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UPDATE: Police identify man in Wednesday night’s fatal shooting

Police have confirmed the death of a male resident who was shot in Purcell Estate, Tortola around 9:30 pm on Wednesday, September 2.

He has been identified as George Burrows who resides in the area.

“It is alleged that he was shot by one unknown assailant who fled on foot,” police said in a media release Thursday morning.

“Persons with any information related to this incident are asked to contact Detective Inspector Vernon Larocque directly on 368-9809 or via the Major Crime Investigation Team on 368-5682. All information will be treated with discretion and confidentiality will be assured,” the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said.

The incident happened during curfew hours.


Information reaching BVI News indicates that a male resident is feared dead after being shot in Purcell Estate on Tortola.

Sources in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said the incident occurred in the vicinity of OneMart Superstore shortly after 9 pm on Wednesday, September 2.

When contacted, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas, said: “I can confirm reports of a shooting.”

However, she said information was still coming in so further details were not readily available to share with our news centre.

In the meantime, members of the RVIPF were said to be at the scene of the shooting up to publication time.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. M says:

    Lawd. So the break the curfew.

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  2. Rip says:

    It’s so sad, we were going to well! Till in the man house they went to kill him. Sigh when will the gun violence end!?

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  3. Resident says:

    When will the gun violence end man!? What happened to talking it over and coming to mutual agreements? Heart of man wicked. RIP

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  4. hmm says:

    is it just me but isn’t it quite strange how district 6 been having so much deaths over the past couple of months?? anyways my deepest condolences to the family and friends of this individual, especially his daughter!! We didn’t give life so why take a life??

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  5. 666 says:

    this gone to far!!!… killing innocent people… the same ones ayo smoking with is who planning to put y’all 6 feet in ….don’t trust a soul .especially in that lil crab hole r.i.p to all falling Soulja ?

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  6. Eagle eye says:

    Rip Shawala

  7. I'm black says:

    and I’m proud……but sometimes it hurts me…….anyone overs

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  8. Sigh says:

    I thought hull say Purcell crime free u can walk peaceful

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  9. rtfg says:

    … As bad as people here in the B.V.I are… no one kills you without a reason. I haven’t seen anyone hothead to that extreme here.

    He must’ve done something to provoke someone. You can hate but it’s the truth.

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  10. People dont kill for no reason... says:

    Very Sad, however, common sense tells me its must have been motivated by something..Did he had large amount of cash in his house, that the killers knew about?..Did he had information that could have send people to Jail? .Did he take money for a deal and didnt deliver,?. was he screwing somebody’s wife or girl friend,?. People dont kill people for no reason..All though killing is not the answer or solutoon…Thats the reality, …obviously this is not an accident…

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  11. Hmm says:

    @Resident. it will end when the authorities stop those they know are smuggling in guns, drugs, and ammo. They know who they are but are afraid or paid off to turn blind eye.

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  12. Cut Deep says:

    RIP man. Only God knows. Laws or no laws criminals don’t pay mind to rules and regulations. While we’re posting about COVID and safety those that need to hear the word never do. From its dark is when the real criminals be out. The community is calling on the host of C** D**p to show her love for the Virgin Islands by speaking up about the crimes in the BVI. The BVI she claimed that she so love.

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  13. Look at that says:

    No one is safe on this Island. People walking in your home, your sanctuary and gunning you down.

  14. Old says:

    Black life matters we need to live better than this man.

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  15. Sigh&hull says:

    The only hummingbird flying free is he and his girlish ways. I a Purcell girl and my village is the home of the movers and shakers in the drugs industry and that is sad.

    Everybody wants to be rich the fast way but why be rich for a day and they take your life the following day??????????

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  16. Williams says:

    Sad news no curfew in Tortola 5:pmto 5:am

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  17. H says:

    Something just aint right. Curfew time long pass. So people nust killing people just so? Nah

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  18. Hmmm says:

    I notice one thng every time the cop or anyone go public and say bvi crime freee or crime rate drop some dumb ish happen in the territory

  19. God knows ALL says:

    To the heartless killer; Whoever you are, we may not know, but God knows, and your day of judgement is coming. REGARDLESS of what, you took his life? Whatever he did or have for you, it was worth killing him? You can hide from man but not God. This will haunt you.

    You died a horrible death, I pray God have mercy on your soul. My Condolences to his family.

  20. sad to say but says:

    Black lives only matters when a white person shoots a black man

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  21. Lowrdy says:

    Drugs dont kill , but gun do
    Magistrate don’t put pressure on him ccharges but on drugs.
    Now we can do with a hurricane like Irma. VIP just salt to this island
    No money, and killing the ppl with tax and fees

  22. Hate to say...... says:

    Going into someone’s home and gunning them down is sending a message. Purcell is where the Criminal events is staged and carried out. You could not pay me to live in Purcell.

  23. Reality says:

    Racism is not the problem in this world. Selfishness and greed is our problem. And this virus is everywhere, know one is spared from this Virus. We all have the tools to fight it but we refuse to try and pretend it doesn’t even exist.

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  24. idk says:

    We should ban guns, oh wait

  25. sad to say says:

    But to 99% of white people, Black lives has never and will never matter. History and current events, both political, economical, societal, social and personal prove that statement true.

    Who don’t see your evident racist sarcasm.

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  26. Sad times says:

    This is a sad day indeed. I am so sorry to hear about this senseless killing.

    Curfew is one thing, but I pass by a bar in East End before the curfew yesterday, and the patrons were practically sitting in each others laps, and not one was wearing a mask.

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  27. @ Sad times says:

    Police need to patrol by Big Brothers too where they hanging out to the side of the building and NO MASKS

  28. @ Sad to Say says:


    See Blacks protesting against another race and police brutality but conveniently leaving out the black on black murderers, drug pushers, abusers, etc.


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  29. @sad to say says:

    “But to 99% of white people, Black lives has never and will never matter. History and current events, both political, economical, societal, social and personal prove that statement true.”

    I hope you find a better path because the self-projection of your own hate is only going to eat you up inside.

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    • @@sad to say says:

      true humans confront the evils of society and try to change them one human at a time.

      Hoping to change folk like you also, because racism is an evil. Hating people for the color they were born with is evil, and you know that.

  30. Daffy Duck says:

    You just so jealous that you didn’t get a lap dance.
    Is that any of yoyr business if they wasn’t social distancing? Ah you should ah get the bullet for minding other people’s business.

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  31. @God knows best says:

    If I was the killer and I read this post which I am sure the killer is reading, I would be scared S*****ss. You drop some powerful words. No matter how though the killer think he is he would never be able to erase that inward torture that is going to eat him out, the killer is already sentenced to death, another dead man walking around like day of the living dead.

  32. Anonymous says:


    See Blacks protesting against another race and police brutality but conveniently leaving out the black on black murderers, drug pushers, abusers, etc.


    Sadly it is Black person who posted this scrap from the social engineeing desk.

    Sadly, you pushing the narratives you are being taught to push. You are so mentally, intellectually and educationally lazy that you will never learn facts for self, but push the narratives placed for you to push.

    Though Black on Black murder is painful to all, do note that every single race has the same problem.

    Has it ever occured to you that you never hear the words white on white, Chinese on Chinese, Indian on Indian murder crime, etc, etc?

    Do you know that all those groups have equal to more same violence against each other. Do you know, no you don’t because you follow what media frames you to follow, that statistically, white on white murder crime is greater than than of Black on Black murder crime?

    And again, do you know those words nor statistics never is heard on media? Well, it is to much to teach here. It is suggeted that you begin reading and learning.

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  33. @@sad to say says:

    who you trying to fool with that reverse psychological gibberish?

    You are the kind, white, and the only kind that go in people place and project racisl hatred and other abnomalties upon them. Black people are no longer sleep white people.

    The time has come for you people to realize that and beging changing your ways and thinking, and stop trying to redeflect your racism and hatred of us back upon us.

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  34. @ Daffy Duck says:

    @ Daffy Duck and everyone else getting their underwear in a bunch when others call out people breaking the curfew laws and not wearing masks….



  35. Funny says:

    how a white man can walk into a church and gun down nine innocent Black people, and after he is done committing murder, he is taken by police to Mc Donald for dinner.

    Funny how a white boy can drive a million miles with an AR-47, kill innocent people and be treated like a hero by police, the entire nation and the president.

    Funny how white people get so offended to the point of murdering people over the words, “Black Lives Matter.”

    Well do they not? One is of the impression that they know all lives do matter, but they do not want to ligitimize the value of a Black life. That is their great problem.

    There hatred is so ingrained. They are so brainwashed into their falsehood of superiority, that they are unaware that their soul, mind, conscience and heart are dead.Thay and are totally unaware of their major human disfunctionalites.

    Jane Elliot, a white world renowned educator and
    scientist has postulated from her extensive work that 99% of white people are racist. Is she right? It is hard to think she is not.

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  36. @Sigh says:

    Stop calling People’s name that has nothing to do with Any of This Y’all people are too Malicious and Disgusting! Go find a book to read‼️‼️ RIP Shawallah

  37. Broken Hearted says:

    Why did Cain kill his Brother Abel?
    Evil in the Heart.God says our hearts
    are” Desperately wicked” truly without
    ever residing presence of God in the
    heart man is capable of Evil….Only Love
    is the Answer…knowing God…alone gives
    that kind of Love..He will rest in peace
    as long..he made…Peace with God…bless

  38. @funny says:

    You could not say it better …racism is pure evil. And who is racist there kno it but feel it more to there self there are …u are the same as the wrong u defend wen it being surpress..let ur conscience be ur guide..

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