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Troubled youth escapes from hospital, recaptured

Peebles Hospital

There are concerns about the ease with which patients can risk their lives by climbing their way out of sections of Peebles Hospital in Road Town.

BVI News Online has confirmed that, a few days ago, a young man from Long Bush escaped from the Behavioural Ward of the medical facility.

He allegedly knocked out a window, exited the room in which he was placed, and walked along the ledge before he climbed from the third floor down.

Hospital staff, who eventually found out that the youngster had escaped from the hospital, reported the matter to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

The police, some time later, apprehended the young man on Tortola, and took him back to the hospital.

That escape is reminiscent of another that took place at Peebles Hospital in May last year. In the earlier incident, a man said to be of unsound mind climbed through the hospital window and attempted to leap from the building. However, persons managed to dissuade him from jumping.

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