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UPDATE: BVI records second murder for 2020! Victim identified

Police have confirmed the death of the male resident who was wounded in a shooting in the Spring Ghut area of Tortola Thursday afternoon, September 10.

He has been identified as 55-year-old Fat Hog’s Bay resident, Matthew Daly.

He was found unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the the scene, making him the BVI’s second murder victim for 2020. Another male resident was fatally shot on Tortola just a week earlier.

“Persons with any information related to this incident are asked to contact Detective Inspector Vernon Larocque directly on 368-9809 or via the Major Crime Investigation Team on 368-5682. All information will be treated with discretion and confidentiality will be assured,” the RVIPF stated in a media release late Thursday night.

Previously-published story

An unidentified male has been injured in a shooting that happened in the Spring Ghut area of Tortola on Thursday, September 10.

Police Information Officer Akia Thomas told BVI News the shooting happened shortly after 1:30 pm.

“Police responded and observed one male with what appeared to be gunshot wounds,” she told our news centre moments ago.

His condition is unknown and Thomas said details surrounding the incident are unclear but police investigations are ongoing.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, this incident comes just a week after a fatal shooting on the main island. Purcell Estate resident George Burrows was shot to become the territory’s first murder victim for 2020.

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  1. huu says:

    So they killing the island people one by one eh

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    • Pray says:

      Where there is wickedness the is curses. The politicians are the cause for this blight plaguing the BVI. It’s the curse of the wrongful deeds done to good expats who were here helping to bring the BVI where it is now. Hope Andrew who play the pano in his church is taking heed.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        The BVI has a higher murder rate per head of population than Afghanistan.

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      • Dede says:

        How are politicians responsible for this? What does the Premier playing the organ at church have to do with this? Do you have proof to back up your claim?

        Many crimes committed in this country are mostly done over greed, envy and jealousy. Some persons are well aware of what is going on but chose to remain quiet for fear of they’re own safety. Other don’t say anything until it affects them and need our sympathy. In order for us to tackle these problems we must first be honest with ourselves. We must be willing to acknowledge we have a problem and be willing to do what right in tackling them. We must be willing to hold ourselves, family, friends and acquaintances accountable for their actions. To often we gave out passes for wrong doing because of last name, friendship or some ridiculous reason. We put blame every where except we’re it belongs.

        We know the problems and we know the solutions the question to be ask is are we willing to take actions necessary to fix them. Think about this people.

        Condolences to his family and other love ones.

        • Guy Hill says:

          To Dede….My mom used to tell me, there will always be the “Ignorant Lot”. Leave them at the foot of the cross. RIP Matthew.

  2. Me says:

    Is it just me or does it appear that there has been an increase in shootings since the *** came into power… the people are paying for his SUV’s and bodyguards. Why does someone who is a leader on a supposedly quiet island need bodyguards. Is there an underworld of crime that is being condoned by the government. Or perhaps the government is participating? Law and order just doesn’t seem to coincide with the black philosophy. Look what is happening in the US and around the world.

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    • Anonymous says:

      You sound so stupid

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      • hmm says:

        the word stupid sound to good for that comment

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      • Really says:

        Really? Stupid? Have a look at Chicago or New York. Blacks killing blacks. No regards to life. No family values. Females with offspring collecting welfare. Don’t know who the daddy is. The BVI is the same way. Crime as a percentage of the population as bad as Chicago. It’s in the black genes. Let’s have all the thumbs down but the truth hurts so live with it. You want black lives to matter then show the world you want to be part of the human race and not act like animals. Actually animals don’t act like the black man does.

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        • You a fool. says:

          You a damn fool and an a$$. Who have killed more people in the every single life time.. WHITES fool. White on white crimes is real.. matter of fact whites killing everyone is the worst, while they smile and act like they human. Your comment is full of hate. Lived in the states where a white man killed 21 people who delivered, pizza and stuff to his house then ate them and fed them to his neighbors. So who are the animals?. You sound stupid, and the news sight should block your ignorant comments. No one on the plant has killed more people than white people so, this death can’t even compare.

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    • SMH says:

      People like you need to STFU from writing nonsense

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    • Wha?! says:

      Shut yuh dutty moda—s***t….

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  3. Wondering says:

    Where is Spring Ghut? Shooting after curfew?

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  4. Warner Brother says:

    Per capita, the BVI has one of the highest crime rates in the Caribbean. However, per capita, they also have one of the largest police forces. Nothing left to say.

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  5. Omg says:

    Wat the BVI is coming to high day light

  6. Casa Blanca says:

    White girl

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  7. Citizen says:

    Another senseless murder!! and many UNSOLVED! i dont care who get mad with me but the Government need to cut them police officers/detectives salaries until they could do some REAL work! Impossible so many unsolved cases and they going home with a fat pay + allowances.

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  8. lawd says:

    Poor mathew

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  9. Wow says:

    Poor mathew

  10. Ok then says:

    @ citizen. Youre right. Or have them on the road 24/7. This curfew have people killing people. The officers all they good for is harrass people for nothing. Look at what happen this week it all over social media. Rounds up the killers the same way

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  11. Juice says:

    Them rugrats does no work. They could care less what happen. All dem just a big show. Them only have strength to drink water and harrass people. Them is a disgrace in uniform. This here will be on investigation until they kingdom come.

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  12. LOCAL says:


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  13. Anonymous says:

    Get well soon

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  14. Who's Speaking Up says:

    Reactions to deaths have become another ordinary day of RIP, this one hit hard, you will be missed posts then on to business as usual.

    Within a few days there was no more talk about Burrow’s murder.

    Has our community gotten so accustomed to violence????

    When will there be a STOP THE VIOLENCE MARCH????

    The MURDERER is somewhere right now reading the various blogs (news and Facebook) knowing blood is on their hands.

    Does this MURDERER feel any sorrow, regret, or even worry about getting caught?

    Does this MURDERER think of how they would feel if it was someone they cared for killed at the hands of another?

    Does this MURDERER feel bigger than God that they would not suffer the consequences WORSE THAN A LIFE THAT WAS TAKEN IN MINUTES????

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  15. hmm says:

    Last week I post this same comment under the late “George Burrows” headline. but y are all these deaths residents of the 6th district?? something fishy is going on. Anyways condolences to the friends and families of the decease. Remember God is watching.

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  16. The one says:

    All bvi people will kill them self one a nother unti none self and all this killing is for drugs all to the police them selling drugs and guns and them act like them dont do nothing and them know who i talking about

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    • You Know? says:

      You all talk s**t n say this guy an that cop… If you KNOW, speak the Truth. If you just talkin s**t STFU! You are the problem! Talk about being Christian, an God watching an s**t. Stop being a drag on the community. Stand up for what is right. Otherwise, lay down and stop talking out you a** People lives at risk. You all clapping for BLM, then lettin you own suffer right here. Stop, stop, stop.

      • strupzz says:

        You dam idiot is your own BLACKS killing off each other! stand up for what??? Why waste our time with our very own race, when all they know is violence. If you want to change this generation then grow your kids up the right way, take them from in front of TV and give them chores. We as parents are the reason for the violence in this world.

  17. Wow says:

    The first thing they need to do is put the officers on a good health program . Some could hardly walk , much less run ?‍♀️ to chase a common thief . Shame !! Shame

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  18. Just saying says:

    Start with his cell phone record. He was not senile and did not just wonder up there.

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    • Air says:

      Yes they should check his cellphone that will have info.. that might lead to his death…and as for the late George.. everyone already know it was a family dispute and they know who did it… But whatever in the dark will come to light

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  19. Wow man says:

    Darn Matthew, you did not deserve to go out like that. I hope the killer never get another good night sleep. Condolences to your family and friends. RIP Matthew.

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  20. Uffff says:

    what a shame on this island BVI, what an outrage?

  21. Sad says:

    Plz find the phone plz solve these 2 deaths hope a killer is not hiding on the island otherwise who next is the question. The bvi has to feel uneasy rite now 2 weeks 2 murders, who is protecting the borders falling asleep wake up.

    • Concerned says:

      I thought the cell-phone provider has the record of calls so they will not need to find the phone.

    • Telephones says:

      IF he had Digicel or Flow or CCT they will have a record of the calls that were made. You do not need the phone. Just the call records of his phone number.

  22. Hello says:

    The all you people commenting wait until you found out what he was killed for then you would bite your tongue. This is no random shooting people. This is all planned by the people who he involved with. You people think he was living by the GRACE of GOD?? Thats what he said after his matter before the court was withdrawn not me.Sad that he came to this country and cause more bad than good. What’s in the dark would come to light. When expatriates come here try and obey the laws live within your means. If you can make it here please leave and go anywhere of your choosing. Do not get involved in illegal activities. Stop it.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    @Really: Really? You just describe the majority of the American and EU population. Statistics are readily available for who care to research and reveal.

  24. Cut deep says:

    Sad to see when community activists & host of C** D**P always avoid talking about real issues that’s killing the said Be VI she side she love.

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    • @Cut Deep says:


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  25. Jahlove says:

    We have to be cautious in these times. There are genuinely enemies among us. For every 100 people there’s a sociopath,they have little to no conscience or remorse when they commit heinous crimes. Please be careful people. Always keep your circle of friends small and don’t assume everyone is your friend. Learn to detect people with sociopaths in your community. It’s not easy to detect them as they mask being normal very well but the people close to them will know and can detect them easily.Hopefully we don’t have many Psychopaths here,they made up about 1% of the population. Psychopaths are the most dangerous of the lot as they have absolutely not conscience or remorse for anything. They are not capable of having emotions. In fact,all serial killers are psychopathic but not all psychopaths are serial killers some join the army,police,fire department jobs that may have a high risks of danger or extreme environments to work,they survive and learn to blend in but they are the ones that we need to be very careful with. Whoever did this to Shorty was one of the two and if the police don’t start finding these people who have been murdering people here for the pass 20 years then the public need to wise up and look for the signs of sociopaths and psychopaths among us. The police are not psychics they rely on info to solves cases if no ones talking then the cases are gonna go cold. Please analogize what I’m talking about.

  26. Streets says:

    To the killer, putting all fun and jokes aside, was it really worth it? I bet you are thinking about it. They are coming for you or one of yours next. AN EYE FOR AN EYE BRO. BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT BRO.

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  27. Richgdgy says:

    Get rid of the Drugs and Libs and you guys might have a chance!!

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  28. GVs says:

    Really: You sound so stupid with your post, how can you compare The BVI with Chicago. It’s September and we have 2 murders 9 months into 2020. Maybe you can tell us what the percentage is for the population.
    I think that the government should stop the bloggings on the news sites; there are people out there who loves to make the BVI look bad when someone can say a percentage of the population as bad as Chicago that is real bad to the tourist that don’t know us The ones who comes almost every year they know better, but the new ones don’t know us and the first thing they do is get on the internet to find out things about where they plan to vacation. You guys need to stop it.

  29. The Truth says:

    A black man getting killed in his 50’s is ridiculous. You survive the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s it’s supposed to be smooth sailing after that.

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  30. Jane says:

    BVI needs to allow non-belonger residents to sit on juries. The current arrangement is in breach of the constitution. Belongers don’t want to convict other Belongers. If we want justice then we need to have an effectively jury system.

    RIP to this gentleman and condolences to his family and loved ones.

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  31. Respect says:

    alot of you have no respect to the police officers
    But when someone is murder all of you believe that they should solved all crimes!
    Leave up to you all even covid 19 all of you believe they should fight/stop !
    They are humans just like you all !
    Not superman

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  32. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of the garrot and shut down the complete island for 10 yrs. With those s**t bag locals xx

  33. Truth be told says:

    The Government has access to all these accounts, so they soon root you out from being anonymous. You better buy 2 large suitcases for when they find you,

  34. Anonymous says:

    Free niron

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