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Three med schools hoped for

Not an actual facility in the BVI.

As much as a quarter dozen medical schools are being expected to establish offices in the BVI, with some currently going through the process even now.

This was the latest update Premier Andrew Fahie gave during a media conference Wednesday afternoon, May 26.

“We see that if we can safely have about three medical schools at the most operating in the BVI at one time – not in the same disciplines, but in other areas – because, remember you have different types of medicine that you can have, fields of medicine that you can study in,” Premier Fahie said.

He said the administration hoped to ensure that any schools that were being established, would be affordable for locals to attend once they are given approval to be opened.

In Fahie’s words, he said government wants the institutions to “make facilities for our people of the Virgin Islands to attend the medical schools so that it won’t be as much expense to them”.

Meanwhile, the Premier refused to be drawn on whether the number of schools will be capped at three, given the small size of the territory.

He did, however, volunteer to ensure that the schools will be complementing each other in the services being offered. This, he said, is to avoid duplication or conflicts with the state-owned H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.

Other schools knocking at our door

In addition to the current medical school that was recently given provisional approval to begin operations by year-end, Fahie said there are other medical schools “knocking at our door” that are going through the process.

The Premier declined to say where the school will actually be located and deferred queries to Education Minister Natalio Wheatley.

He said all details about the medical school are expected to be revealed by the end of June.

Big economic gain projected

And while emphasising the expected revenue glut that will likely be brought to the territory as a result of the establishment of the medical schools, the Premier said the expected economic spinoff will be huge.

“We want to let persons know that the more of the [medical] schools that operate from here, we have to make sure that we understand the more apartments will be rented, more rental cars would be rented, or even purchase of cars, grocery stores – the economic spinoff is huge,” Premier Fahie said.

He continued: “We will have professionals that are on the ground now that are teaching at those medical schools that will be able to complement our medical professionals here.”

The Premier further said some of the professionals may even be likely skilled in areas where the BVI has not expanded its medical expertise and will be able to help “on the ground” to assist in emergencies and training sessions at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital.

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  1. LOL says:

    We don’t even have a proper High School, but carry on …..

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    • Lmfao says:

      Really. More smoke and mirrors. Can’t make this sh*t up. Foy my boy it’s time for you to go. Hopefully the COI will facilitate your leave sooner than later.

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    • Letterman says:

      Does he even gots a quarter of an ounce of common sense? Btw, tomorrow’s forecast call for clear skies and a quarter of 320degrees. And don’t forget the speed limit folks it’s still a quarter of 160MPH. Not to be confused with my IQ which is a quarter of 200 or my weight which is a quarter of a 2000 pounds.

  2. Ugh says:

    These will be the laughing stock of the BVI

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  3. WHAT??? says:

    “As much as a quarter dozen medical schools …” please just say three, nobody, any where says “As much as a quarter dozen…” 3 – that’s what it is.

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    • Thanks says:

      Saved me some time!

    • Quality BVI Education says:

      There’s your paradigm – purest example of a local educator, getting his hands dirty in the service of whatever they can grab. Most times, I’m not completely certain of what concept or argument the Premier is trying to convey. “I have a dream that one day, my people will believe that I will be responsible for a robust economic juggernaut. The cornerstones of that pipe-dream economy-on-overdrive will be Medical Marajuana, Medical Schools and Medication (for anyone who doesn’t believe me).

      Drag Racing? Pot Farms? A National Airline? A Quarter-Dozen Medical Schools? Mr. Premier, if you wish to have a strong economic foundation, you must start educating our citizens by providing a sound primary and secondary education plan, then execute that plan. Then you can look at building a resilient infrastructure of reliable roadways, electrical grid and communications network. Stop changing direction every time the wind blows

      Good luck to eAch and every one of us.

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      • A Reminder says:

        The Premier has demonstrated that he subscribes to the art of dumbing down the peoples of all ages and most especially the school aged children.. A glaring difference between him and Myron Walwyn.

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  4. hand writing on the wall says:

    more top positions for vip cronies?

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  5. Umm says:

    Where will they be housed? When will we expand on HLSCC and fulfill the vision of Hon. Stoutt. That institution needs upgrading and advancing, long overdue. I have heard the cry for more in education, and it is true and needed..

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  6. hmm says:

    “The Premier further said some of the professionals may even be likely skilled in areas where the BVI has not expanded its medical expertise and will be able to help “on the ground” to assist in emergencies and training sessions at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital.”

    How can ‘students’ be ‘professionals’ and aid in helping on the ground if they themselves are learning??

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  7. Gratitude says:

    Thanks very much NDP for putting the framework in place for this and you didn’t spend 700k on a medical school study that had no results like some people we know.

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  8. Worry says:

    Students who graduate from some overseas medical schools can not get internships in the US medical system. Therefore, they can not get placed in jobs. Where will they end up working?

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    • lol says:

      Don’t worry their parents will end up paying money into shareholder’s pockets

    • Reply says:

      In the BVI along with
      the other mediocre services for which the VI is famous.

    • Not true says:

      This is false. International medical graduates can be accepted to residency programs in the US. They just have to score higher on the USMLE than their US citizens counterparts. Additionally there are several countries in the Caribbean that offers internship programs, namely; Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Bahamas. The UK is also an option as there is a great need for doctors in their healthcare system. The US is not the only route.

  9. Stewww says:

    Quick question
    And who exactly will attend this medical school
    Cause to my knowledge most ppl send there kids overseas where the education is better and cheaper
    Waste of money
    And the can’t get a proper secondary school since after 2017 hurricane
    What a shame

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    • @Stewww says:

      Some medical students go to off shore medical school because,,entry requirements are less stringent. Reason why they have difficulty finding employment or residency at decent medical institutions.
      Bottom line; All M.Ds are not equal.

  10. Medical Director says:

    Why have just one when you can have three ? Once a man went to a doctor complaining of not feeling well but the doctor could find nothing wrong. So he went to a second doctor, who likewise, could find nothing wrong. He went to a third doctor who asked the man what all the yellow stuff was sticking to his mouth. It’s egg yoke doctor, sorry. The doctor replied, I know what your problem is, You are not eating properly.

  11. BVI mike says:

    MR. PM ,
    As a physician, medical school is the first step of training a doctor and the curriculum is standardized throughout most of the world.
    You do not study a different discipline until completing medical school and beginning your post graduate training.
    Therefore you only need one medical school in the BVI.
    Specialized training happens at hospital based residency programs.

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  12. Windy says:

    Keep dreaming.

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  13. SMH says:

    Three Medical Schools you say Mr. Premier “knocking on our door”
    YET! you have your primary and secondary schools
    with no desks, no, chairs, short on Teachers, no toilet paper, hand soap or running water on most days. How about you answer those problems “knocking on our door” 1st then we can open our doors and welcome those medical schools

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  14. Souja Boy says:

    THREEEEE?! .. You must be out yo mine.

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  15. A Reminder says:

    The Premier has demonstrated that he subscribes to the art of dumbing down the peoples of all ages and most especially the school aged children.. A glaring difference between him and Myron Walwyn.

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  16. tax payer says:

    so now the Govt welcomes foreigners, Normally they do everything in their power to keep people from outside from coming in to spend money. Make up your minds

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  17. Professors says:

    Not including the salary it takes to pay professors of that standard right?

  18. Wise Guy says:

    In 2019 the population in Jamaica was 2.948 million people. They have a medical school with 2 campuses. What is going with our leaders in the Virgin Islands? Like they jus pull sh*t out of a hat and run with it. This government is really a national embarrassment. They can’t get the high school reopened. So many important things that affect the residents every day lives and they won’t address these immediate issues but they are opening 3 medical schools. What a bunch of blind mice.

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  19. SMH says:

    This government wants to open medical schools here but have denied scholarships to students who are currently pursuing medical and nursing degrees. Smh

  20. WOW says:

    This is such a positive move but I guess the few paid bloggers must do their work and post the blog negtive comments at all times against this Government for no other reason than to try to turn people’s minds to be negative against the sitting government.

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