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VIDEO: Utter lie, I never asked to join VIP, deputy premiership — Turnbull

Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull has categorically said he never asked to join the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) nor has he ever requested any ministerial position under a VIP government.

The first-term legislator made that assertion a few short hours after claims from Andrew Fahie that Turnbull asked to become Deputy Premier if/when the VIP was elected as the next government.

Responding to the claim, Turnbull said Fahie was actually the one who pursued him to join the party. He said Fahie told him that he (Turnbull) would bring ‘strength’ to the VIP.

“I did not ask for any ministerial position nor did I ask to be ‘Deputy’. He offered them to me. He (Fahie) said to me, and I quote: ‘You can have any ministry you want except finance because I have to manage the books’. That is the truth. The statements made by Honourable Fahie in his press conference a few hours earlier is a complete and utter lie,” Turnbull said in a post on social media.

“The member and Leader of Opposition, Andrew Fahie, taking this opportunity to tell such a lie is the very reason why it was absolutely difficult for me to even consider joining him — because there is untruth. He is not trustworthy and he continues to say and do whatever it takes for him to get power.”

How discussions to join VIP began

While providing context on how discussions to possibly join the VIP arose, Turnbull said Fahie approached him after he (Turnbull) spoke out against Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, last December.

At the time, Turnbull — who recently broke away from the governing NDP to help form the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) — said the finance portfolio, which Premier Smith holds, should be given to Ronnie Skelton. Skelton is now the leader of the PVIM.

The young legislator also noted that the Fahie-led VIP was not the only group or individual that sought him out, since then.

“They (political suitors) were wanting me and offering me ministerial positions and telling me what they can do for me and my family. But let me show you this, Virgin Islands community: I did not get into politics for power, I got into politics to serve. That represents my life. That represents who I am,” Turnbull said.

Below is a video extract from Turnbull’s statement on social media.

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  1. whatever says:

    we know all NDP members got in it to serve ….themselves!!

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    • Clueso says:

      Shouldn’t we have a law that prevents the Premier from also being the Minister of Fianance? Look what trouble we had in the past with this scenario. We need a Premiwr who is focused on establishing a vision for us and then developing a plan to achieve the vision and then managing the whole plan to make it a reality. We don’t need a Premier to be focused on micromanaging Fianance – too much power in one man’s hands.

      Our current Premier/Minister of Finance didn’t believe in conducting due dillengence on expensive projects and investments. He was also released audit reports behind schedule. We were taken advantage of because of this.

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      • Harvard says:

        Mitch sounds credible.

        I’m concerned about Andrew’s ambition to be Premier and Minister of Finance. We have experienced what the results of that are. Concentrating too much power with one person leads to poor financial management and the prospects for secrecy, abuse, failure and other bad things.

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    • Really? says:

      Is Andrew any better? Ask all the contractors who worked from him in the past? He has found a way to use the petty contract system as his personal ATM. To talk about (Trust) and the name (Andrew Fahie) does not go together. You all in the VIP can pretend like he is a saint but his records speaks for it self.

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      • Joshia says:

        Well if that’s the case then we need new leadership across the board.
        Let’s push the restart button and start with some new leaders now!
        Who can we we trust? Who is likely to conduct due diligence in spending our money? Who hasn’t put his hand in our cookie jar? Who will promise not to?

      • Help says:

        That’s the truth about Hon F——. He cannot be trusted.He does use petty contracts like his ATM

  2. No nonsense says:

    He desperate for a position so he must have asked then and still asking. Is that the reason for him jumping ship???

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    • Willy old schemer says:

      I believe the young man, I believe that lies are being told to gain a political edge. For goodness sakes why was talks in a private meeting disclosed to the press? Mr Schener saw an opportunity and took it. I haven’t forgotten what the schemer did in the 8, so won’t put it past him to tell lies.

      A big fat liar

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  3. Do it for the media says:

    When they fear you they try to label you as power hungry and everybody in the media eating it up.

    Stand tall Andrew knows how to play with people’s minds

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  4. Come On Now says:

    Andrew Fahie is a man of integrity to the best of my knowledge. He has been representing this Territory since young Turnbull was probably having his nappies changed. What good reason would Andrew have to lie on this newbie? Young man you are disrespecting an elder statesman who has many years and stripes over you in the game. How many more foes are you going to make before you humble yourself?

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    • Well says:

      You can only talk what you’ve experienced so blast away

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    • Integrity & Moral says:

      Integrity is a personal quality of fairness that we all aspire to — Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It’s a personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver.

      Come Onnnnnnnnnnn! You know none of the about does not fit with Andrew Fahie. SPEAK THE TRUTH!

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    • Stop says:

      Is it ok for Fahie to disrespect his elders? you must be a benefactor.

  5. Reply says:

    What a mess. The accusations and counter accusations are flying left, right, and center.

    The official campaigning for the next election has not even begun, and mud is being flung already. I cannot keep up if my life was dependent on it.

    The way I see things, neither of these men have any credibility. IMO, they are both shady, and deserve each other.

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    • Third party says:

      Best comment so far. We want to take sides so much, we don’t realize that both sides are the enemy.

    • Pebble says:

      We are all frustrated because our current leaders didn’t have a plan in place to take care of us following the storm. Who will ever forget our leader promoting the need to raise the $300,000,000 he wanted to build a runway extension AFTER the storms? We lived without roofs, water and electricity, and our dump was on fire while our leaders remained focused on spending $300,00,000 on an extension to our runway. They were so close to getting their hands on big money they forgot that we needed water, power and shelter from the storm.

  6. fed up says:

    I sick ah all ah you. People still in turmoil. No help for those who cannot fully repair their own homes. People are still trying to catch themselves and while their minds, homes, places of business, schools, you name it, are fighting each day just to survive and keep hope alive. This is the sort of B.S the political arena have to offer. H**l no. None of them aint fit and none of them really want to serve nobody but the 3 in one (me myself and I). Don’t care which party you with, I don’t want to hear sh…t from none ayo.

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  7. Tsk Tsk Tsk says:

    Petty Politics at its worst. Young man you looking desperate commenting on everyone’s post who don’t care for your banter.

    Enough with the tantrums

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  8. no name says:

    “I did not ask for any ministerial position nor did I ask to be ‘Deputy’

    Yes, you did!!

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    • @No Name says:

      HE SURE DID. Now he want to sit there and lie. He really think people is stupid. I guess he do not understand that children are to be seen and not heard. Stay out of grown folks business and faces Mitch and stay in Your play pen with your action figure Mr.Dispecable me toy and Mr.Binky the pacifier.

  9. Outlaw says:

    I have no other recourse but to believe Fahie in this instance. At that press conference was not the first time I heard Fahie mentioned that this young man approached him and asked to join the VIP but at the cost of the position of Deputy Premier. Remember this young dude openly admitted that he told Myron he wants a ministerial position, then later changed his tune that it was offered to him. So how anyone can honestly believe this dude. The boy is power hungry.

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  11. Political Observer (PO) says:

    This is a binary scenario. Either the Hon M. Turnbull or Hon A. Fahie is telling the truth. Who is it? Ok. The BVI and its people are in a state of flux and needs steady hands to guide it securely of this abyss. Our political represensatives (tout le monde) needs to demonstrate more political maturity, putting electorate’s interest first. Some of our young whipper snappers need to ditch the fast food mentality and demonstrate some patience.

    Rome was not built in a day. Each climb up the mountain comes one step a time. Patience is a virtue; seize it. Here is a news flash. Everything discussed in private may not need to be discussed publicly, especially if the discussion was not breaking any laws, harmful to the electorate……etc. Leave the diarrhea of the mouth to bloggers like me.

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  12. Jaigon says:

    Play the tape, lets hear who is the liar.

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  13. Hmmm says:

    You asked for deputy that’s why you and Ronnie teamed up in party election for chairman and you were Ronnie deputy that’s why you jumped ship

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  14. Hah says:

    Mitch is a favorite of mine but I dont believe him. Fahie has no reason to lie and the rumors about Mitch considering VIP have been around since he became disgruntled with the Premier. Myron also made similar claims about Mitch wanting a bigger position so I dont know why everybody just lying on Mitch.

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  15. Clearly says:

    Clearly Mitch is power hungry.

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  16. NDP Supporter says:

    I firmly believe what Fahie is saying because from the time Mitch got elected with the NDP all he is looking is POWER!

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  17. JUDGE says:

    Myron confirmed that Mitch was looking for power. Fahie confirmed that Mitch was looking for power. Mitch is saying that both are liars. I sentence Mitch to leave politics immediately. Next case.

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  18. Bye Mitch! says:

    Thanks Mitch to contribute to my campaign to get you off the political arena by showing once again that you are incapable, untrustworthy and will only represent yourself, not the people.

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  19. Breadfruit says:

    Sigh. From the minute you were placed into the spotlight, you were supposed to stay quite and humble. Instead you were eager to speak in attempts to “clear your name”. Which is understandable but you should have stopped long ago. Story time.
    Coriolanus was a great military hero of ancient Rome. People held him in awe, until
    he opened his mouth. He spoke his mind, hardly able to control his arrogance and
    boastfulness. He slandered and insulted people. The more speeches he made, the
    less people respected him. He suffered the people’s wrath and was eventually
    banished from the city.

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  20. hmm says:

    Mitch stop being a F—-ng punk. Stop rattling like a little baby back and forth you sickening now. Every time someone says something about you or too you,you answer back leave it alone.Silence is the source of great strength dawn it!

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  21. Tired says:

    I am positive that if you check far enough back in most of our leaders’, present and past, history as to which party they started and ended with or are presently affiliated with it will be no surprise that they have all switched and shows no particular loyalty to a party. Why all this mudslinging? Tortola really boring with so many people on here with this nonsense. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly the first time Hon. David ran for elected office he went up against the VIP power house at the time, Hon. H. Lavity Stoutt. So please read a book, people. This is not news. Please go and read a book. Boredom is overtaking our brains. Either that or melee and division and ugly talk makes us happy. I am sick of it to be frank.

  22. Hmmm says:

    Know who to believe? Andrew said he ask, Myron said he ask and Mitch saying he never asked. 2:1, my gut tells me he asked for that DP position.

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  23. SAD SAD SAD says:

    If feel so. sad for this little BVI. After the floods and 2 devastating hurricanes, here we are back and forth with these (you say-I say-Did Not Say allegations. What, No Party can be trusted?

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    • Ms wize says:

      Hmmm mitch is a boasting little boy.he likes noticing.i believe you asked for the position you are somebody who likes power. If you are going to stop and throw stones at every dog that barks at you…boy you are in the wrong place. Get out now.

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  24. So who to believe says:

    Myron said Mitch asked for deputy and Minister position he Mitch himself said he asked for positions and they didn’t give me he asked Ronnie and he had him as deputy in the internal elections now being asked by the media Andrew said Mitch asked for deputy now Mitch are the liar you’re very cocky and power hungry

  25. RealPol says:

    The amateur hour is over; time is up. Let’s all start pulling, not riding in it, the wagon. The BVI is in dire straits. It was approaching that condition before Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma just hasten the condition. The condition is abysmal and the territory needs steady, serious, and skillful hands to guide it through this difficult period. Competent, experience, humble, result oriented….etc hands needed. Need strong leaders, tacticians……etc. No amateurs. Amateur hour is over. Those in an OJT (on the job training) status need to wait a while longer. Stop the personal and national embarrassment. We weeping for the BVI.

  26. Saying says:

    Mitch,in the picture, that expression on your face looks like you just dump a load of baby cereal in Your pamper and is in need of a change. You and your brother is out here starting a whole lot of drama and snitching people out for favors and positions. Yes,I believe you and your brother were the snitches who were planted in the NDP to destroy them. You and your brother need to stop hiding behind the pulpit and being grimy at the same time. One day, an unknown force is going to knock you off that pulpit. Don’t trust Mitch nor his brother.They are demons in cheap polyester suits.

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  27. Sam the man says:

    Personally It’s my opinion that Mitch has far too high a position of himself and he isn’t as popular or capable as he keeps telling people he is. I believe he’s been a huge disappointment and threw his toys out of the pram when his demands for positions/ ministries/ titles weren’t provided on a plate. I believe he should earn them and also people’s respect – at present very few apart from family and friends believe him and whilst his public humiliation has been clearly painful I hope he can learn from this and move onto another career but not politics! No doubt the PVIM regret him joining them as he’s turned out to be a liability and something of a joke now….Maybe he’ll form a new party with his equally power hungry Uncle? Watch this space….birds of a feather flock together – then they can really destroy the BVI….

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  28. @sadsadsad says:

    Sadly he say, she say, they say is practiced by almost everyone in this small community. If you are reading the blogs to figure out who to vote for, well sorry for you. You are guilty of it and so am I. Personally, I know all three persons putting themselves forward for Premier. Two are so desperate that everyday I spread my eyes wide and cover my mouth. One gentleman in the bunch. That’s my choice. He is comfortable with the fact that if I win, I will serve. If I lose, I will move on to the next phase of my life. It’s the Democratic process. Hon. Skelton for Premier.

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  29. Believe says:

    I believe 1million percent Mitch begged Andrew and Myron for a position. Mitch is so desperate for power he is becomming dangerious, watch this dude. He will drag anyone under the train wheels to obtain power. Watch him like a hawk, he is very distrustful.

  30. From one person to the next says:

    Mitch need to stop while he’s ahead. The people already see that he’s a power hungry individual who only cares about power. He was done caught in his own lies so who is to believe him now. Please humble yourself and start working to be elected again.

  31. My My says:

    Mitch, please,i am begging you to please hit check out and call it a day. You are a liability to the BLUE SEA.

  32. Note: says:

    The report posted regarding Andrew’s statement it says “In December 2017 we started a series of meetings with Honourable Turnbull who expressed interest to join the Virgin Islands Party at that time.”

    Reading and understanding is fundamental. To express interest does not specify who initiated the conversation. Andrew may have very well approached Mitch inviting him to join VIP and let him know what positions were availabe and Mitch in return expressed what he was interested in.

    If what is recorded in the statement from Andrew posted in the news then I dont see why Mitch is saying Andrew lied. Andrew never said, according to the statement posted that Mitch approached him, he said that Mitch “expressed interest”. You don’t have to be the initiator of a conversation to express interest in what is being discussed.

  33. Famous words says:

    Mitch you sound like Bill Clinton, I DID NOT TOUCH THAT WOMAN and it turned out he did.

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  34. Mr. Hodge says:

    Every story has 3 sides, just like a coin… heads, tails and the thickness which determines the weight (the truth). It is obvious that you spoke to each other, You both agree on that! Each of you is telling whatever side of the story that will put you in the best light… both of you can have a seat. Continue to expose yourselves. Will the true Virgin Islands leaders please stand up!!!

  35. Big Problem says:

    Not only has Mitch lost his credibility with me, a voter in the 2nd, he will prove a HUGE liability to the PVIM if he is not ditched now. When questioned about requesting a ministerial post from Myron, Mitch said yes I did. Then PVIM Facebook Page said no I was offered it. Then he back peddled by saying yes I did ask and what’s so wrong with that. Now accused of asking for the Deputy Premier post by Andrew, Mitch said he lied. Then he is saying ‘I was offered it’. Tune in tomorrow; that answer might change. Who is helping Mitch keep these lies in order? We’re not feeling the honesty here. In this climate of distrust, it is virtually impossible to win an election without it.

  36. I Dont Believe You says:

    Mitch you are my boy but this time I don’t believe you. You can go on CNN itself live saying it is not true but I dont believe you. Myron said you asked him for post and now Fahie, it all seem all too similar, it’s obvious you want to run before you walk. Being a minister really gone to your head…smh.

  37. Bvi says:

    Enough of this petty crap! How are you guys going to fix our country’s crisis??

  38. I want to be Premier! so Freaking bad says:

    Who to believe, Anttrue or Switcher?…funny thing is they both cant be trusted as they are both desperate for power. Really desperate.

    Scene 1–Anttrue saw an opportunity to join the wagon agreeing that Switcher is power hungry, and that he hope will help get his 2nd district candidate Clynine some favor. Anttrue will recruit anyone who he realize have beef with the NDP just to get that Premiership. Look at his followers – Thomkins,Skeleton-ctyme,Esteam Wayloc, Lucyloo,Pye Lake,Juon Sonels,Shulloydeh Weakley Ralphy2 Weakley,Cravin Maloney,The big lamb, Saharee Decastrow,SheClown Flacxx,etc.
    Dansayer Pen-Sawlla and Jewlian Fazzer can tell the tale, they know that he will pull ant stunt to get that power stick.


    Scene 2–Ronknee found out that The Switcher ain’t loyal to him after all. He just happened to be the next available choice. he found out last week that The Switcher asked Mile-run to be the DP with NDP, he found this week that he asked Anttrue to be the DP with VIP, he might find out next week that he asked Fazzer to be the DP with PU. He might leave PVIM if the SonFlow-ers agree for him to lead their party. Oh me oh my.

    Who is telling the truth? it’s hard to say

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  39. Ausar says:

    Mitch, if you wanted to join, Say so!

    Come on, why would Andrew make up lies like this at such a critical time in our countrys’ political upheaval that it’s going through?

    Why would you lie for something so simple? And fezzing to the world about Christianity? Are your behaviours,Christ-like?

    It is people like you who turn many hearts away from the Gospel. For when one such as you who purport to uphold Christian principles, behave in such a manner, it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of sinners.


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  40. round 2 says:


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  41. Candi says:

    As far as I am concerned, every single individual on VIP, NDP, and every other P needs to walk away from politics. I am tired of rotating, rotating, rotating, just retire…please retire.

    Voters needs to stop focusing on these white envelopes and actually think about our country when they’re casting votes. The way this country has fallen and continues to fall, there won’t be any more envelopes to hand out anyway.

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