or the ones having extra marital affairs or the ones having premartial affairs.

    Stop making God a convenient point in your arguments about sexuality simply because the supposed ‘sin’ is not one you can relate to.

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    • Well sa says:

      We are all his creation , but not all of us are his children. The Bible says that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have Everlasting life. What happens to the rest? He has said whosoever shall call call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, then they are the sons and daughters of God. The time is now come into Him and He will make you and whomever sons and daughters

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    This is not even desiring of passive response. It is downright a fist in the face of Yahweh. This is hell and damnation. The pope sits in the seat of anti Yeshua. (Christ) They Church attempted to change the law of Yahweh (ten commandments Daniel 7:25) Now they have attacked the sanctity of marriage. It is demonic, it is rebellion against the Creator. The pope will burn and all who shows sympathy to this evil abominable movement.

    People, wake up. This is the straw that will break the proverbial camel’s back. Yahweh will continue bring pestilence on the earth for our rebellion to His commandments. Having claimed to change Yahweh’s laws isn’t it now easier to endorse this evil?
    Repent all of you who are not right with your Creator, for He is at the door.
    Watch out for what’s coming….

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  10. LOL says:


    • esteemed says:

      he will never comment on this

    • Well sa says:

      He say means nothing, when the Heavenly Father have already spoken. He hates it and it is sin. Yes all sin is sin but this He has no time for. He has health with those who luro around it, He has destroyed them, if the all who are involved in it doesn’t turn from this evil judgement will be at hand

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  11. BLM says:

    Black Lives Matter right? It’s time we get our independence back!

    And this whole Christianity is a farce that was forced on us Black people by white Europeans.

    Time to let go of this hateful church and preach love.

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    • hardan says:

      If white people wanted someone to represent their interests, they wouldn’t have picked an Asian like Jesus, would they?

      • Dummie says:

        They always portray Jesus as a white man.

        And based on where he was born he should have been Arab looking.

        But please feel free to follow the white religion.

  12. Cline says:

    Calling out the Pope? I guess they are both head of the church …NOT!

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  13. SMH says:

    Well Sah! What a thing to tell the King? Look who’s talking. The infamous Man of the Cloth!

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  14. This is not your business ! says:

    John Cline is a baptist, right ? So, please ask him not to intervene into catholic affairs ! His opinion has no importance. How does this concern him? Baptism originates from Protestantism which is a cission of Catholicism…

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  15. Jay says:

    No he is not. The Pope recognizes what most Christians refuse to realize, which is that you cannot TELL people what to do with their lives. They must be internally compelled. Furthermore, just because he endorsed civil unions doesn’t mean they have to be married in the church. Christians just won’t feel good until the whole world is under the rule of the church. Y’all really need to let that fallacy of a mandate GO. He said go be fishers of men, not judge and jury. He said love one another even as I have loved you, not love based on a condition of the Old Testament law. Does God not also mandate in the Bible that we are not to judge lest we be judged ourselves? Let God do his own work in his people.

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  16. political says:


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  17. Heckler says:

    People horning each other left right and center and concerned about same sex couples being allowed civil unions. He did not say marriage.

    Civil union is a legal matter and has nothing to do with the Church.

    Please take several seats in a corner

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  18. Castaway says:

    It’s no wonder why people are leaving Christianity in droves. A religion which thinks slavery and bashing gays is fine has no place in modern society.
    Just proves once again the hypocrisy of it all. You think your god is a loving and forgiving, yet in reality he/she/it is quite the opposite, just like most so called “Christians”

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    • Response to Castaway says:

      watch out castaway, you need to have respect for the one who created you in his own likeness and image. Homosexuality is wrong and you know that deep within. Careful what you say about the Holy father. He is not an it. Have some respect least you become a castaway as your name suggest. The bible says the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom You sound like a foolish person. Repent before you get caught off suddenly. There is still hope for you God still love you even if you are being quite disrespectful. God loves the sinner but hates the sin and homosexuality is sin.

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    • Traglodyte Killer says:

      LOLOLOLOLOL! So you in your head can picture yourself getting you bum and back break in and God just above blessing you like Amen? FOH! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! To much sea men in yuh Willie Beaman

  19. Ha says:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

    We all know the reason why this fraud shouts his disapproval so loudly.

  20. ---- says:

    Being christian is about loving one another & forgiveness.

    It does not mean we must endorse the wrong doings.

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  21. 2020 says:

    Ah need a Gideon boot and a khaki suit to stand up inna Babylon and defend the Truth. Are you ready?

    If the Bible was not speaking the Truth, then why are so many offended? Why are so many not PUBLICLY proclaiming how proud they are of their actions that the Bible condemns? Yes, publicly proclaim that their wicked actions are not condemned by the Supreme God. Why do they feel shamed? It is because the Bible speaks the Truth.

  22. Charnele says:

    Bishop do you know King James the person
    who wrote the bible you read was homosexual. Read up on him. The bible was never and will never be the word of God. The white man wrote it have control over blacks.

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  23. Read you Bible says:

    In this day and age people still believe the Pope is infallible? The pope is human like anyone of us who stands in need of Gods love , mercy and salvation. All humans are equal at the foot of the cross . The pope needs to pray and confess his sins . Jesus is the only one who can give salvation not no

  24. Ausar says:

    Thank you, Pope Francis!

    It was only a matter of time that the “left” living among us, are given an opportunity to become recognizable by the church- the mother church, of the Christian faith!

    I’m waiting to hear what his stance is for priests and marriage!


  25. Interested says:

    The Pope is not infallible. He is a man appointed by men. He has to repent and confess his sins and be forgiven the same as everyone else.He is wrong in this instance

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  26. Retarded says:

    As retarded and corrupt as the rest of this government! Btw, did you know that fishermen got a $9,000 cheque each this week from the premier ? Did you read about it in the news? No? I wonder why…

  27. Interested says:

    Because you are right?

  28. Shaken, not stirred says:

    Take 66 ingredients, throw them in a pot and mix in some fairy stories.

    In the case of the slave version, only use about 52 ingredients but mix in some amazing lies and deadly poison. Missionaries to “black” countries should be thrown in the same pot.

  29. Concern says:

    If u knew anything u would see you generation is up for extinction

  30. Leveller says:


    Many clergy have been gay.

  31. Kargo says:

    Homosexuals need to change their freakin deformed lives

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