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Wall of Fame coming to honour sporting icons

Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith

The government is preparing to establish a Wall of Fame to honour and highlight past and present sporting icons in the BVI.

At-Large representative Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith said, for transparency, a committee will be established to select the icons who will be highlighted.

“We’re about to head up a committee to find a way to select members that should go on that wall. I know there are a lot of sportspeople out there who think they should be on that wall but we have to come up with a criteria,” Smith explained.

He added that Rey O’Neal — Co-founder and former president of the BVI Olympic Committee — and former legislator, Eileen Parsons will be part of the committee.

Both individuals have received the Order of the British Empire for their contribution to the development of the BVI.

According to Smith, the Wall of Fame will be at the A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground in Road Town and the ministers of Education and Transportation will also be involved in the project.


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  1. Sailor BVI says:

    Look forward to seeing some of the top BVI sailors on this wall!

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  2. ok says:

    be a small wall

  3. funny says:

    wall of fame, there is a few sailors and a hurdler and thats it,more like a chalk board

  4. Boy please says:

    We need more like a wall of shame to hang pictures of the whole VIP government and their cronies on it. Sick of all of you.

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    • Local BVISLANDER says:

      @ Boy please, I love you, you the only person who managed to get me to laugh so hard in months, you are the best, if I had money , I would have paid you for such eloquent and honest comment.
      Thanks you’ve made my week.

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  5. Bull Bud says:

    Please don’t mess up the perimeter wall at the A.O. Shirley grounds with murals. It will spoil the appearance. You can put a “Wall of Fame” inside the pavilion when it is rebuilt.

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  6. COI says:

    Dis wall gonna cost $1m? Wall of infamy

  7. oh well says:

    Why this man didn’t apply for a job as a sports officer? Then again he would need some more intelligence for that job so it was best he go into politics.

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  8. gez says:

    Why is this government focusing on any and everything but what is really needed for the people? Social Halls contracts, Wall of Fame, Committee and Consutant for any and everything… GOVERNMENT.. the people are hungry and hurting from the effects of COVID… Support your people not a freaking Wall or Social Hall…on and on with reckless spending! Please STop, take a deep breath and say and think… What can we do to help the people right now? Fancy buildings and STUFF can come later. Our country is hurting and if it all changes tomorrow, still will take a long time to come back!

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    • alpha says:

      They really have a problem focusing on what really matters for this country and the people and then they wonder why we can’t depend on them for anything with sense

  9. Minister of sports and culture says:

    They need to find away to give Neville Smith Sports and culture ministry, We will get positive results,, Doctor Wheatley has too many ministries, he can’t manage, he now asking for consultant to help him,,,Wall of fame for our sports success stories,,, Great idea,,

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  10. Oh Great says:

    Just what we need right now. Another govt funded wall project…

  11. Please says:

    Why this now we have more pressing issues like people losing their properties to Banks and premiums been so high.

    But still, the people who own these companies and their friends and cronies are buying up the people’s property while this Government turns a blind eye to it all. And now they want to do this.

    Where is the priorities its a shame. The same old people on these boards all the time. They will only honor their friends. You can hear the tone of voice.

    These people have made so many blunders how can u be building first-time owner houses for so much money and people are losing their properties. Why not take some of that money and help people repair their houses.

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  12. Sad says:

    Nothing seems legitimate anymore. Everything seems a scheme to redirect money into party members pockets.

  13. FEO Gomez says:

    Yes sir in these times this is what some of our elected officials working on. Boy go sidung in a corner and be handsome.

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