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Walwyn resigns from NDP chairman post

Myron Walwyn

Former legislator Myron Walwyn has resigned as Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

The NDP confirmed the resignation in a media release on Tuesday, May 21.

The release said Walwyn “tendered his resignation as chairman of the party with immediate effect” on that same date.

“In his letter, the outgoing chairman thanked the party for entrusting its leadership to him and for the overwhelming support he received during his tenure. He also pledged his continued support to the party. He went on to thank those who have served as chairman before him and the members who have laboured faithfully with the party over the past 20 years,” the NDP release added.

Walwyn’s resignation follows his defeat at the polls during the February 2019 resignation where he ran for re-election as a Territorial At-Large representative.

Of the 16 candidates who contested for one of the four available At-Large seats, Walwyn earned the fifth highest number of votes immediately behind the VIP legislators Sharie de Castro, Shereen Flax-Charles, Carvin Malone, and Neville Smith.


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  1. Hmmm says:

    A long walk to Prison; but would Eventually get there. #season2karam

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    • @Hmmm says:


      Some people already in H**L, though they got breath in their bodies! How about that?

    • @Hmmm says:

      Silly comment?

      Whilst you say he going p****n, a lot who right now living going H**L for the wickedness in the land is very great! Yes, very great!!!

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    • well sa says:

      The man gave you all what you ask for, now he resign it is still a problem. My advice to you all is “not to worry about who is leaving as you have bigger issues with this weak government you all elected.”

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  2. Sends says:

    I really hate this.

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  3. :) says:

    RIP NDP, sleep well my friends.

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  4. waylox says:

    What took him so long?

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  5. ndp heckler says:

    Let us give him 8 days to see if he is serious because one of his comrades resigned before and tried to come back

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    • Good riddance says:

      He better keep it moving. One thing I can say about b**d head, his real intentions was not to serve the people of the BVI with a kind heart. I know people who tried to get help from him after he lost the election and dude more or less told them to scatter their behinds. D***y heart is what he have

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      • AM says:

        So if he was no longer an elected official, in what capacity was he supposed to help them? Out the kindness of his bald-headed heart? Oh. Ok.

    • hmm says:

      lol lmfao

  6. son of the soil says:

    It seems as if he got the message three months ago and finalized it last night that island people won’t be able to run things in the BVI.

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    • Just watch says:

      When vip done fast tracking island people, we will see who run things. Just watch

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      • The real Mother Hen says:

        We busy fighting down one another, our little island brothers and sisters. The real boss is looking on and waiting for her opportunity. Let we continue like fools, the UK coming for us with all her outragious demands. Like puppies we will just follow. Now thats the real BIG CAT in this place.

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    • i tell ya says:

      You all need another Irma to wake you all up. Remember is the same Caribbean people who came to you all aid when God put you down on ur knees. set of ungrateful people, no love for mankind

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      • @ i tell ya says:

        The first Irma didn’t make you leave. Hopefully the second one will.

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      • No, i tell ya says:

        We, the local, BVIslander and island Man, need to see and experience the true colours and real nature of the other side of the English man, Europeam man.

        Bet we wake our asses up then and realize who our real enemy is, and that it is neither us to ourselves, Mr. Walwyn nor the Island man or freaks of nature that will do us in eventually.

        Yes, some of us will aid him in the process. Some think that regularisation bill is a step in that direction also. Some also believe that others are seeking to have UK citizens vote in our elections.

        Some also believe that Black people are dangerously hateful of each other. Though that may have some resent day validity, it pales in the threat to what the enemy can and will do to us if and when he is ready.

        We are all, as in the past, now, will continue, and into the future, going to catch the same hell from the same man. History has the records to show such.

        And that is fact. Now since they can’t face fact, watch them fulfill this fact with overwhelming thumbs down. Some will even attempt to use the slogan “reverse racism” to justify their own self denial racism.

        Yet, the facts are true and real.

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    • @Mr. son of the soil says:

      SHut up! You are being very silly! Everyone is from the Caribbean and we should all be treated equally!!!

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      • Really! says:

        Do you think a BVI belonger will be treated equal to an Antiguan in Antigua? No way in h**l. I once heard an Antiguan minister boldly say “government jobs in Antigua are for Antiguans”. A government minister in the BVI dear not let that come out of his mouth. if I as a BVI is privileged to get an interview (highly unlikely) regardless if my education and skill set, in st Lucia and based on their marking system I get the highest points and two st Lucians are second and third, who do you think will be hired? The st Lucians because they are in the running and I will not matter unless all expats are at the top of the marking system (and succession planning will be implemented so they could get my behind out of there after one contract) so I don’t know what “equal treatment” you are expecting. Stop expecting in the Bvi what your country does not offer.

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        • For the Record says:

          Like any other Caribbean country, Antigua has its issues but for the record, since 2014 OECS citizens are free to live and work in Antigua without work permits. Further, CARICOM national who legally reside in Antigua are eligible to vote after three years of residency. Currently the Port Manager, The Comptroller of Customs and the Chief of Police are non-nationals just to name a few.
          Antigua is very much a multi-cultural society with a large immigrant population coming from throughout the region and further afield and of course the non-nationals vs nationals issue come into play but for the most part our CARICOM brothers and sisters are allowed to live freely and comfortably among us and the supporting legal framework is there to facilitate this. We have found that we are stronger together than we are apart and many of our regional institutions have laid solid foundations for our engagement with the rest of the world. These include the West Indies Cricket Team, The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank which was a model for the establishment of the European Central Bank and the University of the West Indies whose graduates continue to make their mark in the world in various disciplines. While there will always be some negative aspects when it comes to emigrants the Caribbean experience will certainly show that for most part it has overwhelmingly been an enriching one.

    • @Mr. son of the soil says:

      You are being soo silly! Everyone should be treated the same!!!

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    • Lilly says:

      He will run things when all those naturalizations are finalized. , he will have a new party shortly. Watch and learn

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    • Sick of ahyo says:

      If I was an Island person as you people call the expats I would tell Andrew Fahie to stick his fast track sh** because people here just not nice. The man resign and you all still can’t let things go it is always an island people thing with us. Where are we from a continent?

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    • @Son of the soil says:

      You don’t own the F***ing BVI. Do everyone a favor and shut the F**k up you disgusting evil arrogant bushman.Better yet, take your A** back to Africa where you orignated from. Myron has Just as much rights in this Country as you do. HE WAS BORN HERE YOU IGNORANT RACIST D*G.

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  7. LOL says:


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  8. My 2 cents says:

    Thank god he was the political cancer of the bvi

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  9. Daughter of the soil says:

    It is strange Island people wont be able to run things in the BVI and the Green Team busy giving Belonger status.Better Island people run the country because BVIslanders not doing a good job right now.

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    • son of the soil says:

      We need a political party that will lookout for the true born bvislanders

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    • hmmmm says:

      Your European friends will soon run your country for they already own the best of the your eyes BVI, it is not the Caribbean people you should be afraid of

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  10. LAUGH says:


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  11. Lolllll says:

    ? ? ?

    Them kick out Walwyn because them say he going bring in the down island people them. ?‍♀️

    But in less than 100 days, who bringing them in? Not that I am against good people who have come and help developed the Territory but it is to see how things are really done. Was the regularisation of the island people status in this manner, in the VIP campaign? Had it been, it is highly likely they would not have been elected.

    In less than 100 days have all the promises made by VIP acted on?

    It has been approximately 90 days, give or take, since VIP in. Are there 90 locals employed yet? 90 persons whether locals or not employed yet?

    One further thing, I am not a VIP or NDP or any other P supporter but, when you talk about regularising expats, make sure regularisation applies to all human beings whether they from Europe, down the islands, from South America, Africa, Asia, North America … and what else, I am a BVIslander!!

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    • Get a life says:

      The process has nothing to do with bringing anybody in. It’s about dealing with persons within who qualify after they go through the process. Some of you stupidly think there will not be a process of ensuring that applications are in order.

      Understand what’s going on before you blog because right now your ignorance of the true situation is obvious.

      A lot of you are opportunists and trying to put a negative spin on everything.

      It’s one thing to support someone but to talk stupidness just to support them is madness.

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      • @ Get a Life says:

        I agree with your post to a certain extent. Immigration is not an easy job to deal with, l plead the 5th on this topic. But my question to you is You said allot of us are Opportunist?? but who is more an Opportunist then the Pastor guy? Where was this guy in the early 90s and 20s when ???? was developing? All of certain he has ???? at heart. Thats an Opportunist sweet tongue like this guy. I have nothing against the guy but he doesnt have the best interests of the average BVIlander. ??

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      • @Get a life says:

        Reading and comprehension you seem to lack.

        When the Premier or anyone speaks about regularisation of expats, make sure regularisation applies to ALL human beings ….

        Did you read the last paragraph, you moron? Bringing in someone in the sense of regularisation not as in bringing them in the country!

        Jackass go learn comprehension – go back to school – read the ENTIRE blog entry


    • GTFOH says:

      Y’all always with this tired bull dung. Nobody wanted NDP because of ton of crap that they were doing. Why would you vote for someone that forced you to pay NHI even when u had better insurance. Wasted $7.2 million and got nothing in return. Overspent on the Pier Park, took $4 million from fixing the sewage to put to the Pier Park, spent over a million on a wall while we don’t even have a public library on Tortola. Spent a million on Georgie Hill Road. Failure to do all the good stuff that they promised that we actually wanted and cared about. They did a terrible job of managing the recovery after the hurricane so many reasons why NDP had to go you coming with this make believe fear mongering about “Island people” GTFOH

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    • Lyons says:

      You forgot to mention that BVI belongers must also be regularized because immigration matters are not the only issues which needs to be regularized.

  12. Too selfish says:

    Bye bye ball head never to return

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  13. Looking On says:

    The level of hatred in BVI is great, very very great. Yet, the majority that resides in it call themselves Christians. Referring not only to the locals but to all outsiders as well, regardless of race, color or locality.

    It’s a pity humans cannot read minds or hearts – a good thing I guess! But from now on, I would not be smiling up with anyone, including those who supposedly claim to be fellow worshippers.

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  14. None but us can free ourselves says:

    I believe that whenever comments like island man, Island people, born here, down island, etc. are made, the Caucasians, the Arabs, the Filipinos, etc, probably laugh at us.
    Yes! Laugh at how we are blind and still fighting amongst ourselves while our true enemies go scot free.


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    • son of the soil says:

      Them other races that you’ve mentioned are satisfied with the stay that were offered to them. You see them begging for any belongership????????????

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    • Because says:

      The above mentioned stick together and build each other up. Keeping S**t real. Blacks is always tearing each other down. Honestly,I would prefer to live among the above mentioned than my own kind. You don’t hear the above mentioned in the drama that is the norm. And if they laugh,GOODDDD, the BVI is the butt of jokes anyway.

  15. BuzzBvi says:

    Hope he addressed it to the right person. Does he even have the right to resign. Should we not campaign as people that voted for him to change his mind. Will he or won’t he change his mind. Is this just an NDP thing. What is the speaker going to have to say about this? If he changes his mind will we care? We might have voted for him before but why would we want him now if just because it turns out he does not have any power he no longer wants to be involved. Seemingly two selfish, self minded people that found they did not win and have access to millions now want to go and make their millions elsewhere. Unless of course this is just another big mistake and he purposefully also addressed his resignation letter wrong just to have a laugh with the people.

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  16. Quiet Warrior says:

    This is not a surprising move by the former chairman of the NDP. It is typical for the leader of party taking a shellacking at the polls to step aside, making room for new leadership. The former chairman having failed to get re-elected was a big letting down and probably made his decision to step aside easier. Power is addicting and it is hard being in the political wilderness. The former chairman is probably taking a respite from active politics, enjoying some down time, and pursuing a political revival.

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  17. Just Ice says:

    Like all politicians crooks and gamblers he’s counting his chips cutting he losses and will reappear as a familiar bad smell….watch this space

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  18. Hmmm says:

    Bye bye Mr. V**d**tive

  19. New Team says:

    Ok, So the new secret Political Party of 15 strong is going smoothly. VIP, enjoy the 4 year run because we are comming for you. 8 women, 7 men. NDP,done. PVIM,done. VIP, almost done.

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  20. Foot Soilder says:

    The human emotions of the batred, the bitterness,the anger that have been displayed in the society over the past few weeks is unbelievable . How can we truly trust our neighbors , out church members, our coworkers, our inlaws or the people we mingle among on a daily basis – whether it is locals or expatriate ? This Andrew policy and Myron resignation coupled with the public display has left me crippled by the hidden fangs it see coming out from the society . The human environment of the BVI would never be the same again . Too much blaming and finger pointing is now taking this society down a slippery path and we are failing to see it . This is a sad era in the nations history

  21. Fight on says:

    Ashes to Ashes dust to dust.
    Life is short enjoy it stop the fussing and fighting.

  22. ndp heckler says:

    Cant even defend his seat…I remember him mocking/challenging andrew and frazer to run atlarge

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  23. Ausar says:

    It was the right time, albeit a bit late!

    I told you Myron, that the party will not progress with you at the helm.

    Now that you’re gone, I would like to see Honourable Marlon Penn, in that position of leadership.

    If this party is to be revived, leadership must come from those with BVI sounding kind of LAST NAMES!


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  24. Just saying says:

    It’s amazing that everyday bloggers come on here with the same arguments over and over. Island ppl vs. BVIslanders. See the bigger picture man!…

    Ever thought about him resigning because he do not want to be accountable and deal with the current pressures of the investigation into who deleted the BVI Airways documents? This is a serious legal matter and the majority of you get up daily to post nonsense. Myron is a lawyer and can therefore anticipate what would be coming next…He now has no obligation to explain or answer anything regarding his previous post except probably through Court Order.

  25. Lilly says:

    This is not surprising given the rants last election. MVW is a strategist.


    Is this the end of NDP? Look how it split apart and now seems confounded. WOW! it’s been a fiery last 12 months.

  27. The Nation says:

    Honestly, I have seen a great leader budding in Hon. Marlon Penn. He is Lavity-esque if he surrounds himself with the right people and don’t allow himself to get swayed by the wrong people. He’s not there yet…but it’s no co-incidence that his rise has been somewhat meteoric. His humility will cause him to rise…and Hon Fahie was his teacher in high school…if he’s smart…he would learn a thing or two from Hon. Fahie in politics too…remain humble, be truthful and honest and your time will come Hon. Penn. Remain humble and stand up for truth and be honest no matter the cost.

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    • :) says:

      Get from here with that rubbish. NDP put some money in the budget to fix EE/LL sewage problem. Months later Mark take the money to cover cost for the Pier Park. Marlon complain a bit but still endorsed and ran with the NDP. That make sense.

  28. The Nation says:

    I think Walwyn would be back…he just needs to take time to re-group, and learn from his mistakes…including the ‘perceived’ lack of humility. He has the ability for sure, but ability isn’t all, you have to learn to work with people and humble yourself.

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  29. Justice says:

    ? ? ? A he baby m****s them can take a chill pill now. ? ? ? ??

  30. The Nation says:

    Oh Yeah, Myron will be back for sure. And when he does,you will see a diffrent more stronger Myron.

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  31. Charnele says:

    To son of the Soil – they are not asking for anything but you are giving it to them. You giving them the best of your island by selling them the best lands especially the beach front, and then they are telling you, you and your children can’t go there. Open your eyes in the years to come they are the one who will be taking over not the Caribbean people.

    • @Charnele says:

      Amen. It is already sealed and delivered.

      It is only because of people such as Noel, Lyndie, Ralph, Patsie [i apoligize to those persons whom i know sacrificed and committed equally as much to the liberation of the BVI from the facist, but whose names has temporaily slipped the memory] and a few others why the arphathied system is not a current part of BVI life and why we have free access to the beaches you know.

      And now, we just have to stop selling what little we have left. Plain and simple. A llandless people is a powerless people. You will be treated worst thana stray dog. and they are waiting for that day. believe you me. It their very nature.

      May God bless these Virgin Islands and her people, but i fear for her and them, because they are coming back to conquer and oppress.

  32. BORN YA! says:

    Despite the demonization that is associated with politics,the records will show that Hon Walwyn was one of the most effective ministers in BVI politics. BIG FACTS!

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  33. Anonymous says:

    Can we all just get along?!

  34. CW says:


    Imagine if you all spent as much time solving problems as you do tearing each other down on the internet lol.

    If there was such a thing as 4th world country BVI is it SMH

    • Wake up people says:

      You Tortolian idiots, don’t you all populate other parts of the world? . The Bvi is not a continent . You illiterate people need to abolish that cave man mentality

  35. Wake up people says:

    Bvi Nationals are so illiterate , don’t Totolians populate other parts of the world , you idiots!!. Since when the Bvi became a damn continent, you all need to abolish that cave man mentality this is modern era

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