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‘Unfortunate’ | Walwyn responds to eligibility witch-hunt


By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

Chairman-elect of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Myron Walwyn has said the renewed quest to discredit is eligibility to sit in the House of Assembly is ‘unfortunate’.

“This matter comes up around election season almost every time since I’ve been running for office. I think it is rooted in something deeper than just the Constitution and something that we have to try our best to see if we can get past,” Walwyn said in an interview with BVI News this week.

The minister – who was born in the BVI by immigrant parents – listed a number of experts and professionals who would have raised the proverbial red flag if he was actually ineligible to legislate in the BVI.

Attorney General Baba Aziz, Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn, as well as past and present territorial governors were persons Walwyn named as being adequately qualified to recognize whether he is eligible.

“I am a lawyer by profession and I believe I should know whether I can run for election or not. I just found the whole discussion to be interesting at the very least,” Walwyn inserted.

‘No evidence that Fahie is not behind this’

Reports had identified Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie and a number of other Virgin Islands Party (VIP) supporters as being part of the resurrected ‘eligibility witch hunt’.

But, when the reports of Walwyn’s eligibility resurfaced weeks ago, Fahie swiftly issued a statement effectively saying the VIP had nothing to do with the discussions. He further went on to describe the issue as an ‘NDP fight’.

However, Walwyn said he does not believe the Opposition Leader’s assertion.

“What I find interesting is that you only heard from him (Fahie) once the emails [about my eligibility] became public. So, it leaves me to believe that he was, in fact, a party to it because there is no evidence to the contrary to show that he condemned what was being said or he encouraged those persons who were also part of it to not go that direction because it’s not helpful to the country,” Walwyn said.

“This tactic is consistent with what the Virgin Islands Party was doing in the past … so it doesn’t surprise me now. I do see how Honourable Fahie could distance himself from that, being that this is something his party has been a part of for a long time.”

Walwyn said persons who are involved in the so-called witch-hunt do not ‘understand the importance of uniting the territory’. He said only a united BVI will be able to progress.

“If you are seeking to lead in the highest office in the land or seeking to lead in the highest electoral body … you have to be a leader for all the people of the Virgin Islands. And they should be a ‘uniter’ and not a divider.”

NDP members also involved?

Walwyn said he is not aware of any internal campaign within the NDP to discredit his eligibility. He said he can neither pinpoint any particular NDP member who may be part of the eligibility witch hunt nor can he make guarantees that no party member is involved because he does not know.

Regardless, Walwyn said he is not bothered by naysayers as it relates to his eligibility.

“It’s not hurtful to me personally because I know who I am and I know the contribution I’ve made to the country. But I know it is hurtful to many persons who are like myself.”

In that vein, the minister said he wants discussions of this nature to stop.

Walwyn was born at Peebles Hospital on the island of Tortola on February 22, 1972.

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  1. Sam the man says:

    This victimization and bigotry must stop – Mr Walryn should be given the respect he deserves, he was born in the BVI and his intentions I believe are to assist unity not division. Just because he’s not related to a historic important family should matter not a jot! It’s ability to do the job is what’s important, not the destructive nepotism we’ve witnessed for years in my opinion….

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    • Albion says:

      The abuse that Myron takes because of who his parents were is symbolic of the hostility that all island people have to put up with in BVI.

      It is wrong and it needs to stop.

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      • PROUD TOLIAN says:

        So why we cant defend ourselves and our country?

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        • Online Now says:

          There is a difference between defending yourself and attacking someone else.

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          • Anonymous says:

            Born in the VI does not make you from the VI. By the same token a Virgin Islander does not have to be born in the Virgin Islands to be a Virgin Islander. Virgin Islander status is by descendance. Why do people come here and try to change our rules just because it suits them? Had Walwyn gone back to his country after birth, there would be no question he would be a citizen of that country. And there are no stateless children, they are citizens of the country from which their parents came.

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          • Listen says:

            Born in the Virgin islands does not mean from the Virgin Islands. By the same token, a Virgin Islander does not have to be born in the Virgin Islands. Virgin Islander status is by descent. People must not come here and try to change our rules because that is convenient for them. And there are no stateless children. Children are from the country from which their parents came.

            Had Walwyn been taken back to his parent’s country after birth, there is no question he would be accepted as a citizen of that country. This is so in most countries of the world.

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          • Online Now says:

            To anonymous and listen – what are you so scared of that makes you think this way?

      • Joseph says:


        This hatred for “island people” is nothing new. It has been going on for a long time. Before the 1940s–according to my Grandparents.

        And then we complain how White People do not like us.

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    • Half Breed says:

      I know my place when it comes to this one of my parent’s was born here the other down island. So my last name is not from here so I don’t say I’m from here. My parent that was born here is indigenous as people here would say the nonsense need to stop. I love my country. Myron is from here so stop his father contributed to the Construction industry here and other down island people contributed a whole lot as well more than your indigenous BVI landers so STOP. Some of you don’t have anything to show for been indigenous so it’s all about jealousy

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      • hmmmm says:

        You know I sick of the I born here vs down island nonsense….fact remains the law of the land is what should rule supreme. If the law says he legal to run then ok. If it says otherwise then cool. And for the expat community that stay calling down the BVI then go home if its so bad and for the locals who stay calling down expats stop hiring them if you hate them so much. We let out the red carpet for all the white racist people but we ready to kill the black man who acsent is different to yours.

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    • @Sam the man says:

      Respect is given where it is due.

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    • Washington says:

      He may be from us but can he lead us?

      He voted for the $7M airline loss.

      He voted for the pier cost over runs.

      He did nothing to improve our roads, our water , our power, our schools, our slow internet, our infrastructure.

  2. STRUPES says:


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  3. say i say so says:

    This man seems like he is only here to prove a point by representing his kind alone

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  4. unfortunately says:

    We here in the VI have created a monster by allowing island people to run in our senate. See now it came back to haunt us?

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    • let's make the bvi great again says:

      Only a true and pure virgin islander should be allowed in our highest office.

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      • you will end up says:

        good idea, only you will end up with a bunch of incompetent individuals. But hey at least they are pure. Or are their forefathers not also originally from Africa? True and pure Virgin Islands, I am laughing what a nonsense. No such thing exists.

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        • Arawak Indian says:

          we were here first! you all immigrants really LOL but hey that doesn’t matter if Obama became president of the US anything is possible and so it should be – Tortolans should stop playing the racist hate card!

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          • Rubber Duck says:

            So when will the first white Premier be elected? About 10% of the BVI is white so how come not even a white minister? Or Hispanic for that matter.

        • bvislander says:

          We so called incompetents built this country and ayo want to come from down island and prog everything.

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          • Honkey says:

            No you didn’t. The modern BVI was built by mostly British expats with a few Americans and others. Every finance company, the hotels, the charter fleets and the major grocery and other distribution companies was built by an ex pat.

    • Schmuck says:

      And you sir have shown your ignorance by referring to a senate that does not exist. The BVI has a unicameral system. We have members of the House of Assembly. We do not have a bi-cameral system with a Senate and a House of Representatives.

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    • @unfortunate says:

      …and exactly where is Tortola BVI, situated on the map? I swore the last time I looked it was in the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, the BVI is an island in the Caribbean! So, your reference to “island people”, I am not sure where you’re going with that type of mentality. Indeed, there are laws that stipulate who should and shouldn’t run for elected office in terms of eligibility to do so. Keep your unwarranted comment to yourself!

  5. no not for premier says:

    BVI PLEASE PLEASE don’t make any more mistakes

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  6. Smh says:

    The supervisor of elections needs to be j——, because her job goes beyond organizing an election and tallying votes. First of all any individual deciding to run for office having read the 2007 constitution in its entirety and understands it should provide an original birth paper, belonger’s card, deed poll, valid driver’s licence or utility bill, police record, references and the requisite fees. Instead the supervisor of elections only cares about the requisite fees and tallying votes. How is it a few years ago a candidate with a court case pending was allowed to contest an election or the fact Walwyn’s eligibility was not challenged by the supervisor of elections. We need to stop making these careless mistakes if they could have been avoided in the first instance.

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  7. Charnele says:

    This is why black people cannot get no where we always pulling each other down. The last time I check our fore fathers came from the same place (Africa). Wake up black people. You people sound so ignorant he is a Virgin Islander. with this attitude the BVI will never grow.

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  8. Oh please says:

    Walwyn just playing politics. He full well knows that neither Fahie nor the VIP had anything to do with the matter. As usuals he majors in confusion.

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    • Crap says:

      The emails were circulated for all to see and the same ones denying being larty to it were on the recipient list of the said email. Read what Walwyn said. He said the emails are out and there is nothing shown that the person denying had made any attempts to calm his troops but rather put out a bandaid statement denying involvemeny ONLY because the emails leaked.

      To the person talking about 2007 constitution I think they need to read it themselves. Its just like people with their own agenda that read the Bible and tell you it doesnt say what you think it says and that despite your ability to read and understand you must believe what they say. Walwyn has been elected twice and not once has anyone challenged his eligibility in court. NOT ONCE! He got the most atlarge votes last time and thats what this is about, FEAR! The island man is good enough to carry both parties to election victory but how dear he want to be Premier when others more local than him expect to be ordained with the Premier crown rather than working their ass off for it.

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      • Real Talk says:


      • Youth says:

        So because you send me an email means I am a part of it? Yall people so damn stupid!

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        • @Youth says:

          You are the one being stupid. An email clearly sent to VIP members including the leader and then the leader makes a statement saying its not VIP its NDP that are behind it. Who looks stupid? Fahie’s biggest downfall will be his supporters and their foolish antics just watch.

    • Shameful says:

      So I guess it was Walwyn who sent the email to Fahie then?

  9. matt says:

    He better go home to Antigua to run. NDP is the one who wants him gone…

    He did Ronnie very bad very bad

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    • MyPeople says:

      Stop your bull crap. The NDP Constitution stated what was the procedure to become Chairman. Walwyn and Ronnie did just that. One had to be the winner. All knew that. Because people voted for Walwyn and placed him there, confusion within the camp is stirring up division. Be careful with this division. When you are not looking, the Colonizers will pull something on those who are dividing. Be careful. Do right by our ancestors. Unite. When Prosper got licks for the mango, all the other negroes said, “God send us a deliver, Mercy, Father. Brutality has to stop.” God did send a deliverer and they hung Arthur Hodge’s tail by the Road Town Jail. Virgin Islanders, stop the division before the onlookers hang us out of the House of Assembly for good. Stop it!

  10. Evident says:

    It is evident that once you are not an indigenous Virgin Islander, you can never be fully welcomed in this country. They are asking you to leave, please go!

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    • no such thing says:

      There is no such thing as an indigenous virgin islander. Most of the people who call themselves indigenous VI’ers have their roots in Africa.

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  11. Antonym says:

    Sometimes the ones who are closest to us who seek our downfall. Why?
    They know our battles but most of all they know our triumphs.

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  12. VG Massive says:

    Here he goes again trying to pull Fahie in a back and fort with his dumb perceptions.

    This man is all about self.

    Power hungry and c——.

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  13. ??? says:

    He didn’t even need to respond to this. You are a two time elected, two time minister of education, highest At Large vote getter in the last election. The people have already spoken. Why are you even giving this any more attention. Learn to ignore certain things Myron. Don’t take the bait every time. And then to make matters worse, as a lawyer, you going call the man’s name…. A time to respond and a time to ignore.

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    • @??? says:

      I hope Myron has a chance to read your blog.
      This is a lesson he must learn if he intends to be a leader. Choose your battles wisely Myron. This subject is petty.

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  14. Funny says:

    We will accept a BVIslander with a well known local name who spends majority of their lives overseas and comes back home knowing little or nothing to contest elections. But we will complain about a person being born here, own multiple businesses here, has spent most of his life here, is a BVIslander/Belonger under the Law since he was born here before 1983 and so qualified to contest elections under the Constitution that existed prior to the one we have now, which is one of the criteria in the said document. We must be proud. So are we seeking best representation or are we no better than the others that we call prejudiced and otherwise? What could be so wrong with someone who is ambitious and always successful in their endeavours wanting to lead the Territory?

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  15. @??? says:

    I hope Myron has a chance to read your blog.
    This is a lesson he must learn if he intends to be a leader. Choose your battles wisely Myron. This subject is petty.

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  16. Ya deaf!!!!! says:

    Myron, yuh not eligible!!! Yuh DEAF???

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  17. AXA says:

    Mr. Walywn has the potential to be a great leader but he let his pettiness and arrogance get the best of him all the time. Until you have CONCRETE EVIDENCE that Mr. Fahie did in fact started the conversation about your legitimacy, he should not mention Mr. Fahie’s name. I can see his pettiness as a barrier for cooperation within and between the parties. The only way the BVI can rebound is with this sort of collaborative approach. He is just too divisive and come across as a “drama queen”. Focus sir on leading and becoming a better person overall. You got the talent to lead but not the attitude and dispositions needed to be successful at leading. Humble your self!!

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  18. Diaspora says:

    “I am a lawyer by profession and I believe I should know whether I can run for election or not.” Really! This is a self serving assertion. Because one is lawyer does not mean he/she is always correct in interpreting laws. The Caribbean Supreme Court, Privy Council……etc rules against judges that misinterpreted laws in adjudicating laws all the time.

    Further, neither the UK nor VI has jus soli, right of the soil, birthright citizenship; they have jus sanguinis (right of blood), citizenship is not ascertained by birth but on the citizenship of one or both parents. I have not read the constitution in its entirety so I do not know if the Hon walwyn can stand for election; in any event this issue should have been addressed in 2011. A learned jurist should determined if he can or can’t stand for election.

    Moreover, is the Hon Walwyn using dog whistle and code words to communicate, perhaps, with some constituents? Is the Hon Walwyn emulating President Trump with the “witch hunt” assertions? In Trumps case, a number of witches were captured and are being captured. If the Hon walwyn has indisputable evidence that the Opposition is challenging his eligibility to run, present it. Is the Hon Walwyn using Doublethink, ie, George Orwell 1984, doublespeak?

    Nonetheless, the VI is in crisis with a myriad of problems from education to health to infrastructure to economy to public safety to civil servants to environment…..etc. We (BVI) need solutions to its problem, not solutions looking for a problems.

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  19. VICKIE says:


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  20. Joseph says:

    When will Black People–who sold their own kind into Slavery to the Europeans–learn to Love each other?

    When? Oh God When?

  21. As usual says:

    The King of division and confusion is at it again.

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  22. Robert C says:

    2 words for this man.

    Drama Queen

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  23. Smh says:

    The supervisor of elections needs to go, because that job goes beyond organizing an election and tallying votes. First of all any individual deciding to run for office having read the 2007 constitution in its entirety and understands it should provide an original birth paper, belonger’s card, deed poll, valid driver’s licence or utility bill, police record, references and the requisite fees. Does the supervisor of elections only care about the requisite fees and tallying votes? How is it a few years ago a candidate with a court case pending was allowed to contest an election or the fact Walwyn’s eligibility was not challenged by the supervisor of elections. We need to stop making these careless mistakes if they could have been avoided in the first instance.

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  24. Keeper says:

    Myron watches too much Fox News, and Trump rhetoric.
    “Witch hunt” really!
    He is the author of confusion, and a player of victimization.
    God forbid that he becomes Premier, any one who challenges him, or speak up to him will suffer. Too petty to be a leader, … intentions are not good

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    • @ Keeper says:

      The previous leader of the NDP made rumours and allegations appear true by acquiesce. Myron will not let the opposition get away with misrepresenting the truth.

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  25. The Reaper says:

    Hi ….My people of this universe .it is sad too see that we at this stage that I can’t believe We fighting down our own People .Now I don’t care where We from ..Right is Right Wrong is Wrong .. Right. He From Here. If u can walk in his Shoe ???? I will be happy to join U. He is here to make a difference in The BVI. Ok

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  26. Really says:

    The same people who are now saying we are one have routinely insulted and demeaned native BVIslanders on this newspaper website in droves, calling us stupid and lazy and in need of foreigners. Now they are saying there is no such thing as indigineous BVIslanders.
    Wake up BVI.

  27. Statesman says:

    There is dignity in silence. Myron needs to learn to silence his enemies without publicly acknowledhing them and trying to set records straight. He comes across as petty and vindictive. These two character flaws are will stop me from voting for him even though I would like to. Maybe between now and election time he might change

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  28. Just my 3cents says:

    Myron is just making confusion and wanting to pick a fight with Fahie he’s all about himself if it’s not this topic it’s about who want to be Premiere run at large is one after the other I remember him saying last night election “if they think he left his mouth in his mother “. Trouble maker

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  29. My poor country says:

    Does this country know right from wrong anymore? How Hon. Walwyn come the bad guy in this story again? The emails were circulated between the VIP. Walwyn’s response was appropriate. This is indeed all very unfortunate.

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  30. BVI Islander says:

    I am disgusted and ashamed of my fellow Virgin Islanders. I see what is their new strategy. They are banking on doing what Trump did in the US elections.
    Stir up haltered for other Caribbean brothers and sisters, and try to divide us for political gain?
    But they are forgetting one thing, Most of the people who are so called half breed can vote and we will put pen to paper and send them a strong message for their disrespectful behaviors. We love our Caribbean Brothers and Sister. Stop dividing our people.

    • PROUD TOLIAN says:


    • TOLIAN TO THE BONE says:

      Why every time a bvislander opens his mouth to protect himself and his country you all people does get offended??? It seems like we need to make the BVI great again

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  31. @3Cents says:

    Pick a fight with Fahie? Are you serious?
    Fahie is on everybody case with his sly fox moves. He has engaged in this before publicly, so why do you think anything change?

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  32. Wow says:

    Based on the article Mr. Walwyn was being interviewed and ask questions. So what is he supposed to do, do not answer? First we are saying they’re too secretive now they’re talking we are saying they need to shut up and they talk too much?

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    • Asinine says:

      He was supposed to have said….”No comment at this time…”…doesn’t he watch any political shows on Netflix?

  33. Diana says:

    The funny thing about this born here attitude it was really started by those who came here it the first half of the last century. They are the one who started this so that those who came after them knew that there children were from here to. I once witness two women cursing each other out about the same thing. Only to find out later both of them came from the same country. One arrive when she was 4month old and the other as a adult. She had the nerve to call the next one an island woman and cursing her stink. Hearing her you would not believe this.

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  34. E. Leonard says:

    Politics is not for choir boys or weaklings; it is full of deceit, betrayal and treachery. This political behaviour is not new; look no further than in The Little Handbook on Electioneering (Commentariolum Petitionis). It ( handbook) was supposedly written by Quintus Tullius Cicero to his older brother Marcus Tullius Cicero who was running for Consul in Rome, the highest office in the republic, in 64 BC.

    Moreover, one of the recommendations in the little handbook is Keep Your Friends Close but Keep Your Enemies Closer. Other recommendations are to be chameleon, employ flattery, promise any and everything, campaign relentlessly with flair, be generous and accuse opponent(s) of almost anything. Elements of the handbook were successfully employed in the 2016 US general election. Tribal politics is a staple in US politics and is filtering into BVI politics. Winning is everything!

    The campaign starting gun has been shot. It is up to voters to demand a clean and above board campaign. Let the campaign be about improving the lives of BVI residents, ie, healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, social safety nets, environment, cost of living, public safety, reducing crime, consumer protection, civility, self determination, constitutional review, economic diversification…….etc.

  35. Rubber Duck says:

    Sounds exactly like what the John Birch Society tried to do to Obama.

    I dont like Wallwyn and I don’t think he is the right leader for the BVI. But this attack on his eligibility is ridiculous.

  36. AReally says:

    Im suprised the fact that he bats both ways hasn,t come up.Romneys originally from Sk..Hodges..Anguilla..De castro?..brazil…fonseca..brazil…on and on.The Kalinago and Taino are yhe closest ppl to original and they came from North and South America.

  37. Every Time says:

    Whenever he gets a chance he brings up the British Nationality act and plays it on his people. Look how long he is there,a lawyer, going back and forth to England and never try to do anything about it. People open your eyes!

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