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Wheatley’s appointment as Special Envoy extended to December 2022

The government has extended the appointment of Benito Wheatley as Special Envoy of the Premier.

His extension is until December 31, 2022.

Wheatley — who previously served as BVI Representative to the United Kingdom and EU/Director of the BVI London Office — started the role as Special Envoy in September 2018 under a consultancy in the Premier’s Office.

“As Special Envoy, Mr Wheatley has played an important role in strengthening the international relations of the Virgin Islands and supporting the administration’s implementation of government’s post-Brexit strategy designed to transition the territory from development cooperation with the European Union (EU) to development cooperation with the United Nations (UN),” a media release from the Premier’s office stated.

“Additionally, the Special Envoy is actively engaged with international partners in the Americas through the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and other regional forums to strengthen the Virgin Islands’ cooperation with Latin America on key issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change,” it added.

The Premier’s Office further said Wheatley has also been instrumental in helping the government deliver on its international agenda such as developing the territory’s first country implementation plan, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the UNDP to achieve sustainable development goals, securing UN funding of $362,000 to support persons impacted by COVID-19, among other things.


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  1. Asking for a friend says:

    What are the tangible benefits that have been yielded for this post? Other than opinionated politico gibberish; where exactly has the $300k + for Covid-19 assistance gone? Latin America is struggling with COVID-19; what net have we gained? In sustainable environmental issues m – we still ? trash on the hills and dump indiscriminately all over. There are still derelict vehicles and boats left over from Irma and Maria! I don’t see pardna here helping with any climate issues…what are we really getting from this…..?!?

    • Give credit where it is due says:

      Give Mr. Wheatley some credit for helping the BVI to make some headway in getting external support and funding for small businesses locally and financial support to people in need affected by COVID-19. Right now every little bit helps. I also don’t think anyone will deny that he is a great ambassador for the BVI.

  2. Beware says:

    Much of Africa deeply regrets being dragged into a dysfunctional relationship with the UN. Have you researched their ultimate 2030 and beyond motives? Are they seeking to control our resources? Are they seeking to shape our future in a way that is good for us or good for them?

  3. Exactly says:

    Global Britain and UN both vying for control of the biodiversity and resources of the UK overseas territories. Do you think the UN wants to help us achieve independence out of the goodness of their hearts? What are they doing to help Afghanistan, Taiwan, the Ughyers? They help implement policies, restrictions and fees and they throw the dog an occasional bone but the dog need to do serious background checks before getting into bed with them.

  4. watchman says:

    When we were hit by the hurricane who is it that was organizing the help? That same fellow. We need more people in those roles b/c he will not be there forever. We are moving fwd people not backwards. Keep in mind there are not many people around the world who care about BVIslanders. Only BVIslanders. There is a big world out there and most of us only think locally. So stop hating and start participating and moving the country FWD.

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