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We are reviewing BVI’s marijuana laws, says Premier

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

Marijuana laws could possibly become relaxed in the British Virgin Islands.

Currently, possession and distribution of marijuana of any quantity are illegal in the territory.

But, while speaking with journalists at a media conference on Wednesday, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said government is reviewing those laws.

“I think we are at the moment discussing whatever possibilities there are from the use of marijuana,” the Premier said.

This was in response to questions on whether his government is socially open to implementing what was described as a ‘regulated and taxed marijuana system’.

Premier Smith said his government’s review will not only consider the possible financial benefits of recreational marijuana.

The Premier, who is also a medical doctor, said his Administration is also considering any medical fallouts of permitting recreational use of the drug.

While elaborating on government’s plans for the weed, the Premier said: “We’ll look at the possible benefits that may come out of medical marijuana. And when I say medical, I mean the medical use of marijuana and producing it for that particular purpose.”

Numerous calls for more relaxed marijuana laws

The Premier’s statements come ahead of the territory’s first marijuana and hemp festival on the island of Jost Van Dyke next month.

Cultural stalwart and tourism icon Philicianno ‘Foxy’ Callwood is reportedly hosting the event to provide a platform for local discourse on the legalization of the drug.

In recent times, there have been increased calls for local marijuana laws to be reviewed.

Calls have come from Minister of Education and Culture Myron Walwyn as well as the Deputy Premier, Dr Kedrick Pickering.

Dr Pickering expressed pro-marijuana sentiments from an agricultural and medical marijuana standpoint.

On the other hand, Walwyn – who is also minister responsible for youth and for prison – wants marijuana to be decriminalised because several of the territory’s youth have been incarcerated and have generated a criminal record for having small quantities of the substance.

Caribbean nations such as Jamaica have decriminalised the weed, and under that country’s laws, persons found with two ounces or less of the marijuana will be ticketed instead of being criminally charged.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    s**t for all the people u all done messed up there lives u want to talk about relax
    boycotting any profit u all would want to make off of us

  2. Hmmm says:

    They left out the USVI right there next door has decriminalized small amounts of weed…we behind the curb as usual

    • Grammar pedant says:

      The expression is “behind the curve” not “curb”. It means “slower about doing something than other people”. Good point though

  3. Bosang says:

    What part of illegal they do not over stand?

  4. Albion says:

    Let’s just do it. Weed is legal in 30 out of the 50 US states and all of Canada. There is no stigma any more. Let’s catch up with the modern world and legalise it.

  5. Pothead says:

    Love that SMILE! Move over UK. BVI STRONGGG. ????????????????????☠????

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ndp lookin votes ….. only now Orlando knows he’s a doctor …. keep it illegal more money for the streets …. tell you colleague I onli got 7s ????????????????

  7. cvs says:

    u ain dead yet

  8. Osafa says:

    Check the icing on the cake. Look how this man and ndp killing the country. They can’t even solve little crime much less marijuana abuse.

  9. Pot says:


  10. concern says:

    What the B.V.I. coming too

  11. Oh Boy says:

    ‘Tis now we going straight hell in a handbasket.

  12. Nohope says:

    Firstly, this drug is proven to not be the benign drug that many would have you believe. The long term psychological and physiological side effects from using it are known to be devastating.

    Secondly, its role as a gateway drug to so called hard drugs like heroine and cocaine is well documented.

    Finally, is this really a priority right now? The country is in a desperate state physically and financially, the government is doing nothing about it, but instead looks at drug laws?

    Wake up people of the BVI. You are the victims of corruption, misdirection and manipulation on a breathtaking scale.

    • hm... says:

      white people told yo all the plant was illegal and told you put your young men in jail/behind bars for the plant and yuh all run with it.

      Same white people profiting off it all over the world because they making it legal in their european and caucasion countries.

      On top of that they outsmarted us because when their man did it, they made sure to just give their men community hours so it wouldn’t disrupt their lives while making sure we were locking our men away

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    • CW says:

      You are flat out wrong on each of your points. All the scare tactics have been proven political lies. Not only is it safe, but it actually solves numerous medical issues, up to and including some kinds of cancer. But don’t believe me- I’m just a guy that personally has a medical prescription that has saved my life. Don’t speak to things you don’t have experience with or you will just sound foolish. By the way: Despite being a daily pot smoker for the past 20 years I own my home, own not one but two profitable businesses, have a wonderful and supportive wife, and contribute to my community. Start doing actual reasearch instead of repeatedly making debunked talking points from politicians. Lots of people need this medicine and uninformed statements like yours really hurt them!!!!!

    • Old Man says:

      Firstly, in terms of cost to society, fatalities, and health marijuana is far less damaging than alcohol. It is also less damaging than nicotine in cigarettes. It is probably less damaging than a steady diet of chicken and fries. If it were devastating as you claim, then 55 million people in the U.S. are devastated. Alcohol and nicotine kill millions around the globe each year. Worldwide, there are three cases where marijuana may have caused a death, but in each case there are other factors that are the more likely cause
      Secondly, there is absolutely no proof that the use of marijuana leads to harder drugs. It is simply true that IF someone were pre-disposed toward drug use they would likely start with a commonly accessible drug first. Alcohol is the largest gateway to ALL forms of addiction.
      Finally, the potential for a properly regulated and taxed cannabis regime to contribute to the economy is considerable. The economy is in a desperate time at the moment, and the government would be irresponsible if they did not look to new streams of revenue to replenish the Treasury. Cannabis could be one of the new streams that they need.

  13. Billfargo says:

    To Hell in a cruda-bag is what all of those Christian Churches and Fake Preachers has been doing long time!

  14. I Try2StayCool says:

    Um why Ayo just dont leave the marijuana sh*t alone, stop getting involved in it then ain’t sure and gah do this and that foh. Decriminalized the damn thing and done from bringing up this crap making man think llegalizing is so ideal shut up ! And all prison for that adjust they’re time boom problem solve.

  15. Tallfat says:

    Promises and more promises! Marlon penn made a promise about consumer affairs where is it? Myron walwyn made promises on ESHS readiness…..???????????????? still looking people? How long this been promised to be looked into and still can’t reach the table ???????????? since Noah built. Mind you we are accustom to sound bites. Election just around the corner and if you play it just right you may just win another term like one recent election. Smh

  16. Hmm... says:

    We are in a desperate stage right now. It’ll be stupid not to decriminalize weed! You guys can’t keep pocketing the money bringing it in under the radar and then step into the spot light and say your are for your country! The country needs this to pay back those loans! In a few years we could b on our own feet sustaining ourselves! Always talking about independence, this can help take us there!

  17. Just saying says:

    Really? There are far more pressing things to be done in the BIG than sitting around talking about legalizing marijuana. The so called ministers should be putting their heads together rite now to figure out a way to get the schools up especially the highs school to get our young owns a full day of school. Can’t you all see when they break from school early parents at work they all over the place doing stupidness? This is what should be priority rite now not sitting talking about AHH how are u going to get votes ? I know let’s legalizing marijuana! Leave these things for a later date focus on pressing issues first this is why this island in a mess these so called ministers do not prioritize.

  18. Ria Shoo says:

    Marijuana is not a drug in the conventional sense of this term. For many years, it has been using it only to get high but for medical purposes. The recent research proves that marijuana is a remedy to treat various mental illnesses as well as eating disorders. It is widely used by patients experiencing Alzheimer to ease the daily routine. You can read more here
    So, legalization is for the benefit.

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