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Walwyn not under police investigation, says Premier

The wall around Elmore Stoutt High School.

Education Minister Myron Walwyn is not under police investigation.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith made that statement while answering questions from opposition legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull in the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Turnbull’s questions were phrased to ask about the ‘status of the investigation’ into the Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall audit report that Governor Augustus Jaspert recently handed over to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Premier Smith then replied: “To my knowledge, there is no investigation initiated or ongoing on this matter.”

His response supports recent statements from Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews that police are merely conducting a “scoping exercise” to ascertain whether an actual investigation is required.

The report was handed to the police and the Office of the Deputy Governor based on the Auditor General’s findings that Walwyn’s ministry did not comply with the government’s Public Finance Regulations — laws that govern such projects.

Auditor General Sonia Webster further accused the Myron Walwyn-led ministry of producing ‘false’ information to the government’s treasury department in relation to the project.

Walwyn, on the other hand, maintains that there was no dishonesty involved in the project and accused the Auditor General of producing an unbalanced and lacking report.

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  1. Lordie says:




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    • Baugh-naugh-claugh-baugh says:

      Let’s not all make up our own news! The Chief of Police said

      “We’re looking at that the facts the Auditor General has brought together, we’re looking at the conclusions that the Auditor General’s office reached, and we’re looking at the data that the Auditor General has referred to. From there, if we believe that this warrants a proper, further investigation, then that’s exactly what we’ll have to do,” said Police Commissioner Michael Matthews while speaking to during the ‘Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline’ radio show on Tuesday.

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      • Everybody says:

        Everybody is talking about us. The Economist characterizes our current government as “fiscally irresponsible and corrupt.”

        Our Chief of Police characterized our Minister of Education’s behavior regarding the wall as based on ignorance, incompetence or worthy of a criminal investigation.

        Ladies and Gentleman, do you prefer an ignorant leader, an incompetent leader, a criminal suspect as a leader, or would you rather have a leader you could trust? A leader who will listen to you? A leader who is transparent?

        It’s time for a change. It’s time to rebuild our country with a new set of leaders. It’s time that we take control of our country. (See link to Economist article)

    • Country Above Self - Its Possible says:

      Dr. Our premier, Dr Orlando Smith is a nice man, no doubt; (wish I could say a great leader and astute politician).
      I recall several utterances by the premier where he refused to comment on a situations for reasons such as “Its confidential, commenting would prejudiced the situation”. But all of a sudden without any further comments from the Commission of police, Dr. Smith finds it ok, un-prejudicial to comment on “the small wall” ongoing Serious case. That is wrong Doc. Very wrong; and definitely does not amounts to “Country above self”; but more about the Doc Legacy.
      Mr. Premier, its to late. Myron and mark can’t create any Legacy for you; you had your chance; 3 terms, 12 years to create it urself. Myron and Mark have their own axes to grind.

      Again, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for any thing”

      Dr. Smith at this late stage of the game seriously should have created a legacy; which he no doubt is fighting for. But how can he have a legacy with the foll nothing”

  2. ndp heckler says:

    Mayson try and get back our 7.2 million$$$$ before we lock you up

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  3. Um says:

    And how do you know this sir? Have you been in discussions with the COP and if so why?

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  4. Haha says:

    Somebody please give the Premier the link to the interview where the commissioner said otherwise. I think the words were it could be ignorance, incompetitance or criminal what transpired with the wall.

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    • BOZO says:

      The link is posted in the article, or you didn’t bother to read it? Ckick on the sentence printed in blue to read what the COP said verbatim.
      Soo pathetic!

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      • Haha says:

        Say what you want Mr. Clown but the fact is the handling of the wall is under investigation. By the way I loved your show! You can dance around specifics but whoever was directly involved in the fiasco that resulted in overspending, payment of work not yet started and fraudulent documents that resulted in payments are under investigation. Who the cap fit let them wear it.

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  5. Diaspora says:

    Are all Auditor General reports routinely referred to the RVIPF for a looksy? Sure the RVIPF got better things to do than look at nothing there reports. What did the Governor Jaspert see that motivated him to refer the ESHS Wall Project to the RVIPF? Sure the Guv was not hallucinating. The Premier knew or should have known that the Guv referred the project to the RVIPF and should stay silent, lips shut on an ongoing investigation or whatever the process is called. Tomato or Tomatoe still the same ting. Dr. plz call an election now and ease the stress, strain and pain on all of us.

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  6. Miss P says:

    This Premiere that ai supported has been l***g since fowl cock crowing and don’t expect no truth until fowl cock grow teeth.

    Detain the drama queen with the wall street crooks and let us progress this country PVIM all the way.

    Yes I jump ship with my wheel chair.

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  7. Yh says:

    Tek dat in ayo MS. talking hating . Investigations? attend the campaign later in the sister island

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  8. @YH says:

    For real, the haters need to go F… Themselves,All they do is talk about the WALL.

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  9. Seventy Contractors says:

    Where the h**l do you find seventy Contractors? Shouldn’t that have been seventy workers? Right off the top, something isn’t right.

  10. Myron Miscalculated! says:

    However you slice and dice this small overpriced wall situation, Ray Charles and Stevie wonder would see right through it. The strange thing is that as small as our country is, they expect things like this to go un-noticed.
    SCENARIO REPLAY: 2 contestants, are in A POLITICAL race. One has access to Tax Payers purse and can personally go looking, perhaps even to contractors homes hand picking who to give a contract to. The competing challenger doesn’t have the same equal access to tax-payers money and can’t do a da..m thing. Can this still be described as Democracy? Isn’t something grossly wrong with this picture?. The numbers, the shady and unfinished work, the organized quick payment arrangement so smooth; so many things not passing the Sniff Test. How can the premier not see anything wrong…especially on the eve of an election express in the people house that there’s nobody being investigated?

    My OBSERVATION: BVI folks, we might have been pretending we were sleeping, or sleeping with one eye open. But this time around, we eyes wide open…Pressure does burst pipe.

  11. Wait says:

    The Commisioner of Police lies then? Lol

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