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VIP promises ‘district councils’, reduced imported labour, whistleblowing law

VIP supporters at a political event in Road Town on Wednesday.

Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Andrew Fahie is promising to implement ‘district councils’ in local constituencies if his party is elected as the next Government of the Virgin Islands.

He said this strategy will make district representatives more accessible to their constituents. This, he believes, plays an important part in effective leadership.

Fahie said members of the public will be able to meet both district and Territorial At-Large representatives and “brief them on what is going on in the districts and what needs to be done.”

“In this way, leadership will be held accountable for what is happening in their districts. You cannot effectively lead people if you are not aware of what their needs are.”

Other plans: whistleblowing law, reduced imported labour

Fahie, who was addressing a gathering at a VIP meet-and-greet event in Road Town on Wednesday, also outlined other plans of his party if elected into office.

Fahie said, under a VIP government, whistleblower legislation would be implemented. This legislation is something that Governor Augustus Jaspert claimed the NDP government would have implemented during their now-expiring term in office.

A whistleblower is someone in the public service or otherwise who reports wrongdoing such as fraud and corruption of their superiors. If legislation is enacted, whistleblowers would be protected from victimization or job loss.

The VIP chairman is also promising increased and varied volumes of economic activity, a decreased wage-expenditure gap, new industries, additional jobs, and investment opportunities” under his administration.

Fahie, in addition, said under a VIP rule, residents would see a reduction in imported labour.

He also mentioned that there will be smart tourism developments and expansions, and overall improved quality of life.

“[The VIP] is promising] a safe and comfortable BVI, a home for us and any of our friends who wish to call this wonderful territory home. A home that preserves our culture and identity as Virgin Islanders.”

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  1. My views says:

    Fahie! I don’t trust you with my country. Sorry!

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    • Whistleblower says:

      Thank you Mr Fahie. The wistleblower law will help us begin a new era where corruption and mismanagement will no longer define how our representatives behave!

      In the US I believe the wistleblower shall receive an amount equal to the amount stolen from the government. So for example, if a bad minister receives some payola and the whistleblower turns him in then the wistleblower gets the payola. The minister goes to jail and the whistleblower moves to his new private island.

  2. Council says:

    This is a great idea, but I would like to know whether the positions on the Council will be open positions where persons could apply despite party affiliation, or will they be promised to campaign foot soldiers. I am for the council or the position of an administrator for each district because the representative cannot be in all places at once.

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    • Albion says:

      I have to say: I liked all the ideas *except* for district councils. We have way, way too many committees and councils in BVI – that’s why nothing ever gets done. Each constituency only has about 600 voters each. Why do we need more layers of bureaucracy between the people and getting things done?

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      • Anon says:

        I agree. Too much talk, Too little action.
        Are these councillors going to be elected and paid? Yet more waste of money organizing elections and paying people to talk.
        The districts are not big enough to warrant all this.
        The territory as a whole has enough politicians sitting in LegCo. We don’t need any more.

      • Allbaloney says:

        We needs dem to listen to the peps.

  3. Jane says:

    BVI is by population size and geography by any measure tiny. The government as it is an overblown village or parish council with delusions of grandeur (“the First Lady” oh please!) We need less civil servants and we have enough politicians. The idea of a District Rep is a complete nonsense: they should all be “at large”. This is a small place and the idea that a West End person is incapable of representing East End interests is nonsense. District Reps encourage family block voting and old allegiances rather than the selecting of the most able candidates. The median constituency size in the UK, is 50,000 people. The small number of persons who are privileged to be enfranchised to vote here are already very well represented.

    What we need are our civil service and politicians to break away from the endemic corruption. Corruption is more than cash in envelopes although that is a massive problem: it is the subjective application of rules; it is the preferential treatment of certain persons because they have a personal/family relationship; it is the unaccountability; it is the lack of professionalism; it is the rudeness. Belonger and Non-Belonger we all suffer ultimately because of this corruption. Unless this changes BVI will stagnate further as other island nations advance forward.

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  4. lol says:

    He will tell that to those moomoos in the room

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  5. Council advocate says:

    Please google town and city councils. they work well all over the world. It is a fantastic idea. District nine will probably be the first to institute this. It must be a community effort regardless of party affiliation. If you love the BVI you will do what is best for the BVI and not get for yourself alone. This is the MO of the NDP 1 and 2. The councils will eliminate this and do what is best for the masses and not just a select few

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  6. LMAO says:

    Reduced imported labour while developing the Territory. Good luck with that! One thing, VIP is not shying away from their old mode of operations, tell the people what they want to hear.

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  7. Ausar says:

    I heard the launch last night Andrew, and Im very impressed!

    Keep engaging our people and lets bring home the victory!

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  8. AP says:

    Mr. Fahie, your ideas are good they are a step in the right direction. Please just put in place some time frames and please do not fill the district counsels with political cronies, have some kind of transparent process that everyone that is competent has a fair chance of being involved, our politics is too divisive

  9. Ok says:

    Here we go again with the non- imported Labour like they wasn’t or Is the the number one ‘candidates’ to get the job properly completed from the get go, Weee IIII PPP stop it from selling pipe dreams

  10. Well Sah says:

    They should of whistle blow on you when you where in Government doing you s**t them. King Kick Back and the list goes on.

  11. Great Idea says:

    A Community Board can help in an advisory capacity to government plans for the districts!

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