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Waste facility needed on VG! COVID further delays arrival of scrubber

In the absence of a ‘proper landfill site’ and a scrubber device needed to filter noxious fumes from the incinerator at Pockwood Pond, Health Minister Carvin Malone has said additional equipment is needed to help meet the waste management needs of the British Virgin Islands.

The minister gave that indication in a recent BVI News interview where he said the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the arrival and installation timelines that were set for the critical and long overdue scrubber for the waste facility.

He said his ministry will now have to “touch base again with the manufacturer to see how far along the process they had actually gotten” in preparing the device.

“I can’t say that the department has not been on top of it because my intention has been focused on COVID-19, as you would be aware. Between Cabinet and the House of Assembly, we have been meeting non-stop since March and from that time we have been meeting every day even into the weekend,” the minister said.

Waste management facility needed on VG

It was then the minister said he believes an additional waste management facility is needed on the sister island of Virgin Gorda to better manage the overall waste produced in the territory.

“Clearly enough, we need another piece of equipment, whether it is the incinerator of some other form with tertiary treatment. We need one both for Tortola and one for Virgin Gorda.”

“Virgin Gorda has a steady stream of waste and it will not be best suited in our mind to just have it barged down to Tortola because we don’t have what we would call a proper landfill site as yet.”

Previously-promised timeline

Before the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the territory’s borders, the minister had stated in February that he was given assurance by the manufacturers of the scrubber device, Consutech, that it would have arrived in the BVI within the first quarter of 2020

July, however, marks the start of the third quarter for the year.

The absence of a scrubber at the Pockwood Pond facility has been said to affect the respiratory health of persons in the immediate surrounding areas.

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  1. Click says:

    It seems this is the first scrubber to be built in history, there is always an excuse when it comes to our health, yet they continue to burn fires ? poisoning the folks in pockwood pond, westend and capoons bay area, all this while the minister for the 1st district has maintained his silence
    Until the elusive scrubber is found open pit burning in the pockwood pond area needs to be stopped as it is dangerous to our health.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    Yet another big fat lie

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  3. The lying has begun says:

    The scrubber is now delayed because of Covid. Shut up. Please, the scrubbers are outstanding for years and years. And that’s because of no serious action taken by the government (previous and current!).

    Covid sucks, but if you start blaming everything on Covid eventually we will find out what the REAL problem is!

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  4. @click says:

    Question to click

    I agree about “ every ones health”
    But then Give a solution to get rid of the garbage

    Clearly A solution is needed

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    • Click says:

      Separate the garbage we may need to create a temporary land fill, we can quite some hogs to eat left overs, we can also obtain some small ovens to burn stuff like waste oil in a safe manner, fine folks who continue to bring plastics and other dangerous material to the pockwood pond site.
      And finally purchase a scrubber, publish the name of the company timeline and cost to the public so Gov can be held accountable. We surely can do a lot better than we have done this far, you may ask were can the temp landfill be placed instead of selling all of the islands use one of them for this.

  5. Dman says:

    The USA landed a man on the moon faster than this scrubber has landed on Tortola.

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  6. BuzzBvi says:

    COVID did not delay the scrubber it should have been here 20 years ago. This is not a COVID issue but a poor Gov issue. COVID going to be blamed for scooter riders driving with out masks soon.

  7. Ok I might not be that smart says:

    Maybe he should work with that recycling company . They seem to have a plan

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  8. Green+Clean says:

    Dear Honourable Malone – we have a “waste facility” on Virgin Gorda – a Materials Reclamation Facility that is well established and providing Sustainable Waste Disposal on Virgin Gorda! Maybe it is time to consider Local BVI Business! Multiple plans have been submitted to your Ministry and Government & none of them include “barging all the waste to Tortola! Maybe it is time to start supporting the Green Economy! Time to support real jobs, for real people, providing real opportunities! Stop the “testing” – everything being touted as a “test” was done 3 years ago….Support your Local Recyclers!

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