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Walwyn’s big wish for 2023

As the community continues to recover from the political turbulence in 2022, former legislator Myron Walwyn has revealed his big wish for the territory in 2023, saying he hopes residents will have more trust in each other.

“My wish for my country for 2023 is that we shake the deeply embedded mentality that has caused us to be gravely distrustful of each other,” Walwyn said in a Facebook post. “A people who cannot trust themselves will always be open to manipulation by others.”

Walwyn’s statement comes amid a flood of similar sentiments echoed in recent times by elected leaders who have been calling on residents to unite and develop confidence in Virgin Islanders’ ability to govern the territory.

Recently Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley highlighted what he described as the fear of independence and self-determination in some sections of the territory, while Opposition Leader Julian Fraser suggested that the BVI society may be stricken with a widespread inferiority complex which contributes to residents’ inability to see their lack of freedom.

Despite the comments of elected leaders and public figures, many residents continue to stress that they aren’t afraid of self-governance or severing ties with the United Kingdom. However, they say they don’t believe local leaders have the capacity to lead the territory with transparency and accountability.

Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn arrested and charged


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  1. BVI citizen says:

    Thank you for this message. I am pleased that despite the attempts to destroy you that you remain strong and that you continue to lend your voice to the things are important in the country. It tells me that you genuinely love your country. Happy New Year Sir

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  2. Eyes wide open says:

    I hope that your recent legal problems do not deter you from seeking elective office this year. Despite what any one has to say we need someone like you right now to represent us. You stand head and shoulders above who we have in government now. Steve firm. Your innocence will burst through.

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  3. Azure says:

    I see no lies here with what he has said. Happy New Year Sir Myron

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  4. Messy people says:

    That’s a tall wish Walwyn but we should try. The truth is BVIslanders hate each other which means they hate themselves. There is so much jealousy and envy in the country. People who don’t even know you hate you and can’t give a sensible reason why except maybe they are jealous of you. We go about bad mouthing each other. Some telling outright lies just to recruit others to hate you. We are messy.
    I pray your wish comes through but don’t hold your breath.

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  5. Smh says:

    You will get curse for making a good wish. That will tell you how screwed up we are. Read the blogs and you will see the wack jobs we have here among us that are citizens.

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  6. wiglox says:

    Let us hope that he isn’t sentenced

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  7. BuzzBvi says:

    So we should trust the former speaker?, the yellow belly site? the former Premier?, Mark who wanted to be elected, didn’t want to be elected, wanted to be elected, doesn’t want to be elected anymore? – Sheep who didn’t declare his contracts? all the Ministers that supported him staying in the HOA? the Ministers that failed to register their interests? our public officers like Nadan, our past works ministers and wall builiing? our leader of the opposition with his family government funded harbour project? our past financial secretaries and $2Million unauthorised payments? our past head of ports? customs? immigration? TPP builders? Bridge builders? hospital builders? airport operators? airport builders? understaffed public offices? police? prison officers? years of unaudited accounts? calling for a COI and then not wanting a COI? non-unified Unity Government? C.O. S-C? racists? domestic violence? scooter riders? gun carrying youths? silence of the community about crimes and criminals? geoffrey cox? daniel? Trust? Trust!! You earn peoples trust with good deeds and actions. Independence? Dependence on you and our failed leaders? Independence! What a fabulous thing that would be but we are clearly currently headed in the wrong direction and don’t seem to know how to turn around. A good start would be to place our trust in people that earn it, deserve it, will not deceive us, know right from wrong, and have a vision of an inclusive prosperous VI for all. Find these people first, elect them, place our trust in them and we will start on the right road. Our embedded mentality of trusting the untrustworthy is the really problem.

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    • @BuzzBVI says:

      I think you have deliberately missed the point that Myron is making. He is not talking about positions or individual people. His comment is about the collective. Trust in our abilities. Trust in our competence. Trust in our strength to build our country. We are so trained to attack each other that we miss the message. I read how you just tore down your local leaders. I guess you believe that the governor is a better leader for you. This tells me that you are completely lost.

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  8. Hmmm says:

    This guy is something else. He wouldn’t be getting my vote.

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  9. Facts says:

    The slave masters has organized such a deep plot to have us distrusting each other and only trust them. We must wake up.

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  10. Trust says:

    I trust you Hon. Welwyn to be the most fit person to lead the territory and to renew the bonds in society that once made this country a beautiful place! Happy New Year to you. When the Lord is for you, no one can stand against. A true leader you are! May the Lord’s will be done.

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  11. Hog wash says:

    This man served the country for 8 years and was one of the best reps we have ever had. He could produce. He was organized. You could reach him when you wanted him. He was always around and he was responsive. Compare him to what we have now. Night and Day!
    We never could say he was corrupt or took money from anybody or anything close like that. Head coach made up stories on a wall to get a political advantage. The UK took it up to help them do what they had want to do to the BVI a long time ago. Now all of a sudden, a person who was the most helpful and one of the most honest politicians is suddenly a crook because it feeds in to a narrative that was created and I must believe that? GTFOH.
    The charge against Myron is for not following procedures they say. First of all is that the job of a minister or the staff? Secondly, the charge means that you have no evidence or information that he got kickbacks, that he stole money, that he inflated the prices nothing like that. If you had that evidence that is what you would be pushing. You pushing F….ing procedure? That sound like sense to anybody with sense?

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  12. @waylox says:

    That is exactly what you are wishing for. We are wicked people. That is why the UK will continue to manipulate us and turn around like sheep. We are a sick bunch of people.

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  13. Bewildered says:

    I never ever hear about this Myron being involved in nothing dishonest while in government. I heard he use to try his best to help everybody. We have other politicians who we know have sticky hands and use to bleed the treasury for themselves. But now one of the cleanest one is made to look like the dirtiest one. Something wrong with this picture. There is some major effort to keep this man down. The high political class want this man out the way. Some of them in the governors ears telling them pure lies and they enjoy the news because it helps them to bury us. We so stupidity.

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  14. xxx says:

    is this the guy who killed education and was arrested for corruption on a govemrnt wall? Boy go from here our eyes are wide open

    Stay in your business we want you far far from the treasury

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  15. Karma is Real says:

    So sorry to see it happening to such a good man out in the at that. Moreover, we know that the white cares nothing about us, but will use us to destroy each other, and yet there we go aiding him in the destructing of our own.

    if there is one of us aiding the political assassins you need to quit, Karma will curse you.

    Lastly, it is equally psychologically debilitating reliving an entire career of groos hatreds and willfull wrongs and evils people, in their positions of authority have done to you.

    We still suffer with the awful consequences to present.

    Meanwhile, when people continue to be killed, peopl will had enough and start killing.

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  16. @XXX says:

    Hear this m** m**. We really can’t save everybody.

  17. SMH! says:

    The comments on this so-called article are riddled with pro-Walwyn rhetoric. Guess his consultant/speechwriter the veggie restaurant’s wife is earning her keep.

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  18. BuzzBvi says:

    To @BuzzBvi. A great response but I did not miss the point. Each one of our current leaders is trying to tell us to trust how things are now!! Do not trust what is now and what went before. We need new leaders that earn and deserve our trust. I thought for a long time Walwyn could be one of those leaders but he now just trying to convince us all to carry on as we were. We must NOT do that. All these leaders that do not want oversight???? Why would you trust anyone that is not happy to be checked and controlled. New leaders for a better VI please. Abilities and competence will only be demonstrated once we have people that do the work that they are paid for and one way to do that is only to pay them once the work has been done and it has been checked. That builds trust. Blind faith has not worked. We need people that we can trust. Please come forward. This Governor I do trust yes, and others too. They are not elected but they do have bosses and they have to answer to them. The UK places them in that position of trust because of their past record. We cannot reasonably place any of our current leaders in future positions of power based on their past record. Trust is earned. Please describe the abilities and competences that are being shown over the past years, that we should have confidence in when you look at the desperate state of this nations infrastructure and social structure. I am sure it is there but trust does not get capable, competent people to do a good job, proper management and accountability will. Until then we cannot truly know what we are truly capable of. We build a competent and capable Nation and we can properly and proudly move on from Governors and Governesses.

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  19. To @XXX says:

    You are 100% correct. That is precisely what a moomoo sounds like. The type that can not be saved. Oh well, at least we already know what it is.

  20. Mustang. says:

    Trust is earned.

  21. @BuzzBvi says:

    Well go trust white people who enslaved your ancestors and raped and murdered them and left them here for dead. They come back now that we developed it to see what they could suck again for themselves. Trust them and see what happen to yuh backside. Why we so stupid in this place?

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  22. His Problem says:

    The man is hubristic and proud and he has a penchant for creating enemies easily. He also loves cliques which is an NDP disease

  23. Had enough says:

    SHUT UP!!!!!!

  24. @ His problem says:

    The Myron I know is quite the opposite of what you just wrote. You sound like an insecure person. Do not shrink yourself to make anyone feel comfortable Myron.

  25. @ His Problem says:

    You sound like a hater. Those words are the typical ones associated with jealousy. Sounds like you are the one with the problem.

  26. Borders says:

    We got you Walwyn. I would never forget you. I would not be what I am if it wasn’t for you caring and helping me.

  27. @His Problem says:

    I really like Myron. To me he is one of the easiest persons to get along with so I don’t know what you are talking about. From this I could tell you don’t know Myron. You just assuming things from what you might have heard. Our problem is that we don’t take time to know people. We just talk based on what we hear others say. Most times the ones talking are haters who try to damage people’s reputation for their own benefit. I know Myron from childhood and he is the same kind, approachable and dependable persons. So get a grip whoever you are. You don’t know what you are saying.

  28. Clear says:

    When I listen to the House debates I always say that Myron is missing. The debates are baseless and without substance. We need people like him back who could represent. People are trying to keep him out. It’s obvious.

  29. @His Problem says:

    It sound like you looking friend and the man wouldn’t study you. ????? Everybody would know who to make friends with. Maybe he ain’t see nothing good inside you.

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