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UPDATE: BVI confirms third imported coronavirus case | Patient has ‘mild symptoms’

The British Virgin has confirmed its third imported case of the Coronavirus Disease.

Making the announcement on Monday, March 30, Minister of Health Carvin Malone said the patient is a 26-year-old male who recently returned to the BVI from an unspecified country.

“He is currently in quarantine and had only mild symptoms. His contacts are also quarantined and are also asymptomatic, which means they have no symptoms,” Malone stated.

The minister also said 143 persons of interest are now self-quarantined at home locally. This number is up from the 117 reported days ago.

In the meantime, Malone said this latest confirmed case was tested among 25 others; including the nine suspected cases government had announced last week.

Their blood samples had been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad for testing.

“Testing, containment strategies, and follow-ups continue to be carried out in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) guidance, taking into consideration the local context,” Malone said.

The BVI, in the meantime, will remain under lockdown until 6 am on Thursday, April 2. During this government-imposed lockdown, residents are mandated to stay indoors if they are not on the government’s list of essential service workers.

Previously-published story

The British Virgin Islands has recorded its third confirmed case of the coronavirus.

Minister of Health Carvin Malone made the announcement during a live public broadcast on Monday afternoon, March 30.

He said the patient is a 26-year-old male with travel history from a country with a known spread of the virus.

He did not specify the country.

The minister, in the meantime, said 143 persons of interest are now self-quarantined in the British Virgin Islands. This number is up from 117.

More to come.


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  1. SMH says:

    Extend the curfew!!!!! The curfew should have been 2 weeks at minimum!

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    • agreed says:

      extend the curfew to be at least 14 days from when the ports were closed

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      • Good idea says:

        14 days from ports closure (Sunday, March 22nd) would end this Sunday April 5th. The extra 3 days may be worth it.

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    • @SMH says:

      I agree with what you say. But think about the people who don’t have the essentials. Let’s have consideration for the people who are living alone that are unemployed, accustom to eating food on the streets, and have no money to buy food. Think about those who are worried about what their next meal should be as the spend another 7 days with no food in their fridge.

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      • Issa vibes says:

        Then put things in place to feed them and make sure they good then. You want them go out when they should be inside? There’s things that can be done to help them and I’m sure that the government already though about all this already. It’s all about unity in these times not spreading the virus.

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    • Bishop Johnny Jones says:

      NO! I have church services to tend to. I run things and nobody will make me stay home cause I will huff and puff

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      • Anonymous says:

        All about the money huh or you just the most idiot devil

      • Limejuice says:

        You are a Christian, so remember the bible Xodus 20 /6 part of the Ten Commandments…”And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments” King James Bible.

        If you have people attend your Church, you are not just defining the law of the land, you are defying God’s commandments by exposing them to catching the Covid-19 virus, but alsohelping the spread of the virus, so exposing the whole community, their children and parents, particular any older people, yourself and ME.

        Find another way to spread your word…yo have a computer? Use it, Come into the world ofBVI 2020..

        • Devil's Advocate says:

          Since all the bars closed, my boss has nothing to do. He suggests that if you really want to see Jesus sooner rather than later, expose the real believers to the virus.

          However, I also contacted Jesus for his comment and he suggested as follows:

          1. Let the older people who are more at risk attend the supermarkets for two hours and keep everyone else out except the workers.

          2. Keep the ports and airport closed another two weeks, with only cargo coming in.

          3. Allow garbage trucks to go through certain areas at certain times and let residents leave their garbage outside their houses within strict times.

          4. Consider delivery trucks for staple food items that can pass along the streets and sell items. Have a set price list,etc. I really can’t see people lining up and jamming each other to get into groceries.

    • Opposition says:

      I thought the governor said we are prohibited from walking pets and taking out trash…cause the “smurf” posted a pic of him walking his dog. I really can’t understand people SMH

  2. Concerned says:

    I don’t know if its an infringement on privacy but it would be helpful to know who the people, both infected and in self-quarantine, so others know if they came in to contact with them. I know we are all in isolation anyway but if people are living with others they might take additional precautions from this point.

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    • Sadly not says:

      Who got or had the virus is very confidential. Just like the HIV/ Adis people we have in the VI. Yet there’s those we know cursed everyone post on the App or the Book, not all is true. Just saying things like this is very carful. Sometimes it’s about last name and political connected to remain under the radar.

      Ps only if HIV and ADIS was taken as seriously as this virus, long after the rona move on we still have hiv/ADIS lurking the BVI community

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    • Guest says:

      I have to agree. Some of these people came back and did not self quarantine at all. Only talking sh** about “well I don’t feel sick”. Although people explained that it could be days if not a week before you show signs they still came into offices. I know of one company where at least 3-4 persons did this…

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    • Voiceofthevoiceless says:

      Yes releasing their names without their permission is a clear violation of Doctor/patient confidentiality. Releasing the name may also lead to discrimination against the individual or individuals.

      What I would really like to say is that the Minister’s address left more questions than answers. So at the beginning of the day you had 2 positive and 9 outstanding results. He came back and said 16 more were added to those outstanding and out of the 25 outstanding 1 came back positive. He did not tell us about the status of the other 24 whether they are outstanding or negative. He did not give specifics on the new case eg. When did he enter the country? Where did he come from ? When was he tested? When was he self quarantined? Of the tested how many persons he was in contact with? The 140 plus in quarantine are they being monitored and if so how? The new quarantine law has not been gazetted so it’s not law as yet. Once it is gazetted does it apply to those self quarantined before?

      Another issue I have is why the Press is not being allowed to ask questions? They are on the list of the essential personnel so they can go to the press conference or if that is a concern then they can just do a tele conference or even via email. The Cabinet did meet via Tele-conferencing yesterday so it is possible.

      In these most critical times we need details or it would lead to more uncertainty which fuels fear.

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    • Curly says:

      These persons have to give a full history of where they have been to relevant services and persons tracked that way. It is unfair to have these persons identified due to the narrow mindedness of certain persons within our community. Stay safe.

  3. Scared says:

    Extend the curfew

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  4. Help! says:

    I don’t understand this reporting strategy. Can someone at the hospital put this information on a excel spreadsheet for the public to get a better understanding of the numbers.

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  5. say the country says:

    say the countries of interest

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  6. Curious George says:

    How many of those 143 were in the supermarkets during the mad rush before the lockdown?

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    • Ksrtel says:

      I was in Riteway and am asuannkaxy came in and said tibher friend that she doesn’t feel that sick!! Some didn’t self-isolate and went about their normal routines. 2 weeks at the minimum should’ve been the message.

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  7. Shav says:

    As the country lockdown every one should b tested

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  8. Quiet Rebel says:

    The current curfew or stay at home order expires at 6:00 am April 02. Since it seems like the incubation period for the virus is 14 days, extend the curfew period for at least another 7 days. The new curfew should include some adjustments, ie, letting supermarkets and other food suppliers, and pharmacies/drug stores open for a brief period each day, permitting residents to take garbage to central collection containers, allowing residents to go for brief walks around their neighborhoods, letting a few people from houses of worship record sermons for distribution to their flocks ……..etc.

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  9. Concerned says:

    Extension needed

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  10. Confused says:

    Those were tested with 22 more, what was the result for the others?

  11. Time Span Douubtful says:

    Franky, to feel or even be on the safe side, government, country and populace should keep this place on lock down for two more weeks, minimum, unless it is scientifically and medically proven that the threat to infections, llness and death have passed..

    All should be ready to make such sacrifices now to avert real danger, suffering and even deaths later.

    The current measures may be to short and cutting it close.

    Hence,, curfew and quarantine should be extended by at least another week to two.

    Precaution is better than cure, in this instance. That thing KILLS!!!

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  12. John says:

    It just doesn’t make no sense to lockdown for less that 14 day,14 or more to get it under control

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  13. Accumlated Class Priviledge says:

    They and their prayers, fasting and make believing never heal a sick person yet, neither in church or when they visit them in hospital.

    But, it is what it is. This society has always been one divided by class and priviledge, just as those it models itself after.

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  14. please says:

    There is a lot of elderly and people with high blood pressure and diabetes in this country. If this virus were to spread we would have A LOT of deaths. Please Government do what is right for the people and extend the curfew!

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  15. USA, Maryland says:

    We are on lock as of 8 tonight. You can only leave your homes to go to the grocery store or for emergency purposes. You get caught out on the streets, they are going to take you to jail.

  16. Musa says:

    Answer to your peoples +1500 new members did you give the pastor permission ? yes or no if no he need to be find if yes both of you need jail + find.

    • VG Queen says:

      What are the penalties for individuals who did not self quarantine after arrival? If we were to get infected by them can we sue them or the places of employment who knowingly allowed them into offices against the governments advisal???

  17. Just to be clear says:

    We had two confirmed cases and the country was put on a 6 day lockdown. So now we have an additional 1 cases bring the confirmed number to 3. Not to mention an increase in the number of that have been tested and those in quarantine.
    So just clarifying that the curfew will be lifted on Thursday at 6:00 despite the increase. Hmmmm

    If the curfew is to be extended I’m sure persons will need to replenish their food supply etc. Why didn’t they put a 14 day lockdown in the first instance.

  18. Joker says:

    We need to hear from the government now. We demand an explanation. NOW… are you serious about this curfew or not? Did Malone authorize illegally? We need to know. You Mr. Premier are taken as a big … joke. Talk about this. We need to know. And, please take into consideration to extend the curfew longer and allow us to get food with use of extreme caution. Divide us by district and allow one family member to conduct business. Keep the curfew in effect and don’t do ‘favors’ for anyone especially including Pastors. Stop joking around.

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  19. Incredible says:

    It ia incredible that this man is even allowed to make any statements until he answers to the people. We don’t want to hear from you.

    • I want them to open airport so I can go home to stvincent says:

      I have a flight to go back to my country on the 13th of April but if they can only open the airport so I can go home 5th of April that will do me Good

  20. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    A lot of people calling for an extension to the lockdown and I have no issues with that as health is our primary priority.

    However at the same time can the Government give us some form of short -term plan on how they are going to reduce or stop the hemorrhaging of the economy? We are talking about two weeks lockdown and then Easter holidays so what plan is there to provide relief for the many unemployed and those who are under-employed as they are hourly workers who will only get paid if they work? What about the business owners who continue to employ staff despite no work or revenue? Remember we were already dealing with layoffs from the hotel and tourism sectors before this and now all industries are severely affected with the economy at a virtual standstill.

    The Premier is asking the UK for grant aid but they have their own problems and if they give one then all will be asking too. So what can the Government do within their own budget? 2 million for farmers is good but with so many unemployed people who will be able to pay for those products? 11 million from the reserve fund for Corona yet no money for the NHI. Money needs to be re-allocated and re-purposed for the people who are feeling it badly or if not possible then dip into the reserve fund. Some maybe able to pay this month’s rent but the next month is pressure.

    When last has anyone seen a financial statement from SSB? What is their financial standing? The last time i heard they were boasting about 500 million but that was years ago. If they are in good standing why can’t the government revisit the SSB act to see if they can include some form of provisions for unemployment benefits and some form of small business stimulus? Why does one have to wait until the age of 65, or when they are sick or on maternity to claim from SSB? SSB should be there for when you need it the most and at least healthy to put it to use and that time is now!

    You cannot just extend the lockdown without providing some form of economic relief to the people who will be severely affected. Amend the SSB Act and supplement that with reserve funding and try stimulate this economy. you can combine that with lobbying for 3-6 months debt relief from the banks, same for the utilities and extending the tax relief from 10k- 15k or 20k. Allyuh think Corona is dangerous just think about the different chronic conditions that our healthcare system wold have to deal with when people pressure gone up with all the bills and no pay.

    These are some serious times and serious decisions must be made.

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  21. island man says:

    I know the bvi do not want to discriminate anyone but please our lives are at stake here please let us know who these persons are because these persons will not remember everyone that they came in contact with but we will remember if we were in contact with these persons. Please for the sake of the bvi release the names of these persons. Thank you.

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  22. Hh says:

    Jamaica is a such a good job. The update you live give you very good informative breakdown, what, where, which community etc etc.

  23. Ha says:

    You have lost my respect. The man of the cloth has made a mockery of you.

  24. Getting Serious says:

    So, this is rough in the BVI. But if you really want to understand go to, Go to Brooklyn Fire and HZatzolah EMS Dispatch it is under Fire department listings. It is the a live scanner. You can hear the calls for help broadcast. I listened in the night, over and over a 7 year old child with breathing problems, a 36 year old with breathing problems, a 8 month old with breathing problems, and shockingly it goes on and on. Tune in listen, the scanner goes quiet for a while then the calls for help come in. I listen on my iPhone, and can do other things on the phone while listening. Please try to understand the enormity of COVID19. Please try to support and obey our Government leaders. We come from people who were strong and SMART and most of all survivors. WE CAN DO THIS.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This has been going on around the world ever since December and the world was aware of it y they waited so long to do something about it like they never knew it would come here also or we just dealing with some greedy busters pretending to b professionals or they just part of the plan…..

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  26. Anonymous says:

    Open airport on the 5th so non nationals can go home please

  27. Anonymous says:

    Am spanish and with worried about this because a lot of us no have money for stay home for two more week

  28. Jovanny says:

    A m l spaninish and l believe no much of us have money for stay two more week in home

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