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UPDATE: ‘Not a dictator’| Public discussions now to be had on regularization initiative

Premier Andrew Fahie

Citizens will now have the opportunity to have their say on the government’s regularization initiative in the coming weeks, Premier Andrew Fahie has promised.

The Premier’s remarks were made in the House of Assembly (HoA) on Friday when the Immigration law amendment to facilitate the regularisation was introduced to the House.

He said his administration decided to suspend the second and third readings for the amended bill which is titled: Immigration and Passport (Amendment) Act 2019.

Notably, any legislation brought before the House requires three readings before it can pass.

The second and third readings for the aforesaid amendment will return to the House on June 3, BVI News understands.

“I do not intend to run the country in a dictatorial manner. But I do not intend to run this country with people pulling me together in their storm. I am going to pull them in my calm, and we are going to sit down and have intelligent discussions,” Fahie said following an anti-regularisation protest outside the House on Friday.

He continued: “More views of the people need to be heard on all sides, and we are going to go out there and get it. I am not going to do anything as your leader to do anything that would seem insensitive.”

Moving forward, the Premier said he cannot always guarantee that all government’s decisions will favour all.

He, however, said: “I will try my best with my government to ensure that we have the dialogue with the people. But in order to solve some of these issues, not Immigration alone, there has to be tough, well-discussed and well-calculated as possible to get some of these things done.”

Pleased petitioners

Meanwhile, Claudia Hodge, who was among the locals who spearheaded an online petition said she and the other anti-regularisation campaigners are “pleased”.

“This is truly democracy at its best. We view this as a great start, and we are committed to working with the government to find a balance that is in the best interest of the territory with Virgin Islanders at the heart of the discussion and decision,” she told BVI News via WhatsApp on Saturday.


Gov’t suspends amendment to Immigration Act on regularisation initiative

Government has opted to suspend the amendment they are making to the Immigration and Passport Act that aimed to regularise select expatriate residents.

He made the announcement in the House of Assembly on Friday after locals staged a protest against the amendment outside the Assembly building in Road Town.

Before any legislation is passed, it must have three readings in the House. But government opted not to go beyond the first reading. The Premier explained that he acknowledges ‘the people’s voices’.

“I promised them that amendments would be made and one of the amendments that I am asking to be made right now is that there isn’t a second and third reading,” Premier Fahie said.

“I have heard their voices in terms of us having some more discussions in the coming week so that we can move forward as together as can be, given the nature of the issue,” he added.

The Premier continued: “I’ll never disenfranchise my people or do anything to destroy the BVI. I would not do anything outside the law. I realized that we want more public dialogue on this matter and we are willing based on the voice of the people, and sitting with the people for and against, to make sure that we hear the people a little more; especially this week with more public meetings, more collaborations on the issue on the way forward that can be agreeable by all.”

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  1. Ancestral Codes says:


    Would have been political suicide to move contrary to the voices of the people.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Really , only 108 signed their petition but over 800 names to reinstate Mark. Why hasn’t he been sworn in if they listening to the people.

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      • @Hmmm says:

        Where can I find the petition?

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      • @ hmmmm says:

        Because these were HIS supporters who were against his decision. Simple.

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      • Hmm says:

        Some of you dont understand Tortola people dont let 108 fool you the people have gotten silent again which is a bad sign for Andrew.

        The people are fedup and feel there is no political justice to get with these two parties.Andrew grow up and think Tola people are not going to let u and your Government destroy them.

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        • @Hmmm says:

          Andrew will be just fine. He showed that he is a true leader. These problems need tackling and I commemd him for doing so. I also thank him for bringing the Consumer Protection Legislation.

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          • Hmmm says:

            NO No some of his ministers showed guts and told him that they cant go along with it thats why he stopped allegedly.

            By the way a consumer protection is not progress what we need is price control. Dont be fooled open your eyes.

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      • @hmmmm says:

        He has not been swoorn in to teach him a freakin lesson OK? What more you wanna hear!

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      • Peace says:

        Stop the hateful speech. We all have to co exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s keep the BVI Apartheid. For all of you that don’t know what that means, the definition is “policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race“. Let’s keep the whites from joining our rank. No citizenship for them, no Belonger status, no government positions and most important no voting. Let’s make our voices heard all the way to the U.N. And the U.K. We are a Racist and Bigoted Territory and not ashamed to say it and show it.

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      • Get over it... says:

        In apartheid the locals and indigenous people were disenfranchised and suppressed. It had NOTHING to do with expatriate wanting rights.

        Stop showing your ignorance. You have 100% rights in your home country. We have 100% rights in ours.

        I cant go into your country making demands and having expectations. I have to abide with limitations you place on foreigners. Same here in the BVI.

        Where is the problem.

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        • Anonymous says:

          The Territory discriminates like no other place on earth. You have no avenue for any new immigrant to become a permanent resident or citizen. You are Apartheid. You are Racist. You are scumbags.

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          • My 2 cents says:

            And if you don’t like it the last time I checked the boats and planes leave everyday. BVIslander or non-BVIslander.

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          • Wow says:

            If you hate the place and the people so much. Why do you want to stay?

            Its not about hate. Its not about discrimination.

            This is our HOME. You have your own elsewhere.

            You can stay here on our terms or you can leave.

            What is the problem.

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          • hey says:

            obviously you have not travelled

          • BVI to the Bone says:

            @Anonymous: Get packing if it so bad and we are scum bags. LIAT still flying and so is winAir, BVI Airways etc. Which ever is quicker or easier.

        • Chupidy says:

          Apartheid is a bit far fetched. The correct term is Xenophobic. The statements uttered by the people including the one above are purely Xenophobic and should easily classify as hate speech. The locals here are Xenophobic period.

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          • @Chupidy says:

            Xenophobic? That can happen when you become a minority in your own country.

            Outsiders are welcomed to the BVI to work and improve their circumstances. But citizenship is not an entitlement.

            Your citizenship is elsewhere. Enjoy it, appreciate it and protect it.

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        • Jane says:

          @Get over it…but my country is the UK and all BVIslanders have the right to live and vote there…so you absolutely can go to my country and make demands and have expectations…

      • Guy Hill says:

        Identify your coward self for a real discussion.

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    • Okay says:

      I have so much more respect for our Premier.

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  2. Weir D. Playne says:

    There is a solution to this problem that will come with a price however something this important is worth the cost to resolve the issue.
    Recently when Florida had their elections to vote for governor and senator they also voted for a few constitutional amendments simultaneously like the right to restore convicted felons voting rights etc.

    Bring the matter to the polls and let all registered voters decide whether this is something that they want. It takes the Premier off the hook as he only has one vote and puts the power in the hands of Virgin Islanders as well as current belongers. We get a real chance to find out how exactly people feel about the situation.

    Sometimes you read the comments on news site and it can be misleading as one person can comment repeatedly so you cant really determine whether it is a true representation of the public views.
    I’m sure the few BVIslanders that had a chance to express their views against the bill to the Premier does not represent all BVIslanders but voting gives others like them or not like them the chance to fully express themselves. Set the date and let us show the world how we feel. The new ballot machines will be put to use and when the result is announced nobody can say this was a VIP or Andrew thing because WE made the choice.

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  3. Cave in says:

    It wasn’t the majority of the people that were complaining it was a select few and they shouldn’t be empowered in their divisive politics that they are trying. Most BV Islanders supported this. Plus you shouldn’t have raised the hopes of so many who have been kept waiting for the ability to apply a long time past their 15 years.

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    • @Cave In says:

      All BVIslanders are against that regulation. Over the years you outsiders have deluded yourselves into thinking this is your home and have fought us as if it was. It isn’t. Don’t know how much plainer that can be made. No one put out any invitations for you to come. Your greed and selfishness to take all you can get is what made you come here when you read in wiki the misleading per capita the BVI had. You are a guest here and always will be. And aside from from your pompous, bully, drunken and unruly ways, the BVI can not hold all of you. The ones who came in the 60s and prior – some came and helped. Very different from the others. As for the whites, especially those in the law firms, trust companies and offshore must be the worst. The absolute worst. People are afraid to speak of them and their atrocities. Passing in the hallway, no return of greeting, segregated bathrooms, intimidation, bullying, assigned circular – that is a person who walks around the office checking on the black workers every 15 minutes and that is all he was hired to do, nothing else, etc. They are racists, ruthless, oppressive, hateful and I feel they have a part to play in this. We are aware of their private dinners where they discuss us, not that we want to be invited anyway. We know their agendas. They want to get away from the shackles of their own countries, their true homes and want to set up for whites only elitism here. They delude themselves that we are a docile people. They do.

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      • CW says:

        All BVIlanders? Hahahaha HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA
        That statement alone shows you totally lack any authority to speak on any subject. You couldnt get all BVILANDERS to agree the sky is blue smh

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      • Cave in says:

        You need to be stuck in one of those… While it caves in.

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        • Well says:

          So someone from here can’t think it’s a good idea to give status to people who they have worked with and have helped the development of this country? As for the hatred above? There is bigger problems than a white person getting status. If you want to go to dinner maybe ask them out? It is possible for white people and black people to be friends.

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      • @cavein says:

        You seem to have a personal vendetta,dum,dum,dump!!!!!!!

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      • WE are all guests here! says:

        This land was stolen from native Indians and YOU completely erased that identity!

        Why don’t you take your a#$ back to Africa? This land was stolen and its wealth given to you! You earned none of it!

        Not even the name you carry is your own!

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        • @ We are all guests here! says:

          BVIslanders would be presumptuous to claim any rights in Africa. As would you.

          You have your home. This is ours. What is the problem.

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        • Anonymous says:

          One.) There were no indigenous people in these islands when they were first settled in the 1600s. 2.) After Emancipation, the slave-owners were given money, the slaves and their descendants received none. They are the ones who built the BVI in the period from the 1850s to the 1960s.

          Also, you are a racist who really should not be given Belongership. In fact, you should leave on the next boat.

    • Wrong says:

      Its the majority of the LOCALS. We have a right to determine the future of this country.

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      • Define says:

        Yes, but what constitutes a local? Does that mean born here? And what if the person born here was born from non-belonger parents? Would somebody brought here at an early age and grows up here count?

        At the end of the day, if locals don’t want outsiders don’t let them in. Just don’t hire them. Learn to do their work. And, don’t sell property except to locals (no matter what an outsider might offer). Think about what the Territory might look like then.

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      • Define says:

        Yes, but what constitutes a local? Does that mean born here? And what if the person born here was born from non-belonger parents? Would somebody brought here at an early age and grows up here count?

        At the end of the day, if locals don’t want outsiders, then don’t let them in. Just don’t hire them. Learn to do their work. And, don’t sell property except to locals (no matter what an outsider might offer). Think about what the Territory might look like then. If that’s not too desirable, and instead, locals decide they want help or expertise they don’t have, then you’ll have to come up with a plan to bring in help. How long are you going to let them stay? And, what happens when they marry locals? Do they also get to be locals even though they are not born here.

        It seems to me the Territory needs skilled people for quite a long while if there is to be meaningful economic recovery. But that does not entitle anyone to treat outsiders like second class individuals. The social tensions thus created do not make a positive contribution to progress.

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        • @ Define says:

          To sum it up… if you find yourself standing in line to apply for residency or belongership you are not local.

          Being allowed the privilege to work and make a better life for yourself in the BVI DOES NOT give you rights to citizenship.

          You have your home country. This is ours. What is the problem.

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      • Stupid! says:

        Tell that to Indians you stole it from!

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  4. vip heckler says:

    Now he is listening

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  5. Albion says:

    Pure cowardice. A political leader backs down from doing what he knows to be right just to pander to a privileged class.

    Further proof that political promises are worth nothing.

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    • Get it Right says:

      It takes a strong mind to admit when one is wrong. Its A fool that ignores advice

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      • @Get it Right says:

        What Andrew did last is what he should of done first. He had no right taking such to the HOA in the first place.. Thinking we foolish nah!

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    • Not2Sure says:

      Leaders lead. But sheep follow whoever shouts loudest.

      I guess we learned what Andrew Fahie is.

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    • Please says:

      No No it is alleged him doing it was not about been right it was about grinding an ax with Myron.

      But we the people refuse to allow him to destroy the fabric of this country because he wants to weaken Myron.

      He is too immature, of all the people look at who he appointed speaker and the results thus far because he did so.

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  6. Loud and clear says:

    Please take my advice… pay the people them work permits, pay your mandatory deductions, pay your rent, pay your Bill’s, buy the necessary stuff such as food and clothes and abide by the laws. Do not however support anything whereby you gave to point your hard earn money in their pockets. Save that money to return to your land of birth or citizenship so you can continue living after the kick you out… stop ask the people them for their rights and privilege.

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  7. Spice Man says:

    With respect to the Premier. I believe the People of the BVI are correct in having their voices be heard. Being in a mans country does not guaranty citizenship. Some applicant have to be thoroughly investigated.

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  8. Emperor with No Clohes says:

    Not an impressive first few months. I am hoping for improvement.

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  9. Quiet Warrior says:

    Undoubtedly, there are times when legislation needs to be rushed through the HOA, ie, national emergencies, crisis…..etc. Though the Immigration and Passport Act changes are important and may be urgent, it is not a national emergency item. Trying to rush this piece of legislation through the HOA without proper consultation with the PEOPLE and proper vetting was not an effective course of action. This was an unforced error and a self-inflicted wound caused by the Premier. The Premier seemed to be rushing to get much done within his first 90 days. And in doing so, he is making himself look amateurish, highlighting his inexperience, showcasing perhaps weakness in ineffective leadership and management skills…….etc.

    As noted in other blogs, a leader taking hold of any organization, ie, church, school, MNC, President, Chief Minister…….etc must first conduct a current situation analysis and assess the findings before making any major changes. That is basic management and leadership action. It is also basic leadership and management to operate from a national strategic development plan, not from the seat of the pants or skirt. The VIP first few months in office is riddled with much seat of the pants/skirt decision makings. Ministers are facing at a 100 miles per hour trying to impress the electorate. Perhaps some greeness at play. Does anyone remember the race between the hare and the tortoise? That fable has value and is applicable.

    Further, there is a strategic planning timeline that goes like this: vision/mission, goals and objectives, strategies and tactics, and operations. In bringing this piece of legislation to the HOA, the Premier appeared to have jumped straight to tactics. Premier needs to recall the training offered at Florida A&M University. True, the Rattler will Strike, Strike and Strike again. But the Rattler must take effective aim to strike the target in the bull’s eye. This process was a fire, ready, aim fiasco.

    Moreover, as a to the bone Virgin Islander, I had high hopes and great expectations for the Premier and VIP. But it seemed to have stepped off with the left foot instead of the traditional right foot. It is trying to do too much too quickly to impress too many people too quickly. To the VIP, I say slow your roll and success will come soon enough. IMO, the Premier is using personality to get things done. He is operating like a transactional leader instead of being an ideological and philosophical leader. He seemed to be a short-term thinker. Short term thinking results in shallow policies. The Premier should approach policies and legislation like sausage making; it is a process that takes time. As a reminder to the Premier and VIP, the VI has a parliamentary democracy/representative democracy. Members are elected to represent the people and they must consult and listen to the people. The BVI is not a unitary state. Listen to the people, take time, go back to the drawing board. Regrettably, the Premier has squandered some political capital: political capital squandered is difficult to regain. This is a great time for the Opposition with the government shooting itself in the foot. Opposition was relatively quiet. When your political opponent is digging a hole, you let them continue digging. Nevertheless, if I were the Premier, I would appoint a cross sectional ad hoc committee to evaluate immigration and passport changes and make non-binding recommendations.

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  10. Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    One of those parasitic expats came asking for a reference letter telling me she out of options, I kinda said yes, but she aint know I will not be providing. And I hope no other indigenous Virgin Islander provide her with one.

    I cant believe that there is no background checks when it comes to those people applying for Belongers status. There is the local check, but no home country checks. We are giving away this country to all kinda ex convict due to poor diligence. I CRY FOR MY COUNTRY AND FOR MY CHILDREN WHO WILL NOW BE ROBBED OF OPPORTUNITIES BY THOSE BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES.

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    • Oh dear! says:

      The applicants had to be here for 15 years to apply, so the BVI police certificate would cover that period; you have to produce a police certificate when you come here to begin with, so that covers the prior period. So a perceptive and considered comment.

    • Jane says:

      @Indigenous Virgin Islander. So let me get this straight, a person who has known you, presumably for many years, considers you to be a trusted friend and asks for your help. You give the impression that you will help her, although you do not intend to do this. You do not have cajones to tell her to her face that she is “parasitic” or that you (presumably) you think she is a criminal (which is why you think there needs to be a background check). What a cowardly person you are. I guess you never heard of “love they neighbour as thyself”. Dont be ashamed of your prejudices and bigotry, come on out and tell all your “friends” what you really think.

  11. Ausar says:

    Quite ashamed of you, Premier Fahie!

    You had a chance to prove to the world and the Kingdom, that you were about inclusion. Instead, you allowed millionnaires and land barrons, to deter you from this mission!

    And you wonder WHY the Kingdom suggests removal of the Belongership clause?

    There are those of us Belongers that are paying close attention to this.

    Your actions so far suggests: doublemindedness and instabilty.

    The Bible states…a man who puts his hand on the plow and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom, much less preety much anything else, up and to include, the leadership of this land!

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  12. Son of the with morals! says:

    As a “born-here” B.V.Islander with roots here as far back as slavery days, some of you are seriously embarrassing the rest of us! Please read next time before running your mouths…regularization was not going to automatically give status to whomever applied (contrary to popular belief). Each person needed to meet several criteria, undergo interviews, have a clean police record and come up with substantial application fee. It’s not as simple as some of you make it out to be.

    It was OK for many of us to leave the BVI chasing the American Dream.
    It was OK for many of us to “catch the boat” to have your kids born in STT, just for the USA passport and rights, without paying anything into the USA system.
    It was MORE THAN OK for many of our forefathers to work in other countries to send back money to us.

    Now when people from those same countries come here to start a better life, some of you start to show how immoral and ugly you are on the inside…sickening. All this, after half these people you want to cast aside stayed here and helped rebuild the BVI after the hurricanes. When you hear foreigners talking bad about BVI people, IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU they’re talking about, not the BVI people who are truly embracing of other people and cultures. As the song says “Tis’ Man Like You…”

    This toxic, entitled notion that we B.V.Islanders have of being better than everyone else needs to stop. Then, you’re gonna see these same people in church on Saturday and Sunday morning…this is how Jesus teaches us to live? Selfish, ungrateful, immoral, unjust? You believe there’s a heaven only for BVI people and a heaven for everyone else? Stop the madness.

    To make it worse, half the names on the petition were people living in the US! The nerve of some people, honestly. Stop letting your deeply rooted prejudices override simple morality and common sense.

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    • To Son of the soil says:

      Son of the soil, you are the first one we nominate to trade when the nationality drafts come up. We will trade a Cuban for you.
      Please do further research on your history. BVIslanders who went to santo domingo for work were eventually chased out by Trujillo. Trujillo’s stance was the work in santo domingo was for santo domingans. For those preferring to go the usa to birth their children, compare the size of the US to BVI, no comparison. The US can accommodate the people load, the BVI cannot. Outsiders have talked bad about us where there was no provocation – it is just who they are. Bullies. When was the last time you took a good look of the BVI population, and the congestion? How much would you guess the population to be? Walk in Road Town, and ask the first 100 people you meet, which is not hard to do what is their nationality. I work in an office of 4. I am the only BVIslander.The 3, they goof around and waste company time and all I think of are all the lies told on bvi people, for many years how we are lazy.
      Every one, do a check at your workplace and count all the BVI nationals and all the non nationals. Now do you see the imbalance?

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    • Thank you says:

      Son of the soil. Well said .Heaven is one place for all Nations. This is God’s example for us . If we cannot Love our Brother and sister here on Earth , how are we going to make it to Heaven. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there off. Be Careful how you treat God’s people . He is watching and hearing.
      The next time want be a Hurricane, it might be am Earthquake. And I hope them we will change and be a better people.
      Don’t just say your love your Brother and sister, but you show them Love. God Love’s us all .

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    • hey says:

      I agree. However the BVI has one additional factor to consider….SIZE and POPULATION. Can’t do here what is the norm in larger countries. consider that

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  13. PROBLEMS says:

    If they came into the B.V.I. legally and did not break any laws including overstaying if they were giving a certain time and have been in the territory 15 years or more then WHY NOT MAKE THEM LEGALLY A B.V.I. CITIZEN.

    If they have broken any laws then they should not receive B.V.I. citizenship. There need not be any fuss or fight over this if its done the right way.

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    • @ Problems says:

      Citizenship is a privilege not a right. You don’t dictate who becomes a citizen. We do.

      We allow you to come in and make a living for yourself.

      You are welcome to stay. But if you find our rules are unfair or the place is unbearable you have your home to return to. That is your right.

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  14. Love says:

    A certain Seventh-day-Adventist man in East End has vented deep hatred for the Caribbean nationals. i Wasn’t surprise because I know who he is.
    However, it was not a good example and standard of Adventism. This man got no shame; Am asking the Caribbean People to reconsider their support for the East End Bakery as he depends mainly on our support. Please buy your Bread from the supermarket henceforth;

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    • son of the soil says:

      why ayo island people dont boycott the BVI and go back home?

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      • Umm says:

        You know that the bvi is made up of ISLANDS and have the word ISLANDS IN IT… I think you should have chosen a different word. The bvi is not a continent

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  15. CW says:

    These comments show by and large that BVIlanders are a selfish, uneducated lot with their own gains in mind, that could care less about the way progress is achieved or it is achieved at all. Shameful and short sighted. Enjoy your position as laughingstock of the Caribbean strupes. What have you done to help the BVI today? (Whining online doesn’t count)

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    • @CW says:

      Uneducated we are some of the most educated people on the planet per capita including our literacy rate.

      By the way we are not the laughing stock of the Caribbean we are the most envied and hated. People cant understand why we are so successful.

      Let me tell you we have sacrificed alot especially progress in the pass.

      That is why we rejected batehill with its wickhams cay development , Hess oil and other developments that would have disenfranchise our people.

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    • To CW says:

      Just name these progress that you all made in the BVI. Please do not confuse progress for BVI with you all personal gain. Were you not paid for your services? Did you not use the payment to build your houses back on your homelands? The whites who are paid very lucratively build houses in the BVI, some even leasing them out making extra money. All of this help and progress you all, not the BVI, so tell us these elusive unicorn progession that you all make for the BVI.

      And to the one who said ‘we’ are all guest here, no we are not. Their forefathers kill off the Indians, stole us from Africa and placed us here in our ‘new’ home. We didn’t charter the great Royal Marula ship or the Imperial Shaka Zula ship, and say, hmmm, where shall we sail to today? No, we were stolen, enslaved and put here. New home – no whining, get used to it, Massa said. Do know to this day you still have black people looking for Jesus to come back and save them? Do you know where this orignated from? Ofcourse you do not know, so I will tell you. The enslaved Ancestors were brought here on a ship named Jesus. In their peril, torment and hell by the evilous ones, they looked for the ship named Jesus to return, to save them from this hell- this slavery, to take them back to Africa. The ship never came, it never returned. Because this, these islands were now their home. They passed it on to us. You on the other hand, voluntarily came here, you went and got on whatever airline, gave them your money, left your home and came here to our home. You are a guest here, treated so well by us, you don’t even want to leave. Imagine that. For how dramatic all of you are, you know deep in your hearts you would not want to stay here if we were so horrible as you say we are. I am curious though, would you go to Jamaica, or Trinidad or America and demand the things you are demanding here in BVI? No? Why not? Afraid to pick on someone or bully someone your same size?

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Give rights to all the white people instead they are the ones who help us after Irma not island people.

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  17. Hmm says:

    Because of these comments I doubt you are really indigenous and properly trained to think clearly or you would know the answers to your questions.

    All around the world people are fighting for Immigration reform to properly vet their applicants.

    Even the UK stance to come out of the European Union was by large part as far as reason is because of Immigration.

    What about the US Immigration who have turned down Many persons throughout their life times for not getting Visas.

    The people so far is disappointed in this most controversial Government and would like to see a BI election to send the Premier a clear message.

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  18. Bvi lander says:

    Weak! He said is was Godly, then why reversed on manly pressures. Make sure when you say God you are sure. Or pay the price.

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    • Proverbs 29: 25 says:

      American Standard Version of the Bible:

      The fear of man bringeth a snare; But whoso putteth his trust in Jehovah shall be safe

  19. Not Pleased At All says:

    I thought the smear campaign that started around election time was bad, but this is worse.
    You cannot go in another man’s country and try to run it. It is wrong. And for the persons we put in power to add fire to the fury, I expected much better from them. They appear to be running a dictatorship, and leadership here is now at an all time low.
    To postpone the bill in the house for one week and have two lousy meetings to hear the views of the Virgin Islands people is a slap in our faces. How come when they were campaigning it was a boring meeting in every district? Now a cut and dried meeting one night on Tortola, and a second one in Virgin Gorda? That does not cut it.
    I was once quiet but it is time for us Virgin Islanders to speak up and speak out about the injustices because it is going to get worse. We are only being paid lip service, but as far as I can see, this one sided immigration conundrum is a done deal – and something I did not expect from the people we chose to lead. Speak out people!

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  20. Weir D. Playne says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Premier say that certain criteria must be met before anyone is granted belonger status. He has stated multiple times that it will not be automatically granted. Some of the more sensible complaints against “fast tracking” are based on proper vetting but one should assume that proper vetting would be a part of the criteria that the Premier is mentioning. Did the Premier publish the full criteria to give anyone cause to be worried that somehow undesirables will slip through the cracks or is this just an excuse for those that are simply just against persons gaining this “privilege”

    The BVI is a small territory with Tortola only being 24 square miles so overpopulation is a serious concern. I recall the population being 10,000 in the late 80’s early 90’s and now we are over 30,000 but still if a person has lived here for 20-30 years and we dont have any laws to force them to leave then they are already an existing part of our population and granting them status will not somehow increase our population.

    Another concern I’m seeing is from people saying that expats dont like us and are only here for money but from my experience the ones that fit the mould to be regularized does not fit that description. There are many people that have spent most of their life in the BVI. They went to school here and have children that are from here. They graduated from school and went right to work right here. They dont even send their money away because their parents live here too. We seem to be lumping all expats into the same group when bringing up criticism.

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    • To Weir says:

      After the hurricanes, the population was about 43,000? We would reckon that it is well nearing about 60,000?

  21. vip heckler says:

    VIP putting the cart in front the horse which reminds me of the NDP

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  22. War is on the horizon says:

    Right now things is getting tense in the BVI. The volcano is slowly starting to wake up from sleeping. Things is going to get real ugly and dirty soon. That is all I have to say.

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    • @War on the horizon says:

      I agree, I speak to a few people who also believe the exact thing, they are sick and tired.They are getting to the point where they are not going to be afraid of reprecusions.I agree, the sleeping volcano is slowly waking up from a long sleep.

    • @War is on the horizon says:

      I didn’t know we have a volcano here?? Thought it was Montserrat.

  23. son of the soil says:

    mayson we aint owe these island people nothing. they were paid for all the work they did and besides they could stay as long as they want because we aint chasing them at all but belongers, hell no! the kids that born here will get but not some of those ungratefuls for most ah dem dont like we

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  24. Jack Husbands says:

    Let me say at the outset I don’t need to be a belonger. I came here at 35 and I recognise I belong to somewhere – little Barbados. I satisfied with that and I don’t need two passports. Let me also state I have not suffered any discrimination myself. On the contrary, I have been made to feel welcome and I am satisfied with my status as a welcome resident. I understand that immigration is a complex issue for every country and more so for countries with small populations. But my heart goes out to those who came here as infants and don’t feel they belong to the country of their birth. The only place they feel at home is the BVI and it could be like a slap in the face that is never forgotten when they have to wait till they are down in their 30s before they acquire local status. And I feel for those persons born here of foreign parents who, even though they may have have status, feel that it is a second class status because they are not sufficiently native or indigenous and that some positions may not be open to them. This is a tricky one. All citizens (let me use that term) are equal under the law and it is therefore difficult to enact provisions that discriminate among persons and confer super citizenship on so-called indigenous citizens and a lesser or second class status on non-indigenous citizens. That is precisely why the Constitution does not recognise a status of indigenous BV Islander. And then there are those who work in the public service side by side with belongers for 2 or 3 decades as temporary migrant workers without permanent appointments. On retirement they will receive a second class pension even though by any assessment their contribution to the country was at least equal to that of their belonger colleagues. I believe it is anomalies like these that the Premier and his administration have in mind – even though the initiative is not a true amnesty does not add anybody new to the list who does not already qualify. In fact, as I understand it, it applies only to people who are already entitled to status except those with 7 to 15 years’ residence. If there is a strong anti-status feeling in the BVI then the fair thing to do may be to impose term limits so that upon arrival new immigrants are made aware that they would only be permitted to remain for 5 or 7 or 10 years as may be the case. That way, there are no doubts or expectations. Another option may be to limit immigration to a pre-set number or quota per year. But if the immigrant continues to reside and work for 15 years I would have thought it would not be fair or just to decline status to that person if the law says they are entitled to apply after 7 years. And worse, if they apply after 7 or 15 years but the application remains “pending” for another 15 years.

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  25. Indigenous ???? says:

    Who Is indigenous to the BVI? We hate our own people. We are all brothers and sister brought here,but lack of knowledge and colonization (read the willie lynch letter) gave us hate for each other.

    The creole had also been developing in the present-day British Virgin Islands. The British took over the islands from the Dutch in 1672. Enslaved Africans were brought to work on plantations on the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke where they, like those enslaved on St. Croix over 40 miles away, developed an English-based creole. Although the U.S. and British Virgin Islands are politically separate, they share a common Virgin Islands culture, similar history based on colonialism and slavery, and some common bloodlines.

  26. Socrates says:

    Having returned to Athens to focus on the Greek financial meltdown, however, the recent political activity (D-4 saga, rushed Immigration and Passport issue, top heavy MEC, race among ministers in rolling out programmes) in the BVI demanded I catch the first flight out of Athens and back to the streets of Road Town. It is free entertainment (well it is not free) and comic relief. Well, as usual, here are a few customary Socratic questions:

    1. Is the lighting speed with which the Immigration and Passport Act changes qualify as a national emergency?
    2. Is Premier Fahie playing politics with this issue?
    3. Did the Premier Fahie take the BVI people calm nature for granted and misread their mood on this issue?
    4. Did Premier Fahie assume that there was no need to consult with the people, for he had ultimate power?
    5. Is Premier Fahie a policy wonk or just a transactional leader?
    6. Did Premier Fahie think that his power exceeded the power of the PEOPLE?
    7. Did Premier Fahie see this issue as a means to amass some political capital?
    8. Was his action well-intentioned but time and execution misfired?
    9. Is Premier Fahie scatter shot approach to governing effective? Does he need to reboot? Is the greeness of the team a liability?
    10. Has the power, status, influence…….etc of the Premiership gone to the Premier’s head? How would Fraser, Skelton, and Walwyn be doing at this point?
    11. Is Premier Fahie off to sterling start?
    12. Is this a Peter Principle situation?
    13. Is the VIP caucus fully on board with all this? Does it own this?

    Well, on second thought, perhaps I should stayed in Athens, for all this head scratching on wah ah goan in dey BVI is causing me to lose my hair.

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    • @Socrates says:

      @Socrates, you nuts, funny and weird. Lol! Nonetheless, in a twisted way, you may have touched upon some core issues that are spinning uncontrollably in the Central Admin Bldg. That Central Admin Building is the seat of government and centre of power. However, power can cause people to go clean off the cliff yet believe they doing the right thing. Power is transformational and can cause people to believe that down is up, crooked is straight, sun rises in the west and sets in the east, that their ideas are bulletproof and others don’t matter, that twisted minds are the only reality…….etc. Deep thinking should carry the day but shallow thinking seems to rule the roost.

  27. CSK says:

    Paying 16 K a month for stupid advice from a c***k – this is the result

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  28. O please says:

    For the fool that day expats should boycott the bvi and go. You can be the first to go, you all are some ungrateful people. I’m an expat and I’m defending the locals. If our country had make provisions for us we wouldn’t be here, we came to better ourselves and the bvi took us in and didn’t run us. Did we work and get paid. Are we dead or are we going to die if we don’t get Belongership. Come on who want to go please do so if one peep leave four more will come so please pack up and leave the people them country so ungrateful. Stop talking about hatred for expats because we hate ourselves than them do we. We don’t even like our own people from our own country so what do we expect . I love bvi and I’ve been here for 21 years and not killing myself for belonger if it come I take it but I’m not in a agreement with the rush thing so who can’t wait go. STRAIGHT TALK

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  29. Let the people vote says:

    As an expat of many years, I initially felt disappointed but then I thought about it and wondered how I would feel if it was my homeland. Let the people vote on the future they want. This way, expats will know how the majority feel about them and can make informed decisions about their future. Personally, I already chose to leave but this was primarily due to the price gouging on rents and lack of consumer protection after Irma. Having a paper saying Belonger will not make to belong, only people can make you feel that. Let the people vote and if you don’t like the outcome move on. As a few Belongers like to tell us, we are not made to stay. I remain hopeful that the majority and many Belongers that I know make the right choice for a better BVI. Democratically, it will be the BVI of their choosing.

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  30. OPEN MIND & DOORS says:

    Shame, shame on US Bvilanders.
    I am a born TORTOLIAN we got to learn to understand the concept of everything. Now, Some of us visited many other different Caribbean countries we like it there and decided to do business and to take lodging in that country. Now, the Government grant us to live and do Business without any protest or anything to the House of Assembly. Lots & lots of expats who gave Birth here when we the Tortolians went to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, England, and in America to give Birth. Then, now we came back to Tola to get rights for our childrens. What if all those countries should treated we the way we are treating the expat here. Would that be fair?. Most of we Tortolians rented our Apartments 99-100% are expat who rented them, what if they all should decide to go back home or to another country where they live for 5 years and get their Status what will we say about that. Not one of us Tortolians knew how much ppl the Primer will be granted these status. It is not all of us Locals disagree to what the Premier is doing. Some of us Locals just mean to themself so we doing the same to Expats. Lots of us Locals married to Expats and when we the Locals are saying these things how are they suppose to feel? That means to me Married or no marriage dosent means a thing to us. Hurricane Irma and Maria and lots and lots of Expats came here to restore Electricity for our Country to get back together. 7 brothers 7 different mind. 6 of one 1/2 a dozen is the other. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Some of us Locals need to get real and stop treating ppl bad. Andrew was Elected for a purpose and is GOD who did that. We have to bear this in mind to give some Expats credits. My own country man talking bad about the Expats and he married to a Vincentian and still yet is Expats living in his Apartments and working In his Bakery. Is he real?. The BIBLE say DO GOOD AND GOOD WILL FOLLOW YOU. LOVE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AS WE LOVE OUR SELF.LET US GIVE OUR PRIMEIR A CHANCE he is a man of GOD). NOT THE DEVIL.

    1. Who paying our Morgage?.
    2. Do Some of us Locals do not like to work?
    3. Some of us go on jobs site and do what we want? True or False

    4. Who are the one giving Birth here?

    5. Some of us showed up for work 3 days out of the week? True or False

    6. Some of us go to work when we want? True or False.

    7. Most of us telling Expats we are from here True or False

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    • To open mind says:

      Lawd, it is Sunday, let me say something nice in response. (After 2 minutes) nevermind. As you were. No wait, that bakery you mentioned, you could tell me if they does bake 8 layered chocolate cakes?

  31. Ancestral Code says:

    I am a native, local, belonger, BVIslander and whatever other label you wish to put on my back.

    Both my mother and father roots go all the way back to the untracable.

    As for me, i intend to repatriate to round rock, and build up a wall.

    But, I gaurantee you the first face to peep over that wall will be a European one. Lord them thing inqusitive eh? Then again, them damn nosy Black people just as bad too.

    Either way, i tired ah ayo lame duck politics, crab in the barrel mentality, Black gainst Black, white gainst Black, down islander gainst Bvislander, Indian gainst Bvislander, Philipino gainst BVislander, poor fellow, i tired of it all.

    I want peace now.

    I goin round rock. Please don’t follow meh.

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  32. Unfair says:

    Unfair that locals were not invited to the meetings held with those where were interested in being ‘regularised’ but the two measly meetings the government will be holding to hear the views of the locals will be open sepulchres for all and sundry. UNFAIR!!
    Why are locals not being invited to submit comments in writing? Why is the time period so short for meetings to be held? Come on, people, this affects not only us locals, but the lives of our children and children’s children yet unborn and it should not be rushed.
    These people know us when they want our X, and when they get our votes they suddenly become overnight gods and betray us with their eyes wide open.
    Locals matter, too!!!!!!!!!

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  33. Trent L. Miller BOTC Campaign says:

    We all should be proud of our heritage; all of us should feel welcomed in the homelands of our ancestors. We certainly should be first in line when it comes to handing out rights, belonger status, and nationality.

    We expected to be embraced by our fathers’ BOT’s homeland’s, where family and the blood connection and history is essential to one’s cultural identity. Sadly, to date, this is not the case. We are still shut out in the cold. And yet, the leaders of OT’s are swift to want o give away rights to others with no blood connection to the islands.

    It is the responsibility of every elected leader to stand up, speak up for these rights to ensure that all our children of descent know & understand who they are, and they feel accepted and are part of our history,

    Many of us are children, born out of wedlock now, adults, many of Windrush immigrants, are still left out here in the cold when it comes to the passing down of a fathers BOT & British nationality. We should not be ignored or forgotten.

    Critical points raised in the recent Foreign Affairs Committee report which some in the media/press and locally elected politicians/leaders are either ignoring or not giving enough coverage too, perhaps because the “hot-button” issues in the report are overshadowing and drowning it out? It’s a pity because contained in this report is a significant issue that BOT governments’ should be very concerned about the issue and get behind it. 

    It mentions the present day & historical unfair & unequal treatment of its people. The denial of British [OT] citizenship right’s to children, now adults of descent, born abroad, outside of marriage. While the same category of children, now adults, with mainland UK fathers, got give a retrospective right to register for their father’s nationality under Sec 65 Immigration Act 2014. The same category of children, now adults of BOT descent, were intentionally left out due there being “No time to consult” the territories before the implementation of these amendments (per Home Office Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach and Lord Ahmad). The same historical discrimination does not apply to BOT mothers, or anyone born to a father or mother after 1 July 2016

    Page 3 (Summary): “the UK Government needs to ensure that those who should be able to claim British Overseas Territories citizenship can do so.”

    Paragraph 4, Pages 58: “The issue of citizenship by descent stems from an anomaly in the British Nationality Act, which means that fathers with British Overseas Territories Citizenship cannot pass it on to children born outside the OTs between 1948 and 2006 if they were not married to the child’s mother at the time of birth. In May 2018, the Joint Committee on Human Rights described this anomaly as an unacceptable form of discrimination, while Montserrat’s representative, Janice Panton, said it “has caused a lot of anguish among some parents.” Lord Ahmad is not able to indicate when the matter is going to be fixed. He said that “discussions are ongoing across Government on this.”

    Paragraph 4, Point 60: “The Government should urgently address concerns in the OTs about the issue of citizenship by descent and anomalies in the British Nationality Act that have taken too long to resolve.”

    The people of the OTs have a right to be fully informed and engaged on the issue. We hope this post will raise the conversation and get people to demand their OT Elected leaders & Governors have a hand in fixing this demeaning and hurtful piece of legislation which places our flesh & blood at a disadvantage.

    We would be happy to enlighten people you further on the issue.

    Trent L. Miller
    BOTC Nationality & Citizenship Campaign

    • Might be says:

      Although the Premier and his two henchmen were born in the BVI, the people need to run them out of their own Country.Let them seek refuse in another Country. Let them run like Baby Doc and his clan had to run to France.

    • Look the Re- Colonialist says:

      To h**l with the bourgeousie technicalities manufactured through gun boat colonialism.

      We lived through and survived colonism and neocolonialsm once and do not wish to do so twice.

      Time is now for freedom of choice for individual people and lands.

  34. sammi says:

    Andrew seems like a next willock,cause the people have spoken and u still ain’t listening just like willock, mind next election u ain’t get inn as chief,I’m not 4 that political strategy u trying,cause u think we are the minority in election votes. seems like we heading towards destruction with u as the chief

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  35. My views says:

    Some of this bvi island landers who have other Caribbean island passport and us passport, Canadian passport should return it how many years did they leave there to get citizenship. Some of this islander travel with more than one passport. The way we treat our fellow brothers and sisters from other Caribbean countries is injustice. There has to be a balance I am glad the meeting’s will be held but let us remember how this islanders stood out for us after the hurricane. They sent work men to help and they provided shelter. When we were down they came to help. Were else in the world an individual will spend more than 20 years in a country and yet he his not a citizen there also get married have children there and the children have to wait until 18 years to get a passport while some of our people will go to st Thomas Puerto Rico st kills, Bahama, st Lucia, Canada, united state, give birth to children and those children have rights there because they were born there. If you think the Caribbean leaders are not watching yes they are. Our image out there in the mind of our neighbour matters because they also contributed to the growth of our economic. What Andrew did when he came into power was too strengthen our relationship with other Caribbean leaders for a stronger support. Yes islanders must have a say what about someone who was born in the bvi and have to wait 18yrs to claim bvi has their home. The way we treat one another in this place is evil. Just imagine after 18 yrs that child gets their passport but their parent have to wait for 2 more years to qualify for citizenship how evil is this law.I have seen parent struggle to travel with their children because they do not have a passport because they were born here. Please islanders look at the confusion and pain this law has caused in the people lives this people are not slaves they are humans like you. Why is their so much hatred in the heart of some of you islanders for your fellow carribean bothers and sisters. Some of you have houses, businesses in other Countries or Caribbean islands. Have we ever sat back to ask ourselves this question if anything happens to this island just as hurricane Omar did to us how will our people survive a second disaster. I do not pray for this but we must be careful how we treat one another greed and pride is like a disease. The law can be amended this children born here are not slaves they are humans also the people Who live here for more then 15 yrs are not slaves they are humans like you. Just imagine if other Caribbean island have this same law were you have to wait 20 yrs to qualify for citizenship what a disaster this will create in the lives of people. Hope this meeting will be a success everyone voice matters and we must arrived at a conclusion that will bring a balance.

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  36. Perfect ending says:

    Why don’t you fools go out in the streets with pitch forks and burning torches and beat the H*ll out of each other untill you come to a solution. Tortola British Virgin Island is a Curse,the majority of you is to d**n wicked and evil.

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  37. Might be says:

    Although the Premier and his two henchmen were born in the BVI, the people need to run them out of their own Country.Let them seek refuse in another Country. Let them run like Baby Doc and his clan had to run to France.

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  38. Fashion Police says:

    So a few select friends are in the early stages of developing a fashion web site for best dressed Politician wives and business women in the BVI, we took a private poll and D2 representive wife is top of the list.

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    • Fashion Police says:

      Lawd hear where you gone. Knowing how hard it is to be a female, why do we pull each other down? All women are to be celebrated. Did we not just celebrate Mother’s Day? We will excuse you on this one, because we believe there is good in you. Just don’t do it again.

      Tell you what would be an exercise with substance,(keep the fashion because on a small rock, fashion is a treat) get all rep wives, some prominent women (don’t want to say it like that) and us everyday women kinda try to include as much diversity as you can, and conduct interviews with real life questions such as, how do you start your day? I read First Lady Mrs. O used to get up extra early to give herself personal time to workout etc. Share a favorite recipe. Things along the lines. Mr LT can maybe run it in his magazine over some articles. The real estate folks can set up background for photoshoots.
      What say ayo?

      Anyway I got to find that Round Rock guy. Come to me like I know where it is. You can’t get to it by boat. My parents talk about it all the time and grand father should have had land nearby, but ayo know the thieving and selling local land that does on with them shady lawyers so locals out in the cold with these price of land that only the whites can afford. Pure advantage taken of locals over the years.

      Anyway Round Rock guy got to at least invite me for some nice yellow tail in butter sauce.

  39. Done says:

    Just reading this the only impression you can is how f*cked the BVI really is.
    What future do we think we can have with such discrimination and hatred.
    We can kiss goodbye to tourism.
    And we can kiss goodby to our financial services industry. What will happen when every expat business owner and highly qualified expat worker packs their bags and leaves to go somewhere more welcoming – because there are plenty of genuinely more welcoming countries on this earth. Who will we rent our houses and apartments to? Do you think international business with their billions they want to squirrel away will trust the likes of F— and few ‘born-here’ jokers who bought their degrees at fake colleges? Of course not. They’ll take one look at this corrupt, banana republic and run a mile to the nearest jurisdiction offering a safe, dependable and respectable haven for their dollars. The BVI can’t offer this without expats.
    So good luck with all that.

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    • To Done says:

      Promise? To leave, that is. Since dinosaurs were on earth you been promising to leave. You ain’t gone yet. It is hard out there for you and you know it, so stop making promises that you can not keep. Out there you are a nobody. I am not saying that you are a nobody, but out there treats you as a nobody. So stop calling down the BVI because it is the only place where you felt like somebody.

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  40. BVI to the Bone says:

    Andrew better listen to We the die hard born BVIslander whose great great great parents are buries in the BVI. This is one issue that we are passionate about and if he moves forward contrary to our wishes that will be the bitter end to he and the entire VIP Government..Trust us on this one. We ain backing down. This issue have us hot hot inside. We on fire about this. Trust me on this. Make no mistake. If he want to start trouble let him continue with that nonsense. This ain nothing to do about not liking our Caribbean people. It’s about protecting our heritage, our culture, our way of life. I don’t care who say what we ain easing up on this issue at all. We ain budging. Mr. Premier, let sleeping dogs lie.

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  41. @Fashion Police says:

    Ah feel yo!

    Ah goh soon invite yo to.

    Thanks for putting ah smile deh. Sorely need.

  42. wow says:

    What the Premier did should have really been taken to the public to get some input from the indegious peole of the country. I agree. However, the rage, the hate, the bitterness, the anger that came out on both sides is unfathomable. People whom you call you next door neighbour, your tennants, your landlords, your church brother, your church sister,the children your friends mingle with, your wives, your husbands, could be so angry. This place has more churches that suoermarkets. Yet what hateful attitides. Yes, Virgin Islanders, must preserve their future for their children, but who are the majority of children: Children of an expat and a BVI person, Indeed, Some exp. are malicious, and bossy , equally some locals are advantageous,and prejudice – So 1. Give children their rights- where you are born is where you are from. 2. Follow the laws already there for screening exp. and add a few more: Not automatic because of number of years, but contribution, production and being law abiding. This is a small country deal with the back log and put a quota to minmize futher outrun. However, like it or not indegious BVI are already outnumbered. Last but not least- If we feel so strongly betrayed, marry to our own people and continue inbreeding.

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